Instagram Beta updated to fix crashes from yesterday’s Lock screen update

Last night, Instagram Beta for Windows Phone was updated. It brought a feature we think that all photo apps should have – Lock screen support. However, a large number of users voiced concern that Instagram Beta would crash anytime users set the app to control the Lock screen. Less than a day later, an update has been pushed through by Instagram to address those crashes.

It’s a little disappointing to see the Instagram team moving at such a glacial pace to provide basic functionality to the app. We’ve yet to gain Instagram Direct or video support with the official Windows Phone app. Maybe the team is holding out for Window Phone 8.1 to wow us with feature parity. Who knows?  

But hey, at least we have can finally set Instagram to control our Lock screen and at least they fixed the crashes from that very addition.

Head to the Windows Phone Store if you want to fix the crashes from the Lock screen settings in the Instagram Beta.

Thanks for the tip Chad F! 

Sam Sabri