I'm A WP7! dev celebrates "Best App of the Year" nomination by offering full-unlock for free

In honor of their nomination for "Best App of the Year" over at WP App List, the developers of I'm A WP7! are running an “our fans rock" freebie offer. Starting today, you can download the full version of the social networking app, plus the features of the I'm A WP7 Extras! app, free of charge, saving yourself the usual $2.99. This offer runs until Midnight PST on Sunday. Here are the full details from Scott J. Peterson, developer of I'm A WP7:

Unlocking of the all features and functionality of the app, including the Forums, GamerHub™, as well as full access to all Statistics, Wallpapers, Ringtones, Easter Eggs and Extras normally requires the purchase of the $2.99 U.S. “...I'm a WP7 Extras!” app, but all these features will now be unlocked and available for both new and existing users. Existing Fans who access the app through the weekend will continue to have full functionality as well, as long as they access the app at least once during this period. Thanks to our 310,000 fans worldwide for their support!

I'm A WP7! is a great way to share your love of Windows Phone, and has been quite a useful tool in learning about new versions that are out there in the wild.

Clarification: The app "I'm a WP7!" is always free but certain features within it are "locked" and supplanted by a secondary app called "Extras". This promotion unlocks those features in the original app for free and keeps them unlocked going forward if you do it during the special period.

Pick up I'm a WP7! here in the Marketplace.

Seth Brodeur
  • Doesn't show up free for me.
  • Same for me..the extras app is showing up as $2.99 but the regular one is free.
  • Still £2.29
  • just downloaded, i don't think you need to get the extras addon for $2.99. if you download the main free app the 'extras' bits are are already unlocked.
    i think the extras bit is essentially the unlock for the extras bit of the main app. but if you use the app before the deadline it will be unlocked without the need to download the extras app.
  • Yes, exactly! Users who want all the features of ...i'm a WP7 Extras! will always want that, but this article refers to the "Extras" in the app, like the 12 "mini-tools", etc.
  • Good. Had this app before. Got an update and it locked out some of the free stuff & made said free stuff a paid add on. That's when I swore off this dev from my list of dl's. But since it's free now, I'll try it again. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying for apps, just hate it when you had a section free, then an update makes that same section a paid section. Also how come Brostache, an app I paid for, with no ads, suddenly added them to the camera interface in the latest update? Kind of sleazy, IMHO.
    •end rant, lol•
  • TO CLARIFY FOR FANS: ...i'm a WP7! is always FREE for all users, but users who are not "long time" users have had limited functionality without buying the "companion app", ...i'm a WP7 Extras! Up through this weekend all users will have FULL functionaility of the app, and if they access during this period they'll have full functionaility forever. Thanks again for all the nominations! { join the movement }
  • I had it since day one before an upgrade locked out certain parts. Even now I just dl'd it and it says I have to upgrade to get full functionality! What gives!?
  • Working now. Nvm.
  • What is this app even used for? I've had it since I first got my phone and it doesn't seem like there is anyone on there. If I can figure out how to get the full version free, i will give it a shot...but if not...uninstalling.
  • Good places to start are by unlocking your Lair, finding the #11 Easter Eggs, and make sure you use your GamerTag to have access to everything. There are 1000's of users on everyday from around the world, in fact the retention rate is higher than both Twitter and Facebook...but there are so many features new users often ge overwhelmed...the videos in Tips & Tricks and Forums could help alot. :)
  • I don't get it I've had the app since Jan. and it looks the same I don't see any of the extras like ability to switch hives. If anyone knows how to do please post it thanks!
  • To confirm, if you're a long-time user you probably already have the FULL functionality of the app. This doesn't open up the ...i'm a WP7 Extras! app, but is intended for users who want all the features of the app without buying the companion app. You have probably never seen the difference, but the "trial" version of ...i'm a WP7! has alot of functionality disabled for newer users, and many users can't purchase apps or updates, and so this also makes it easy for them to have everything, too. :) Doing a "Hive Swap", custom Profile Pics, access to the 500+ Wallpapers, buying "Lair Booty", etc. are all part of the "companion" app, and not the core functionality of ...i'm a WP7! Make sense?
  • Just as a NOTE: If ...i'm a WP7! does win "App of the Year", the developers at Liquid Daffodil have committed to make all their apps free for existing ...i'm a WP7! users or "Outsiders". This would include ...i'm a WP7 Extras! as well. :)
  • This post is a #fail. Why doesn't it link to the website where the quoted announcement is?  Or, if it came via e-mail, tell us that?  Write for the web much?
  • The source is the developer. The same one who is answering comments here too. (And who hastags in comments? This isn't Twitter.)
  • Shut down.. Lol
  • What happens if you get a new device? Will it still be unlocked then?
  • Why office logo? Why not just WP?
  • Thanks for the speedy reply makes perfect sense now. Hope it does win app of the year ;)
  • Curious how I swap hives lol
  • Swapping Hives is a feature of the companion app...you should make sure you love the app, and then decide to give a new Hive a shot...some are dead, some are very active.
  • Just downloaded it. No forums, no gamerhub. What am I not understanding?
  • Same here. Followed the tips to enable forums and it worked once, once I go into another section or press the back button forum is disabled again. The gameshub never worked. It's free so I feel bad complaining but this app is frustrating to use, sorry. Also no idea where one finds lairs.
  • I'm in the same boat.
  • The wp7applist site says that the votes are still open. So what are they celebrating? Just getting some votes?
  • Yes, huge deal to be nominated out of 80,000 apps in Marketplace. And obviously no other single app even cones close to offering everything this app does...
  • The nomination...and of course the free publicity that comes with it. Kidding aside, its a fun app. Great way to analyze wp7 growth..
  • Hey fans, Tips & Tricks are you're friends...check out the videos, etc. Forum and GamerHub access requires you to enter a valid GamerTag in your Settings... Enjoy! :)
  • This was a very deceptive post.
    I was charged full price and that is not fair. When I clicked buy it said my credit card would not be charged but it was, fraud. Live and learn, BUYER beware. How about you post how to get a refund from the Marketplace.
  • If it shows a price then you will be charged.