Karaoke One for Windows 8 – see if you can carry a tune with this myAppFree deal

Karaoke One offers you a feature rich Karaoke experience from your Windows 8 device with access to thousands of songs. Karaoke One is also available as a Windows Phone app for those times your karaoke needs are more mobile oriented.

Karaoke One is a freemium app in the Windows Store and through the myAppFree campaign you can pick up the Pop Right Now Volume 1 playlist with over a dozen songs(a $2.99 value) free over the next twenty-four hours. Other playlists are available for in-app purchase at a discount. Also, being a universal app, this will also give you access to the Windows Phone version and the Pop Right Now playlist for free.

Karaoke One is laid out relatively simple with a main page that will list all your playlists, along with the playlists currently available.

Karaoke One Playlist

Song Playlists are available through in-app purchase and range in pricing in the neighborhood of $.99. You can also pick up a full time pass for $4.99 that will give you access to all the playlists. Just keep in mind that while you browse through the playlist offerings this is a relatively new app and you may find several song titles listed as "Coming Soon". It is our understanding that the developers are feverishly working to build up the song library.

Karaoke One Playback

Playback includes studio recorded backing tracks, synced lyrics and a fairly traditional design for playback control.

Again, Karaoke One is a freemium app in the Windows Store and through the myAppFree campaign you can pick it up the Pop Right Now Volume 1 playlist free (a $2.99 savings) over the next twenty-four hours. Being a universal app, this will also give you access to the Windows Phone version as well.

Please note that it may take some time before this deal is reflected in the myAppFree app due to the various time zones that span the Globe. The deal is currently active in both the Windows and Windows Phone Store though.

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  • Love how the logo is a play on the Xbox One logo
  • Was just about to comment on that! It's pretty clever
  • Ooooh! Tricky! I thought it was xbox enabled :-\
  • On their website they say: "XBOX ONE Coming Soon" ^-^
  • Free on WP as well.
  • This is the kind of thing that will be great when it's on Xbone with W10. Might as well buy it now and see if it comes over.
  • It looks kind of contradictory that it says: "Unlimited songs forever" and one line after "Limited time offer".  I know I know that you can buy it now...or very soon, and you can have "all" the songs after that but it looks kind of weird -> Unlimited and then a limit. Testing the app in Windows 8.1 seems that the back and home buttons at the top left do not work
  • Sup bro, i think that you need help.
    FULL TIME PASS = all songs (future included) forever and ever and ever and ever.  special price (and "Human Stupidity" ;D ) is the only limited thing ! testing the app everything seems OK ;)
  • Dude, human stupidity is boundless.
  • Finally a karaoke app for windows!!!! :D
  • It wants a wallet PIN. What's that all about?
  • Says store is down for the free pass
  • keep trying :_D
  • Got the free pass! I'm thinking of buying it as it was well designed.
  • This app crashes like crazy on W10TP
  • In store m not able to purchase anything by using my union bank debit card...it's showing error
  • I've downloaded it, plus purchased the limited time offer "Forever Free" ... Works absolutely fine for me.. Now can't wait until more songs from more genres' are added.