Hands-on with Amzer's Hybrid Warrior Case for Lumia 640 XL

The rugged texture of Amzer's Hybrid Warrior Case{.nofollow} is great for every day use, providing serious impact protection if your Lumia 640 XL should ever take a nasty spill. Both its TPU and polycarbonate layers are fairly slim, while still granting access to all the important features of your device.

Before installing the hybrid cover you'll want to separate the inner skin from the plastic exoskeleton to prevent an improper fit. Wrap the skin around all four corners and follow-up with the shell, being sure that the impact points are completely covered. The TPU core is a bit thick in design, but fairly flexible for easy installation and removal. While majority of the TPU features a soft finish, the edges are glossy for some extra contrast. As you'd expect, there is complete access to the headphone jack and charging port, even raising your side buttons for an easier press.

The star of the Hybrid Warrior Case is definitely the rugged exoskeleton which Amzer calls their molded "grenade design." The soft plastic manages to attract fingerprints after a short span of time, but wipes away easily. The built-in kickstand sits flush while not in use, expanding easily when you're ready to put your Lumia 640 XL into landscape orientation — ideal for watching movies on the go. The kickstand on this case seems slightly better quality than we've seen on Amzer's Double Layer cases, mostly because of its compact design. The only snag we're running into is the kickstand's inability to stay completely closed. It doesn't make the case unusable or uncomfortable, just a bit annoying to look at.

The verdict

The Amzer Hybrid Warrior Case{.nofollow} offers excellent impact protection at an affordable price of $8.95, throwing in that handy kickstand as a bonus. It doesn't come without its quirks, although none make the cover a bad deal. Anyone who can appreciate rugged appeal should jump on this Lumia 640 XL case.

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Brent Zaniewski