Ice Rage: Hockey, a smashing Windows Phone game full of body checks

Ice Rage: Hockey is a relatively new game for Windows Phone 8 that puts you on the ice for a two-on-two hockey shoot-outl. The keeper is controlled automatically and you control the player to out-score and flatten your opponent on the ice or smash them into the glass.

While you can knock your opponent around a good bit, with Ice Rage: Hockey you do have to score a few hockey goals to win. Unlike another recent hockey game released in the Windows Phone Store, Hockey Fight.

Ice Rage: Hockey has been well received over on the Android platform and in playing the game for a short time, it should do well on the Windows Phone 8 platform.

Ice Rage: Hockey Modes

Ice Rage: Hockey has three single player gaming modes (Quick Match, Tournament and Rage-off) as well as two multiplayer modes (Quick Match and Rage-off). The multi-player mode can get a little cramped in that you are playing at the same time, from the same device. The game is full of charismatic characters to choose from that include an Enviro-Bear, Santa, a Zombie looking creature and a Lumberjack.

Graphics and animations are well done, game play comes across as challenging and overall, Ice Rage: Hockey comes across as an entertaining gaming title for Windows Phone 8. There is a trial version available with the full version running $1.99. Ice Rage: Hockey does have a few in-app purchases to unlock characters as well.

We'll take Ice Rage: Hockey out for a test drive over the next few days and in the meantime, you can check the Windows Phone game through the following Store link.

  • Ice Rage: Hockey - Windows Phone 8 - trial version/$1.99 - Store Link

QR: Ice Rage: Hockey

Thanks, Dadstar0410, for the tip!

George Ponder

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  • Dahm needs 1gb ram... That's it time for an upgrade! This game looks awesome
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    I happily purchase apps, but I want HIGH quality Xbox games. Non Xbox games should be listed as indie, like on Xbox360, and put Xbox games more in the spotlight. And the certification HAVE to get easier for WP games to get back to the attractive feature. Xbox games brought me to the platform at launch, not when Swedish was finally supported (WP7.5), but the Xbox integration has degraded so fast its almost useless at the moment.
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  • Bought this game on my Nexus 5 from the Amazon Appstore with some free coins. Glad to see it's on Windows Phone also. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Can't played on my 520 but played it on my bro 925 and it was really fun. Need 512 ram support please
  • this game look decent and fun to play
  • I would have love to see this as a Universal app!! with xbox 360 controls and online play. Once we see DEVs take advantage of this will be when the ecosystem really moving in the right direction.
  • 1 GB ram required what about 512 Mb devices
  • The multiplayer aspect is really cool!
  • This game is awesome and you can play multiplayer on the same device! Love it
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  • Bought it. Really fun!
  • YES! i love this game; played it already on an ios device
  • Bought this and have been playing it alot. But today it crashed and ever since, it will not start up again. It just exits before it's done loading the game. I've tried rebooting, but no luck. Will try reinstalling. Anyone else been through this?