Razer Rogue V3 Backpack review: Sheer quality and attention to detail

As long as you're okay with the giant Razer logo, this is an excellent way to carry all your gear.

Image of the Razer Rogue V3 Backpack.
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Windows Central Verdict

Razer's Rogue line of premium gaming backpacks isn't cheap or packed with smart features, but they're well-designed, attractive, and are made with obvious quality and attention to detail. As long as you're okay with the giant Razer logo on the back, these are excellent backpacks for any scenario.


  • +

    High quality materials and premium construction

  • +

    Attractive and practical design with good use of space

  • +

    Great for any purpose, from gaming to school


  • -

    Giant Razer logo won't be to everyone's taste

  • -

    Could use one more pocket (14-inch) or tablet sleeve (16-inch)

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Razer may be most known for its gaming laptops and accessories, but the company also designs a line of lifestyle products from chairs to merch and even — you guessed it — bags and backpacks. Razer likely isn't your first choice for a new laptop bag or school backpack, but maybe that should change. I used two of Razer's premium backpacks at GDC 2024, and I'm totally sold.

I tested the ultra-compact 14-inch Rogue V3 and its roomier 16-inch big sibling, and while there's room for improvement with both models, Razer impressed me with the quality and attention to detail in these bags. They never failed me during my trip, and I'd happily recommend both bags to anyone willing to spend a little extra money for a premium product.


This review was made possible with a review sample provided by Razer. The company did not see the contents of the review before publishing.

Rogue V3 review: Pricing and specifications

The 16-inch variant is dramatically larger than the 14-inch version, more than the two-inch size difference would suggest. (Image credit: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy)

Pricing highlights

  • The Razer Rogue V3 Backpack ranges from $59.99 to $149.99, depending on the size you pick.
  • Each is also available in black and chromatic designs, depending on how visible you want the Razer logo to be.
  • These backpacks aren't cheap by any means, but the pricing honestly feels very fair for what you're getting.

What to know

• Price: $59.99 at Razer (14-inch) | $99.99 at Razer (16-inch) | $149.99 at Razer (17-inch)
• Design features:
Black-and-green design, black or chromatic Razer logo, tear-and-weather resistant exterior, TPU padded scratch-resistant interior
• Dimensions (14-inch):
410 x 260 x 143mm (16.14 x 10.24 x 5.63in)
• Dimensions (16-inch):
460 x 320 x 170mm (18.11 x 12.60 x 6.69in)
• Dimensions (17-inch):
530 x 325 x 170mm (20.86 x 12.79 x 6.69in)

Anyone can walk into their nearest mall, supermarket, or any such store and pick up a decent backpack for around $30, but you also know the level of quality you can expect at that price. Inversely, people with plenty of disposable income can pay hefty sums for an ultra-premium backpack, like the handmade leather bags from Waterfield Designs. Razer is straddling the line, offering high-quality, traditional-style laptop backpacks for a reasonable — but not small — price.

The Razer Rogue V3 Backpack starts from $59.99 at Razer for the compact, adorable 14-inch variant, rises to $99.99 at Razer for the mid-sized (and my personal favorite) 16-inch variant, and caps off at $149.99 at Razer for the beefy 17/18-inch version I wasn't able to test. A Razer-branded bag also has the benefit of being offered from a variety of retailers, too, starting from $59.99 at Amazon (with all three sizes available) or $99.99 at Best Buy (just for the 16-inch variant).

Considering the design and quality of materials used, I think Razer has priced these bags well (with possibly the exception of the 17-inch version, but it appears to go on sale a lot).

Razer Rogue V3 Backpack — From $59.99 at Amazon | $59.99 at Razer (14-inch) | $99.99 at Razer (16-inch) | $149.99 at Razer (17-inch)

Razer Rogue V3 Backpack — From $59.99 at Amazon | $59.99 at Razer (14-inch) | $99.99 at Razer (16-inch) | $149.99 at Razer (17-inch)

This premium lineup of traditional backpacks is perfect for traveling businesspeople, school-goers, and anyone that needs to take their gear on the go. The pricing is reasonable for the quality these bags deliver.

Rogue V3 review: The good

There's still plenty of room in this backpack and two more large pockets you can't see here, with lots of ways to organize and divide. (Image credit: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy)

The pros highlights

  • These are attractive backpacks that don't shake up the formula too much, made of durable materials and immaculately put together.
  • The design is also thoughtful and intelligent, with a good use of space and an attention to detail and comfort.

How much can I really write about some laptop bags? Especially when there's so very little to complain about. The Razer Rogue V3 line of backpacks don't look too different at a glance from the traditional form factor all of us have likely worn on our back at one point or another, except they're in Razer's iconic black-and-green colorway. There's no luxurious silk or leather here; Razer used nylon and other more durable materials, and the overall construction is practically perfect.

Each bag is similar aside from the appropriate upscaling in storage space and pockets. One element each backpack shares is a large front-facing pocket with a sideways opening, adorned with the Razer logo. In fact, this pocket is the exact same size between the 14 and 16-inch variants. Whichever size you choose based on your needs and budget, you're not going to be disappointed.

This is a breathable back with pretty comfortable, supportive straps (especially on the 16-inch version). (Image credit: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy)

That's because these aren't specialty bags. They're not carefully tailored toward photographers or creators, or solely focused on moving your gaming setup around. These multipurpose backpacks are just as good for school as they are for a trip to San Francisco or a jaunt to a friend's house for a night of gaming. There's dedicated space for your laptop, but the rest of the pockets and space can be used for whatever you want.

Razer was definitely thorough about the design for these backpacks, and comfort was obviously a focus as well. Both versions I tested were comfortable to wear for hours, as long as you adjust the straps correctly, and were breathable enough that I didn't suffer from an uncomfortably sweating back. Everything is exactly as I expected for backpacks at this price point, and then beyond that. That doesn't mean there isn't anything I want to see Razer improve in the future, though.

Rogue V3 review: The bad

A slim tablet sleeve in the 16-inch version and one smaller, external pocket in the 14-inch version would've made these bags nearly perfect for me. (Image credit: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy)

The cons highlights

  • The giant Razer logo is bold, for better or worse.
  • In both sizes, I found myself wishing for one more pocket or a tablet sleeve.

All three of the Razer Rogue V3 Backpacks prominently feature Razer's logo on the back. Sure, you can opt for matte black lettering rather than the flashy chromatic default, but these backpacks are always very obviously going to be Razer backpacks. Razer's branding is undeniable important to the company, but it's also a good way to shout "This bag has expensive stuff in it" to everyone around you. Not everyone is going to want to wear a Razer logo on their back, anyways.

As far as practical features are concerned, the 14-inch backpack felt like a tight fit for all the 14-inch laptops I tested (although they did fit), and it was sometimes annoying to squeeze the laptops in and out of the bag. I also wished there was one more small pocket for more organization in the 14-inch variant, and that the second bottle holder was a closed pocket like on the 16-inch version. Finally, the 16-inch version absolutely has enough internal volume for a slim tablet sleeve next to the laptop pocket, and I lamented not having that when lugging my Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 around.

As a small aside, some more colorways would be awesome. There's a good chance these backpacks aren't high volume enough for Razer to justify designing, manufacturing, and distributing more designs, but I would've loved a black-and-blue version.

Rogue V3 review: Final thoughts

I don't know that I love having a Razer logo on my back, but the quality of these bags make up for it. (Image credit: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy)

You should buy this if ...

You want a high-quality bag without breaking the bank

Razer's line of laptop bags is far more affordable than the most luxurious bags, but still offer excellent design, style, and build quality. If you want a backpack that can last for years of regular usage for just a little more than the cost of an average bag, then these are very appealing options.

You want a multipurpose bag that can do anything

Razer didn't reinvent the wheel with the Rogue V3 Backpacks or confine itself to a niche category, making these bags an excellent option for basically anyone. There may be speciality bags more suitable for certain people, like Peak Designs creator-focused backpacks, but the Rogue V3 can be your one backpack for every use case, from school and work to vacations and trips.

You should not buy this if ...

❌You want an understated or luxury bag

The Razer Rogue V3 is inarguably premium and high quality, but it's certainly not a high-end luxury bag, nor is it quiet. The giant Razer logo on the back may not be to everyone's liking, while many luxury bags like Waterfield Designs tend to fly a little more under the radar.

When I left for GDC, the Razer Rogue V3 14-inch had to carry the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 12), my Surface Headphones 2, my ASUS ROG Ally, my Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, a book, a water bottle, and all of the various chargers, battery packs, dongles, and storage that I use as a part of my job. Don't get me wrong, it was a tight fit, but the Rogue V3 was a comfortable, smartly designed, and expertly constructed backpack that never once gave me issue. On the ride home, the 16-inch version held it all with a ton of room to spare.

Whether you have one of the best Windows laptops or the best gaming laptops, it's worth investing in a backpack that will be comfortable to wear, efficiently carry everything you need, and protect your valuable gear. The Razer Rogue V3 is a little loud design-wise and some may desire more luxurious materials, but the price is reasonable for the quality you're getting in return. These are easily some of the best laptop bags for basically any use case, and they're widely available from $59.99 at Razer or $59.99 at Amazon.

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