India-based Lava offers a teaser image for an upcoming Windows Phone reveal

Yet another Windows Phone device from India is about to be announced. This time, it's from a company called Lava Mobiles, which posted up a teaser image for their upcoming reveal on their Twitter and Facebook accounts today.

Lava has released a number of Android smartphones under their Iris brand, so we would suspect that any Windows Phone product would also be sold under that name as well. Other than that, the teaser image doesn't offer much in the way of information about the device, as it shows only the sides of the phone.

In September, Microsoft announced that 14 new OEMs had decided to take the leap and make Windows Phone devices. They included India-based companies such as Micromax, Xolo, and Karbonn. A few days ago, Celkon joined that group with the Celkon Win 400. Let us know what you think about Lava joining this group in the comments!

Thanks to Rokibul for the tip!

Source: Lava (Twitter; Facebook)

John Callaham
  • Lava? Isn't that bad for you?
  • That's llamas.
  • Beware, llamas swimming
  • I could've sworn I've seen that a Lava phone was coming out from somewhere else. Maybe it was MWC or something? If so, its taken them a while to get to market.
  • WINning, thumbs up!
  • Xolo is a subsidiary of Lava mobile albeit a premium one
  • "Premium" my arse!
  • Please be something interesting
  • Can already see it's a Nokia rip off.
  • I still think the only WPhones are Nokia Lumia :)
  • Damn right!
  • Have any of these recent phone makers had any success with their WP devices? Its good to see them giving the OS a shot, I hope its working out well for them.
  • Did you read the Hawuei, Hawaii or however you spell it article?
  • Awesome news, glad plenty of companies are jumping on board with WP. Still waiting for a flagship phone from MS though.
  • As long as it isn't "exclusive to Verizon," else it is DEAD before it even gets created!
  • We need some new high end devices❗... I'm sick of this tiny ass 1520, baby boy hand, kiddie phone... I need a real mans phone❗
    6.3" QHD with minimal side bezel, and slightly smaller end bezels.
    SD810 - 3gb ram- 120bg internal - 240gb SD - 4000MHA - IR blaster, Photovoltaic screen..... Wishful thinking, but awesome nonetheless.
    Moral of the story.. Some of us love larger phones, and after having the 1520 for a year it's become normal sized, and we feel like we want something even bigger. Within reason of course..
  • I would love a 1530 that is the same size as the 1520 but crams a slightly larger screen in. I can just one hand this thing.
    That being said the camera on my 1520 just decided to shit itself, so that sucks, will have to drop it off to get fixed and go back to my cracked screen 920 for a bit.
  • Quit whining... You've been doing the same for about half a year now....
    Keeping asking won't make it happen... A flagship windowsphone isn't going to be released until windows 10.. so quit whining!
  • Who's been whining about a flagship phone for a half a year? I think you got me confused with someone else...
    And look, asshole.. Who do you think you are to tell me to do anything at all? If I want to "whine" about anything, everyday, on every article, then I will, and I could give a damn what you think.. Kiss my black ass, jerk.... If you don't like it then ignore it.. If that doesn't work then go suck your moms tit, or something, but quit crying to me about your problems.... Better recognize who you're talking to.
  • Dude, you sound like you caught your 1520 cheating with a Iphone 6+ and a Note... Seriously relax lol.
  • Let me guess.. You think anything over 4.5" is too big... Lol!!
  • YOU! And who's been whining about not having updates and apps? YOU! And who's been whining about microsoft's strategies in marketing and such? YOU... Seriously man... I didn't mean any offence, it's just that I think you should look at the facts comment on posts accordingly. A new flagship is likely going to be out in mid 2015 with windows 10.
    I don't remember swearing at you, so please don't swear here at me. It's a wonderful site that must not be defaced with such words and phrases.
  • Dude, you must really think I care about what you have to say.. Like I said, thanks for your opinion, but no thanks.. Im not going to change my comments just because you don't like them.. Sorry I can't help you, but discuss it with someone else.. Get a life, and ignore me if you want to, but don't bother me with your bull shit.. Just move along..
  • Seriously Rod, you've become one of the biggest whiners on the site. Be freaking patient.
  • No. Just ignore it if you don't like it.. But, never think you can tell me what to do... Why would you think you could tell me what to do, and I give a fuck... Another idiot.
  • Wow, anger issues much?  Point is, you're one of the main ones who make this entire site seem negative. So just chill out, please.
  • Lol! You don't get it... SMDH.. Look kid.. Thanks for your opinion, but no thanks.. Sorry I couldn't help you..
  • I don't like big phones but I agree with you, cuz you guys with big hands don't have a wide range of devices to choose from. One thing is for sure, phones are getting bigger and bigger so no need for being nervous.
  • Nervous?
  • *ignorant
  • Appears that way...
  • Whoa! Read your other comment(the one with the "words") & I was shocked. This is the first time I read something like that on Windows Central.
  • Either respect it or ignore it, but I'm not going jump because these fools think they can regulate my comments... My original comment wasn't bad, but if they don't like it then that's fine because they can ignore it... Now, when they keep going on, and on, about my comments then that's when I'm gonna get super defensive... Like I said, they can say they don't agree then move on, but to expect for me to change my opinion is really annoying... That's why I'm like fuck off.. After all, it's them responding to what I posted, not the other way around.. I meant what I said, and I don't need anyone telling me otherwise. Once again, if they don't like my attitude then they can choose to ignore me.. That's what I would do to them..
  • Rod, I'm sorry for responding to you that way. I know we're all entitled to our own feelings.  I think you did "blow up" too much in your reply to my reply, and especially to the other guy's reply... but that's you.  I shouldn't have tried to tell you what not to do... I'm sorry.
  • Lol!... You don't have to apologize.. I should've responded in a more tactfully way.. After all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion... I'm sorry..
  • Cool... While I do want new flagships (and I'll be excited when they're finally announced) I guess I was tired of being reminded. If we're honest, we all want new flagships. Although I'm not a phablet fan (I prefer 4.5-5 inch), any flagship would do. While these low-ends are what infiltrate the market, the flagships are what give the platform a name for itself. The flagships are what get all the attention. So yeah, hopefully (if we have to wait until Windows 10) the wait will be worth it.
  • Instead of placing the Windows Phones under the Iris brand, they should place them under a Cornea brand.  PROMO: Cornea with Cortana, Hot from Lava!
  • That's creative thinking.
  • Cool :) Hope it has at least a little success.
  • You have to promote these phones ppl its not up,to just Microsoft to do it all
  • Yay, another one of those cookie-cutter models with the same specs that all look alike!
  • Winning was never so easy?
  • After reading what a Huawei executive said about WP, I don't have any expectations for this phone
  • This isn't by Huawei.
  • Why is every windows phone that is not from a top tier OEM called Win? Blue Win hd, micromax canvas win, Celkon win , xolo win, and sounds like now lava win too ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Creativity at it's best /s :p.
  • Really!?  "Win"dows?  Hmmmm...
  • Speaking positively, many OEMs willing to join the windows ecosystem. Feel happy...
  • How about..phones change like PC....fully customizable according to needs
  • Well just hope they don't mess around with the buttons...
  • Micromax why there not serious about windows phones.
  • Windows phone is finally catching up with Android and iOS. More manufacturers are making Windows phone.
  • No use it is just a foot in the water.I don't think Indian OEM or other OEM care for wp.They are entering to spoil wp name in low end.So sad.Let Ms alone loose money on wp . Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android