While WhatsApp seems to be doing well for the SMS crowd, IM+ from SHAPE is still the de facto messaging app for all other services. IM+ is an all-in-one and includes support for Skype, VK, Facebook, Yahoo!, ICQ and more. Even better is the fact that SHAPE actively pays attention to their Windows Phone and Windows 8 base, giving them frequent updates with new features.

Today, version 3.0 for the free and Pro versions have landed on the Store. Even better, the Pro version, which normally runs for $4.99, is on sale for just the weekend, being knocked down to $1.99. So what’s new? We have the full changelog below.

New in both WP7 and WP8 versions

  • Option to change group chat topic
  • Lock display orientation the way you want
  • View VK.com timeline from contact info
  • Chat with MSN/WLM contacts in Skype.

Specific to WP8

  • Favorite contacts.  Now you can add your favorite contacts from different services in one group.
  • Quick Voice messages - Instant recording, transferring and listening. New Quick Voice option is easier and faster to use. We’ve minimized the steps required to get to this feature – with Quick Voice selected under Settings / Messages, it’ll appear next to text input field for fast access.
  • You can send and listen to the recorded voice messages in the IM+ app – there’s no need to go to the native recorder app in order to listen to incoming voice messages. 
  • Send you current location via IM+. Very helpful for making appointments, shouting for help or teasing friends with places like Miami Beach or such.

How well is IM+ doing on Windows Phone? It was way back in October that they surpassed 1 million downloads, as detailed on their Facebook page. That’s a pretty huge success rate, considering the competition.

We’re big fans of IM+, partially out of nostalgia, but also because it’s a really good app on Windows Phone and Windows 8. Nothing beats having an all-in-one messaging app and this is the one to have.

Pick up IM+ for free here in the Store, or opt for the full-feature IM+ Pro, which has the push-to-email option and more. Pro is normally $4.99 for a lifetime license, but it is now $1.99 for the next two days. Grab it here in the Store. All Windows Phones.

Read more about their Windows Store app for 8.1 here.