Inside an HTC Facility: Rumors Galore!

So an interesting thread popped up over at ppcgeeks lead by criticalaudioinc.

A fairly recent member, Criticalaudioinc claims (and has verified with a moderator) that he works for HTC in one of their "repair/order/design" facilities and seems to have quite a grasp on the technical aspects of their phones. He then basically spilled his guts in 50 pages of posts. Must have been all that coffee.

So take the following with a shaker of salt, but here is a nice summary of what was revealed in the thread.

Read on for some interesting tid bits about the Diamond, Touch Pro and something about a CDMA Touch HD....!!

WMExperts: We sort through & summarize 50 pages of geek talk just for you!

(Note: we have added questions to facilitate criticalaudioinc's answers for sake of brevity; all block quotes are verbatim except for spelling corrections)

Delay for Sprint Touch Pro release--why? Needs a ROM update to fix the following:

  • Camera Lag issues: Software
  • GPS Lag issues: Software/reg edit
  • TF3D exception issues: software/reg edit/update
  • Camera Update - Software
  • System Performance with Processor - Software Update/patch
  • Speaker Volume issue - Check Hardware - Software/AD Update
  • Control PAD malfunction - Software/Update

CDMA Touch HD?

HTC is currently in discussion again on bringing the HTC Touch HD to the US, I currently have a GSM model that we were asked to convert to CDMA, All that was needed was to pull a board from the diamond and re-solder and flash the the rom. From what we can see it is working pretty well the solder isn't pretty but again its a test. But its looking good so far.

Battery Life + Heat Problems on Sprint Diamond?

Battery life issue on the diamond is due to the radio in constant refresh, basically instead of interval of 300ms the diamond was set to 100ms and causes battery drain. The heat issue is also another cause but the reason for the heat is due to the heat plate was not added to the sprint version behind the keys like it was supposed to and sprint and HTC are discussing that.

...the heat plate is on the Pro, also I tested the phone and over clocked the processor to test to see if there was a heat issue, there was not a problem at all, and the processor took the over clock nicely. I tested the radio also for the heat issue and after 2.2 hours it was warm to were it could be noticed but correct me if I'm wrong what phone doesn't get warm with that amount of talk time.

ROM Update for Sprint Diamond?

Once the updates are fully verified and fully tested which is what we are doing as we speak HTC will obtain the updated rom, Normally it takes around 4 to 6 weeks to release but I think there going to push this due to sprint is climbing down there backs about this.

Verizon: Crippled Touch Pro?

Yes, will it be crippled SADLY yes, it will have a lower CPU and memory, but from the test model I honestly did not see a difference unless you use some serious programs.

Is Sprint anxious to release the Touch Pro?

...they want the phone out before AT&T due to rise in iPhone sales, AT&T also had another rise in 3G sales due to the delay and from what the corp was telling me they are starting to lose an amount of customers due to the delay and moving to AT&T.

Video Cables for TV Out on the Sprint Touch Pro?

Video cables do not come with it sadly due to the high costs and such.

Release date for Sprint/Best Buy?

...the release looks to be nov 2 for EVP, telesales and Corp Consumer. Now From the information I was provide Bestbuy wants this shipped by the 24th which is what HTC wants pushed, and possibly out the 26th

How do you mass flash these damn WM devices anyways?

We use computer systems with 16 USB port configuration. We currently have 153 systems, These systems are designed to flash 16 phones in 7 minutes that is around 2448 phones ever 7 minutes with all 153 systems. That is around 20983 phone per hour all together.

Update: For further reading, check out this thread started by Stroths!

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