Instagraph: Unofficial Instagram app destined for Windows Phone 8 and here’s how it works

Last night we cruelly teased about a potential way for Windows Phone 8 users to post to Instagram right from their devices. To be honest, we did that because it was just too late (too dark) to shoot video and yes, it was a good warm-up.

The good news is no, it is most definitely not a (late) April’s Fools’ joke. It’s 100% legitimate and yes, it will be submitted to the Windows Phone Store very soon.

Read past the break for our video walkthrough and images to serve as a teaser...

Who’s behind Instagraph?

Venetasoft, the same company behind such popular apps as Turbo Camera, Security Toolkit, Cam Broadcaster, Motion Cam, Intrusion Alarm and more security-focused programs for Windows Phone. These guys evidently know a thing or two about network IT, which is a good thing.

How does it work?

So the million dollar question everyone is asking is how did these developers do it? We can’t go into specifics because according to them it’s basically a “secret”. What we can say is that no, Instagram has not given them API access and no, they have not incorporated those APIs in an unofficial method either.

Currently, Instagram only gives API access for browsing files but not for posting.

Instead what seems to be going on here (from our analysis and hints from the developer) is an Azure server-relay method whereby your post goes through their servers to Instagram.  It’s a hack to be sure and far from ideal, but unlike the unofficial Pandora app situation on Windows Phone, this method can’t be suddenly “turned off” by Instagram by changing the API.

What about account creation?

Instagraph for Windows Phone 8

So the other big issue with Instagram is you can’t create user accounts on the web. You can manage them, but not create them. The only way to create an Instagram account is as a first time user is via their official Android or iOS app. That sets up another hurdle for unofficial Instagram app creators.

Instagraph, the first version, does not solve this problem. But the next version does.

Venetasoft have reportedly solved the ability to create accounts through the app itself (once again, most likely relying on a middle-man server) but they said it needs some more testing before being deployed. That means, at least initially, only those with pre-existing accounts can use Instagraph, but it shouldn’t be too long before anyone can use it.

What the app doesn’t do

Instagraph for Windows Phone 8

Interestingly, Instagraph is not a full-featured Instagram client. The app is only meant to post images to your Instagram account but as of now, is not used for browsing photos. Likewise, if you want to comment of favorite one of your own photos, it will open up Internet Explorer to do so.

As far as we can tell, if you want to browse photos (or the people you follow) you will need one of the numerous Windows Phone apps e.g. Metrogram to fulfill that task.

It does work itself nicely into the OS though because the developers have managed to get access to the highly visible “Edit” option when viewing a photo natively.  Currently, only the official Windows Phone photo editor and Nokia’s Creative Studio reside in that spot, meaning Instagraph will have great ease of access. (Currently though it is not a Lens).

Will it pass Windows Phone Store certification?

We can’t of course give a definite on that since the process itself could reveal legitimate issues that need to be resolved by Venetasoft, but yes, the developers to expect it to pass the certification.  In other words, this is not meant to be a proof-of-concept or side project, but a legitimate commercial offering that has required a significant investment in time and money.

It appears to us that the developers behind Instagraph are working with or at least in contact with Microsoft about this project, meaning it should not be a surprise to anyone at this point. We imagine that if Microsoft were prepared to block this due to its mechanics, Venetasoft would be aware of that and would not be pushing forward.

Still, there are no guarantees.

So how is it?

Instagraph for Windows Phone 8

While it’s not an official Instagram client, third-party developers have some advantages over their big brothers in the industry, including speed and the need to be creative.

The experience so far with the app is quite solid and feels seamless—you take a photo (or edit an existing one) using the familiar Aviary photo editor and just hit “submit”. From there it gets queued to Venetasoft’s secure Azure servers and gets posted (the app does not need to remain open during this process either).

It’s a bit of a kludge but certainly feels more native and built in than the BlackBerry BB10 method and let’s face it, it gets the job done.

We’ll have more in the coming days on Instagraph, including app submissions, availability and any further developments.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Thanks Daniel!!!
    Got spoilered by the youtube video but hey, great app!
  • Viber with voice is now available also, I just downloaded it.. It's a nice app.
  • Yes, WPCentral posted that before this...
  • Can u post the link download? I can't see it on market maybe cause my country?
  • damn, thought i was going to be first. but im so happy, so much app momentum in the last few weeks and it can only get better from here on out.
  • it's not even in the store yet?!?! UGGGGHHHHH my impatience is growing
  • -.-" is it coming for 7.8?
  • We're left out again as always man its time to upgrade
  • Winnar!
  • How hard can it be to get the official Instagram app for wp..? And when that day comes, it is for sure, only for wp8... (sorry my bad english, but I hope you get a point..?)
  • They answered my e-mail asking:
    Hello Marcus,
    thank you very much for your interest in Instagraph. YES of course, wp7 (and winRT too) are in our roadmap ;) Best,
  • Thats what we can call as Good news! Thanks of information!
  • While i'm excited for this workaround, i really hope Instagram just allows access to the API so we can get a fully functional, fluid experience... (for those that really want Instagram).   The camera on the Nokia 920 was made for an app like this.  Come on Instagram... give in to the pressure.
  • I will say this, don't read into this app coming as an indication that an official solution is not in the works. The two are not connected.
  • only wp8 or wp7.8 comming?
  • so an official app is in the works?
  • Reading all this, it seems like instagram is far too high maintenance to deal with. Have to create an account on an iPhone or android? Seems stupid.
  • You can also make one using bluestacks in your computer.
  • Yeah, and I wonder if that's what they're doing here - pushing the upload through the Android app on Bluestacks.
  • Ha, the camera on the 920 is TOO good for blurry notalgic Instagram filters! Why ruin all that gorgeous detail?
  • +1000
  • Or you could do like I do and post your pictures without applying any filters. I know, novel idea. Jeez.
  • You do know that filters are entirely optional
  • Write Instagram on Facebook and ask them to make an app for Windows Phone, I do once a week, if we all do that it might get their attention.
  • Its a start #grateful
  • no wp 7.x support..?
  • They answered my e-mail asking:
    Hello Marcus,
     thank you very much for your interest in Instagraph.
    YES of course, wp7 (and winRT too) are in our roadmap  ;)
  • Hmmm, what do you think they are trying to say?
  • I have a couple #2instawithlove photos I'd like to post.
  • Photoplay + Viber, then this.?? I'm loving my Lumia 920 more and more.. Haha
  • Very cool. Read it later. I have a feeling official one is in the works though, but thanks for the effort
  • Oh snapples!
  • Very happy to have something! Its a great start. Hopefully between this and the #2instawithlove campaign we will with get a third party app with full api access for notifications and such, or the offical. But Im still excited for this.
  • How about the only reason I still prefer Instagram over others: Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare with a check-in at the same time?
  • So far this does not have that, which is unfortunate. Then again, that seems like something trivial that can be added later and perhaps it will.
  • No 7.8 support maybe other third party developers can implement this method?
  • They answered my e-mail asking:
    Hello Marcus,
    thank you very much for your interest in Instagraph. YES of course, wp7 (and winRT too) are in our roadmap ;) Best,
  • Ohhhh speculations over folks! Thanks for this Dan.
  • This is great for the platform.  But I'll continue to use WPGram to browse and upload with my Android tablet, as I like IG's "official" filters better than Aviary's.  
    I guess with the recent market share numbers showing some good gains, eventually FB and it's sub-company IG will take notice and develop some official apps for us.  'Til then, we can continue the waiting game.
  • So a hack that requires you to hand over login details to a third-party... what can go wrong here...
    Plus this will be shut down as soon as Instagram learns about it!
  • Yup..
  • Are you new to the internet?
  • Pardon?
  • How many third-party companies/apps/programs do you enter your login details to? This app certianly isn't going to be anyone's first. Just by having a phone you have provided your login details to a third party
  • So you know nothing about the Internet then...
    Most modern apps use OAUTH - which does not give login details to third parties! However if this app uses cloud, it will be impossible.
  • I know what OAUTH is, but I am not naive enough to think that every third party app is utilizing it to log into every service I own. Don't think that Apple, Google, or Microsoft don't know the usernames/passwords that you've added to your phone(s). Also, while OAUTH is useful in preventing third parties from seeing your password, it doesn't prevent those third parties from having access to you account(s) after you login, they will still be able to see everything you do through them with your account, whether it be instagram, twitter, facebook, etc. OAUTH is definitely a good thing, better then it was pre-OAUTH, but don't go thinking it automatically protects you like an iron shield.
    You are worried about someone having your instagram credentials? I am sure that isn't the most sensitive information you've ever inputted online. Are you one of those people that believe that what you put onto the internet stays private?
  • From the article: "Instagraph, the first version, does not solve this problem. But the next version does."
    To my knowledge, Instagram would have to know about the process to allow this to happen. 
  • Just a guess but they're either 1) emulating an android/ios phone in the cloud, or 2) have actually intercepted the web calls those platforms make, and are spoofing a legit client through azure? Good stuff, even if I am wrong, which is likely. But likely this mode of update will get shut down.
  • I thought about this a few days after getting my Lumia and wondering why, of all the ingenuity on the internet, someone couldn't get some alternate methods to access the permission to upload to Instagram with all the brilliant photo apps we have. I don't consider myself very tech saavy (as far as infrastructure works), but I will say the second the desktop Windows OS has access to something like Bluestacks I can't imagine how the opportunity to use technology like that to open up the platform to what Android has to offer wasn't talked about more (I mean, look at what BB10 is doing in that regard). And that's not even to say we need an emulation layer in the phone - a lot of things can be done remotely as necessary. No one will believe me, but as I was thinking about it I pretty much thought up what they're doing in 10 or 15 minutes (implementing it I suppose, is another thing) where basically you just have an emulation server set up that takes the information from the phone software, logs in on the emulated application, posts it, logs out, and moves on to the next user. Obviously, the mechanics of that are simplified and god knows it would get backed up with thousands of people, but potentially, with some work, a more elegant way could be figured out. I'm guessing they took that idea and ran with it, which is good, because someone needed to eventually. Hell, if I knew anything about programming or mobile development I would have tried it already.
  • And now the reson no one is doing this :) The costs. The azure is not free. And everyone will expect a free instagram nothing less. So you have montly costs, anual costs(dev account) and you also have to give this for free. The presence of aviary logo on the screenshots sugest that they opted for the free version of the aviary(not hte 500/month version). So costs for this are so high and if they are going to give this for free it can only serve them as publicity nothing else.
  • Wow are u serious windows phone 8 only ...its about time for me to jump this sinking 7.x ship
  • Awesome. Now lets all follow each other. Screen names? @samsabri
  • Lol follow me too :P
  • @rikster81
  • @usn_em
  • Cool, but...
  • Pretty logical really and how many apps can and do work. Although the azure relay method is sensible as stuff changes and breaks.
  • Weak sauce...this isn't anything to get excited over.
  • I also hate it when sauce is weak. Flavour is everything
    Aghh Why did I delete my account? :( And know i can't reactivate it without an Android or iOS phone :(
    Any case, I think Instagram OFFICIAL app should come soon to the Store to the bneficit of WP...
  • Get bluestacks on your comp and use that to create a new account
  • Thanks!! I'll try it :)
  • Love that idea! I'll try it when it is available!
  • bluestacks? It already is available..
    also.. this ..
  • Just borrow an iPhone/Android device to activate an account... God knows there are millions of them out there. :-/
  • I am too proud of my Windows Phone to borrow an iphone/android device :) I would rather go back to dumbphone than borrow any of those!
  • Bravo. Hope it becomes available this week
  • @luiskperez
  • How come bberry z10 has a instagram app, android port, but wp8 cant do the same ??
  • Did you even read the article you've linked to? There is no Instagram for Blackberry!
  • It's not even a port. IT IS the android app.
  • Because bb10 can run android apps in a vm and windows phone doesn't work in the same way
  • It's a half-port of the Android version, doesn't count.
  • "half-port" or not, still works...
  • We don't need the Laggy android ports, even a 3rd party native solution is better than a lousy,buggy,Laggy Android port.
  • Cool so now again we have great, creative developers doing what the big companies are too lazy to do :-) I can't help but be reminded of all the people who were on the fence jumping from Android and iPhone that I showed metro radio, because they just had to have Pandora. Here we go for round 2 of the converters.
  • So in other words like LINE. Must use its app to sign up. Again, with these effing idiots making you sign up via applications. Besides, I CAN live WITHOUT Instagram. It's called upload the pictures to other places. Facebook is no other, and... yeah, you know that FB bought iGram. Why even bother.
    And these kids... gosh darnit... you can live without Instagram. Us 80s babies had to go through the "no video games" portion of parenting.
  • Why hasn't someone tried to port W8 RT onto a NL920, or 8X? This seems very possible.
  • Random, I know... Lol!!
  • Well that would be really cool, but the UEFI chip would block any foreign software, but if that were to be broken in someway we would have jailbreaks for WP8 and cool stuff like this ;)
  • @sedp23
  • @jholso
  • This is great but seems a little clunky. Sucks that Instagram is making us go this route, but hey, i'll take whatever we can get.. Cheers to the developers on their hard work!
  • Looks nice! cant wait to try it out! 
  • Thanks for the write-up.  It's strange that they were able to find a work-around to upload photos to Instagram but didn't include a browse function that many other apps have.  Hopefully the app is in the Marketplace long enough for them to release an update to allow this.
  • I suspect that this will be because they are going under the radar. Using the API would make it too easy for Instagram to cripple half the functionality when they found out who was doing it, so its better left out...
  • I heard that will come to Windows phone 7.x later. I just wanna know that Daniel Rubino. I don't care to share in facebook, we can always copy the link facebook after and past. But I really wanna know if they will release for wp7x.
  • I'm happy that it doesn't have Instagram's blessing. That will teach them to be arrogant and not release a WP app!
  • Come on Venetasoft, don't forget about us 7.x users! I'd happily pay for this
  • I wonder if they have an array of android emulators running instagram. Each time a photo is submitted it logs the user in to an emulator, submits the photo, and then logs the user out of the client so another user can upload a photo using that emulator. We are now going to these lengths. Fun to speculate.
  • My guess as well.
  • I am waiting Daniel Rubino, who made contact to the developers, if he knows like photoplay, that there is a version of wp7x  coming or not?
  • This seems like nice effort, but this is just workaround. Daniel's mentioning in the article that these devs think Instagram cannot shut down the way they are posting to Instagram is BS. Anything is possible. This will either get shutdown through technical ways or legal pressure. However thus seems like a nice way for the devs to market there company and get some attention. I will stay away for the time being...
  • I agree.  I am sure the way this is being done is to capture the data on the phone, send that to a server, and then proxy from there to instagram so it looks like a browser session.  This is a TOS violation and will certainly be turned off in no time.
  • We are 100% compliant with Instagram conditions and dont violate any terms. We spent lot of money on this project, Instagraph is legally covered too.
    As many of you, we were tired that an important App as Instagram were missing from our Store.
    So, after contracting them without success, we start brainstorming about how we could solve this legally.
    Here cames Instagraph, after tons of RedBulls and 4x initial budget :)
  • As I mentioned, I am sure that this was not easy and as you mention a lot of effort was put into it.  However, there is nothing stopping Instagram from changing something that may or may not "break" your technical implementation of publishing to their service.  And from what was described in the article, your technical implementation may use some proxy server to actually doing the publishing to Instagram rather than having the publishing implementation occurring in your app on the phone.  If Instagram does (and will eventually at some point) open their API, to allow publishing, you only have to change your code on the proxy server and not your app on the phone.  So like I said it is a good way for your company to market itself and get on the Instagram bandwagon and get Instagram users on your app instead of the official app.
    As for the legal implications, sounds like you are covered.  But Instagram is part of Facebook, and that is a big company with I am sure a lot more lawyers than your company.
    Good luck.
  • They cannot stop Instagraph, nor legally, not technically (trust me :).
  • Thank you so much for this. Really appreciate your hard work!
  • The collection of authentication credentials is a TOS violation, just for starters
  • I don't know the TOS for Instagram (I don't even use the service), so I can't comment too much on that anymore.  But the strategy (although risky) for venetasoft in marketing what they have developed, even though its not released yet, is working. :-)
  • I want a offical Instagram!!!
  • Nice work around bit I'm not that excited for it... Not sure if I want to give a third party my info.
  • Hmm. Guess I'll be waiting for an official one then. I'll give this a try for a bit.
  • Microsoft's Kodu challenge invites the younger generation to design games great move to attract the youths to the platform
  • I will download this with the quickness. And just use bluestacks or a kindle to sign up for instagram. It really is all about the community
  • Really disappointed after last night's tease. Was really looking forward to a full client. Following and posting to Facebook are mandatory for full Instagram experience. At least I got Viber today but this app is not what I was hoping for. Hopefully Instagram releases their APIs soon so we can experience the Microsoft app.
  • Does instagram not have an email upload service?
  • It's good to have an app that can upload to Instagram, but I was expecting it to have the ability to browse and comment.
    If the API it's open enough we will see great 3rd party clients that can browse, upload and do anything the official app can do, but I do hope for an official app as well.
  • Great work-around. Let's hope for the sake of those who have spent time on this that there won't be an official application any time soon. I do think, however, that from the recent "white-listing" talk one could conclude that either a) there is an official WP app in the works OR b) Nokia or WP will get their app whitelisted which will provide a full-blown Instagram client without any financial investment from Instagram team.
  • Please make it available for 7.8 devices!
    Please make it available for 7.8 devices!
    Please make it available for 7.8 devices!
    Please make it available for 7.8 devices!
    Please make it available for 7.8 devices!
    Please make it available for 7.8 devices!
  • They answered my e-mail asking:
    Hello Marcus,
     thank you very much for your interest in Instagraph.
    YES of course, wp7 (and winRT too) are in our roadmap  ;)
  • It's a start
  • I think it's somewhat mean and OS-ist of instagram to keep on ignoring us WP users. So I feel totally justified when I wish that they will just crash down and get their servers swallowed by a sinkhole -_-;;
  • It's certainly interesting. Will try this out once I get my Nokia Lumia 920 back (it's with Nokia ATM due to that annoying dust issue)
  • Nice work by the devs on this one. Interested to see how it works and if instagram will do something to block access.
  • I knew that developer was behind it. Good stuff. Always good apps from them.
  • Booooo!!! Im sure this will be blocked in some form soon
  • Awesome!!!!!!! Lets hope the Instagram devs cant break this.
  • It would make more sense for native integration via the Share... button instead of Edit...
  • Instagraph is integrated into the "share" menu as well, so you can share pictures from other apps too.
  • Thats great! Looking forward buying it! :)
  • Well this is defenitely better than nothing. I can't help feeling bad though that Instagram just won't do an app for us. Yes it will happen sometime in the future and meanwhile we'll enjoy Instagraph. Oh well.
    It’s a hack to be sure and far from ideal, but unlike the unofficial Pandora app situation on Windows Phone, this method can’t be suddenly “turned off” by Instagram by changing the API.
  • THEY ANSWER ME, from the Marketing support. Hello Marcus,
     thank you very much for your interest in Instagraph.
    YES of course, wp7 (and winRT too) are in our roadmap  ;)
  • Hey, Can u give me their e-mail please?! thanks.
  • Most underwhelming piece of news this year so far. Sorry wpc
  • I too will give some props to the devs for at least making the attempt to give those on the platform who want this app some kind of stop gap measure until (or if ever) an official app is released. Its not ideal. But I think something is better than nothing at this point. Just to harken to a post I responded to in the previous article, I don't see why Instagram is being so thick about this. There are developers out there (like this Venetasoft) and Microsoft who are probably willing to build quality third party apps for their service. I know they've said they want to maintain a certain level of quality of what is posted. I would imagine with the cameras the Lumias have and with the relatively small user base of WP, that wouldn't be an issue
  • Hmm, couldn't this lead to some legal problems between Instagram and Venetasoft? I'm excited though! I hope it gets updated to let us browse and comment.
  • Do we want this app this bad that we can't wait on the official app?
  • Who says there will ever be an official app? The Insta-devs "hate" MS and by the looks of things they arent giving in.
  • Hate MS, Why:?? Why do you say that?  You reading that somewhere official?
  • Yes there was an article about it, dont remeber where. But some interviews etc has shown that seems to be the case. Instagram-dev supposedly used to code for MS Products but has obviously turned his back on that.
  • This is all I've read about this. An article "somewhere".  I can't say I can agree or believe the "rumor" at this point.
  • I don't use instagram, but I know alot of ppl are missing it. I have a question: Do the other platforms have instagram? If so, how did they get it if the APIs are not released?
  • iOS & Android have it because Instagram released official apps. Instagram who is now owned by Facebook whom of which Microsoft has a nice chunk of money invested in needs to release an official Instagram app which will help make Windows Phone more appealing by offering the top social and popular apps
  • The funny thing is, they didn't really want to do an Android app, but it was hard to ignore the (at that time) new leader in the market due to their Apple loyalty.
  • Great job developers on helping to give what the masses are asking...and its great that you are thinking outside the box :)
  • Forget Instagram! I just want GoToMeeting!
  • "It does work itself nicely into the OS though because the developers have managed to get access to the highly visible “Edit” option when viewing a photo natively.  Currently, only the official Windows Phone photo editor and Nokia’s Creative Studio reside in that spot"
    I like to inform writer that Camera360,Face lens and Fotor apps are also in the highly visible "Edit" option, so its not only the official Windows Phone photo editor and Nokia’s Creative Studio reside in that spot. :P
  • And what was #2instawithlove for? Instagram, not instagraph. Ugh, bring us the real McCoy.. (call me ungrateful, IDC)
  • Not excited anymore... :| Disappointed
  • What's really sad is that this is not an official app and people are excited, also no love for wp7.8.
    Instagram don't even care about WP platform.
  • It will be a 7.8 version...;)
  • This app should add a tag #2InstaWithHate
  • We tagged #2insta4real :)
  • lmao why does it have a terms and condition section.
  • How to download instagram
  • Wake me up when an official app of Instagram comes out.
    I'm sorry, but when I found out this app just lets you post photos, but not browse, this has to be the stupidest thing ever. It's stupid that we need to now use two seperate apps to get a full Instagram experience on WP8.
    Guess I'll be sleeping for a very long time.
  • They had no choice. Baking in the API needed to browse pictures mean Instagram can turn access to the app off. Pretty sure what these fellows are doing aren't supported by Instagram
  • @ LordXaero: Agreed.
  • This is a great start! Approve this Microsoft!
  • i mean instagram has to see how desperate we are for an official app right? it has to be coming soon.
  • This is a bit of a let down actually :-( Was hoping Instagram were finally opening their APIs or someone got permission for a third party app.
  • Why are there apps that allow browsing but this app only allow posting i don't get it
  • Simple. The upload feature is unsupported, so they are implementing this workaround under Instagram's radar. Instagram won't like the idea and I am sure they will turn off API access to browse if this app ever gets it.
  • I doubt it'll pass as I don't think Instagram will give this kind of permission for 3rd party apps. Though I do hope soon they release official for Windows Phone.
  • Don't see this brining people on board to WP8.
  • Not very interested as there is no way to make new accounts or view posts :(
  • When's molome coming ?
  • Seems people forgot about it with all this April hype
  • I haven't. Now that I know this doesn't have all of the Instagram features in one app, I'm starving for it!
  • For account creation, you can install Android using BlueStacks on a Windows PC then install Instagram on there.
    I created an account not too long ago just to enter a contest.
  • Here is how it might work:
    Have multiple instances of android emulators up and running on your server. When a user uploads a photo to the instagraph server, they programtically open and login to the instagram app on one of the emulators, and then post the photo via the official instagram app. This way it cannot be blocked by instagram. The reason it takes a few minutes for your photo to get published to instagram, is probably cause they need to login/logout every time a different user posts a photo.
  • Well perhaps now there is (kinda) an Instagram solution for Windows Phone, you can all stop whining about it and get back to asking for *genuinely necessary* features and fixes.
    We need:
    -Performance and usability fixes for Xbox Music; seriously, it's a barely usable mess, and only gets *worse* if you are a paid subscriber. Making it difficult for me to access my music is not a good idea, MS.
    -Better podcast and playlist syncing
    -Better non-US support - Wallet, for example, or Data Sense just don't work outside certain carriers/regions
    -Real, non-Nokia  fix for Other storage problems
    -Quick switching between sound profiles and/or separate ringer + app volume controls
    -A ton of small UI improvements - for example, the ability to "close" apps from the multitasking menu (I know it's not necessary from a technical point of view but from a usability standpoint it makes sense); the ability to prevent the first few words of every SMS you receive being visible no matter what your privacy settings; better calendar views; etc
    -A real, useful solution for PDF files - you know, one which can *send* or *delete* them.
    We don't really need another way to indulge in narcissistic selfies and pictures of coffee and cats.
    (to fend off the trolls, I am aware of the boost to the ecosystem Instagram potentially brings, but I think it has been way overstated by most people. This is NOT going to magically increase market share, or change the perception of WP8. When 90% of "popular" apps habitually release the WP8 versions alongside their iOS and Android versions **AND ACTUALLY ADVERTISE THAT FACT** then we might see some increased mindshare. For example, check out the Temple Run official website - not a single mention of WP8.)
  • ➕1000000000000
  • WP 7.8 getting left behind
  • While its not ideal. I must give props to these clever developers for stepping up and giving the best solution available. Nobody else did.
  • I agree. I dont need Instagram by any means but its a great alternative & with it I can see pictures of my friends and family who use it.
  • "Instagroveling" would be a better name for this app. I get that people want Instagram, but to go through all this for it is rather silly... and it's not like this will sell any phones. Only an official Instagram app will be good enough.
  • A third-party incomplete "hack" which can be disabled by Instagram at any time (just wait and see, instead of blindly believing the "developers" of this thing)... Yeap, this will surely bring millions of users to WP8! /sarcasm
  • We don't "hacked" anything, Instagraph is 100% legal and compliant with both Instagram and Microsoft terms and conditions. We are not so crazy to spend money to develop an illegal App or an App that can be blocked ;)
  • Love this workaround - I used BlueStacks Android Player to set up an Instagram account, now when I get a WP8 handset I can actually use it on the move! I don't really get the appeal of the app to be honest, but I do want to be able to say "yes" when somebody asks "but does it have Instagram?"
  • Thanks for the app. Will a paid version be available?
  • so how long that we have to wait for instagraph to official in store?
  • Kudos to you, venetasoft!!  Please know that there are some of us who are greatly appreciative of this breakthrough.  Can't wait to start using!
  • We know about the April fools joke with the actual Instagram, but will there be an actual Instagram coming out in may, perhaps?
  • interesting but useless since i've never had an android or ios device to create an instagram account.  i can wait for the real app.  I've been on this platform since january 2011, so I'm not planning on going anywhere, and I am willing to wait for wp to make its breakthrough to mainstream.
  • You cab sign up though bluestacks. You can run Android games on your PC.
  • Ok, this is very cool and thank you for this App!!!
    But I don't like the Effects by Aviary, maybe u guys could work wit Lomogram or Fotor together and use their Effects?
  • Instagraph can load pictures from the phone albums, or you can open it from the "share" or "edit" menus, so it can easily interact with other apps as wpgram and instacam too ;)
  • Ouh, cool :)
    When it is available? :)
  • for the record: the BB10 method, is pretty good.  the read instagram.
  • Why not for WP 7.x?
  • Any Windows Phone app can be registered on the "Edit" picker:
    This is not restricted in any way to only Nokia and Microsoft applications. I have a handful of apps installed on my phone that show up on that picker. It's up to the developers to set it up correctly.
  • Why do we still not have it? Does it really take that long to "test the servers'?
  • I'm wondering that myself, too. It's been six days since the certification. Can't we get a release date?
  • Instagraph? Hello? Anyone home? Umm...
  • Anything? Crickets...
  • Where is it?
  • not on the store yet :( hopefully soon!
  •  I've registered through instagraph to Instagram (WP7; Lumia 710), it apperared that status published, but since then(August 19th) I m unable to login, cause I get the following error message: This account is inactive. I want to register via WP8 but with the same user name. How can I do that?