HTC Peeps are back up

HTC has tweeted that Peeps is back up and running. Actually, according to Twitter it's been up and running for a few days.

Earlier this week everything went dark due to a problem when Twitter changed their authentication protocol.  It's nice to see that the conflict wasn't too hard to resolve.  Now that everything is up and running again, we can sit back, enjoy the weekend and tweet about our favorite College football team. War Eagle!

update: Might have spoken too soon based on the first few comments.  It appears that some devices might be up and running while WinMo is still down.

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  • My AT&T Tilt2 twitter tab is not working yet....
  • My Sprint Touch Pro 2 - peep is still not working!
  • Look at all the tweets to @htc and you'll see that Peep for Android is back up and working but Peep for Windows Mobile is still down. They better fix it!!!
  • Yup, my Sprint TP2 is still down.
  • HTC Peep on Sprint Touch Pro 2 WM 6.5 is still not working.
  • yup, ATT Tilt2 peep not working
  • Ya TP2 is not working. By the sound of HTC's response, it sounds as though it won't be resolved unless the sense tab was updated to support oAuth and if that's the case, authentication method is determined locally and you prob won't see an official update based on AT&T frequency of patches. (my guess)
  • Just checked it 5 mins ago (4:23pm AEST) and still no go for my HTC HD2...not expecting any resolves here given HTC's past....
  • Still doesnt work on my HD2 and O2...
  • Still doesn't work on my HD2. Can view my profile and post but cannot update. Any word on when or if the fix is coming.
  • HTC Peep is finally working again on my Sprint Touch Pro 2 - Windows Mobile 6.5
  • im having the same issue with my HD2 that twitter peep is stil not working
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