Joe Belfiore digs at iOS fan

This is simply priceless, our Joe Belfiore is having a small dig at an iOS fan who is reportedly looking forward to using his volume key as a camera shutter button (not sure what's to be excited about - it's a volume key). Steve Jobs seems to be running low of ideas and is slightly more concerned about Windows Phone 7 as he should well be. Not only do we have a dedicated camera shutter button, but we have 500 new features coming this fall (opens in new tab), Xbox Live integration (which laughs at the Apple Game Center), true Facebook, LinkedIn and soon-to-be Twitter integration and live tiles coupled with a beautiful, intuitive UI.

I'm surprised Apple haven't announced that they're losing the rounded grid icons for square tiles which are all the same color.

Source: Twitter (opens in new tab), Thanks Alex for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That is so Funny
  • Apple is so hypocrite.
  • wait... what happens if you are listening to music and want to take a picture? which takes precedence?
  • Why should anything takes precedence? In WP7, if you're listening to music and wake the phone from sleep using camera button, the music keeps playing and you take your pictures. If you want to shoot a video, the music will stop(so that you don't record that music in the video) and will resume once video is stopped.
  • I think adp was referring to apple's iPhone, where the shutter camera is a volume up, what happens if you're playing a music app, and decided to take picture using the volume up button
  • The volume key is just a shutter key, that activates as such once you're in the camera app, it doesn't work as a camera button to start the camera app.But if you mean what happens when you're already in the camera app, and are listening to music in the background... well that will be interesting. My guess is once in the app, shutter key function takes precedence, meaning you should be able to reduce the volume on your music, but not be able to make it go any higher until you've exited the app. Lol.
  • Apple updates millions of phones trouble free, laughs hysterically at Joe Belifiore.
  • Just search on Google how many people had problems, specially with battery drain after any new iOS launch.
  • You mean after they installed the update? Microsoft can't even deliver an update. It's been six months of fail. How can Joe Belifiore criticize anything their competitors do with a straight face?
  • Did he talk about the update sequence, or did he talk about a dedicated camera button? You're a moron. Stick to the topic.
  • Good argument, deflection. The point is this, those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Microsoft needs to get their house in order before criticizing their competitors. They've failed in delivering updates, they've failed in policing their app store, they've failed in releasing games when promised. Anyone involved with WP7 should keep their head low, comments to themselves, and improve their product. End of story.
  • "They've failed in delivering updates"The update was late only by one week"they've failed in policing their app store"How?"they've failed in releasing games when promised"Since those games are not make by Microsoft, I cannot hold Microsoft responsible.
  • Yeah the two can't be compared identically in many ways due to MS not fully controlling everything. Apple could easily come back with "had c/p for months" or something as silly. He should've just left it at "What a great feature to add, we have it too!" and that would've been sufficiently smug, we'd all know who Apple is copying. It's like they've already realized they'll be number three soon. :)
  • "Apple could easily come back with "had c/p for months" or something as silly."WIndows phone 7 had C/P functionality within 6 months of launch where as iphone took years to get that functionality. Plus Apple took 4th generations of iphones to have "fake button" as camera button. This tells me that they were taking ideas from hacking community and made it.
  • As an app developer, I'm proud to develop for WP7. Nothing to hang my head about.
  • I have never had a problem receiving my updates... So far, for my device, they have come smoothly and within the 1-2 week period of their announced release... (I have had my HD7 since Launch, Early Nov 2010)...
  • My Arrive received an update on time and it went smooth as silk, too. So... umadbrah?
  • Lets at least understand why you make the assertions you do... Apple has a vertical vice grip on the entire iPhone/iPad production process... Nothing can ever really compare to Apple since they are the exception that breaks the rule - even when it comes to strongarming competitors from the space (i.e. Mac Clone companies such as PowerComputing) That being said, it is reasonable to hold Apple to account when they make critical mistakes (such as the iPhone4 antenae/chassis fiasco) - they have NO REASON for such mistakes if they control every aspect of design, manufactory, marketing, carrier feature support (i.e. visual voicemail) and customer support.I think that is all Joe was getting at with his little remark - I think he hoped it would irk the fans."end of story"
  • No problems whatsoever for the NoDo and post NoDo update for my Dell Venue Pro - on time and fine as a dandy. Now, if only Dell would release a firmware fix....What policing of app store?? That's on Android, silly. You mixed up your facts.Games are being released every Wednesday as promised. Oh did you mean the game where birds kill the thieving green pigs? Well, Microsoft doesn't make that.After a long time, WP7 has actually make me hold my head high for owning a Microsoft product. If I was an avid gamer, XBox and Kinect would have also done the same.
  • I have had two updates to the os in less than siz months The first Ios update took how long? How many updates did it take to copy and paste and over what period of time? Why dont you wander back to the other side of the tracks?
  • The primary fail with regards to delivering updates, is the service providers and their continuing postponing of delivering the updates.
  • The update pretty much went fine except for Samsung devices, which was discovered as Samsungs fault (they were shipping devices with different configurations without telling Microsoft). Their update was late, but not by that much.
  • I had an iPhone development device that I needed to update, when selecting a ROM to update to it was verified as OK for the device. Went to flash it, cleared the current bootloader / ROM, *then* decided to tell me that it was out of date, and I needed to download another 700MB update file before I could even think about using the device again. You call that user friendly? Yay Apple!
  • not google, bing :D
  • Seeing that Apple in-house develop 1 phone a year, it shouldn't be that hard.
  • And you know, all the "specialized media" is gonna tell Apple is the innovative and MS is the copycat when iOS5 and WP7.5 reaches the market this fall.
  • Oh snap!Looks like this article was enough to attract the attention of an emotionally hurt Apple user, who just can't stand idly by and let someone satirically smack his favorite company.Let's all pity him.
  • Interesting....Apple is losing their innovative touch. iCloud = Skydrive/Mesh"New" Notifications = Android NotificationsCrappy Volume/Camera Button = WP7 Camera ButtonI am really glad to have a Samsung Focus to receive the Mango update in the Fall.
  • Who is Joe Belfiore?
  • Corporate VP for Windows Phone. He's the kinda goofy looking guy you see do all the announcements, keynotes, videos ect. Joe is the man.Here's an example, I'm sure you've seen him.
  • Oh wow, he looks like a kid in that twitter photo. His hair has grown.
  • I love the fact that he tweeted that from his Windows Phone. lol
  • In response to the original article... it was refreshing to see Apple play catch up to features WP7 has had as part of its "idea" from inception. Sure, updates was a headache, but I wouldn't dare say iOS updates occur flawlessly either (as an owner of each generation less most recent). As a six month old product, it is off to a rocky start but the platform will do better. And I don't think anyonw will really argue the superiority of one versus another since ergonomics, aesthetics and function is in the eye of the beholder - or at least we shouldn't :) I, for one, CAN NOT WAIT FOR WPx TABLETS!
  • Well, Joe is wrong. The camera button does not wake my Samsung Focus up from sleep.
  • Hold it down longer, Sally or trade your phone in cause that's the way it works on WP7.
  • You probably have your hand over the proximity sensor.
  • Nice catch. Now I now why my camera doesn't launch from time to time.
  • I never knew that. That was the cause of my problem. As Steve Jobs would say: "well, don't hold your phone that way then".
  • Thanks I never caught onto that either.
  • Holy **** ..thanks!
  • Oh wow, didn't realize it did that.
  • After turning off my phone lock password, and then turning it back on, it started working as described. Prior to that, holding the camera button (even for a few minutes) did nothing. I had to wake the phone first to use the camera button.
  • "I had to wake the phone first to use the camera button." You sure your not using a Android? ;-)
  • Then you need to have your phone serviced. The camera button wakes my Samsung Focus from sleep every time.
  • Same here with my Quantum-works about 1 time out of 20. Hoping Mango fixes...
  • Move you hand away from the proximity sensor.
  • Thank you very much. Thought prox sensor was only for turning display off when near ear. Why it's tied to the camera I'll leave that for another day or story or thread...
  • The proximity sensor is used to prevent you from activating the camera in your pocket
  • You either have a bad phone, or aren't holding it long enough.
  • If you haven't figured this one out yet.1. You have to make sure your hand doesn't block the proximity sensor2. You have to make sure the feature is enabled.
  • Did you press the camera button for minimum of 3 seconds in the first place???
  • I'm telling you.I called it:iCatchup:-)
  • no, it's i(almost)Catchup.. :D
  • You're all lame - Belfiore included. I had a camera button on my Windows Mobile 5 phone many moons ago, not to mention copy/paste. I think it is sad that Apple is catching up with WP7, but I also think it's sad that WP7 is catching up with WM5.
  • it's not catching up if it was included in the first version of WP7?
  • How is it catching up? It's been included in the release of WP7 hence why there's a dedicated button for it.
  • I've had on my iPhone 3GS for months. True, I had to jailbreak. I don't see how that matters anyway, since all of these companies have to rip off other companies and their homebrew/jailbreak communities just to get new features.It's actually kind of nice to use the volume buttons on the iPhone to take pictures, anyway. If Apple screws it up and doesn't allow the volume keys to wake the phone, people will keep jailbreaking. Plain and simple: people will get the features they want from the tech they use, one way or another. Even if sometimes that includes getting a new phone on a different platform. I'm currently using the Pre 2 on t-mobile. It is actually an awesome platform, though it has it's own kinks to work out. I actually find more apps/games to be available through WP7 (I got my wife the HD7, since it's simple and reliable enough), but I prefer webOS' basic functionality for the time being. I like how flexible it is, like Android, but also how useful and unique it is. In the future, I might buy a Windows Phone device, but I'll be waiting to see exactly how far Apple and MS go with features. Apps aren't always as important. And, as of now, I don't see any other OS (based on functionality alone) being as good for my needs as webOS.
  • It's not the fact that Apple is copying Android, Blackberry, WP7 to make up features in iOS5, but the fact that Apple are willing to sue absolutely anyone in a matter of seconds (look at Samsung) for any string of copying. Yet when they copy others it's innovation? If I were Samsung I'd kick the Apple lawsuits out immediately and send an interesting email to Mr Jobs.
  • Wow, I didn't even know it existed, works on my Samsung Omnia lol
  • As a WP7 user and apple hater, I'd have to say SilverRubicon is right. While there is a lot for wp7 fans to be optimistic over. Mocking apple is just dumb. They've obviously done it right, whether we as wp7 users like it or not. In other words, lets hope this OS gains some traction...and market share before we talk trash.
  • Ironic...Perhaps Joe is too young to remember that Gates built Microsoft on copying and borrowing technology. With Microsoft and Apple, that's been a time honored tradition from the beginning. If original innovation was rewarded in kind, Xerox would dominate the computing landscape. Unfortunately for Xerox, productization and execution are just as important.Having any hardware key dedicated to the camera shutter is a step-up for the iPhone. However, Apple's solution is not as good as the WP7 approach. Still, neither platform really has a good overall camera platform. What's need are better faster optics with dedicated vibration reduction.Back to the focus of this post, Joe Belfiore would be better advised to remember the admonitions: "Those that live in glass houses ..." and "Let he who has never sinned ..."
  • Yes, the WP7 implementation lets me take great pictures of my pocket...The button on the Apple device is... um... a button (not a rocker, importantly)... so whether it is the volume or shutter button is software determined and has nothing to do with its physical identity (though I concede it has a + on it). It's a good idea. And I prefer the software lock-screen button to activate the camera... my pocket is boring to take pictures of...