HTC Cavalier vs. Samsung i600

Smartphone in the snow? What are you doing, man?! Oh, you're doing a comparative review of devices I'd like to see here in the US: The HTC Cavalier (successor to the T-Mobile Dash) and the Samsug i600 (AKA: The Blackjack with WiFi and a 2nd camera). If you can get past the utter insanity of burying these devices in the snow (you know, that stuff can turn into water), it's a very full-featured review with lotsa pretty close-up pictures.

today's review is dedicated to the face-off of two smartphones: HTC S650 (codenamed Cavalier) and Samsung i600. The company's apply totally different approach to the development of QWERTY-equipped smartphones and we are eager to figure out how these vendors see the ways of this segment's expansion.

Read: Comparative review of QWERTY-smartphones Samsung i600 and HTC S650 (via Smartphone thoughts )

WC Staff