KDDI posts a few Toshiba IS12T walk-through videos, launches site [Updated]

Need some video for the new Toshiba-Fujitsu IS12T in action? Look no further than KDDI's product page which has some nice high res pics of the device, specs and all around glossiness. Plus they have three videos up, showing the IS12T doing it's thing...

We have to admit, this looks like a fun phone and we're kinda jelly, Japan (although the screen is kind of "meh"). Also, kudos to KDDI and Toshiba for treating this like a real pre-launch.

Update: Added an "official" hands on/announcement video above.

Check out three more vids after the break...

Daniel Rubino

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  • Man typing in Japanese looks time consuming.
  • I find it easy enough to just use a virtual keyboard, but the flick method is also really speedy when you get used to it. They slowed it down so you can see how it differs from the virtual 9-key (or whatever it's called) on the iPhone (the WP7 does it better)
  • wonderful posts
    Bulging Disc
  • is this phone a complete water proof device or is it just splash proof???
  • seems like it is a complete waterproof device :]
  • Does it come with waterproof headphones?
  • I think they could have rehearsed the single-handed multitouch zooming a few times before recording it, but all in all I hope this takes off in Japan.
  • Check out the way the tiles explode around the 3.00 mark when they hold down the back button. My mango doesnt do that!
  • That was a video someone made that was playing. :-p
  • I saw that too! Pretty cool effect! At the :21-:23, do the tiles current have that 'flapping back and forth' effect when moving tiles around? I think that looks cool too. What if one of the 500, yet to be revealed, new features was a 'Tile Special Effect Mode'. That would be cool. I'm using cool alot :)
  • The first video showed more of how WP7 works than any ad I've seen. It might be time for Microsoft to get some of those type of clips out there so people can realize this is not an old Windows phone. That's what people see when they notice me using the phone. They get to see what the phone does and how smooth it is.
  • Agree. Check out how the phones are set up on the display - this is EXACTLY how the WP devices should be set up at the carriers - with the People hub and XBox Live tile; seems it would be easy for Microsoft to create a 'dummy' account for each of these for demo purposes only. It would simply make it more dynamic for consumers, especially if they are 'on the fence' about the tiles.
  • Anybody notice the new color schemes like gray or yellow???Apart from that the phone looks nice IMO, especially the black one.
  • Okay, so no front-facing camera on this one, and none on the Sea Ray, either. Is a front-facing camera on a WP confirmed at this point, or not? It looks as though Skype will not be coming to the Mango generation of phones.That is a major bummer...
  • I believe there is a FFC on the Sea Ray. Also the new line of HTC's, Eternity I believe are rumored to be coming in the near future with Mango. This is what wpcentral had to say back in April. there is hope.
  • that could just be skype chat and not the video
  • looks very s e x y (the phone too)