Hands-on video and photos of the giant Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia World 2013 is in full effect now. Nokia has just shown off a handful of new devices in the Asha and Lumia range. The one we’re most excited about is the Nokia Lumia 1520. The device (and its display) is simply remarkable. We just spent some time with the Lumia 1520, so read on to see our first impression, photos and video from our time with it.

There’s no denying it, the Lumia 1520 is big. It’s so big the first time you see it you might laugh with pure glee for the 6-inch display staring you in the face. It’s packed with pixels, in fact the display is rocking a 1080p resolution and is simply incredible. We’re having a hard time recalling any display like this on any piece of technology we’ve encountered in the past. In regards to technology, the display also features Nokia’s ClearBlack magic with both amazing visibility in sunlight and super sensitive touch. All this is protected by Gorilla Glass 2. We’re not sure if photos and videos will do this display justice, so you’re going to have to take our word that’s incredible.

Camera technology has always been Nokia’s strong suite. The Lumia 1520 doesn’t shy from the expectations its predecessors have established. It has a 20MP sensor with Zeiss optics and optical image stabilization. You’re also getting 2x lossless zoom thanks to some of the software magic found with Nokia’s experience in oversampling pixels. The camera hardware will see final tweaks between now and retail availability, but we walked away fairly impressed with the results. 2 LED flashes will help make sure you’re getting enough light into your photos.

So how does a device like this feel in the hand? While it’s really big, it’s not completely unwieldy. You won’t be using this device with one hand (unless you’re Shaq). It’s actually fairly light when you consider the size. Thinness is one area Nokia did really well with the Lumia 1520, it’s not thick at all. Its profile is actually pretty svelte.

We’ll have more coverage of the Lumia 1520 throughout the day. In the meantime ask any questions you have about the device and we’ll help satisfy your curiosity. 

Sam Sabri