ID@Xbox is a Microsoft program which allows independent developers to publish Xbox certified titles to Xbox One and the Windows 10 unified app store.

The program was announced in August 2013, and already boasts well over 200 independent development teams across the world. Indie devs who become approved for the program receive up to 2 Xbox One development kits, access to the full technical documentation and direct support from Microsoft. In addition to free hardware, all ID@Xbox developers get free access to Unity Pro – a popular video game engine which allows for easy porting to different platforms.

ID@Xbox has been well received by developers, and is led by industry veteran Chris Charla.

“As always, our goal at ID@Xbox and Microsoft remains the same: We want to lower friction for developers on Microsoft platforms to make sure gamers get access to the broadest and deepest library of amazing games on the planet.”

To further these goals, Microsoft have now included Windows 10 and Windows 10 for phones as publishing end points for indie Xbox developers. The Windows 8 app store has previously been considered difficult to obtain Xbox certification for – so both Windows PC, tablet and phone users could be enjoying Xbox One’s indie gaming renaissance soon!