'Just Mercy' free to rent on Microsoft Store to raise awareness of systemic racism

Just Mercy Microsoft Store
Just Mercy Microsoft Store (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has made 2019 film "Just Mercy" free to rent on the Microsoft Store.
  • The movie is based on a true story that shines the spotlight on systemic racism in America.
  • You can rent Just Mercy for free at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab) now.
  • You can also buy it for $4 (opens in new tab) including UHD with Movies Anywhere.

As protests continue in the U.S. and in cities around the world over the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, many are looking for further avenues to educate themselves on the effects of systemic racism. In response, Microsoft has made the 2019 film "Just Mercy," which chronicles the true story of Walter McMillian, a black man who was wrongfully convicted of the murder of an 18-year-old girl in Alabama in 1987.

Just Mercy stars Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx, and Brie Larsen. From the film's description:

A powerful and thoughtprovoking true story, "Just Mercy" follows young lawyer Bryan Stevenson (Jordan) and his history-making battle for justice. After graduating from Harvard, Bryan had his pick of lucrative jobs. Instead, he heads to Alabama to defend those wrongly condemned or who were not afforded proper representation, with the support of local advocate Eva Ansley (Larson). One of his first, and most incendiary, cases is that of Walter McMillian (Foxx), who, in 1987, was sentenced to die for the notorious murder of an 18-year-old girl, despite a preponderance of evidence proving his innocence and the fact that the only testimony against him came from a criminal with a motive to lie. In the years that follow, Bryan becomes embroiled in a labyrinth of legal and political maneuverings and overt and unabashed racism as he fights for Walter, and others like him, with the odds—and the system—stacked against them.

Just Mercy is vailable to rent for free for 25 more days (opens in new tab) at the time of this writing.

Additionally, you can buy the movie for just $4 (opens in new tab), including in 4K UHD. The film qualifies as a Movies Anywhere title to take it to all your video libraries.

Microsoft has also sidelined promotional tweets among its various Twitter accounts to honor George Floyd's memory this past week. Insteand, the company has used its platform to "amplify voices from the Black and African American community at Microsoft."

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  • How does this work? Will this play back on any browser or phone? Or does it require the Movies & TV app?
  • You can watch either on the Movies & TV app on Windows or on an Xbox. Microsoft still doesn't have a Movies & TV app for Android and iOS, unfortunately :/
  • That's what I thought. I wanted to share this but half my friends probably won't be able to take advantage of it. :( Microsoft should, at the very least, allow for browser access. Their whole catalog would benefit.
  • Glad Microsoft got into the comedy sector.
  • What do you mean?
  • It was a poor attempt at humor that exposes one's own ignorance...
  • Here is a video that sheds light on the reality of Systemic Racism and why it isn't funny at all to millions of people that must live with and deal with Systemic Racism. Even if the topic doesn't affect you directly, this is still a highly informative video to watch to be better informed and have some human decency for the lives of others. https://youtu.be/YrHIQIO_bdQ
  • Thanks for providing the link.
    The film is not available in my country, so I am thankful that you help to me in other ways :)
  • Michael B. Jordan is such a handsome actor 😛
  • Not available in the UK for free.
  • Great movie, but hard to watch.
  • Can you elaborate?
  • Systemic racism? Only in the Democrats' system. Historically, they're the party of slavery, Segregation, the KKK, Manifest Destiny, Indian Removal, the Trail of Tears, the Mexican-American War, resegregation, and American Internment. Now, they're the party of racial division, hatred, dependence, and exploitation. Last year, 20 unarmed whites were shot fatally by law enforcement versus 10 unarmed blacks. In 2016, the interracial murder rate was 2-to-1 black-white, thousands of blacks were slaughtered by other blacks, and 13% of the population committed half of all murders. And there's the genocide of abortion. No one talks about any of this, nor the fact that so many of these atrocities occur in Democrat-controlled areas. We need, in the words of Mr. Lincoln, a new birth of freedom, and that will come only with the truth.
  • stfu....Leave politics out of this!!!!!!!!!!
  • In all fairness, it's really hard to separate the two nowadays, especially with all the pandering to POC from the left. They need their votes, sure, but where was this level of outrage last year when 10 unarmed black / 20 unarmed white men were shot? Yes, there's racism. No one is denying that what happened to George Floyd was awful and all of the police officers involved should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. But you notice that Democrats always change their tactics whenever things like this happen (now calling for defunding / disbanding police, and before it was defunding ICE after the caging of children, which started during the Obama administration by the way). Do you know why? Votes. That's it. 100%. It's an election year. They don't care about any of these people. They care about the votes and they'll do anything they can do get it and that includes making sure parts of the country are burning so they can blame Trump for it , just like they blame him for the pandemic, or blame him for allowing Russia to tamper with things, or blame him for the weather.
  • Not in Canada though :(