Lara Croft GO Windows 10 'Cave of Fire' impressions and contest

Lara Croft GO is the latest mobile game starring Lara Croft, the heroine of the Tomb Raider series. It also doubles as a sequel to Hitman GO, the popular puzzle/board game – but with fewer assassinations and more adventuring. Although lacking Xbox Live features, Lara Croft GO still remains one of my favorite mobile games of the year.

Square Enix Montreal recently injected the Windows versions of Lara Croft GO with a huge update called 'The Shard of Life.' This update brings a whole new area to the game, including brand new enemies, environments, and puzzles.To celebrate the arrival of the Cave of Fire, we've got fresh impressions and a list of our Lara Croft GO contest winners.

Lara Croft GO Windows 10 'Cave of Fire' impressions

Love is a burning thing

Lara Croft GO launched with approximately 75 levels spread across five sizable chapters. Lara's goal is always the same: to explore each tomb and discover the relics within it. When she finds enough pieces, she can assemble these magical artifacts, unlocking new costumes for future adventures.

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The recent 'Shard of Life' update adds a sixth chapter appropriately titled 'The Cave of Fire.' The chapter begins with Lara rappelling down a dark crevice with only a flare to guide her. She soon lands in a subterranean realm filled with ancient ruins and dangerous lava, hence the fire in the title.

The developers recommend that players complete the previous chapters before attempting The Cave of Fire. It certainly cranks up the difficulty, constant threats from a new breed of snake enemy that respawns four turns after Lara kills it. She'll have to carefully plan her movement in order to avoid facing the business end of the snake when it returns to life like a Phoenix.

Lara Croft GO Windows 10 'Cave of Fire' impressions

The new levels feature some interesting tools and puzzle mechanics. Lara can pix up a single-use spear and use it to knock out distant fire snakes, although they still return to life before long. To keep a snake down for the count, she'll have to drag stone blocks onto its bones. The blocks are somewhat clunky to move around, which adds to the challenge but wears at my patience a bit.

The one disappointment from this update is that Square Enix Montreal didn't fix the Windows Phone version's volume level issues that we alerted them to in our developer interview. The game is still way too quiet on phones – come on, developers!

The 'Shard of Life' expansion and Cave of Fire chapter feature 26 news puzzles for Lara to solve, plus plenty of relics to assemble.

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Lara Croft GO Windows 10 'Cave of Fire' impressions

Lara Croft GO contest (Ended)

This contest has ended. We gave out ten codes for the Windows 10 version of the game to our loyal readers. You can still leave a comment just for fun though!


  1. Follow the Windows Central Twitch channel at and enable email notifications.
  2. Leave a comment on this article telling us about the first Tomb Raider or Lara Croft game you played. You can just give us the game title and year, or go into more detail. The effort might improve your chances!
  3. Tell us your Twitch username in the comment. All prizes will be delivered by Twitch message (and may show up in the 'Other' folder of your Twitch inbox).

The contest ended Wednesday, December 9th at 12pm Central Standard time. Remember, prize codes will be delivered to your Twitch inbox and winners must redeem the code through the Windows 10 Store.

Lara Croft GO Windows 10 'Cave of Fire' impressions


We received a lot of great entries, and I wish everyone could've won. Here are the ten winners. If your name is on the list, head to Twitch and check your messages for your code!

  • Blade800 - Freeloader8
  • matsuo - tiefenbach29
  • IccyAsd - IccyAsd
  • Graxiplon - ck_savior
  • Elvis Silva - Hyunxseo
  • Virtuous Lumox - Virtuous_Lumox
  • FizzySignal - FizzySignal
  • Kovaelin - Kovaelin
  • scionluna - lordscion01
  • ErikJet - Mister_Jet

Thanks to Square Enix Montreal for these prizes.

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