Hallelujah! Instagram is officially coming to Windows Phone in the “coming weeks”

The day has finally arrived, folks. Instagram is officially heading to Windows Phone in the “coming weeks”. Announced this morning in Abu Dhabi during Nokia World 2013, the longtime thorn in the heel for Microsoft’s struggling platform has finally been pulled.

Kevin Systrom, CEO and co-founder of Instagram had this to say of the announcement:

"Our ultimate goal is to bring Instagram to everyone who wants to use it…We're looking forward to watching the Windows Phone community use Instagram to capture and share beautiful moments in the coming weeks."

That is undoubtedly a big turnaround in the company who famously gave the cold shoulder to Microsoft, despite the platform’s recent heavy focus on imaging i.e. the Lumia 1020. Granted, Windows Phone users have had quite a few Instagram clients available to them, including the highly rated 6tag from developer Rudy Huyn. But nailing an official title, especially one as important as Instagram, gives the necessary validation to Redmond’s struggling platform.

6tag still appears to best the official app in terms of raw features, but in the end it is all about consumer choice and that companies recognize Windows Phone as a legitimate mobile platform. With an official Instagram app developed by Microsoft coming in the next few weeks, the Windows Phone community can finally move on to their next big challenge. Victory, is here.

Congratulations, to the Windows Phone community.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Hell has frozen over.
  • Might try it. but not leaving 6tag. Rudy supporter till the end!!
  • Agree, 6tag is a better featured app
  • +720
  • How can you say its a better app when you haven't even seen it?
  • We already know because instagram is owned by Facebook and Facebook don't like Windows Phones.
  • Right on brother
  • +1520
  • Actually that's false. Facebook has a better relationship with MS than it does Apple. Zuck stated he isn't involved with direct decisions of instagram management.
  • Because there is an official app on other platforms.
  • 99% of wp users I meet do not even know what 6sec or 6tag are, they search for original instagram/Vine Apps (but many have Instagraph).
    Rudy was nice, but c'mon, we have 100% FREE official apps here (no more fake filters, hashtag problems and password resets :)
    Really apologize for him, but I'm really, really, really happy for WP :) !!!!
  • Yeah, I'm sure the new apps will be nice. But seriously, I've never had an issue with 6tag or 6sec. They are beautifully designed applications and I'll continue using them.
  • Agree. I just hope Instagram being official doesn't drive out the excellent 6Tag and other offers from Windows app store.
  • Then they aren't TRUE WP users. If they were, they'd know about the lack of "must have apps" on this platform. Developer prejudice is what I call it.
  • Dude, when you search for Instragram on windows store, the first result you get is 6tag which has 32000+ reviews! where as Instagraph is in not even in the top 5 list and got only 788 reviews with avg star of 3.5 only. 
    Wake up from your dream and know the fact.
  • How could you say that when the app hasn't been released yet.
  • +920
  • except it doesnt have video filters; this is why I would use the official one.
  • +720
  • I gave Rudy my money, but our pic shares are limited due to instagrams filtration, if that's out, yes I'll keep on using 6tag
  • ^this..!! I feel exactly the same way..
  • True dat!  Besides, we don't "really" need an official instagram app that much, now that 6tag really surpasses the the official app itself by standards in comparison with iOS or Android, it doesn't even come close.  Sure we still need the "instagram" platform to get in, but Rudy hit the home run with his 6tag app!!!  Well done Rudy!!! 
  • +720
  • +808
  • Agreed, 6tag is phenomenal.
  • Anyone that uses windows needs to use 6tag because it is the new standard for instagram app. The only that the official will have is the name: official.
  • But hash tags don't work correctly so instagram is needed
  • agreed
    Will stay with Rudy till the end \o/
  • Yeah, I'll keep using 6tag, I like it.
  • This more to lure in future windows phone buyers, not to convert 6tag users to instagram. And I also wonder if 6tag will get ads? This might be another reason for the official app. Instgram may losing ad money with 6tag not showing ads. Just a guess.
  • Agreed. Screw Instagram!
  • +920x1020x1320x1520
  • This times 925 =?
  • Sorry, should have included 925 and 928 as well :-)
  • What if 6tag IS the Instagram app in disguise. :)
  • Rudy for President!
  • Well then you better give Obama some C# lessons first !!
  • I completely agree. I got an iPhone a week ago (for development purposes for my job), and I'd say I would w prefer 6tag over the official instagram app
  • Hell not leaving 6tag for it.6tag defines windowsphone.
  • What are all those Apple-sponsored reviewers going to moan about now?? haha!!!
  • They'll have something up their balls.
  • YouTube
  • 6tag awesome but to the potential new customers, gotta have the official. You tell them what 6yag is and they'll never compute.
  • Exactly! I like 6tag, but we need official apps if we want WP to succeed.
  • lol, thank goodness!
  • Yeah!!!
  • Hell Yeah❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
  • Shhhhh! Keep it down. I'm trying to sleep.
  • Damn though. i was expecting snapchat but didnt expect to see instagram here
  • Rudy tweeted today about spending about 4 hours in developing a bare bones snapchat app already. haha  We'll see if he plans to push it forward like 6sec/6tag or not...
  • What's Rudy's twitter account?
  • People can finally shut up about instagram
  • Amen
  • That's the best part of seeing this news.
  • +1, will not miss the instagram whiners one bit
  • this.
  • Yep, and I can't wait to get my hands on the Phablets.
  • Yes, I can finally shut my trap.. Your welcome..
  • Hallelujah
  • My welcome what?
  • You said "your welcome", not "you're welcome", and they don't mean the same thing.
  • Who gives a flying rats ass mister.. Lol❕❔❗❓❔❗❓
  • Who? Let's see... people who aren't illiterate, people who like to communicate effectively, people who pay attention to detail... the list goes on! :P Ö Ü ⇪ 
  • Oh, geeezzzzzz.
  • Really? Finally?
  • FP.
  • +1
  • I came here to say that! I have absolutely no interest in Instagram, but I want it on WP so everyone will shut the hell up about it on every article.
  • Amen, bro.
  • It'll be just like Pandora. I had expected TENS of thousand of happy positive reviews! As of late, it sits at 5241 reviews. WTF! So it leads me to think, its not the app itself that's important. To many, its just having the official available that rattles their bones.
  • Well... you could say that 1% of people even bother to leave a review, so it could represent a much bigger number. Also, you don't see reviews from other markets, it was released for WP8 only, and it's not even available world-wide! I can't get it in Australia :S
  • What are you talking about, Pandora is in Australia, I've been using it since its launch.
  • Not Pandora itself, but the official app. Says "not available in your region" for me
  • I never cared, but if it brings in converts, so be it. With that being said, SCREW Instagram!
  • No they wont. 
    They'll whine because it's not available as a W8.1 app.
    So just to get it out there, allow me to be the first....
      eeehh! When the hell are we gonna get Instagram on W8.1 app store? eehh!
  • Yeah, but what about VSCO cam...!?
  • I hope this happens I use their Lightroom presets and they are awesome
  • I bet 925 that it won't happen...
  • Oh Rudy Huyn you did all this job just for this ?
  • No, imo i think its thanks to Rudy and all the other devs who made Instagram clients that showed instagram what wp can achieve. Well done guys.
  • ^--this. 6tag will probably continue to lead the way with features that the official client will probably never have. Rudy has already done that in the latest version with built in collage, manual blurring, etc.
  • Agreed
  • 'Coming weeks' sounds surprisingly soon!
  • Yeah, fingers crossed for March 2014 :|
  • LMAO...i was thinking exactly the same thing! Hilarious.
  • Technically isn't any week that hasn't arrived yet a "coming week"?
  • Well, as long as AT&T isn't testing it they may actually release it in the coming weeks
  • screw them, I'm sticking with 6tag :)
  • +720
  • Me too, but going to download it all the same. Just to show it's a demand...
  • bout time
  • Yey no more moaning!
  • Oh there will be. I predict the next moaning will be about how AT&T users will not get Lumia Black (Bittersweet Shimmer).
  • Nah... Verizon gets the shaft this time.  First TMO, then AT&T, and now Verizon.  Everyone gets a turn! 
  • That's the best news I've heard so far today. Of course its only 1:34am right now.
  • It would be sad if Armageddon happened today...
  • Never thought I'd see the day...
  • OMG, is all I can say right now!!!
  • Okay, now talk about Nokia Beamer, looks like a mirroring app for L1520
  • Are you happy now hipsters?! 
  • 10 years later, nice though.
  • finally!!!...
    I dont use instagram... but surely a good news for WP
  • Now we can shut those fandroids and ios mouths! Bring it on nokia!
  • Actually, people on iOS will not shut up. When Instagram for Android was released, hell broke loose on various parts of the internet because they were so sure that Fandroids were not hipster enough to take decent/classy pictures and they still complain to date. So how will they think of Windows Phone users now that the official app is coming?
  • I would have to say WP users are a new bread of Hipster...and I've seen some pretty amazing photos on Oggl...so don't count out the WP users. I've also seen some pretty bad pictures from iPhones...from Hipsters...the term isn't relative anymore grandmothers use iPhones...my Mom (and I love her) is neither hip or stirred.
  • Man that's fast!
  • Yawn.
    Didn't 6tag kill this thread? :)
  • Molly Wood is now pissed.
  • Still waiting for Molly Wood to straight out deny its coming
  • How does she keep her job not having any tech literate background?
  • Because CNETs are iWh0res. LOL
  • RUDY HUYN. Your job helped instagram realize how big our community is. thank you for your service. Some of us will continue to use 6tag, but this news came because of devs like you who is putting us on the map. We are growing!!!
  • +1520
  • +720
  • +920
  • +520
  • +1020
  • +2520. Exactly what I was gonna say, thanks to devs like Rudy who have made instagram open their eyes. However for most us tooo late instagram, we have 6tag and instance now :P which are way better. Having said that this will finally shut up people who actually use "you have no official instagram app" to bash Windows Phone... why people are so latched onto an app is beyond me, when especially there are clearly awesome third party alternatives.
  • @TechFreak1 +8X! I just started using 6tag because my gf wanted to start sharing pics on instagram and its pretty awesome. I still have no real interest, but a side by side comparison of her iPhone to my Windows Phone made it clear that 6tag > instagram at the moment.
  • Top post, agree completely.
  • Agreed!!
  • +N95 you are 100 percent correct. Instagram saw all of the uploads from 6tag and finally saw the light!!
  • 6tag +1
  • 6Tag +1000000
  • Wow !! great news!! Thanks Nokia!!
  • yeah, yeah, but when is Instagram coming? Oh, wait. Wow! Now everyone will shut up about it. That said, I highly doubt that the official Instagram app will be anywhere near as good as 6tag or even Instance. okay, so what should we clamor for next? I say Jet Set Radio and Chu Chu Rocket.
  • i like the way you think segafan
  • well microsoft is helping build the app and Rudy is helping Microsoft with a secret project. :)
  • No doubt they'll block 6tag when it gets released like they did with all the 3rd party Facebook apps
  • There are a lot of Facebook apps
  • +520
  • yup there are still hellova lot of facebook apps in the store lol.
  • late by a few months haha. 6tag has taken over :P
  • December!
  • Oh thank god. But I wonder what people will complain about now.
  • Bittersweet Shimmer
  • Yeah, rollout early next year.. but that can be plugged as anyone can get the update 3 preview, which Greg Sullivan (director at windows phone) confirmed on Windows Weekly (episode 333, 17th of October) that is the final code albeit without the bug fixes and firmware updates the oems will apply ontop of it.
  • Never used, never will.
  • Hm, I'm the same. I have never used Instagram. Maybe I will in the future, but I just can't see myself ever using it at the moment. Still, it is great to see another official name coming to the Store!
  • While this will stop the painfully ignorant "you can't use Instagram on Windows Phone" comments, the official app will be hard pushed to better 6tag.
  • +720
  • Microsoft is the one developing the App? Well, I think we can be sure that Rudy's 6tag will still be a better App then.
  • Aww yeahh! I thought the same too! Why don't this stupid Mark's Facebook and Instagram develop an app on their own for WP? Although I am hopeful of receiving a Facebook app from Facebook soon sometime after the official Facebook for Windows 8.1 app (which needs an update desperately as for now). I really want the stickers and all and better chat experience on WP's FB app. :/
  • FINALLY! But 6tag still has several more features than the offical app even has! But it's great for personal choice and what people prefer!
  • Seeing that only gives me more and more the impression that I'll stay with 6Tag.
  • Its really not. What's so particularly special about it? Theyre just going to copy, paste and dump the Droid UI onto the app
  • Instagrammm ! Video support ? I'm afraid , it will limited like android . Only ICS and above will have the video function .
  • Who cares, 6tag owns!
  • +720
  • Windows 8.1 App Hopefully :D
  • Fuck it, they can't beat 6Tag anymore. They're too late. Rudy, I'll keep supporting you!
  • 1320....720p
  • Awesome. Thanks for filling the gap when nothing was available Rudy and Daniel! About time instagram!
  • Yeah...Vine, Instagram, Temple Run 2
  • Now that is the biggest surprise
  • Who needs this pathetically late arrival which has shunned the platform when you've got 6tag? Serious question...
    Too little, too late, Rudy stole all your thunder and he ain't giving it back
  • 6tag will still have more features then the official app will. Who wants to bet Instagram won't utilize live tiles, camera tiles, quick-share, etc, etc.
  • Its being developed by Microsoft so it will have every possible feature I'm guessing.
  • yeah just like the facebook app. LOL hahahahaha
  • Well their YouTube app was top notch until Google cut it off...
  • So happy!
  • Does anybody know if this is just for windows phone 8 or will they make instagram for wp7.x devices?
  • Don't get your hopes up Daddy's Big Dick...
  • :(
  • Tough decision... but unless the official app is really good, I'll stick with 6tag.
  • Win for the platform. Major WIN!
  • Much awaited moment. Not cuz i want to use the "official" instagram app but because i am sick of people lamenting about "no instagram" on WP8.
  • I don't have an iPhone but I think that pic looks like the iPhone camera app. Am I right ???
  • I don't want an official one anymore, I'd rather use 6tag ~
  • Why is there no news about Vine App that was announced BEFORE Instagtam?
  • I'll stick with 6tag :)
  • I feel bad for rudy with all the work he did. What happens now to 6tag?
  • I wouldn't feel bad for Rudy, his apps have a cult following and there are many of us that will continue to support him. I can see instagram as a backup to 6tag.....personally
  • I have anInstagram account and I don't see the fuss but if this makes anyone happy and for other people holding back with jumping ship then HORRAAAYYY for Windows Phone!
  • Great News but i will keep using 6Tag, but well it will be nice to upload videos too
  • The big thanks is to Nokia and there care for their costumers. If it was to Microsoft, we will be waiting more years. They even forgot their own platform when they developed the remote desktop application. Way to go Nokia .....
  • Great news! But there are always options right. Several options, you choose. :)
  • Oh good lord finally! This will stop the most asked question on the WPCentral comment section
  • Too little too late I'm afraid. 6tag
  • Good morning presents!
  • I would like to know if Instagramwill be integraded with PEOPLE HUB and CONTACT informations?
  • Good question
  • Windows Phone is now officially a 3rd ecosystem. Congrats guys.
  • Lol, I'm not even using instagram, but it's nice to see that it's finally coming to wp
  • Nice for an official, but 6TAG FTW!
  • Nice to have the "official" instagam app. But 6tag is a better instagram app then the "official" one on my wife's iPhone.
  • Instagram, Vine, Flipboard all coming to show their support of Windows Phone...
    ...Your move, Google.
  • Being on the windows phone platform since nearly day 1 and hearing all the talk and rumors of when instagram will become available for the past 2 years and finally seeing it being officially announced is pretty surreal.
  • how about PATH??
  • People complaining about not getting a WP becuase lack of instagram.  Now instagram is coming, "those people" need to get a Lumia phone now; or I guess they will still find some other reasons to not get a WP.
  • Starbucks app....
  • Finally getting Instagram is big! Brings legitimacy to WP8 for sure! This is welcomed news. However, I am forevermore linked to 6tag!! Long live the "Rudymeister"!!
  • victory is ours! lets celebrate WP community!
  • Sooo, will this be a Nokia exclusive or what? Hope these new aps are comming to all W. Phones.
  • This is not just great for consumers. Its also a confidence step for future developers. High caliber app like Instagram usually attracts more developers by making the OS "legitimate". Yes, we can all agree that 6tag is million times better, but as se witnessed it can be disabled overnight.
  • Fuck this, 6tag forever! I love Rudy Huyn (with no malice)!!!!
  • What's instagram?
  • What? Is it ddveloped by Microsoft? I mean not officially by Instagram.??
    If true than, we will have pretty poor app like facebook for WP.!
  • What's wrong with Facebook for WP?
  • Use it on iOS or Android! u'll know very well.!
    I mean.. I'm not complaining about the lack of features but they are just too slow.!!!!
  • i've used it on both.... slower, no access to other messages...
    WP app for facebook rocks compared to ios/android (even non techy other half preffers the WP app)....
    so like you were already asked, what's so bad about it ;)
  • My thoughts exactly. Being developed by Microsoft and not Facebook means that feature inclusion is going to be lagging way behind iOS and Android just like the Facebook app.
  • Don't need official one,since 6tag is more better even in other operating system official insta... Hoping to see path :(
  • Hope this is not another half-baked official app.. I am actually quite satisfied with 6tag, but im also excited for this.
  • What's everyone betting that instagram now change something in the API to perminently block all 3rd party instagram apps from working, and push it out at the same time as the official app forcing everyone to anly use the official app. Just need google to put a GMail, Hangouts, G+ & Official YouTube app on WP & Blackberry to put BBM on WP and it'll be able to compete with Android and iOS.
  • Something tells me that they will let 6tag and others slide because deep inside, they know that majority of average consumers want Instagram as official app, not 3rd party. I know my girfriend was complaining that there is no official app (even though I told her 6tag is far superior product).
  • For wp7.x?
  • Lol, now nobody wants it.
  • FXXK that Instagram the hell I'm still sticking with mighty Rudy with his might 6tag. A little too late. 
  • That's great
  • Support WP7.8?
  • Dude be nice. At least 7.x (LOL, I'm stuck at 7.5 that's why, hahaha)
  • Instagram is meant for potential WP newbs and those that had previously turned away because of no Instagram.
  • My colleague always wanted to jump ship to Windows Phone but their common questions is the Instagram client. Unfortunately, they recently renewed their contract and got iPhone 5 so I don't think they'll be interested on any WP8 now :(
  • Hallelujah somebody
  • C'mon people. 6tag or the official app, is always good to have better supports. Is down to individuals to use whichever app he prefers. The main point is: Instagram is finally joining the family of Windows Phone too. Next will be a official Facebook app, I hope.
  • It will be interesting to see what will be the numbers of initial download from the Marketplace once it arrives. Until then, I'm keeping my Metrogram + Instagraph.
  • I hope it have zero downloads!
  • I hope not only windows phone 8 users will get it
  • Instagram, Vine... All that remains is Candy Crush and Google.
  • What confuses me is that Nokia just contacted Rudy & put his app in the Nokia Collection
  • and he had a recent meeting with Microsoft.  Hmmmm.
  • I shall have both. 6tag is great...but some features I've found a little hit or miss. Sometimes I've had to email the images to my iPad so I could use the official app that way. Also, as has been stated, an official app is really required for those switching. When folk asked "so you have an Instagram app?" We had to say "No...but we have some brilliant unofficial clients!", people just didn't understand. Also, to address all this hate towards people who mention it in "every article", whilst it's true some have maybe been a bit OTT, most like myself just really like the Instagram service, and saw its inevitable but frustratingly out of reach official app's arrival as, as the article puts it, a thorn in our side. Lets not hate on people who are passionate about seeing official apps get on the platform.
  • Yeah!!!!!!! Woohooo!!!! I wanna jump high and scream to the loudest!! But im in Taxi :( but this is an Awesomme news :D
  • My god in heaven
  • I say we all download the official and write poor reviews and talk about, in the review, how great 6tag is.
  • Great idea
  • It's gonna be new, so expect lots of bugs. Still gonna use 6tag over it till it matures.
  • Hope now, since there will be a official app, there will be also Instragram integration in Windows Phone (8.1). Some people I know are more active on Instragram than on Facebook or Twitter.
  • YEBAH!!!!!
  • Don't use it but thank goodness it's almost here, tired of hearing about it.
  • I'm gonna miss those "funny" moans and groans about instagram...............like getting kicked in the balls from a spat wearing instaclown or instatwat
  • To late...6tag is better....still it will please the masses
  • what about wp7 users?
  • Much like the Blackberry 10, Instagram is very, very late to the party and no one really cares about it that much anymore. We use 6tag on Windows Phones.
  • I will try the app, if its better then Rudy's (which I doubt) I will use it, if irs not then I stay with 6tag. Pretty simple
  • This is absolutely amazing news for Windows Phone! But I'll stick with 6tag, Rudy's work is incredible
  • Holy moly!
  • Excellent news for Windows Phone! At this point all I would really love to see: Snapchat, Candy Crush Saga, and a truly RELIABLE Google Hangouts app. (I miss you, Talk.to...)
  • Rudy, step up your game and show Instagram how it's done on WP.
  • Does anyone care anymore? Rudy's 6tag ftw
  • Well Daniel must feel like a fool after his strong insistance that we'll never get the official instagram and that we just need to get used to thirst party apps
  • Not sure I care personally as I think 6tag is more feature rich but its a great sign for WP8!!!
  • Dgaf
  • Why does wpc refer to wp8 as the struggling platform, i thought we had surpassed that point after securing 3rd place. Anyway its nice to see more support coming from developers in the way of official apps.
  • 3rd place in the mobile phone market? Yes. But 3rd mobile OS ecosystem? No. Not in the eyes of many iSh*t and F**kdroid-biased reviewers and now the official instagram app will shut most of their mouths up with their "Windows Phone have no instagram" nonsense despite it's mainly developed by Microsoft.
  • A lot of people are going to switch to WP now...
  • Hip Hip!!! HOORAY!
  • I still find it quite odd that they require Microsoft to develop it though...what is wrong with these people? They all just expect Microsoft to do everything, they can't do it themselves...I mean, come on! >=S
  • We should be lucky that instagram have given Microsoft API access permissions to have the app natively-coded unlike Google who keep shunning Windows Phone users like us with the natively-coded YouTube app blocked on grounds of their stupid Terms of Service where Google is supposed to be open and not being evil in business practices.
  • +1
  • !
  • I'm a label whore. While I've supported Instance and 6sec I'm all in for the official apps. I really wasn't a fan of tiered pricing on 6sec just to make an app usable...and it isn't that great. Instance is nice. Instagram will be better. Oggl, Instance, and Vine...very happy about all of that. While yes it is great to "geek out" over third party apps...1st parties lend credibility. I am very happy to see this happen.
  • I don't care if they are coming. Rudy gave us 6tag and did a damn good job. 6tag is the Rolls Royce of instagram apps so why should I turn in my Rolls for a Corolla?
  • I hope its coming for 7.8 too.. If so, my L900 just got more life time..
  • WP needs the official instagram app just to shut up the mouth of Apple fans. Enthusiasts user like me will keep using 6tag for sure.
  • I read this all the time... and ya know what, outside of blogs and bullshit articles I just don't see it. I have never had someone approach me and lay some sort of ridicule on me for not having instagram. And honestly, if you know people like that... you need to meet new people.
  • I don't use Instagram btw :P
    Just kept it installed.
  • This literally happened to me tho once! This girl is likeohh that's not an iPhone! I'm like yeah it's windows phone and it's pretty sweet, the music on this 8X rocks the socks off anybody. It looks sexier than iPhone in my opinion, but I digress. Then she asked if it had instagram, and I'm like uh not officially. She's like oh. And stopped asking about it LOL sad life 
  • Let me guess though, only on Nokia Windows Phones?
  • So the bitching, whining and finger-pointing will finally stop? Is the universe in balance at last? Does this mean we'll see a humongous increase in sales number as millions of teeange girls and boys get their hands on shiny and colourful Lumias which are now (well, almost) capable of posting to Instagram (officially)?
    Kidding aside, I'm always happy to see an official app land in the Store, especially these high caliber ones. These will appease many.
  • Nope. Beyond the usual constant cascade of shitty complaints, this will turn into yet another "MS does nothing for their own platform, Nokia did all the work".
  • Nope. They're already crying over Snapchat.
  • I'm good with 6tag. What's up with Flipboard?
  • They should have bought 6tag and made it official
  • 6tag is on instagram, it just tha name not instagram tu get that fully instagram
  • Congrats, don't know if I'm going to use it though
  • I hope when It come official. I hope that they make it ugly like they didn't FB
  • Sorry, I honestly don't care other than the fact WP can now say it has it. 6tag is superb and miles ahead of official app. Lets hope instagram don't do a BBC and for 6tag to close
  • Glad they got it. But, sticking with 6tag.
  • I just hope that they won't force all the third party clients to shutter.
  • Fuck instagram wherew Candy Crush?
  • While this is awesome, 6tag has been just as good. But this is a huge good move by Nokia.
  • I'm not abandoning #6tag #rudy
  • Will also keep using 6tag as it has more features than the official iPhone version that I have on my iPad mini. Well done Rudy.
    It is still good news though, hopefully many more to come.
  • SH**. JUST. GOT. REAL.
  • Still no snapchat,YouTube,notification centre,FREEDOM and no app installing in SD card. Android forever!!
  • No. Troll forever
  • To take a quote from BlackBerry, "Too Little, Too Late Instagram." We already replaced you. 8p Thanks 6Gram. I would boycott those asshats.
  • What Kevin Systrom really means is, he is excited for windows phone users to also see the ads we got coming. Don't let the real reason fool you.......... It is ALWAYS about the money.
  • What if 6tag IS the Instagram app in disguise. :)
  • After all the hard work Rudy has put into....Rudy still the man
  • I can see them throwing a kink into how 6tag works afterwards. Its called strategy. Instagram puts their official app out. A few weeks later, non official apps begin to have random hiccups. People just start using the official app. Instagram will not sit around and watch Rudy make money. .. I really hope Rudy has already worked with instagram for a great WP version of the app. One of my favorite features is the 6tag live tile. My iPhone peeps LOVE it and hate it that their phone can't do that.
  • Wonder how much Microsoft paid for this loll, but whatever this is a big deal
  • 6TAG!!!
  • 6tag for life.
  • To me honestly this is the best way to lure new people to getting a WP then when they talk bout awh I got WP for instagram that when we loyal WPusers show them 6tag how great 6tag and Rudy development powers are and then they will realize how great we love this phone
  • I've never used it but glad it's coming so people can FINALLY stop whining about it.  Great day for Windows Phone!!
  • Developed by Microsoft? It going to be another facebook garbage app!
  • It will have to be excellent for me to give up 6tag.  Now if we could get an official or a Rudy-fied Pinterest app that would be great.
  • Can we get a official Snapchat....
  • I wouldn't even download instagram because I think they're pompous self righteous bastards for consciously refusing to support windows phones, even when the platform had the best camera phones out there. Besides 6tag is probably 5billion times more amazing
  • I'll use 6tag for everything but video. I love 6tag but the 3rd party server uploading was problematic. What happens if the servers are terminated? Its a different story if Instagram went out of business, but with 3rd party it happens fairly often, due to costs.
  • Of course it is Rudy Hyun has thoroughly embrassed them to the point that they feel obliged to make one. If I was a company and I was outdone by one third party guy I'd be making it as well. Silly instagram
  • wait... it is developed by Microsoft?!
    Anyway, 6Tag is great for me, I really want Snapchat. Rudy please make 6Snap it happen :)
  • We still need to get a solution for us that have had our hashtags banned :( 
  • Yea!
  • Thank FING GODDESS.  Now all these people I speak that praise my phone in passing but squirt out  "Windows Phone App Store is lacking KEY APPS SUCH AS INSTAGRAM" just before they out of ear-shot will STFU.  Ok, more seriously, I'm not sure I want to share a platform with users who are so rabid for software like Instragram. I respect their choice but it is quite silly. Much like Camelot.
  • Who Cares!!!
  • Does anyone who got the hastag ban from using Instance and InPic know that if using the official apps on iOS and Android the last few months always worked to make searchable hashs?
  • instagram is a crap company that wouldnt support windows phone untill they saw we were gonna use their service either way.  Now they feel that they have to in order to become profitable in the future.
  •   I'm happy for the news even though I don't use the service but I am curious as to why they decided to support the platform now. Is it because they realized that developers like Rudy Huyn were making better unofficial apps? Was it because the platform is finally gaining ground around the world? Or is it because they realize that once the Microsoft purchase of Nokia becomes final, the WP8 platform is here to stay?
  • Or Microsoft paid, a lot.
  • 6tag would be the best option guys  dont get to crazy with official instagram    6tag all the way  way more featuers  
  • Like someone else said, this is probably because 6tag took off to the extent it did.  It pressured Instagram to create an app "to compete" against it.  One entire billion-dollar company was beat by ONE PERSON coding a SUPERIOR app in his SPARE TIME, and this isn't even Rudy's only app.  If that's not the definition of shame, I don't know what is.
  • I love how everyone is like "OFFICIAL APPS NEED TO COME TO WINDOWS PHONE!111 FOR ECOSYSTEM" and then they announce the OFFICIAL app coming and now everyone's like "FVCK INSTAGRAM WE HAVE 6TAG 4 LYFE!!111"
  • Welcome to the insanity. :-/
  • Don't mean to be a hater but i don't give a damn about having an instagram app. How about people clamour for something that actually matters. WHERE ARE THE BANKING APPS!!
  • If this is true Its About F***ing time. 
    I like 6tag, but Instagram would be great for Window Phone.
    WP OS needs the best Apps.
  • Yeeeesssssss!
  • So is Microsoft going to develoo de App as the Facebook one? Ir Facebook? It developed Windows 8.1 App
  • Oh thank goodness! Now no one can complain about not having an official instagram
  • ...Now that everyone who truly cares has 6tag and probably won't use the official app.
  • Still will use 6tag. An app that set the bar higher for third party applications
  • Hopefully it won't be like the craptacular Words with Friends and Draw Something apps that we all waited and waited for. What a joke those were.
  • Consumer Behavior 101:
    You guys have to realize that, although 6tag is great, the everyday consumer doesn't always want to learn a new app. They want familiarity, turn key.
    Analogy: Joe's Local Coffee Shop has awesome, artisan coffee, but some people will end up going to Starbucks down the street because they know it and are comfortable there.
    It's not a knock on 6tag, or everyday consumers, just the way consumer behavior works.
  • The only reason that I am glad that Windows Phone will be getting Instagram is so that the Android trolls and iSheep will stop using it as an excuse for the "not enough apps" argument. I probably won't even download it. It makes me wonder what app they will use as an excuse now. Oh I've got it! * Candy Crush *. Now there is a "must have" app. :p I'm so glad that I'm not an iSheep. That's a depressing thought.
  • Here's hoping (but not holding my breath) that it'll be available for 7.8 at launch. 
  • Hallelujah!! The wait is over to screw the perfect pictures. I never cared for Instagram but faux tech media kept hounding Nokia and MS. Don't worry. They will find something else to hound Microsoft as an offering to Google.
  • Hmm. So assuming that the instagram official app is like the one on my android devices and IOS device, what motivation do I have to change from 6tag? Other than the feature to upload previously filmed video?
  • Maybe MS buys 6tag and slaps Instagram on it
  • Great
  • IMO, 6Tag is a great app. I used the "official" app on Droid for a year. I like 6Tag better.
    That being said, I'll probably stay with 6Tag, but new users will need an "official" app to sign up.
    Always great to see "official" apps on the docket if for no other reason than we have a standard to compare 3rd party to, and, it adds ligitimacy to the Windows Phone platform for every popular "official" app that is released for WP8.
    Glad to have it coming.  That, and Flipboard. I am really anxious for Flipboard to arrive. I love that app.
  • Glad to hear that Instagram is FINALLY coming to WP, but I still will use 6Tag and Instance.  I will just add Instagram to my line up.
  • I think Rudy deserves champagnes! lots! Well done sir!
  • Happy with my 6tag and sure Instagram itself won't be close to as good as 6tag. But at least all the haters now have to search for a new reason to hate. Might take them a day or two.
  • I have a 925 and my roommates all make me take pictures of them since my camera is so awesome (Nexus 4 & iPhone 5s owners) then e-mail them to them and they love 6tag since it has so much more features than the actual Instagram app, still cool having the "official" title but I literally CAN'T see myself using the official app, I used to e-mail pictures from my 710 to my iPod so I know the official app and then when I got a 521 I just used Instance which still was a bother not having official app but then when we got 6tag there's no looking back! Still really good news, me working for a T-Mobile call center I can finally dodge the "well I heard Windows Phone doesn't have any apps I want the iPhone or I want the S4" since it'll have what consumers want which is an "official" app since it's the first thing they'll look for in the Store. Overall would make WP way easier to sell. 
  • 6Sec is decent (a few bugs here and there) but 6tag is perfection. I won't be moving from 6tag. Rudy deserves our support. Not to mention, he brought us these apps months before Instagram did.
  • Pretty sure it'll take about an year to come to WP 7x devices -_-
    I need to buy a new phone.
  • Get a 520, awesome & affordable.
  • Lol, nope. I'd rather stick to my 710 rather than buying a 520. I'll maybe save up and get a 720 or something. I've got my heart set on that 1020 beauty, though.
  • So feeling EXOITED!!!! I can now replace 6tag. It has been an effective Instagram client, though.
  • I will probably go from 6tag to the official depending on the notifications i hate getting them late
  • Now we play the waiting game.
  • When??
  • When???
  • My bet is next week.
  • When it is coming?
  • In coming weeks ? Maybe in coming years