Kinectimals Unleashed for Windows Phone brings furry friends to your pockets

Today is the greatest day for fans of Windows Phone and Kinectimals. Why? There’s a brand new Kinectimals game out on Windows Phone called ‘Kinectimals Unleashed’. Like all other games in the Kinectimals, you take care of a virtual pet. It’s like a modern day pet rock, except one that lives in your phone.

Kinectimals Unleashed comes to Windows Phone with Xbox Live support. Meaning you’ll sign in with your Gamertag and earn achievements and points towards your Gamerscore.

Kinectimals Unleashed Screenshot

You get over 85 different animals to make your own in Kinectimals Unleashed. Animals like a Bengal Tiger or a Huskie can be yours. You’ll collect as many as you can and play games with them. You can also get hundreds of toys and collectibles to keep you furry animal friend entertained.

Kinectimals Unleashed is a free game for Windows Phone users. The download size comes in at 306MB. 512MB devices are indeed supported! Download the game, if it’s your cup of tea, and let us know what you think!

Download Kinectimals from the Windows Phone Store

Thanks for the tip everyone!

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Sam Sabri
  • Great my son will love it.
  • Wow...another free Xbox Game....oohh soo sweet. If I may ask, do Android and iOS users get happy like this about their OS? Microsoft makes me happy 90% of the time...not all the time though :-)
  • Pretty great but hard to earn coins.
  • Playing it on Windows 8 and I agree, it is difficult to earn coins. Really thrusting the freemium model a bit too much. I can understand having to pay to rapidly advance and such, but I have to do a lot of activities just to feed and give water to the dog. 
  • Why wouldn't they be happy? There's usually always something to be happy about within the communities of the Big Three.
  • Sorry for posting it here off topic...
    I haven't got an Xbox, is there any way to add new pets without it? And are there any cats? Hate dogs :(
  • The game itself is completely self-centered. It does not require any copies of the Xbox Kinectimals line. All of the pets are in the game itself without the need for any other game. You start off with (default-named) "Toffee", a dog, but you can quickly level and get coins to also include a bear or cat into your line-up with "Toffee".
  • Thank you, friend! I gave it a second try now, having in mind that you've just told me, and found out everything I've been wondering about. But still can't understand, are the good such as food and water really cost so much? I got stuck within 3rd level for an hour already, have no money and no new challenges, seems like game is useless without real money. The old kinectimals used to be much easier to play!
  • Sadly yes. The game, while being free and fun, runs on a freemium model that seems to be pretty much thrusting itself into your face. Mind you, I enjoy the game, but it does become a WoW-like grind when it comes to buying simple things like food and water. Hopefully they will adjust this in a later patch.
  • At least now I know I'm not alone and not doing something wrong. I'm gonna stay with old K for now. Thanks again.
  • Hehe yay. I'm a goof of all that.
  • +1020
  • Two Xbox WP Games in less than 24 hours?? Humm...
  • What is this dark magic
  • Lol
  • Xbox enabled AND free? Wow I feel spoiled.
  • +920
  • So... MS is hearing lately? Xbox?
  • No, they're just finishing their games up. It's not like they see the complaints, then churn out a game to appease those in a month.
  • Agreed.
  • I have a furry pretty in my pocket.
  • This game also requires friends and there's an achievement that requires having friends. If you people like the game and intend to play it for a while, please add me. Here's my gamertag: apartament21
  • Added you ;)
  • Thanks, added you too!
  • romanian ?
  • Yep.
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  • Added you, Milk21 is my gamer tag if anyone wants to add me.
  • Add me too for xbox games: Oicirbaf1   cyaa
  • I could use a crowd on Xbox games too lol :) Slovenix
  • Gt: Jackoftherealm.
  • Mooncow027 add me
  • Silentsolution my GT
  • Username's THE SAME! -Monty Python's Holy Grail.
    Seriously, it's AskaLangly.
  • Okay miss soryu. (TV series ruined it for me) :p
  • LOL! Added, thanks for the help 
  • If you don't mind, please add me too, I've added you, my gamertag is LysanderOrion. 
  • Added you, if anyone wants feel free to add me Dare2Blink
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  • today is the day I'll get a lot of friends on xbox it seems
    GT: manept add add and away :D
  • Okey, i lost my wife with this :D
  • Really? Downloading now! :P
  • Microsoft seems to be the only one developing Xbox games....hope other developers also join in
    I know I am complaing but hey its good for the platform a good collection of Xbox games can attract so many people....
  • EA Games also keeps supporting Xbox games. But they're the only ones left. Along with Ubisoft too I think.
  • #SaveXboxWP, baby. You're welcome.
  • Was just remembering you ;)
  • Isn't it kinda a given that Microsoft's own games will be XBL though?
  • Wowwwww !
  • Nice
  • I tipped you, twice but U haven't written my name????????
  • It says "Thanks everyone", means they thanked you too. You're not there only one who tipped them about it.
  • Are you really this needy? Thanks Arda Ozkal. Thank you so much for being awesome.
  • Are you saying you ARE a 22 year old man or you will love it as you would a 22 year old man? Think carefully...
  • he said 'as', not 'like' or 'as much as' you're welcome
  • 'as' represents similarity 'as much as' represents measurable quantity so by saying I love this this as that could mean a similarty comparison, which is what Chris is pointing out
  • AS The structure of the sentence is usually: AS + SUBJECT + VERB.
    •Nobody sings as she does.
    •They went to the party as they were. So for as to apply, there is a verb missing. And even if there was a verb, it would reference the "man", not the OP. But let's not nitpick about this, as a non native speaker I am not too firm in the English language. Lets just agree on the fact that my understanding of the language would not allow such a misunderstanding in this case.
  • @Localhorst86 "as a non native speaker" vs. "AS A 22 YEAR OLD MAN" hmm dude, I think you just quite rightly cancelled your own point...  
  • The verb is implied. It was a joke, but let's not get all technical here. The joke works. I write for a living and English is my mother tongue as well as my daily oxygen. Flagz technically should have started "Even as a 22 year old man.." to avoid all confusion, and piss taking. As you were.
  • Nice surprise. Thanks Microsoft! Wow, a 306MB download. Wishing my 920 would grow an SD slot. Still, I'll take it.
  • Awesome.
  • Let's have some dignity, should we be happy about Microsoft releasing a very old game they developed for other platforms long time ago?
  • Kinectimals was released on WP a while ago (on WP first). This is another Kinectimal game.
  • I didn't know that, sorry Microsoft, thanks dude.
  • Well it doesn't really differ much from the WP7 original. This one is also a slowly running, battery draining, major pain in the ass boring grind.
  • It's from Microsoft. Their games are Xbox powered before they are even coded. I'd like to see indie games or at least other studios being able to make their games Xbox compatible.
  • Too much space to just take care of a virtual pet. Glad to see good games coming out more often, especially from Microsoft, but I pass this one.
  • Haha, are you seriously complaining about the game size?
  • At 306Mb I guess he is.
  • 306MB for a "simple" game, I think I have every right to complain about the size. Ok, it has great graphics and great variety of scenery and animals, I understand. I'm just saying that for me it is not worth taking up so much space with that kind of game.
  • Oh... I didn't know the simplicity determined the size.
  • I understand that, but the size of a game is not a valid criticism, each to their own...
  • while I do not complain about the game being 306 Mb in (download)size, I disagree with the statement that the size of the game is not a valid criticism, especialy in the mobile area where storage space is still very limited.
  • Its better than the space a real pet would occupy!
  • I want an option to scan my cat with my Kinect and add it to the game!
  • Ha, that would be nice. Microsoft already showed scanning stuff works pretty well, they should do this xD
  • I second this!
  • If I search for Kinectimals on my phone, I get two entries. One released a while back that's $2.99 and is 106 MB, and this one, which is free. They both have the same name, but different icons. Weird.
  • They are two different games. The one with the white xbox logo was the old game released for windows phone 7. The news game is its sequel, it's name is kinectimals unleashed. It's like with angry birds. They have the same titles but they are different games
  • For me the name is just Kinectimals with no added unleashed.
  • It's really Kinectimals Unleashed but they only put the name as Kinectimals in the Store. Same issue with the Angry Birds games.
  • You're right, never noticed that (not so into angry birds). Kinda strange in my opinion. Thanks for taking the time to answer
  • Both great games!
  • Yes!!!! Now I can look afer my talking tom and some other few animals! 
  • 306Mb... Christ!
  • Strange they didn't just make this an update to the old one.
  • This is made for WP8 and up. The old one supports WP7.
  • Well I'm glad there's another Xbox game out. I'll pass this one as I'm not fond of pet animals in real life let alone virtual ones. But my sister will live this, I'm sure.
  • For some reason, it wants me to install it in my phone storage saying I don't have enough space in my SD card even though I have 800 mb left.
  • You need 3-4 times as much space to accommodate the app. Not sure why.
  • Location achievement is still messed up in the first game
  • Very fun game with relaxing graphics, I enjoy it very much, but earning money and gems is kind of funny in frustrating way, I'd rather buy a game, not this in-game purchase thing.. I miss full games on Windows Phone (or any platform) it would be so awesome if it was more like Windows, buy and play, or at least make it easier to play.
  • No love for WP7. Just like last game, Wordament Snap Attack.
  • Sorry to say but I think this trend will continue.
  • You need to move on, man.
  • One more Xbox game in the bank, two in row!
    Chilly game, save Xbox all the way.
  • strange this isnt tracking on true achievments, im a little worried to start this game for now.  
  • That's cause it's such a grind that no one has managed to unlock any achievements yet.
  • As said, we only add games once someone has at least one achievement in it and this games a little long for the first one!, tis tracked now.
  • Halfway to Lv5. Pet is both dirty AND thirsty. Only 22 coins, and need 1,000 to go on. FFS. Microsoft-actions. >_>
  • This is in the Windows Store too. Downloading on my Surface now. :)
  • One of my favourite game! Awesome for e poet lovers
  • Cute and cool. Installing now. :)  
  • There is a Windows 8.1 version also:
  • Level 3 and Uninstall.... IAP SUCKSS!!!
  • I have it on Windows 8 and agree. I would like to progress further but it takes so much effort. You are not rewarded enough with coins or maybe it is just that it costs 500 coins to give your pet a drink. It is too expensive for everything. I understand freemium but I'd rather pay $5.00 and be done with it than have to deal with IAP to get ahead. Most freemium games with a little patience you feel you get rewarded, but not here.
  • I am unable to install on my 620. It completes download and starts again. it's happening everytime. Please anyone help me :(
  • Windows 8 version is out, but it doesn't sync with the Windows Phone version. Not a lot of games sync between devices, but it would be nice if at least the games coming directly from Microsoft would do it...
  • Add me.... Desert Fox0420 it will help with the gold collection.
  • +520
  • Did they also change the games mechanics?  man i grew tired of baby tigers.
  • yep.  same mechanics. and its f2p also.  i hate paying individual things to move fwd.
  • Soooo, Tamagotchis?
  • Hi! Add me, gt: AntZoo.