Hands-on with Halo: Spartan Strike for Windows and Windows Phone

We had our first look at Halo: Spartan Strike last October and we're glad that the game is finally available. We'll have a full review coming soon, but we know a lot of you want to see some gameplay already on Windows and Windows Phone devices. You can buy it once and download on both your devices. What's also awesome is that your progress is synced no matter which device you use.

Watch our first gameplay video on a Lumia Icon and a Surface Pro 3.

In Halo: Spartan Strike, you must lead troops to prevent Earth from being overtaken by Covenant and Promethean enemies. It feels a lot like Halo: Spartan Assault. You move and shoot with virtual joysticks. You move with the left joystick while you aim with the right joystick. Weapon selection is on the top right corner and there's an action button on the lower right corner to open doors, get in, or get out of vehicles. There's a great tutorial within the game to make you familiar with the controls.

There are 30 missions through jungles, cities and more. Enemies and points of interests show up on the radar at the top left corner. It's not hard to figure out who to shoot and where to go.

Even if you're not a huge Halo fan, Spartan Strike is one of those games that you need to have on your phone. It has gunfights, explosions, vehicles, and they all look great in the game. Synced progress between Windows and Windows Phone is an excellent bonus, too.

Halo Spartan Strike is priced at $5.99. If you buy the Windows Phone version, you get the game for Windows 8.1 for free and vice-versa. There is no free trial available, but hopefully our gameplay video helps you decide whether this game is worth the purchase. Stay tuned for our review, but let us know what you think if you've already been playing with it.

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Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Fun game I played it a bit.
  • There is no way that i buy any game for my wp10 preview ;) none of my installed game are working :(
  • Well it's still a preview, ultimately it gives time for developers to update their apps and games for compatibility.
  • sadly for windows phone, very few developers do that.
    for eg., despite being one of the first universal apps, Skulls of the Shogun is only made for 480p displays on phone.
    a shame if you happen to buy it on a big-screened/higher-resolution phone (hint: the 1520).
    same is the case with so many apps.
    though 535 has a significant market share, almost all apps are not scaled for its 960x540 display. so they display in a blurred manner with a black bar on the bottom (being scaled up from 480p). major titles like FB messenger fall into this too.
    it is disappointing. really.
  • For the record, I have the tech preview installed on my 1520, and this game runs great on it.
  • So... Will game prices go up if this was available on xbone too?
    Can I chose two out of three if I don't want to pay a higher price?
    Just some universal app questions... I'd rather play and just pay for it on PC and xbone since I'm not on my phone that much, but that's just me.
  • @CJ Thunder:
    Yes, this is definitely just you.....
  • Really? I'm the only one? Why would people pay for 3 if they only want 2? Or do you mean everyone will play it on all 3?
  • @CJ Thunder:
    Was referring to your negelctful phone usage, but just kidding anyway... ^.^
  • I'll wait until the game appears in the red stripe deals! :D
  • In 2018.
  • @giustopio:
    But only after you break into a parallel dimension. In our reality you probably have to wait for 2030, to humiliate Windows Phone users further after Emperor Nadella decided to bring the game to iOS.
  • Really want to get this game but going to wait for 2 reasons. 1. I haven't completed Spartan Assault. 2. It will end up in RSD soon enough and ill grab it then.... ;)
  • Give it free plz
  • Yeah...offering it for free would be great for the platform..
  • Don't be a cheapskate. It's just $6.
  • Hey pay for us, if it's cheap to you
  • The unwillingness of you guys to pay for apps and games is hurting our platform. 
  • Yeah, guess I should sell my surface 2 and 1520 then get a 520 so I have money to spend on games.
  • Why would I pay for you? Go and make some money on your own. Did you ask someone to buy you a lunch too? How about your phone? Did you steal it? SMDH
  • Don't ignore their point. They are obviously saying not everyone has $6 to spare for smartphone apps. Anyway, money is not the issue. If it was, the billions MS has already pumped into this would have given them the marketshare.
  • So that means they can't play the game. This is a high quality game and it cost money to make. The game studio has to pay their workers. I don't have money for a BMW, doesn't mean they should offer free cars. 
  • You said, it's cheap. Doesn't affect you, if you pay... You have lot off, I don't have
  • I bought it for my 1520, and also bought the Spartan Assault/Spartan Strike bundle for my iPad Air 2.
  • You are doing great service by purchasing it, though I can't afford it.
  • They have to earn money for what they have spent on making this game.
  • I know they have spent huge money on them,making it. But same developer making free some apps on android and on windows phone their r having price.
  • They will implement in-app purchases in the games, and then I see complaints concerning the fact that those games are too hard to play without spending real money. This Halo game does not force you to pay for items, so they make money by asking you to purchase once. Fair enough.
  • You don't know any shit don't you? On Android, developers relies on in-app purchases and ads to earn money.. For example, there's a version of N.O.V.A 3 with ads on the Play Store. While on WP, with our small user base, these methods doesn't work very well, so we have to buy the game but without ads or in-app purchases. and I'd rather pay for a good game without those two things.
  • there is any REAL difference or improvement between this one and the first? I hoped Multiplayer and thats not implemented so at least i hope the game got anything new else than missions
  • Love the games. Both very similar. But if enough people review the game asking for multiplayer they might give a us a treat. I really wanted multiplayer, like 4 player co-op that would have increased difficulty or perhaps a survival with 4 people. And like 3v3 4v4 versus mode.
  • That would be awesome, but I think they need to make cross platform servers to have enough people
  • The only things I'd like to see improved from the first one is 1. the removal of the micro-transactions for special weapons and 2. change the aiming for grenades. Everything else was great. Halo: Spartan Assault was a superb touch-based game.
  • I'm playing both games on a high resolution display, and Spartan Strike has better graphics than Spartan Assault. 
  • I don't know what device you mean by high resolution display, but on my 930, Spartan Assault looks more crisp and polished than Spartan Strike.
  • Really? They both look the same really to me. Spartan strike just seems to have larger battles.
  • Graphics look a bit more polished on Spartan Assault, maybe its just me. About gameplay, yeah, the missions are lengthier on Spartan Strike!
  • I'm stuck at B-2 help needed ......
  • Ha ha..,never purchase game... Why to waste money in,just a game.
  • It's how the world works: you pay for things you want. Why did you buy your phone? I mean, if you are not willing to pay for a game, but you pay for a phone, that sounds inconsistent to me. Did you buy those sunglasses or just steal them?
  • That's mine, as far as game is concern... You can't buy everything you need. Sometimes its too expensive or it's not like that. On android many apps are free from. Same,developer which are on windows phone. They make them free on android and price on Windows phone... Many apps I have reviewed last night. I love my phone. R u the person who run this website..
  • Because of cheap people like you, Microsoft has to pay developers to build apps and games for our platform. It shouldn't be that way, developers should be able to make money in the WP store, and too many of them don't.   
  • MarkusDindu , ya right I am cheap. What about you? You aren't cheap right, do one thing try to help somebody who is in poor and need of,money. Don't just throw away some,cents or pennies, find,a,living for him. If you aren't cheap...
  • Kunalya, creating and building takes lots of effort and time. If you're a developer or a designer you can understand that. Developers can get their efforts paid by the app revenue, if its free you will be offered in app advertisement+in app purchases.Games like Halo Spartan Strike or even the prequel Spartan Assault takes years of time and thousands of peoples effort, you are simply asking them to work for free. It shouldn't happen if you need more brilliant games keep supporting one's which are good.
  • I have completed assault and I have played through the first four chapters of strike. Strike as a general rule has larger levels and more variety especially in enemy type and level design. The controls for touch are much better. Mouse and keyboard is also slightly better for vehicle controls although the keyboard layout is a step back in my opinion. For me it runs in windows 10 (PC) fine the app will crash on start up and usually behaves normally after re launching twice. This game will eat through phone battery. Played on Acer aspire M i5 W 10 build 10049 Wp 8.1 denim Lumia Icon
  • Can you provide some help for me in B-2 level of Spartan Strike I'm struck and I couldn't find it. Please provide me with a screen shot(s) where to find it.
  • I'm gonna wait for red stripe deals to lower the price :)
  • Minecraft PE and Halo should be free/exclusive to Windows.Many dumbass will switch to WP only to play the game.A small market share means it won't affect much to their purse.Then again they are going all platform friendly with Office and other apps/cortana.So atleast 2-3games should be exclusive to us.I may sound Selfish but it feels good.
  • No one is going to switch phones just to play Halo Spartan Assault, or to save $6 on Minecraft.
  • Game is nice like the improvement on controls and bigger explosions. Also there are some new weapons to use. Would not download on my 930 but am playing on my surface pro. The game def looks better than assault.
  • This game is crazy good!!!
  • Would love Mortal Kombat
  • Everyone in this thread that's crying or complaining that the game isn't free, you people are the reason that the game was released on iOS also. The developers have to make SOME money off of the game, but they apparently can't get it from WP users. 
  • Also every decision in Microsoft can't revolve around Windows on phones. I've seen people suggest office should have stayed off iOS and Android but I've never understood that argument in terms of how it helps Microsoft as a whole to do that. We get to play the game on multiple devices, and hopefully Xbox when Windows 10 is finished and running one store, that's a fantastic reason for me to stick with Windows.
  • Dat 930!
  • Bought game and played through the first few levels, but couldn't play it most weekend. It kept failing to connect to Xbox. On/off WiFi, cell data only. Uninstalled it, then couldn't even re-install it until yesterday.. Happily my game play was saved and I didn't have to relay the training levels over again!
  • If Microsoft offered this game to all platforms they should give free to windows users.
  • They didn't offer this game to all platforms, just iOS and Windows. Like I said up above, they would probably never have released it for Apple devices if there weren't so many cheapskates like you on Windows Phone. 
  • Dude. What's the point of making games if they make no money.
  • Believe me dude...they'll make a lot of money selling their games in apple and android. You don't get my point of view. This is simple..sell the games in all platforms but give them cheaper or free in your own system. The profits? Maybe that can sell in the future more devices and keep your users. The % of windows phone now is low compared to iPhone and android...so. There is not loses here.
  • So it shouldn't be free, but be perhaps $3.99? I can see it. But definitely not free, as developers need to eat too!
  • That's much more reasonable.
  • Cheapskate???? Hahaha...im a Windows Phone user, and I have the liberty to demand some features because I have all my life paying to Microsoft, and it doesn't matter. I'm just saying that Microsoft should give us promotions if they offered the game in more platforms. It's not about money, it's about loyalty to the company. Think outside the box lol.
  • Do you demand extra discounts when you buy your car due to loyalty? Coffee? Condoms? Didn't think so. I'm not sure where you live on this rock, but I leveraged Bing Rewards to cover the cost of the game.
  • You can't compare like that. Right now Mictosoft is in a transition, and we are talking about a company dedicated in hardware and software, the big ones! And I'm from Mexico, even here Microsoft don't offer all their services as in USA, so again in talking about being loyal to the company, they can give some to their users. For example Office. But anyway, you don't get it. I'm not telling that Microsoft should give all for free, but some times could be great if they show interest in their users.
  • They showed interest by releasing the app.
  • That is when Red Stripe Deals kick in.
  • I'm in the UK so don't have Bing Rewards but happy to buy this once I've finished Spartan assault. I agree there's no reason we should expect a discount, it's priced fairly. Also the advantage is getting the game as a universal app, you don't get it on your PC (And possibly even Xbox One in the future) for 1 price if you buy elsewhere, that's a big bonus in itself.
  • I liked spartan assault.and I didnt like that I saw Halo for ios
  • When I finish Spartan Assault, for sure I will pay gladly for this one.  It is a great game.  I hope someday they consider to make it multiplayer, that would be an awesome addition. This is the kind of game where the money is well spent. Not very happy that it was ported to iOS.
  • Why does mark always show the back of his phone at the end of the video?
  • Redeemed Bing Reward points for Store credits and got this. Great time killer when customers have me sitting on my thumbs.
  • I fail to see why this needs to be a full-price title, instead of a map pack for Spartan Assault clocking in at half of the price. Cone to speak about it: why did it take so long to publish it?!
    And where's a real (3D) "Halo" game?
  • Works fine here Lumia 1020 win10
  • A little demo/trial would be worth the time, besides I don't buy games unless I am sure it works for me or not, as of going back to the demo/trial part.
    But seriously I think every game should have a little demonstration to the users, it doesn't hurt to do it... I think...
  • I checked out most of your video on YouTube and the game looks great, obviously very similar to Spartan assault. It looked like they have dropped the in-app purchases from this game, is that right? It was 1 thing that bugged me about the last one, but only slightly as I just ignored the purchases. Buying after I finish Spartan Assault
  • Its super good