HTC, AT&T Team up for media blitz in U.S.

HTC became its own branded company about 2 years ago and since then has really swept up the Windows Mobile market.

So it was just a matter of time to start seeing HTC commercials airing on TV, flaunting its highly successful Touch-line of devices. And in fact at least on Comedy Central, we've been seeing these commercials airing all week, especially during the Daily Show/Colbert Report time slots.

What is really interesting here? Not a single mention of Microsoft or a peek of Windows Mobile!  It's all TouchFlo3D. (Same goes for a Cellular South commercial, which has been pimping the HTC Touch Diamond with nary a mention of WinMo.)

And check out the 2nd version of the HTC commercial after the jump. Unfortunately they're only video-copied versions, but they'll get the point across.

via FuzeMobility

Phil Nickinson

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