India's FreeCharge now lets you recharge your mobile number through voice commands

Indian mobile payments service FreeCharge is rolling out a voice recharge feature on its Windows Phone app through which you can recharge your mobile number by uttering a unique voice command. The feature is activated by long pressing the search button and saying the desired voice command.

FreeCharge mentions that the feature was designed to simplify the recharge process. Here's how it works:

The payments service also provided instructions as to how you can create your own voice commands:

"On completion of any successful transaction on the FreeCharge App for Windows Phone, you will be shown a option to 'Save as Voice Card'. You can save the voice card by a nick name of your choice, for eg. – "Me". Or if you are recharging for your friend (say Alok) you can save as "Alok". That's it! You can view all your voice cards in the Menu Option. Make sure you have FreeCharge credits available in your account. That makes your recharges fly."

Let us know what voice command you're going to set in the comments below.

QR: FreeCharge

Source: FreeCharge

Thanks for the tip Ramanathan!

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Silly feature...
  • Web wrap
  • Are living in stone age? Its not a web wrapper anymore.
  • It's an awesome app
  • Lazyness -_-
  • I just love the ui and its fluidity wish paytm improves because of this competition....
  • Paytm works just fine... I have been unable to recharge using freecharge for a couple of months now, I did write a couple of mails with detailed screenshots of what was wrong... They are still yet to come up with a fix... I jumped on to Paytm and it is working just fine... :)
  • Which banks debit card do you use? I am not able to use my Allahabad bank international visa debit card on windows app, but the card just works fine on web and android app.
  • I use Standard Chartered Bank, It dosent load the Visa Verification Page, The same works fine on both the desktop and mobile (IE) browsers.
  • Paytm does work fine I've been using it for 3 years now....nd it is my primary app... but ui is bland, worse than what it used to look like before....need some colours and speed...
  • you are right about that, but I do like the windows phone non-sense design used in paytm... I would say, keep the design language but add some colours...
  • Updated long ago!!!! -_-
  • ^ this
  • The feature went live in v2.12, but we figured it was worth mentioning as there are several users who don't know it exists.
  • Exactly... I didn't know about this feature..
  • U r too late
  • U r too too late..this feature was from very back date
  • Yes... I agree... It was introduced very long back... Have'nt tried it though... when it only takes just a few swipes to get things done... I am yet to be that lazy I guess... :P  
  • No download link????
  • Added the download link.
  • It was a old feature..... You're to late
  • goood. now we need a good mobile operator.
  • Good one bro... At least they should stop discrimination between 3G and 2G, bring prices down...
  • Quite good actually... :-p
  • Off topic
    Harish sir any update (rumours) related to Lumia denim for Indian users?
    Currently using Lumia 1020
  • I would like to answer that... Lumia denim on track... Mostly by start of January 2015 provided the service providers finishes testing...
  • Cool
  • Speaking from the US perspective, I was perplexed for a moment about recharging your phone with your voice. Then I realized it was about topping up balance.
  • lol.. Actually ROFL
    (Joke of the day)
  • When in India? .. I mean.. Dominican Republic?
  • Simly use mobikwick for fastest recharge.
  • Wow, that was fast! 
  • That's a good app