Well, color us disappointed. After nearly one year since the last update, the team behind Kik Messenger on Windows Phone recently revealed (via an email correspondence) that they don’t have a speedy proposal for a Windows Phone 8 update. (The app does work for Windows Phone 8, though it fails to take advantage of any new features and there are a few lingering issues with reliability). 

Reader of the site Jonathan S. emailed support over the need for a Windows Phone 8 update, noting how notifications have become unreliable (true) and there haven’t been any updates or additions since February of 2012 (also true).

A member of the Kik Team, Charlotte, replied with the following:

“Hey there, Thanks for your message! We don't have any immediate plans to develop a version of Kik for Windows Phone 8 - but you never know what the future may hold!

Stay tuned to our blog (http://kik.com/blog/), Twitter (@Kik), and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/kikplaynice) for news of any updates to the Kik app.

Thanks! The Kik team”

The good news there, if you were to find any, is Kik is not ruling out a Windows Phone 8 version in the future. But if you were hoping to get an update any day now for the service, well, you will be disappointed.

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We know resources are tight at such companies—after all, when was the last time you saw an ad in Kik? So developing on nascent platforms can be a struggle. With that said, it’s still not a good sign to see such a popular (and Windows Phone Central endorsed) messaging app go by the wayside right as we’re hitting our stride.

Microsoft…Nokia…you want to step up here and maybe lend them a hand?

Windows Phone 8 brings with it access to the lockscreen for notifications, detailed info and a doublewide tile, in addition to improved alerts and faster app performance. Apps like Kik Messenger are perfect for the new OS, which seems to be gaining ground now more than ever.

Here’s hoping something changes the minds of the Kik Team. Until then, at least WhatsApp is getting continued support with promises of future updates. In fact, it’s become pretty reliable for us since the last update.