iPaq 610 Lawyered Out of Existence

Mobility Site [via Morning Paper] points out that the iPaq 610 - a sweet little number with a regular 12-key plus a neat touchy-feely scroll wheel overlaid on top of it - has been '86'ed for the US:

You recently registered via HP’s website to be notified when the HP iPAQ 610 BusinessNavigator is available to purchase.We appreciate your interest in this product.  However, due to recent legal issues between suppliers of mobile phone technologies, HP has decided not to offer the iPAQ 610 Business Navigator to U.S. customers as previously planned.

No word yet what exactly these “legal issues” are, but it's a safe bet that some lawyer somewhere is popping the cork off a bottle of champagne.

What the iPaq 610 was: Quad Band, Tri-Band HSDPA. Windows Mobile Pro (Touchscreen), aGPS, dedicated landscape/portrait mode button, 3mp camera w/ flash, Wifi, VOIP. Basically they were targeting it to field force salespeople.

After a break, a quick video of what could have been.

WC Staff