Intern-led 'Microsoft the Musical' is hilarious and insightful

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's employees and interns recently made a musical.
  • The video highlights the company's successes and failures.
  • This was a massive undertaking which featured incredible collaboration.
  • You can watch the 10-minute video below.

Microsoft is known for quirky projects from time to time, but Microsoft the Musical might take the cake. Yesterday, the company posted a video on a channel called You Can, You Should, You Will. The video is roughly 10 minutes long and is absolutely incredible. In many ways, it's a celebration of Microsoft, but also touches upon some of the company's failures like the Windows Phone debacle.

Microsoft the Musical was dreamt up and led by interns spending the summer of 2019 at Microsoft. This Tony Awards-style musical theater opening number is just one of many passion projects that came to life because we were encouraged to bring our whole selves to work. And that's what we did. 150 interns and employees came in on mornings, weekends, and nights to create this outside of, and in addition to, their day jobs.

Director Liam McGregor went on to say that Microsoft's mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet. Through the musical, the team hopes to speak to every person who dreams of being part of something big. Be sure to watch it because it's hilarious and insightful.

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  • I made it through about 5 minutes...
  • Very corny video. They should put those interns to work.
  • They did this outside of working hours... It was corny but fun nevertheless. There was a lot of performance, production, composing, and arranging that went into this. A friend of mine played the violin. There was a whole orchestra. Who says software people only have to do one thing? Arts help people thrive. And this is just one thing that came out of it. They'll work on more in the future hopefully. I'm all for a more engaging company culture at Microsoft where employees are encouraged to do things they consider "fun". Maybe then MS will feel like less of a beaurocratic mess.
  • What an epic waste. Just imagine if all those kids had used that "extra" time to volunteer in the community and truely make a difference in the lives of others. Instead, they made a promotional video for a giant corporation. Real smart guys.
  • Uhhh ok instead of commenting you could've used that time to do something helpful too
  • LOL
  • Is this the 2010s equivalent of Microsoft Softwear?
  • What a bunch of humbugs in this comments section. This is the problem today... No one can have fun. A bunch of interns make an amazing video showing their excitement.... And instead of encouraging them for their imagination and enthusiasm, you deride them and make fun of them. I loved every minute of it.
  • Those who laughed are just small minded people.
  • except when we try to make a phone.... ouch.... damn....
  • This is great fun. Haters in the comments: "Let's mock interns for not having anything better to do because we have nothing better to do." Love it.
  • Love it! We'll done!
  • A fun video. Liked the jabs about Vista and Windows Phone. Good job Microsoft interns!
  • Well done! This made my day! :D
  • What an absolutely wonderful piece of art!
    It's witty, entertaining, it rhymes - the choreography is great - the start is so inclusive and the end features Surface team member, Sonia Dara and, I think, her best friend Colleen O'Brien (the hosts of Microsoft Unboxed) ^_^
    Go Microsoft Interns! I write, act and occasionally dance as a hobby, so I have a vague idea of how much this require - I can't applaud you enough for doing this and the generations before and after you ❤
  • Does any one know if Apple made something similar once, or is planning to? I would love to see what their interns can come up with as well =)