HTC Peep Dead, For Now

Been using HTC Peep to keep up with your Twitter feed? Been having troubles getting logged in to your account? That would be because of the whole Twitter OAuth change that has claimed the lives of other Twitter clients including a WMExperts favorite, Twikini.

The basic gist of the problem is that Twitter changed their authentication protocol to OAuth, which allows users to approve an application without sharing their password. Twitter announced these changes back in December with an original target date of June which was later pushed to August 16.

What Twitter client do you use? Is it still working? Let us know in the comments.

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Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

Update: HTC says via Twitter that they know about the issue and they're working it. No indication about when to expect a fix.

Tim Ferrill
  • Motweets still works along with the Kinoma Twitter app. Touchtwit is DOA
  • I use moTweets as well. Working like a champ!
  • So bummed to see Twikini go...
  • The Twitter part of IM+ working. Confirm moTweets is also working as others stated.
  • HTC Twiter app and Twikini are not working here....
  • There is no excuse for HTC. This should have been fixed by now. The same day that it stopped working was the same day ATT officially released a new rom with the twitter app built in. which now doesn't work. HTC had plenty of notice. Major #fail on HTC's behalf.
  • pocketwit is dead for now, but the developer says he is working on an update but he doesn't have an eta.
  • The Twitter feed in Skyfire is not working. MoTweets is still going strong though. I hope the fix Skyfire, since they have moved on to 2.0 for Android and left Windows mobile at 1.5.
  • Yes Twitkini is dead but the twitter app in Kinoma player is working on my Omnia i910. Thank you Kinoma
  • HTC Peeps - dead
    Twitkini - dead
    MoTweets - alive
    Azurea - alive (
  • I use both Twikini and TouchTwit, and neither work. Are they working to fix them, or should I download MoTweets?
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