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Halo-themed Bluetooth speakers, USB chargers and more licensed products are on the way

Microsoft has announced that a new slate of licensed products based on their sci-fi game franchise Halo are coming soon, including Bluetooth speakers, USB chargers and much more.

Xbox Wire reports (opens in new tab) that Microsoft will feature many of these new Halo products this week during the Licensing Expo 2016 event:

  • AC Worldwide: 30cm tall Bluetooth speakers in the shape of Halo characters (U.S., Canada, Europe).
  • Bensons Trading Company: show bag novelty items including key rings, sippers, balls, inflatables, backpacks, stickers, temporary tattoos, mugs and cups, drink bottles and more (Australia, New Zealand)
  • Danilo Promotions: calendars, greeting cards, gift wraps and more (Europe).
  • H2W Sunstaches: Halo-themed novelty and traditional sunglasses (U.S., Canada).
  • Industrias Darks: T-shirts, hoodies, varsity jackets, leggings (Mexico).
  • Jada Toys: Two, four and six-inch "METALS" Halo die-cast statues (Worldwide).
  • Licensing Essentials: Apparel for men, ladies, underwear, sleepwear, headwear, homewares and giftware (Australia, New Zealand).
  • PDP: customized Halo-themed controllers and faceplates (U.S., Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand).
  • Rubber Road: Holiday-themed sweaters, knitted hats, coat hooks, water bottles and coffee travel-mugs (U.S., Canada, Europe).
  • ThinkGeek: Desktop weapon replicas, drinkware, USB chargers for car, desktop and portable needs, giant slippers, foam melee weapons and role-play ballistic weapons (U.S., Canada and Worldwide Online).
  • Wicked Replicas: Lighting (Headlamp Heroes, Logo Lamps, Neon Lamps) plus tin signs, flexible wearable masks and numerous replicas (Australia, New Zealand).

In addition, Microsoft has renewed previous Halo product licensing deals with companies like The Coop, Skullcandy, ASTRO Gaming and J!NX , the latter of which will add plush to its Halo product lineup. Dark Horse Comics will also continue to release comic books based on the Halo series.

Halo Wars 2, the next major game in the franchise, will be released for the Xbox One and Windows 10 on Feb. 21, 2017.

  • Sounds pretty cool. Would be awesome if that stuff was offered in lootcrate.
  • Until they are making shampoo, a toothbrush and biscuits it will not be enough if Frozen can do it then I want halo stuff all over the house to counter all the damn frozen stuff everywhere that my daughter has!
  • Halo actually has it's own Lootcrate coming
  • Wow, milking it much?
  • Pretty much all major franchises out there have this sort of stuff. Don't buy it if you're not interested. Simple.
  • My balls are already halo themed, thank you
  • Overpriced merchandise: Because making a good game just wasn't an option.
  • Halo 5 was good. Could have used more Chief, but was good. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Could have used: --More Chief --No Cortana --No Warden --No Blue Team --A plot --Multiplayer maps designed by people who know what balance is --Consistent aiming sensitivity --Warzone bosses who actually fight --Warzone mechanics that aren't completely luck-based --Reasonable grenade physics --DLC that doesn't somehow manage to be free and still feel like a rip-off
  • No Cortana or blue team?? Lol wut?? And the maps ARE balanced. Probably one of the most balanced maps in the franchise, considering they were built around esports.
    The game did have a plot, it just wasn't executed properly.
    Warzone bosses DO fight back.
    And we've received a bunch of free DLC with the biggest one to land this month with 3 new maps and one new forge canvas. These updates are expected to continue through the year. How does the free dlc feel like a rip-off at this point?? And the only inconsistency with the aiming that I found was with turrets, which ratches up the sensitivity by a couple points which I'm pretty sure is deliberate.
  • No, the maps aren't balanced. Pegasus has an easily defended corner/high ground that wrecks balance. Plaza, one team gets a smooth move to the Overshield, while the other has to mantle and get both shot and bombarded by overpowered grenades. Riptide makes the Beam Rifle easier to get to at the start for one team than the other. Overgrowth is a Plaza variant that isn't balanced to camo. The Rig isn't balanced to camo, and one side gets better movement to the Sniper. Eden gives balance to Rockets, but on team gets a Sniper as well (Hydra isn't a fair balance). Few maps have symmetry, and most that do are tiny spawn-killing nightmares (especially Tyrant, but Truth and Regret have it as well). Coliseum and Torque are the only ones I'd consider decent for size, balance, and symmetry. The complaint for the DLC is that it is free, but makes the pool worse. I find Tyrant to be the worst FPS map I've played, with Riptide close behind. I would legitimately rather they just have no free DLC and keep that trash, even if I think Torque might be the best map in the game. For sensitivity, I find it to ratchet too high too quickly from distance to close range. I either have to leave it too wild in close or too stiff at a distance.
  • I wish they would get rid of power ups and power weapons in all maps.
  • Then you are playing the wrong game. Hit up CS:GO or something.
  • You want more chief but no Cortana or blue team, the people who show who chief really is? Do you just want chief to good little soldier and be told what to do and go do it the entire game?
    The game does have a plot if you
    think it doesn't you are ignorant.
    But saying that the maps aren't balanced shows you are ignorant already. I mean we have Truth, a remake of one of the greatest Halo maps of all time, and Coliseum which seeing it being play by pros could possibly be another one of the greatest Halo maps.
  • I find Cortana uninteresting as an antagonist, instead just something shoved there to let 343 make its mark and have a giant twist. Shyamalan-like flop on that. Blue Team just makes no sense in the game history. The whole "last Spartan" persona is killed off from the last decade, and Chief's personality is so drastically changed it makes no sense. That we spent 5-ish years of game time without these people makes their insertion as being a long-term part of Chief bizarre and illogical. Neither Cortana not Blue Team fits. In the case food the latter, it feels like co-op shoehorning. And using two OK maps as defense does nothing. Two of two dozen about Pegasus, Plaza, Riptide, Overgrowth, The Rig, and the others that are asymmetrical and not balanced for ****?
  • Master Chief was never the last Spartan and we've know this for a long time.
  • I know that, it was a statement about how the series was presented. We've got Halo 5 telling us about his bros who he's been close with for years, yet we didn't see them a single time in the first 4 games. Nothing is logical about the idea of this super close knit Spartan group that does everything together...except for 5 years, where they did nothing together.
  • Ok by that logic, why have Dr. Halsey in there? She hasn't done anything with chief the past five years. But I'd say it'd be hard to keep in touch when Chief was in cryogenic sleep, and Halsey and the rest of Blue team were trapped in a shield world for alot of the time.
  • Except you're only saying Halo 4. Blue Team had nothing going in the ENTIRE GAME FRANCHISE. Halsey still mattered, in part, because of the shoehorning of Cortana (her creation). Blue Team reeks of co-op campaign requirement stuff.
  • -Pegasus, if you try and hold this corner you give up OS and partially rockets and sniper if your team can't take advantage of all those to take the corner it's pretty sad
    -Plaza, I really don't know which team you are talking about because the team that spawns in cafe has no cover once they leave towards OS, and the other team has at least one person (the one that gets the front spawn at the bottom of the stairs) to contest OS or rush sniper.
    -Riptide, the Beam rifle is easily avoided on this map because of such close range, which is why the fuel rod was taken out it was too powerful on this map, the hydra is just as good as the beam rifle on this map
    -Overgrowth, one team spawns a little closer to camo but the other team has a clear line of sight to put shots down on it, same thing but swap teams on the other side of the map with the needler.
    -The Rig, everything you said is wrong both teams are gonna meet pretty much at the same time if taking the correct routes
    -Eden, Blue team gets guaranteed sniper (but can die because red has clean line of sight to sniper from spawn) but red has a better chance of getting camo and rockets
    -For "spawnkilling", it actually impossible to be spawn killed in halo 5 because you can't spawn in an enemy players line of sight, if you mean the enemy team has you spawning in a certain spot on the map, well that's Halo 101 and there is not on spot on any map that is an unfair spot to get out of.
  • Pegauses: No, you only give up Overshield. You can easily stop the opponent from getting Rockets with grenades into the Rocket room, and the Lightrifle in the corner gives you a strong precision weapon to assist. Sniper, you don't give up because of grenades, and there's so much cover in that corner that losing the Sniper isn't even a big problem. You also have the large wall down the Sniper stairs where you can plan/watch opponent movements and jump them at Sniper with ease. Plaza: The low spawn is at a real disadvantage at the start. You have a clear path to the Overshield. While it's not covered, the low path requires being in the open or mantling. If you go to the cover, it's a very tight area that is easily to nail frangs into, meaning the low spawn has a hard time getting the Overshield at the start. Riptide: Not a chance. Fuel Rod is generally an easy weapon to avoid, even on something as open as Regret. Beam isn't hard to avoid, but it's definitely better than the body-tracking Hydra in a map full of high and low obstacles. I like the Hydra, but I won't even touch it on Riptide because even the DMR and Battle Rifle are better options than it. Overgrowth: No, it's got a staircase with a wall. If you are on the side closer to Camo, you just plop a grenade at the bottom of the stairs, grab the Camo, and go about your business. The Rig: you assume my statement of "imbalance" means that the times are different. The time to the Camo is different, but you're on different levels. It's one of the few times I'd say the low ground is better, actually, though not by much. The Sniper is a much bigger deal because you're not grounded coming from the far side. You have to climb the tower or jump to it, meaning you're stranded in the open, or the opposing team can plant a grenade at the landing point with ease. Eden: There's Camo on Eden? Since when? Even then, it's likely in an easy-to-grenade area (maybe you mean Overshield, where it's an enclosed spot with a bunch of opportunity to smack with grenades). Spawnkilling: Totally wrong. Even the last patch notes said they lessened (not eliminated) the chances you spawn in a sniper's scope. Being spawn killed by a sniper is also not the only way that can happen. In smaller maps (Tyrant as the biggest offender), it's not at all uncommon to spawn with someone right by you. Last time I played for more than a match or two, I had it happen on Truth. I fought a guy in one base, died, spawned on the other side of that base's room, was killed by the same guy immediately, then spawned a few feet from that and had 2 opponents on me right away. Halo 5 is crazy with the number of sub-10 second deaths you take. My average life in Halo 4 was somewhere in the 90-second range, and it's probably sub-20 seconds now, simply because of all fo the times I'm dead in 5-10 seconds because I spawn with someone smacking me with a grenade or having someone round the corner and shooting me before I can react to a fair fight.
  • It hilarious how the first pro match I pull up contradicts everything you say with the side you say that is at a disadvantage getting the weapons/powers. But judging from you apparently think nades are nuclear bombs that stop a whole team, show that you don't really fully understand these maps and the way they play.
  • There ya go, give the "you're dumb" because making actual points is too hard. That I don't like it doesn't mean I'm bad, brah. I held a K/D over 2.30 in TDM in Black Ops 2, but I still wouldn't buy BO3 because I hated the gameplay, even though I wasn't bad. Maybe equate logic over emotion, like the pros aren't going to feel incentivized to speak well to keep their platform. We see in pro sports all the time that being critical of stuff can lead to a fine. Not saying that's the point here, but whatever you're claiming (and not actually citing) isn't so just because you say so. There are Hall of Fame baseball players who have proven repeatedly that when it comes to analysis, they're dumber than a box of rocks. The best coaches, managers, and executives in sports are rarely the players.
  • I never said you were dumb, but you're the one bringing up your K/D in a completely different game for some reason. And a bunch of stuff that has no connection to anything we are discussing. The fact is, if the best Halo players in the world can't take advantage of these "unbalances" then they probably aren't real.
  • Who says they can't? I see no proof of it. If you make the calim, back it up, or it means nothing. I have thoroughly explained each map's weak points. You want to disagree? Fine. You want to state your disagreement as fact? Bring some facts.
  • The proof is all the matches they play. Also you backed your points with false information. Speaking of proof where's yours?
  • The proof is what I'm saying. I'm backing MY opinions with MY words. I'm putting sentences, and even paragraphs, behind my points. You're trying to cover it all in 1-2 sentences with "vague person on the Internet stream I won't actually point to" said something else. So, point me to where counterpoints to mine are. I've given my points with thorough explanation. "[A]ll the matches" of a pool that you won't reference and I have no clue the origin of, isn't making a point. It's typical Internet trash talk that has no substance or meaning.
  • So your so called "facts" are your opinion's back by your misinformation. Where as I can simply watch matches of the top Halo players in the world, and see that these unbalances do not exist.
  • Nope, you're making things up. I stated, not one comment ago (thtough I'm sure managing full-sentence reading is hard): "MY opinions with MY words" I made a claim, and stated thorough explanations. You're just doing nothing in the same realm, claiming you're watching stuff you can't be bothered to post links to. I'm done. You're a troll and a Halo fanboy who can't be botghered with intelligent discusison. Please find yourself a college-level course in writing, and try to learn how to form a reasonable argument. This is just sad. I'll be reading no more of your undefended claims and hyperbolic trash.
  • I don't need to post links, because it's not a rare thing because it's the truth, you can watch ANY pro match, ANY pro streamer, ANY matches really. But I guess since I have to have gameplay evidence and you can just have your opinions, Game 2 of the World Championship Final CLG on The Rig from the start got control of Camo and Sniper even though according to you they should have had a major disadvantage for both. Please post links of your videos showing these "blatant unbalances". Oh wait they don't exist.
    And before you try and call someone a troll, how about you post your gamer tag here and not post your CoD stats, a game that plays nothing like Halo.
  • I want chief only.
  • No, the are doing the right thing with easing Chief out, because when the reclaimer saga ends so should Chiefs story.
  • too much to ask for pictures?
  • When will some of this be available?
  • Love Halo but my enthusiasm for the fiction was dampened by the awful story in Halo 5: Guardians. Hope they get a new lead writer for Halo 6.
  • I concur. Although, the reason they moved to a simple, predictable story in 5 was the backlash from the "confusing" story of 4. Which, in my opinion was the best of the series.
  • While it was bad in the sense of a story for a single game, I found it pretty good for the connecting piece for all halo media channels which is what is was what is was meant for. If the added a big story for the main game as well it would still have gotten criticism similar to Batman V Superman, in that it would be confusing to anyone that doesn't follow everything already.
  • I've only played Multiplayer so far....I started to work back through MCC to play all the campaigns in order alongside the Halo 5 multiplayer but didn't get through MCC yet - I will one day though.
  • I really wish they would put Joseph Staten in charge as lead writer now that he is back at Microsoft (it story wise was his baby to begin with anyways). I also wish they would fire Bonnie Ross and make Frankie the studio head. She is trying way too hard to change Halo from a space opera into a stupid love story. She is bad for the franchise. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Space opera is a subgenre of science fiction that emphasizes space warfare, melodramatic adventure, and often risk-taking, inter-planetary battles as well as chivalric romance." So yeah it's still a space opera as romance is part of one.