Hands-on video and photos of the giant Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia World 2013 is in full effect now. Nokia has just shown off a handful of new devices in the Asha and Lumia range. The one we’re most excited about is the Nokia Lumia 1520. The device (and its display) is simply remarkable. We just spent some time with the Lumia 1520, so read on to see our first impression, photos and video from our time with it.

There’s no denying it, the Lumia 1520 is big. It’s so big the first time you see it you might laugh with pure glee for the 6-inch display staring you in the face. It’s packed with pixels, in fact the display is rocking a 1080p resolution and is simply incredible. We’re having a hard time recalling any display like this on any piece of technology we’ve encountered in the past. In regards to technology, the display also features Nokia’s ClearBlack magic with both amazing visibility in sunlight and super sensitive touch. All this is protected by Gorilla Glass 2. We’re not sure if photos and videos will do this display justice, so you’re going to have to take our word that’s incredible.

Camera technology has always been Nokia’s strong suite. The Lumia 1520 doesn’t shy from the expectations its predecessors have established. It has a 20MP sensor with Zeiss optics and optical image stabilization. You’re also getting 2x lossless zoom thanks to some of the software magic found with Nokia’s experience in oversampling pixels. The camera hardware will see final tweaks between now and retail availability, but we walked away fairly impressed with the results. 2 LED flashes will help make sure you’re getting enough light into your photos.

So how does a device like this feel in the hand? While it’s really big, it’s not completely unwieldy. You won’t be using this device with one hand (unless you’re Shaq). It’s actually fairly light when you consider the size. Thinness is one area Nokia did really well with the Lumia 1520, it’s not thick at all. Its profile is actually pretty svelte.

We’ll have more coverage of the Lumia 1520 throughout the day. In the meantime ask any questions you have about the device and we’ll help satisfy your curiosity. 

  • now thats sexy
  • w.o.w
  • Loved it.... Awesome looking phablet...
  • That's cool but seriously I wish for a smaller device with similar specs. Something along the lines of a 5-inch screen.
  • Yes, something to compete with the S4. Which Samsung has sold gazillions of..
  • Samsung has sold a gazillion Notes too..... Just saying
  • The S4 sells at least 10x more than the Note.
  • Agreed.
  • Agree.  It's beautiful... but too big for my tastes.  I'll wait for the 920 replacement.  Oh, and enough with the glossy finish!  Matte just looks & feels better.
  • Agree
  • Yes. Much bigger market for this size than 6". I like Daniel's, "I might feel funny using it in public but I'll take one for the team."
  • that would be the lumia 929 from verizon right?
  • 1020 should've been 5"
  • God damn. This looks so good in red. 0.0
    That screen is huge, but I just want to own that thing!
  • I didn't originally think that I'd like it... But dang. I might just need to upgrade from my 920. It's a shame that the yellow looks to be matte, though. The one thing I think would bother me about it.
  • Read that it is AT&T exclusive in the US. HUGE bummer.
  • The 1520's start screen looks akin to the one in Windows 8 :D my 920 never gave me this feeling.. 
  • And that's not a good thing
  • may i ask why??? :P MSFT's intention was to unify Windows 8, Windows 8 RT and Windows Phone, wasn't it???  
  • Why not?
  • Explain yourself mister.
  • Two words: colour barf.
    Windows 8 suffers from a lack of personality, it's all just psychedlic colours that are placed there and they just said: hey, it's colours! And that's about it.
    Another thing being that the Start Screen looks a bit cluttered...
    Still, Windows Phone is much better at using the available space for design and clarity.
  • And thats different to horrible Android Widgets, or rows of boring static icons on iOS?!!!
    Lay off the crack dude, Windows Phone (and Windows) looks amazing. Add some customized personality, your own tiles like your own faces for your contacts, apps with live data. Consistent look and feel rather than the mess of faux skewmorphic crap on Android and Windows blows those old dinosaurs away man :)
  • Start screen cluttered? You can make it as cluttered or uncluttered as you like-the marvel of WP! Besides a star tscreen background image what does ios or android give you?
  • Sexy ass beast, come to poppa
  • To WPC: How's the screen contrast and vibrancy of color of the 1520 compared to a 920 AND 1020 since this one is LCD?
  • You couldn't see that in the video?! It's AWESOME!
  • When you get the chance, show us the keyboard. I mean, the size of it. How does it feel? Keys big enough? :P
  • Good question, like to see that
  • +920 on that. Keyboard shouldn't be quite as tall as on the other devices, and leave more space for content :)
  • I was hoping for Xenon flash, not two LEDs
  • Holy molly! now that's a phablet that I would like to have.
  • Now i am confused. 1020 or 1520? my head has started to spin.
  • I want a 1020 with updated chipset, built in wireless charge, and SD card support. For that I will instantly hand them $1000 cash in a dark alley.
  • Absolutely bonkers but in such a good way.
    Kudos for doing that review in one take too Mr Rubbernose.
  • Buzz word of the day: magic!
  • With good price they will have a share at Chinese market, youngsters here only but s3 or above like note 2.... It will make a good impression here.
  • Is the Instagram app preloaded ?
  • Is the instagram app as good as 6tag?
  • I hope not :P But , I would like to see what is this Official Instagram App offers .
  • Does one look like a bozo when holding it up to the ear? Any chance of a picture of that scenario?
  • Oh, there will be plenty soon enough!
  • bad they did not show some of the lumia black update features...
  • can i use a stylus on this ? that'd be awesome
  • I'm sure you can use anything on this since it's a super sensitive touch screen :)
  • What's with all the huge phones? Can't they pack more into something normal sized?ost people don't want a giant large phone
  • Most people you know, been for a ten days in a big city in China you began to find your phone too damn small, my Lumia 1020 here is a great camera, but small screen LOL, younger generation loves big screens....
  • Totally agreed. My 920 often feels too big. I want something a bit smaller with top specs.
  • Can't they please please make a 5" phone with portrait slide out QWERTY and i can live with the 8.7 mp camera? please?
  • f thee's enough demand they will make whatever the market wants most.  Right now it appears more people want larger devices than smaller devices.   It seems that even  apple is not immune and are again considereing an even larger device size for the iPhone 6.
  • You nailed it in the video, the screen almost looks like a sticker when it's not in motion. Cannot believe the brightness and colour and contrast on there. 
    Don't get me wrong, I'm still very happy with my 925 but dammmmmmmmmn.
  • Did they mention it having a Pen Digitizer? One of the benefits of having a phone that is inking with it.
  • Yellow.......*droooool*
  • Any word on how the Clearblack stacks up against OLED? So far thats the only Negative ive come across, WP just looks so much better on a perfectly black screen :(
  • It is not an either/or question. The screen itself is OLED or IPS/LCD, the glass and the coatings are what make the screen 'clearblack'. Lumia 920 is an LCD with clearblack, and the Lumia 1020 is oled with clearblack. The 1520 is more similar to the 920 with a clearblack+LCD configuration. the real issue is LCD vs oled. oled gives better battery life, darker black levels and higher contrast, but suffers in the ways of color accuracy and will get dimmer over time. LCD on the other hand has more capability of having accurate color, but will always have issues getting a true black which affects it's contrast capabilities. I don't personally need color accuracy on a phone/tablet/laptop, and as they tend to get replaced every 2-3 years the color fade issues are not a real concern, so for these types of devices I prefer an oled and get the battery life (or a smaller/lighter battery). But oled has come under fire a lot lately from a lot of review sites due to color issues, so I think a lot of the devices coming out in the near future will be shipping with LCD screens.
  • I just want to do nasty sexy stuff with it, it's pure awesome!!! I need that phone, take my money, my car, my clothes...I don't care! That phone is my new pillow...I wanna shuffle snow with it on my cabbin. I wanna roll around the floor with it, lauging and giggling...teasing it, nibbling on it. Maybe have a glass of wine with it to, get a little nasty when the bottle is empty.  I CRAVE IT!! :D
  • Aaaaaaand we lost Tafsern :) 
  • Let me have her when you're done. In this case, I'm fine with sloppy seconds!
  • LOL smh
  • Somehow that doesn't seem strange....i guess because I'm having similar thoughts lol. 32Gigs of built-in storage with expansion slot and checkout the screen! That Phablet must be mine soon. Lets go T-Mobile USA!
  • Man that thing is huge!
  • Exactly my thoughts, thanks but am gonna pass on this really .. it will feel silly holding it in public.. 
  • Also illegal. Only hold it in the bathroom. Zing!
  • Dude, you can't confuse "this" with "that" ... Unless yours is yellow!
  • Thanks!
  • That's what she said.
  • I use Android & IOS, I have to say being a speck nut, love that beast. Has it all. I need to take that beast for a ride. Wonder what kind of acces it will have? great job. Beautiful hardware.
  • Is it exclusive to Any network? I will buy if international version is available.Its a must have phone, very beautiful.
  • Its beautiful but its too large. They were better off making a 5"-5.2" display. I have the LG g2 and the 5.2" screen is perfect
  • Nice phone, but man, it's HUGE! Think I'll pass on it until there is a 5" 1080p availavle... 
    It sure is gorgeous!
  • Any info about battery capacity ?
  • 3400 mah
  • Just wish for this hardware in a smaller housing like 1020. Just too big.
  • is it just me or do the capacitive buttons on this appear to be yellow as opposed to white on the 920?
  • Any word of priceing, rollout dates, built in Qi or Qi-Shells?
  • Wireless charging built in
  • Can't wait for it to get to Sweden. Will switch my 920 for that in a heartbeat :P
  • I wanted AMOLED display... But this is still very sharp..
  • price off contract is 750$
  • The Lumia 920 is already too big for me to use one-handed, and I hate the way phones are becoming "phablets" now. Why can't they just deliver the same phone specs in an 820-size type of phone? I thought Nokia use to highlight selling phones in different form factors and price points to appeal to more people, but with only one device this huge, it appears they're giving into the trend
  • The rest of the line will probably be announced in a few months like they did with the 520/620/720.
  • Give them a little time geez, they started like this with 820 and 920 remember? You will get your smaller variant I promise you
  • This thing looks unbelievable and I was so looking forward to this device, but I hate to say it, this might be to big for me. Guess I'll have to wait until release and just handle it at my local Att.
  • Finally, bezel perfection on a lumia
  • agree with you! looks perfect..
  • in one word  gorgeous
    lumia 1020 looks like a little baby compared to this monster
  • Gorgeous! That said,I would feel a little awkward talking on that mammoth in public......looks great though!
  • Looks like I'll have to add a line lol
  • Pet peeve.....why does everyone refer to these big devices as having '3 rows' of tiles instead of '3 COLUMNS?' My 920 can show 3 rows just fine. :-p
  • WPC: I would like to know how the 1520 fits in the pocket?
  • Do you wear slim pants ?
    Hey can you ask if Lumia 920 will get 3 rows of Live TIles?
  • MS has already said it's coming only to phones with 1080p.
  • You mean 3 COLUMNS right? You can already get 3 ROWS of tiles on a 920 with no sweat.
  • My next. Will have day one. Looks like my son will getting my 8X.
  • Hmm, I'd be all over this if it had a stylus and if RT and WP were already one
  • Want this badly.................love it
  • Does any changes in office app??
  • As someone who used to own a Note, I love this phone. But is there any way to have the tiles stretch across the whole screen like on all the previous phones? If not, I won't be getting this phone. I do not like the look of the start screen with all those tiles and do not like using the medium tiles. I want the option of screen wide tiles and since the idea behind live tiles is to display info, how they could not take advantage of this big screen is beyond me. Also. While I and alot of us here like this phone, it's not going to sell millions. Seeing how this and the 1320 are they only new phones for 4th quarter, Nokia sure doesn't plan on selling many phones this holiday season. Huge mistake, missed a big opportunity just when Windows Phone had some momentum. To not refresh your lineup and flagship for the holiday season is a complete failure. seems like the type of mistake Microsoft is known for.
  • Stop hating
  • Stop sucking
    See, I can do it too.
    As someone who spends thousands on Microsoft products a year and owns 3 Lumia's I think I have a right to voice my opinion as much as you or anyone else. You think I'm hating, the only thing I'm hating right now is you. Tell me honestly how releasing 2 new phones at the same size (which is 6 inches and will be a niche product) in addition to only being available on 1 carrier, is a smart business move. Go ahead, try to convince me or anyone that is a good business move and will lead to millions in sales. It's not and it won't. As someone who has supported WP since day one and has been waiting to see them gain a little momentum, it is very frustrating and frankly it is a mistake on their part. Sales will end up dropping during the 4th quarter instead of continuing to increase. That will lead to more negative press which WP does not need and cannot afford.
    As far as the double wide tile thing, that is a personal preference which..get ready for it...I'm allowed to have them too. Shocking I know, but true. Anyway, thanks for your valuable contribution.
  • I have to agree but I have high hopes
  • Lol
  • I agree with your first paragraph.  I too would like an answer if a tile can display the full length of the screen.  However, your opinion in your second paragraph is not shared by me.
  • OMG! I GOT THE BIGGEST BONER RIGHT NOW! This is how you make a phone and make a phone right!
  • In the video the jump letters in the app list are gone. Anyone know why?
  • Because it hasn't met the threshold for the minimum number of apps to display the jump list.
  • Thanks. I was hoping they didn't remove it. I use the jump list all the time.
  • I WANT !!!
  • The 929 5" is suppose to be avaible in November for Verizon is it there can we see it specs ect please.
  • Same size as 1520
  • No. The 15.20 is 6" while the 929 is 5". Not the same.
  • Holy sh!➕ I want it now I don't care how big its is
  • Is it running on Bittersweet Shimmer aka Black?
  • Years ago I wrote online I that I wanted a 6" tablet that was also a phone and they said I was mad... MAD I tell you! Now it's ALIVE!
    I LOVE it! and will be replacing my broken 920 with it as soon as it is released. That screen just looks beautiful.
  • Love the phone but where's the 929????
  • I won't it now
  • Awesome!
  • I love the display, pump in a prepaid and you get a great portable tablet with LTE.
  • I can see how it would be nice for people who don't have a dedicated surfboard. Im even interested in it for the times im at the beach and forgot my surfboard but is it even waterproof? If not doesn't that defeat the purpose?
  • looks terrible glossy!  Definitely want a matte finish for me.
  • Agreed. Why do they keep bringing back the crappy gloss?
  • Wireless Charing? I didn't see that mentioned for any of the annoucements (Not expecting it for the tablet but how about the phones?
  • Look at that huge phone!!
  • AT&T now has 6 WP phones, Verizon has 2.  WTF Verizon.  Dont make me switch.
  • I switched.  I got a 1020, and haven't dropped any calls, and the LTE is actually faster than VZW in Orange County.
  • My opinion....it's just outside the the phablet category. What do you call a mini tablet w/phone? Should've been 5.5 to 5.7 in my opinion. Loving the 1020 though!
  • That is a pretty sweet looking phone. But, where is a guy to carry it? Too big for the front pocket. Might fit in a back pocket, but I'd forget about it and sit on it. It could fit in a coat pocket, but we don't wear coats all year. So what is a guy to do? Get a man purse or phanny pack? I don't think so.
  • Looks nice. But does it now support MHL or OTG? If not, then what's the point. I really hope so because MS is always going to cripple Nokia's sweet hardware.
  • Could you show a full screen of MS Word with the keyboard displayed. Open the sample file. How many lines of text (at normal display size of 11pt) are visible when the keyboard is in use, vertically or horizontally?
    I use Word a lot and this baby would be perfect for my big hands.
  • OMG OMG...
  • Does it fit in your pocket?
  • This will definitely be my next phone. And since I have an HTC 8X, it won't be a huge change, same look and feel.  The screen even looks the same, except obviously bigger.  I think it's funny that Nokia make a phone that looks exactly like the 8X, just bigger.
    I remember when I went to get the 8X, the T-Mobile rep had one sitting on the desk and I thought it was one of those plastice mock-ups with the sticker on the screen, then he picked it up and started using it.
  • A few questions from things that I can and can't quite see from these pictures
    1) where are the speakers? Will we finally get stereo? or are we still stuck with noise coming out of one end of the device?
    2) What are the 5 holes on the top-back of the device? Speaker grill? mics?
    3) In the side-by-side with the 1020 the 1520 seems to actually be thinner than the 1020. Is that true?
  • check this beautiful pictures of lumia 1520 here http://imgdino.com/viewer.php?file=36089799100894348292.jpg  
  • Anybody know if the current stand up version Nokia charging plate will work with the 1520?
  • You sure it isn't gorilla glass 3? I mean the 1020 has gorilla glass 3, why gorilla glass 2 on this?
  • It's not so many gorillas left.
  • RRRRrr..... Nokia why u no ANDROID????? You look so good! WP deserves great phones, but im very jealus for not having Nokia on my team. But Nexus make it all better in the end.
  • Nexus? You are joking right? 
  • As I said earlier -- the touch buttons are better placed on Lumia 1020 (not that close to the edge).
  • Looks great! Thinking bout selling my 1020 for this. Or maybe just have both
  • I really want this phone for the display and camera! But it's toooooo big.
    I'm either going to wait for a smaller 1080p Lumia or buy a Lumia 925.
  • My Lumia 920 has served me well. However the Lumia 1520 is what I have been waiting for!!
    I am so happy I signed a prenup with the 920 :) It's time for it to go.
    I can't wait to break in the 1520 :)
  • Its just a bit too over the top in terms of size for me.  I would love a phablet device, but that one has gone a bit too far for what I would be