Hisense announces its first Windows Phone, the MIRA 6 for China Telecom

As previously reported, Hisense today announced a new Windows Phone, titled the MIRA 6. The MIRA 6 is China Telecom's first Windows Phone 8.1 mobile device, featuring dual-SIM support, quad-core Qualcomm processor and other interesting specifications. Running Windows Phone 8.1, the first Windows Phone from Hisense is a surprising move since neither the manufacturer nor Microsoft mentioned any partnership.

As well as the quad-core processor, the Mira 6 comes with 8 GB internal storage (expandable with MicroSD support), 1 GB RAM, a 5-inch HD display, 8MP rear shooter (with a 5MP front-facing camera) and Dolby Digital sound. The product itself looks rather premium as one can see in the below promotion video, though we'll have to see how it handles in the hand. That all said, it's strange how they've used an Android render with the Windows Phone Start Screen.

The specifications aren't bad and it's a decent looking phone with dual-SIM support. We can see Hisense doing well by pushing this Windows Phone in China.

Source: LiveSino; thanks, Paa, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Keep them coming
  • What's up with those front buttons?
  • 'Decent looking phone'? Looks fantastic in comparison to most of mid-range Nokia offering. I am sure it will be cheaper as well. Hope for Europe release...
  • Looks like a mid range Android phone.
  • Has malware pre installed?
  • This isn't Android.
  • This is not Lagdroid
  • This is not Maldroid.
  • How to make Skype tile transparent?
  • I want to know that as well
  • This is a sentence for Bing not here
  • Ask Cortana
  • Haha, ask the guys who PhotoShop Start screen on an Android device.
  • The keys aren't Windows but Android standard?
  • PhotoShop
  • What's up with those Android buttons? Or is the phone dual OS?
  • No phone with dual OS will ever be put to sale.
  • Because you said so?
  • Lol I'm gonna screenshot this. Save his name. And wait for that day. I know is coming. Either Ubuntu is hoping to go it or someone else is.
  • There's already a firefox os/android dual OS phone..........
  • geeksphone revolution.
  • Ya sure this isn't androids new OS upgrade
  • It's Chinese..And things from there doesn't last long..Hope they have an guarantee!!
  • What the fuck are these buttons? Where is the START button!? What the fuck!
  • How do u get ur swearing uncensored? Everytime I do it I get **** WTF!!!
  • What the FUCK are you talking about?? Sorry, couldn't resist. :P it just works. I'm always commenting via the app so yeah.. Don't know.
  • Comment sections are never censored.
  • WP is losing market share and faith in China with very poor localised content and service as well as support. IE is not compatible with a lot of Chinese websites which makes this top rated browser useless when browsing some Chinese website (e.g. Baidu, dominant search engine in China with a lot of other internet service like largest online forum in China etc.)
  • Just tried and found that Baidu's working just fine on my WP8.1. What's the problem that you are talking about?
  • Looks like an ANDROID having WP 8.1 Launcher with a transparent SKYPE tile LOL
  • I like the ffc resolution.
  • I like the ad, highlights the phone features perfectly.
  • Doesn't look like a Windows Phone...
  • Dafaq is wrong with store icon?
  • That's the old icon... This $hit is getting old..
  • Again Android keys... Sigh
  • That store icon is from 2012 :/
  • Metal aestheric...??
  • Haha, exactly what I was thinking! It's just Chinglish.
  • Pretty much everything is made in china even ur precious Nokia, so the statement about china stuff breaking is a old tale that doesn't seem to have any substantial meaning anymore. U might be just to rough on stuff. If u want something not made in china get a moto x or moto g they are made in the usa or samsung is normally made in korea lg too. But most companies produce their stuff in china. It is just what it is. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • This imagen is faked, the Store logo is of WP7 and the buttons is of android....
  • This images seems to be a big fake. btw ... "As well as the quad-core processor, the Mira 6 comes with 8 GB internal storage (expandable with MicroSD support), 1 GB RAM, a 5-inch HD display, 8MP rear shooter (with a 5MP front-facing camera) and Dolby Digital sound. " Great specs;
  • nice neat device
  • Could you import one of these to the States? I'd be curious if it worked with our GSM carriers.
  • Those capacitive buttons on that phone :-)  
  • It's a fake picture. MarketPlace tile is from winphone 7! and android buttons!  
  • I guest it really does not matter. We will never see it in the USA and probably very few people will see it in China. There are so many smartphones on the market in China this will not get noticed in the crowd.
  • Specifications are amazing!
  • wow..beautiful and very refeshing video presentation!
  • That's not a "fake picture" in strict sense. Hisense is announcing this MIRA 6 in two flavors: Windows Phone and Android. Some lazy people there felt it a great idea to roll them in one in presentation, hence comes the officially Photoshopped picture of an iPhone-looking device with Android buttons running Windows Phone with weird icons. And please pardon Hisense for the typical Chinglish in the vid.
  • You can throw HTC One into the pool of genes.
  • 5mp front facing camera?? Really??
  • Meh, maybe they think showing Android buttons will make it more appealing in advertisement. Either that or they got lazy...
  • That home, back and menu button soft keys..
  • Good mid level specs. If they pair this with the corresponding price point, it would be a very attractive buy and I would be very interested. I wonder if they will sell this outside of China.
  • Some of the stupid comments....they are amazing.  "Its chinese, so its gonna be crap"  you are aware nearly every phone in the planet is made in china right?   from samsungs, to nokias.  Foxcon is  Chinese company... you know, the ones that were making the worlds leading smartphone (iphones).    So that argument of china=bad is just  moronic at this point.    Also getting pissed at this point that EVERYONE ELSE is getting a new windows phone 8.1 device  but the U.S.   I want a 5inch HD screen,  dobly digital audio,  8mp rear, 5 mp front cameras.  =/
  • I've never understood androids "back" button. It goes forward and then back? U turn? Also it never works the way you expect it to (I have an android tab)
  • Wow!! Go Windows !! Go