HTC CEO Peter Chou 'super confident' of new Windows Phones

The BBC has interviewed CEO of HTC Peter Chou at the company's launch of its new Windows Phones in New York. The chief executive talks about the new HTC 8X and HTC 8S. What's to take from this interview is his comment that he's "super confident" of the new smartphones.

While HTC will continue to support the Android platform, Chou continued to state the new Windows Phones were 'hero products' and that Microsoft are to join the manufacturer in launching an integrated marketing campaign.

It's far too early to see how successful the new HTC hardware will be, we at least have an idea as to how much interest the HTC 8S is generating thanks to the Unlocked Mobile's pricing ranking surprisingly high on a UK deals website.

Be sure to head on over to BBC's website to check out the interview.

Source: BBC

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • He's not very dynamic for a CEO?
  • A perfect foil for Steve Ballmer
  • Stupid Ballmer comment
  • Not all CEOs need to be "dynamic" and "charismatic". Some are just highly intelligent business people who work their butts off and get results. If I had to hire a CEO I know which option I'd pick if I had to choose between the two. Besides which, it's only really in North American culture that a high-level executive or other VIP can be anything but serious and reserved and still be respected.
  • He should be "super confident" because both the 8s and the 8x have really good prices that make them attractive for first time smartphone owners and people who do not wish to spend about 400 Euros for a phone. I think it will sell very well, especially the 8s simply because you can't get any phone that looks nearly as good as it in that price range and It will sway a lot of people into getting in instead of the lumia 820. That being said, the Lumia 920 will probably sell more as it catters to a true high end market and for the customer who wants no compromise (except for weight). Oh lumia 920 come out already to play x)
  • I disagree.  The 820 is only a tad bellow 8X, which should be mid range.  8S is the real low end, which Nokia is still working on.  Again the Titan II successor is still in the work.  Hope both Nokia and HTC will release a quad S4 pro in the near future.
  • What is the obsession with quad-core? I haven't seen anything written anywhere which indicates that WP8 needs it. WP7 ran fine on single core phones, and was known to be a rather efficient OS when it came to its demands on its hardware. We don't even know if quad-core would deliver any meaningful benefit at all for WP8.
  • @Kaztronic +1
  • I rather have a dual core and have my battery filled up a little longer than a quad core which is a drain.. -_- As mentioned above, if wp7 is more than fast enough (even still on my first gen omnia 7) with a single core why throw a quad core in it.. ? Its just for those ppl who believe that higher numbers is always better like the amount of MP of a camera..
  • indeed, in reports, quad core doesnt really makes the phone any faster, it;s a marketing gimmick to lure ppl with no proper knowledge abt tech stuff to be all awed over the fake facts. It's pretty pointless to have 10 engines when ur car is already runs on a maximum speed. Duo core is well enough to just process multitasking and allow background progress. It still takes the same time for each "brain" to function, just u skipped the queue.
  • I agree, I'm already afraid of what two cores might do to battery life. Also, wouldn't software need to be written to take advantage for additional cores. Really the only benefit would be multi tasking an how many things do you usually have going on at once?
    What I would reall like is a solid 16 hours of regular phone use and have the battery last for 2+ years.
  • He also said they are going to focus on Android too.  Not sure they have the capacity to do that. A problem with HTC is that their phones has bad "phone" function and reception issues.  However, they are more innovative than Samsung.  I hope they invest more in the WP business.
  • Why wouldn't they have the capacity to focus on Android?  They've been doing that for years and actually just released mutiple well regarded phones for them a few months back (HTC One Series anyone?).  I've never had a problem with my HTC and reception or phone function.  It has always worked great.  
  • The One Series is a failure...  Even Samsung cannot truly do it.  What makes you think HTC can?  Be realistic...
  • The One Series was only a failure in terms of marketing the actuall devices themselves were really good,,,but when every other commercial you see is for the Galaxy S3 or the iphone that's what people remember when deciding on a new cellphone. Most people already know what they want when they walk in the local reatail store and that's because of advertising.
  • Small, sealed in battery, no microSD slot with only 16GB storage, Sense UI which hogs ALL the RAM meaning apps get instantly killed are pretty bad.
  • "Small, sealed in battery, no microSD slot with only 16GB storage" -hmm... what does that remind me of?...
  • HTC use to take Andoid devices and make them WP all he is going to do is turn it around the 8X will end end up running both OS.
  • HTC phones are very good for reception, the only exception is the HTC Trophy. HTC is as good as Motorola in the reception department.
  • The reception for One X sucks ass...  I guess you never used one.
  • HTC trophy has good reception, haven't had a problem.
  • Highly satisfied Trophy user here.... Not sure where these rumors of bad reception are coming from but they're bunk, the Trophy is ROCK solid. So solid, in fact, that I am leaning towards the 8x for my next one...
  • I use Titan, never had a problem...
  • My HD7 isn't that great... My wife's LG Android phone often does better.
  • Marketing!
  • HTC has stepped it up. These designs speak volumes about the company. I personally think that they will throw at least 150% more weight behind WP than they have in the past. They're serious this time. Not as serious as Nokia, but yes, serious.
  • I would be so mad if they put Android on the 8X and 8S designs. All the dumb dumbs and followers would go buy those versions instead.
  • After watching Dan's quick review of the 8x and 8s, I really like those colors and finishes better than the Nokia. Ughhhh! Still getting the Lumia 920 though. But damn those HTC phones are sweet.
  • Those HTCs really are sweet.
  • Didn't they say this last time when Windows Phone 7 launched?
  • HTC said they would continue to support Windows Phone, but were focusing their efforts on Android devices.  Since then, HTC has lost market share to Samsung, and since Samsung IMO isn't that huge of a Windows Phone supporter (which DOES NOT make sense to me since they are a huge Microsoft partner in general), HTC is bring more WP devices.  While I'm settled on the Lumia 920, I'm glad HTC is stepping their game up.
  • I think its funny how often I've read on here and other forums how many people say they LOVE the 8X,they LOVE the design,,,they LOVE the colors,,,they LOVE the screen,,,they LOVE the audio,,,,,BUTTTTT I'm still getting lumia 920. If you love the 8X soo much why don't you just get it,,,because sooner or later your gonna see people with the 8X and your going to have buyers remorse for not buying the phone that you LOVED so much.
  • My reason for not getting it would be because of support. That's still the tipping point for me. Nokia comes out with some killer exclusive apps for their phones
  • That exclusive bullshit hinders WP ecosystem. Not everyone wants a Nokia. They want HTC. Then they see, oh fuck Nokia has all the WP apps I want. Fuck it! Going with Android.
  • Nokia exclusive apps were developed by nokia. Htc has exclusive apps as well. Nokia has worked to get other apps as well, if htc wants apps, they should work for it and not piggy back off nokia.
  • But how often do people really use the exclusive apps?
  • Exactly... I have yet to see a single exclusive Nokia app I even want other than Drive. And I've been pretty happy with Garmin, so the desire is not that bad...
  • I have a Titan 2 and my wife has a Lumia 900. I used to have the 900, but I sold it. No remorse here. I like my Titan 2. No problems. But she still has issues here and there. One thing I've always said about HTC is that while they may not have the best support, their devices come pretty good out of the box. But this time around, it seems they may actually provide some dedicated support based on what the president and other press releases have said. Plus, the look of these new devices kind of shows that HTC is taking more stock in WP8. I'm rolling with the 8x. That Nokia 920 is sweet though I'll admit. I think if I pick one or the other, I'll be jealous either way. What a great time to be in the market for a new phone. 
  • Im looking forward to the Titan 3, if they decide to do one. With the support of mulit-cores and high def screens, all they need to do is max out the memory to 32gb with expandable memory slot, quad-core, 2.5-3.0 mp front facing camera, add the 16mp camera with enhancements for rear camera. Also adding Beats, a killer battery and Gorilla Glass2, would make it a true TITAN and worthy successor to the Titan 2.
  • +1
    They need this. Both the 8X and 8S look terrific but have underwhelming specs - the 8S is exactly like my Focus (except the two cores) which makes no sense and that's a real shame because I think that thing is gorgeous. I'm glad they are taking WP more seriously and have put effort into making phones for the OS instead of just slapping it on the OneX. I just wish they'd get the price point and specs right the next time.
  • Dudes this HTC phones will sell like pancakes in china and Europe.. USA??? we will see...I'm changing my mind with the bright color on the 920.. I think I'm like the MATTE ON MY L900... I DONT KNOW
  • Prior to the HTC event, I was going to get a lumia, but after seeing the devices, I might change my mind. I like the lumia for their exclusive apps. If HTC has some good exclusive apps to bring to the table, I might make the switch.
  • I would be sold on the 8X if not for the 16 GB limitation. I have 16 on my trophy and I'm always at the limit. 32 would be enough and I would be sold.
  • What are the chances of HTC coming out with an 8X+ in a few months with 32GB?
  • Its always in europe phones cost much more then in us. Why?
  • VAT?
  • Our taxes are freakingly high.. :-( Blame the gouverment.. ;-)
  • Actually, for the vast majority of people, I'd say that is untrue since here we are locked into contracts and pay thousands for the carriers to subsidize the phones. In Europe, however, they use the "tab" system or just buy the phone outright which is definitely cheaper (since the plans vary because of that).
  • lets see:
    - solid nice hardware/specs of the 8X
    - nice low end budget device.
    - very nice price points.
    -nokia limiting the 920 success to exclusive carriers like AT&T/Rogers in north america.  
    yup I expect HTC to take the lead (samsung is being way to silent)
  • HTC was the king of Android but making too many different devices with too many different names was what made the Samsung gsiii become a solid phone HTC try to catch up by creating the one x. Hopefully they don't make the same mistake on wp8. Nokia clearly wants to make its mark by focusing on producing a high end device & a low budget by keeping the lumia line I see Nokia like the king of WP just like Samsung of Android & well iPhone doesn't sell there os to manufacturers so there is no competition there but other os.
    This came up!!
  • guys..... watch this and decide for yourselfs .....
  • Video not found
  • Nice find. It looks way more stable than S3 especially if you keep an eye on the chairs. They look much clearer and cleaner.
  • I think they should have went with a 4.5" screen on the 8X to give it a more high end feel. That being said, I believe they are going to sell a ton of 8X and 8S devices due to the amount of carriers they are teaming with (and marketing with Microsoft doesn't hurt either). As quiet as Nokia is being about availability and carriers I'm kind of expecting them to have a very limited carrier selection compared to HTC. It's my personal observation that it seems very difficult to get people to switch carriers just for a phone; they will find something else comparable with Android or just get an iPhone. I just wish it was launch time so all of our questions would get answered!
  • Guys, let's not forget that this is first gen WP8, so more and better WP8 are gonna come out by next year.
    'Till now, let's not complain for what we get.
    Lumia 920 all the way :)
  • He should be HTC 8X is one awesome mobile...
  • if the 3 USA carriers TM/ATT/Verizon each have 1-2 HTC WP8 devices he should be VERY confident. Having thse Windows Phone 8 devices in stores will make for strong retail presence vs iPhone and droid devices this xmas. Lets be real carriers need profit and iPhone is sucking that out. 8x/8s are build to SELL. Also if Verizon gets the 3 hero phones (Samsung Atrix, 920 and 8x) that would be stronger than the "DROID DOES" campaign they ran with the original, horrific Moto Droid (which sold like crazy).
  • He was confident about Android but we see how that went. How things change...
  • He shouldn't be "super-confident" with a lame-ass 16GB memory and NO MicroSD card support!
  • I'm going for 32gb or expandable storage one way or the other. 16 just isn't enough for my music (Zune pass) and apps. Looks like Nokia for me, though I do like my current Htc Arrive.
  • The OS manages that for me and I like that but instantly killed is incorrect.