HTC books September 19th date for new Windows Phone 8 announcement

Although Nokia is getting all the headlines today for their big announcement tomorrow morning and Samsung had last week, let us not forget the other 800 LB gorilla: HTC. 

They just sent out invites for Wednesday, September 19th at 10:30 am EST here in New York City and assured, it is Windows Phone 8 that they will be talking about and we'll be there to cover it.

The big question is, can they follow up Nokia and Samsung's announcements?

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Wednesday is a rather popular day of the week this month...
  • "Spaces are limited"
    Yeah I'm sure all 10 spaces in the Waggener Edstrom bathroom will fill up quickly.
    F these fools.  They have burned ALL their good will with Titan/Titan II owners.
  • Dang. You mad, bro?
    j/k we each have our gripes. Mine was how AT&T screwed us Samsung Focus owners and never gave us the 8107 update or anything after.
  • @aubreyq: My Focus is on 8107.
  • I'll probably force it on mine.
  • There are defective units in ALL OEMs, it's not just HTC. Calm your áss down!
  • Yes except with HTC the defective unit was called Titan and rather than correcting problems they built a new unit.
  • Bullshit... Titan isn't crap
  • Yes it is! :-P JK
  • Narr, Where are you getting your info from dude, because its WAY off base..
  • @Narr: It sucks that you had a bad experience with the Titan. I've had mine since December and it has been perfect. Personally, I can't wait to see what HTC has coming.
  • Lets hope they are making more then 1 phone like "game changer" Samsung lol
  • Lol!
  • Hahaha no kidding.
  • +111
  • 7 pro replacement, please. I can hope
  • I doubt any more physical keyboards.
  • Ahhh but did you speak too soon?
  • There still is a demand for them, so they will make them. Just because "YOU" dont like them, does not mean other people dont
    Personally, if they could make a fairly slim phone with a 4.3" display with a slider, I might really think about it. I really miss the keyboard on my old Touch Pro 2...
  • I didn't say I don't like them. They are ok. I understand people having a need for physical keyboards, like I used to. But more and more people are using touchscreen now. For example, how many high end Android phones running ICS have physical keyboards? 1? 2? I can only think of the Droid 4.
  • I'm looking forward to this day. It's so good to see so many articles on upcoming WP8 devices. I'll probably end up with either Samsung or HTC since Nokia isn't showing T-Mo any high-end device love. It's all good though, I think we all win no matter what the carrier....minus Sprint though ;)
  • I was so hoping for a PureView phone to come to T-Mobile.
  • I'm with you being on T-MO the 820 doesn't cut it so it's looking like the sammy for me rather than the Nokia that I wanted. Nokia could have done what samsung did with the IIIs and placed one on each carrer NOOOOO oh well there loss.
  • U don't know for sure. Just wait!!!
  • Yeah. Sprint users are clearly fuc*ed.
  • Haha true, sad, even though im on AT&T, sad for WP that carrier being stupid and not carrying for what costumers want.
  • I'm on AT&T as well. I would like to switch to a lower-cost carrier but then that would probably mean less coverage. So in a way I'm also fuc*ed, but at least I have WP choices, hahaha!
  • Switch to straight talk. I just did, you order a $15 sim card and put it in your att phone and change your apn, nothing else needed. You are still using att towers and you pay $45 a month! Same exact coverage, working well for me. I switched 5 lines to straight talk. Any att phone will work, no unlock needed or anything.
  • I dont believe you
  • lol, what part?

    The only downside right now is that MMS will not work for me as there is no place to change that in WP OS,  but data works fine.  I also did not port numbers but just got all new ones.  My total bill for 5 lines is $180 with only two of those being unlimited $45 plans and three being the $30 basic dumbphone plans and I got new phones for those.  My Titan II and my wifes Captivate are both working great.
    ATT towers, it is just a nice ATT MVNO option.  Unlimited is not really unlimited as far as data I hear, they like it to be 2gb or less it seems from forums I read, but no issues for me as I was on a 200mb ATT plan before.  Zero issues so far for me anyway, if there are I'll be sure to share them as they come up.
  • Except that if you're caught streaming you get termed.
  • Who cares... MMS is for old people!
  • Streaming and MMS are two different things!
  • I keep hearing about Straight Talk. Will have to look into that. Thanks.
  • Hahaha!! Do they have phones running Windows Phone? Are the speeds very fast?? Doubt it.
  • T mobile is supposedly switching to the same 3g&4g frequencies as at&t this fall. And the offer significantly cheaper plans ($50 a month unlimited data and texts with minutes) if you purchase your phone at price it bring a phone. So you could get an unlocked Nokia and run it on t mobile and save money in the long run, though there is the high upfront cost of purchasing a non subsidized phone.
  • I'm pretty sure the change from AWS frequencies would only have occured if the deal to merge with AT&T had gone through. So... still AWS frequencies for the foreseeable future. That said, Nokia has made pentaband phones before, so maybe we'll get lucky!
  • You're wrong
  • I hate when people reply with 'You're wrong' to what someone says without any sort of explanation. It seems to happen a lot recently. Arrow, I believe it's been confirmed that the tmob lte will be the same frequency as att after the refarm at the end of the year, if I remember correctly. Check it out, im excited
  • Why is HTC using an emoticon of a sad cyclops?
  • Ahahahahahaaaha
  • It does look like a sadclops...
  • I thought it might have been the outlines of the back of the phone top purple dot being the camera and the bigger circle for something like the beats audio logo
  • HTC zenith in offing.
  • Its too early in the day, I can't get out of work for it... =(
  • Sweet! Let's see what HTC can bring to the table!
  • Whoa! Daniel better not post another HTC story or Dellgonzales will have to post about how you guys are totally HTC fanboys! Hahaha!
  • +1, lol
  • LOL I went to the other post to see what  you were talking about. Hahaha!!
  • @hyperova lol, yeah was just thinking that. Funny thing, while looking at the live-traffic for the site, guess what? No one cares about this HTC news as it's barely trending. That's the funny thing about his comments is the fact that Nokia makes interesting news that people are anticipating. HTC? Not so much...
  • well no surprise there! But I have seen a rise over the last few weeks of people that complain about all the love for Nokia, that you guys and all your readers (myself included) have, which obviously confuses me very much! Nokia deserves that love and praise I don't see how people can think otherwise (then again it is the internet..... and sorry for my harsh words but stupidity is farmed packaged and sold abundantly on it) at this point in time Nokia is the best choice for WP bar none! But I do hope HTC can improve and muster up a little competition for Nokia! Though after Samsungs satisfactory performance I have little faith.
  • You can love Nokia fine,but trashing articles of other OEMs is where it becomes a problem which is the cause of those complaints.
  • Everyone has a preference
  • No shít but that doesn't give someone the right to trash what isn't their preference
  • Finally. Hopefully they show something more high-end than the Accord. I'd love to see a Titan device, and call it the One 8X for AT&T & Verizon. Call the Accord the One 8S for T-Mobile and surprise everyone with an Arrive upgrade called the One 8A.
  • This is exciting I'll probably end up with another HTC they have a good relationship with Verizon. Just hope they don't show something awesome like the OneX and then let verizon rape it with their carrier variations
  • Ahhhh the date I've been waiting for. September 20th is when ill know which wp8 will be mine
  • Not waiting for Huawei?
  • Bwahahahaha!!
  • What did you say? waaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha :-P
  • Made me lol a little
  • How about announcing a fix for the Titan? Not happening!
  • The Titan should be held up as the VERY reason not to buy another HTC device.  Support your existing customers FIRST if you want loyal new ones.
    I'm DONE with these monkeys. They LIED to me about the Connection Setup update to support Straight Talk.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
  • Truth. As my last two and my current phone is HTC, that bridge is burned lol.
  • Not truth its an opinion
  • My Trophy on Verizon has been updated promptly each time one has become available.  Sorry about your Titan...
  • +1
  • If I have faith in only one manufacturer to bring many devices to as many carriers as possible it would be HTC.
  • For some reason, this is the reveal that I am most looking forward to...  Maybe it is because HTC was first to commit to Windows Mobile and my first smartphone HTC Kaiser/Tilt.
    Or it could be because of my affinity for my current smartphone, HTC Titan. 
    Either way, I am glad there are some good choices for WP8.
  • Yes I love my Titan (idk what people are talking about with HTC not offering support), so I'm truly looking forward to seeing HTC's wares. I LOVE the OneX design - only Android phone I've ever lusted after. So if they copied that and slapped on Windows Phone 8.0, I'd be very happy. Right now it's neck n neck... Lumia 920 vs. HTC's offering
  • +1
  • I've got four Titan Gen 1's on my account and have been dismayed at the voice/mic quality between them. Sometimes it sounds like you're talking with marbles in your mouth or underwater (adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon comes to mind). They've had almost a year to release a patch (or anything for that matter) with nary a response other than "our engineers are aware of the problem". I love my Titan and would consider a new gen WP8 but it heavily depends on reviews and what the other guys are coming out with. It's no longer a "given" that I'll get an HTC device...
  • +1
  • The only way they could be better than the other two is to launch a quad core phone first. Otherwise, it's probably Nokia for the win
  • I'm interested, but only because I'm hoping HTC will offer a high end phone that isn't 4.3" or bigger.
  • +10000000000000 times infinity
  • Not me.  I want my phablet:)  4.7 or 4.8" for me please.  My phone should be a media workhorse so I don't need to carry anything else.
    But I understand we all have different preferences.  I think wpcentral should do a poll to see what screen size is the most popular.
  • The Trophy has been good to me & really like the camera shots compared to other devices that were out at the time. Looking forward to see what they bring to the table. A Nokia or HTC WP8 device to Verizon is what I'm hoping to see this month.
  • You're not the only one!
  • or two....
  • My hd7 has been awesome had it since the day it launched no major issues for me.. Hope HTC wows me! If not its Nokia... Samsung... Ehh.. Lol
  • With Nokia dissing T-Mobile and after having a DOA samsung Focus I'm hoping for a high end device from HTC...
    Love my current HTC Radar even though a cracked digitizer repair was a total bear to do.
  • Since Nokia is most likely going to release a mid range phone on Verizon I'm looking forward to seeing what HTC has to offer, if it comes to Verizon. The apps may not be as good as Nokia but ive been very pleased with the htc trophy. And with beats audio I like it. Does anybody know if the Ativ from Samsung is coming to Verizon or here in the states for that matter?
    personally I think it will be a huge mistake if someone or especially Nokia doesnt release a high end device on big red. WP needs to come all four carriers not just at&t
  • Its all on Tmo and Verizon on what they get. If they wanted high end devices they would get them too.
  • Posted in wrong place, fixing now.....
  • It's more like a sad clown without eyes... (the "emoticon")
  • Im glad their event isnt too long after nokia's event so i can make my mind up on which phone i want
  • Cool bring in more new wp8 announcement. Forget new iPhone 5 on 9/12
  • I bet you new HTC wp8 phones will be going to Sprint. Since they removed htc arrive. Let's see what happens
  • I love my HTC 7 pro! I hope HTC can make some exciting hardware. The build quality on my device is amazing so i dont think they'll disappoint in that area just depends on the design and specs. Nokia kinda has the design place won but i think HTC gunna come with some monster specs. Sammy and nokias specs are great but there all kinda mirrors of the phones that came out earlier in the year.
  • I'll be honest here, I am looking forward to this MORE than I am looking forward to the Nokia show tomorrow. Sure, i'll be refreshing my screen all day but, HTC has been my all time love for Windows based smartphones (WM and WP) and they are very nice devices.
  • hahaha, this is one of those "when you see it" things
    Your logo watermark turned the image into a sad face. :p