Leaked Windows Phone 8.x dev build screenshots reveal notification center and more

A reddit thread posted just over 8 hours ago tells the story of a user who has purchased a Nokia Lumia 920 from eBay only to discover they are in possession of a device that seems to have once belonged to a Microsoft engineer.

Said user has posted several screenshots from the device which appear to show off a brand new calendar design, the ability to organise apps by frequency of use, and perhaps most interestingly: a notification center.

Whilst we can’t be 100% certain of this information, the quantity of screenshots that have been provided, as well as the presence of what appear to be internal apps still in development definitely lends some credibility to this rumour, in fact we're going to go ahead and give this a 7 on the rum-o-meter. Check below for a few of the screenshots and a list of the revealed features so far, or head over to flickr to see the originals yourself.

7: there's a good chance

New Features and changes

  • Notification center
  • Ability to close apps from the multitasking window
  • Sort apps by most used
  • New calendar interface with a week view
  • Data sense available

Initial analysis suggests that this is all very early stages, and the keen eyed amongst you will notice that the notification center appears to be launched via a separate tile. Whilst what is shown here is certainly not the final production ready OS, we can expect that features to be very different and possibly integrated in completely new ways if they ever make the finished product.

test apps and sorting

This story is developing so keep checking back to see if any new information comes to light. What do you make of this information? Are you excited by notifications and more granular app control? Discuss in the comments below!

Update 9:30am ET: We'have had some more information come forward to us via a trusted source. They confirm that these shots were from an "earlier" build of the next-version of the OS, but that subsequent releases since have had the Notification center removed. In addition, before it disappeared, its look became more inline with the People Hub design. What does that mean in the long run? Just that Microsoft is experimenting with different feature sets and some may or may not make it to the final build. So take these screenshots as being accurate, but only as a snapshot within the development process.

Source: Reddit; Via the Verge

Jay Bennett
  • nice set of features.  
  • Did anyone notice that Notification center is an app/tile?! Even fan concepts were better than this.. :/ 
  • I think the app tile makes the most sense. If you don't care about notifications you don't pin it. If you really care you make a double wide tile, so you can peek at the notifications without opening the app.
  • If i care about notifications i want to have them easily accessible. One swipe away all the time. Imagine this - you're in an app and you want to check the notifications. You have to leave the app, find/scroll the tile and then open it. When you finish you need to hold the back button and choose your app. How about swiping from the top to see your notifications? Why is there a need to make a simple solution complicated? Why is there a need to rethink something which is working flawlessly? I don't get it. I love WP because everything they made so far had so much sense. Notification center as an app/tile has almost the same amount of sense as pinning all the apps to the home screen to see which one notified you. Make it simple and accessible or don't make it at all.
  • Yeah I agree with you. Swiping would so much better then pinning the notification center app on the start screen. I would rather u swipe from the left side rather then the top just to be different frm iPhone and androids. And you should be able to swipe frm any screen u at. Similar to BB10's peak feature.
  • WP uses a lot of swiping to the left and right. It's better to be from top because a user couldn't make a mistake (drag a Not. Cen. instead of just swiping through some app).
  • Swiping left/right is more reasonable, as the all apps is shown on the right side of the screen. So, to make it 'balanced', putting the Notif. Center on the left is a better choice.
  • So many WP fans have told me they didn't like not need a notifications center.
  • I don't need one. That's what live tiles are for
  • +1. I agree with you, but sometimes I missed some notifications because not all apps are shown on the Start Screen.
  • I kind of see that, but by the same token if it's really that important for me to get a notification for an app I do have a live tile for it.
  • If you miss a toast its gone. You'll usually just get a number on the tile of the app which toasted you. Sometimes nothing.
  • That randomness would be bad design for that app (for example, myAppFree is bad because it does not display anithing on the tile; it just uses toasts). Not the fault of the OS.
    The thing is I do want a notification center, but I also want complete control over who can put stuff there, because I don't want spam.
    Tiles and toasts are pretty OK. Except for that damn ocasional ghost toast making noise and disappearing before you get to see what it was.
    I would really like a configurable toast display interval.
  • i would rather be able to expand live tiles on my start screen for each app
  • I understand the overenphasizing of the missing  notification center from users coming from iOS and Android, but it is a bit much. I don't care to see all of the "junk" I have seen in other notification center. I never used webOS other than over someone eles shoulder. I'm totally satisfied with the live tiles and the info they provide. Being naive to the notification center, I could care less. It seems like everyone has A.D.D. and has to continually check their notification center. I think it is just another way for others to handicap windows phone.
  • I don't need one. I'd simply like a list in the ME hub that catches all my toast notifications.
  • Yeh, I agree it is cool to have everything in a list because I imagine that there may be apps that needs to notify but aren´t on the front page, or have an easily visible live tile.  But I have talked to be people who has belittled the benefit of a notification center.
  • Strangis gets it.
  • +100, and even that might be too much.
    I came from Android and don't miss a notification center at all. But then, I'm one of, apparently, five people in the world who's happy with Windows 8 the way it is.
  • I'm very happy with WP8 the way it is, I would however like a 'toast log' of some sort. Every toats that is displayed should be saved in time order. Well, not every toats, only apps you enable (I don't need any game toasts). I'd be 100% happy with the solution in screenshots. Tile with notification counter that shows toasts. Most notifications that I care about are displayed on the glance screen and additional few I have pinned on start.
  • I don't NEED one but if others want one then I'm all for it, hell I'll probably even use it myself if it's there. It's the same old line, don't like it or need it then don't use it!!!
  • Just so that you know, iphone has the peak feature and BB10 was not the first. 
    Nokia N9 also had it before BB10. 
  • Indeed.
    I'm still doubting if my next phone will be a Blackberry 10 device or a Windows Phone 8. If they implemented some sort of peak feature, it would be one more reason to go for WP.
  • I would say use the capacitive buttons as the starting point of the swipe to the screen gesture. Start button + swipe up would "open" the notification center. Back button + swipe up opens app switch window (where you can close an app), and I would have Bing on Search + Up. Press Start does the usual stuff, Back button is for back but NEVER for closing an app, Search button is for contextual search (open a search bar + maybe w/ keyboard)
  • Imagine this... you're in an app with the metro design, you can't swipe left for notifications because there is something already there belonging to the app you in. Also, many app update/refresh by swiping from the top.
    I think notifications being a tile is the best way. Also, you can see at a glance if you have any notifications on the live tile.
  • Well if you start your finger from the edge of the screen it could come up. On the Surface if you start from off the screen and move onto it you can switch between apps fast. The only problem is theres not much room on the edge of your phone. They could always make it from the top but thats how ios and Android do and maybe we want something different. Or maybe you could even customize where you want it to come from. I dont know, just throwing some ideas out there.
  • You can't accurately swipe from left on a sub 5" display. You might want to scroll inside an app and instead it gets interpreted as a call for the Notification Center. That's feasible on the Surface because it's a big tablet, and people usually don't swipe from the edges unless they want to multi-task or see the Charms bar.
  • Or they could just stop trying to be different on EVERYTHING and just implement what is familiar and works PERFECTLY on Android and iOS.
  • I totally agree with you. Most will probably keep the tile at the top of the screen anyway.
  • what app has a swipe from top shortcut to refresh it?  never seen that.  swiping from top shows your statys icons.
  • It's pull to refresh. Download the Twitter app.
  • im not sure why is everone freaking out, when you are in an app you are most probably not going to navigate to check a notification (sense we are used to get those as toasts), if its important then you will click the toast to see whats going on, then click back and you right were you left. isnt that how we all WP users do it?
    The notification center is meant for when you leave your phone for some time, not for when you are using your phone.
  • Why have a notification center at all when my lock screen gives me everything I need: emails, missed calls, txt messages, and detailed calendar. What more do you want?!
    I do like the addition of being able to close out the multitasking images!!!!
  • Missed toasts doesnt always show on live tiles. Thats why.
  • Problem there is that you only have a finite number of spaces for app notifications.
  • Personally I think the notification center is most useful and helpful when you've been away. So a spin on how you unlock, or a swipe left from home is fine. Inside an app, I'll still see toast.
  • I disagree. I'd rather just see a list of missed notifications in the ME hub, with a counter on the tile, or expanded information on a large tile. Have what is essentially a toast repository would fix the vanishing toasts issue, which is the only downside to the notification system, IMHO.
  • No it's a bad idea. Let me put it this way, whatif someone wants to open notification center while being remained on screen of any app ?? Something like android or iOS type but somewhat different style should be implemented. It's not different than Unification.
  • I think I'd prefer a long press on the search button. My apps use down left and right swipes which would be broken by this. You could use an up fron the top swipe, but app bars are already there.
  • This is one of two choices. Long press search or have it always be the right-most app after a long press back. But no matter what, it must be in the next version of WP or I'm out. I simply cannot use or recommend this OS to anyone without it. This is an absolutely basic, fundamental feature. If it is in fact "removed" from updated builds, that is dark news, indeed.
  • Well, if you look at the multitasking screenshot, it shows that the notification centre is not able to be closed. (It doesn't have the "X" on it ) Maybe it is always visible when pressing the back- button and can be accessed through both: the multitasking view and a live tile?
  • Good eyes. But maybe you just have to be centered on the app you want to close.
  • Yeah I agree! I doubt if its final version gonna look like that.
  • Obviously that's not the finished product, so everybody calm your tits please
  • NFK! Nevermind it's a 7 on rumormeter! People these days.
  • The notification centre looks shit and swipe to right for notifications would have been the way forward not another app tile. app close should have been swipe up and get rid of it rather than a old school x.
  • or swipe the card/tombstone down like in W8/RT when closing an app.
  • EXACTLY!!! OMG if there is a God then he will have it willed so that this is used out of common sense of the platform and the name of keeping everything in uniform across all 3 screens. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Microsoft if you see this, think about it logically. I love you and everything you've brought to the platform, give us more!! Make an easy mode for people who just wanna enjoy their phone and make an advanced user with even more awesome customization option while keeping it metro. Give it the functionality of previous Windows Mobile while keeping it 100% Windows Phone!! What's so hard about that? I love you Microsoft, peace out!
  • Swiping down would be more consistant e.g. If you cancel an email it drops off the bottom of the display, if you send an email it flies off the top of the screen. Therefore swipe down to cancel/close.
  • That's true, although swiping apps up might feel more as though they're being discarded, or flicked away.
  • Yeah its disappointing to this notification
  • I think it should be in the "ME" tile and uncheck apps you don't want notifications for. Its already doing it for FB Twitter Linked In.
  • I can't stop myself from jumping off my bed when I saw that you can close apps by just touching X . And that option to sort apps in different ways is cool. Btw, how would we see notifications, I mean would it be a separate tile or something just swipe to right ??
  • i agree, closing apps really has been cumbersome, but closing them with an x sounds awesome.  
  • Did anyone notice that sms/calls filter app in the app draw at the bottom in the pic?
  • This is the biggest waste of development time. People from lesser operating systems just don't get that there is no need for this. http://forums.wpcentral.com/windows-phone-8-guides-how-tos/228314-managi...
  • That and closing apps are actually simplest on WP. spam the back button.
  • Neither is necessary. Hit start and nothing is running in the background. Read the link. You'll learn from it.
  • I just wanted to point that out foe those who want to feel like nothing's running in the background.
  • If I use a flashlight application, and press start/back my flashlight closes (have a L620) That was something I was able to do in a 256mb ram android. Made multitasking much easier, since I live in a country with frequent power outages and would like to be able to have the light open while I continue on with my phone. Any thing I'm missing? Or is it just not possible?
  • No, this is not possible.  The reason is that only apps that use certain services (location services, background music playing) are allowed to run in the background. 
  • I legitimately hate people that tell me I don't need to close apps. Yes, yes I do need to close apps. Just because you're happy occasionally hitting Back and ending up in an app you stopped using 5 hours ago doesn't mean we all are.
  • You might literally hate people that tell you this, but it is NEVER legitimate to hate someone.
  • A beer for hopmedic.
  • Thanks, but make it a Virgil's root beer. I don't drink alcohol. ;-)
  • And howmany times you have to press that back button??
  • Zero.
  • When you hit the start button, apps become paused and not all as multitasking is improving, still if we go through your logic, how many apps can be tombstoned ?? 8. So there's always a need to close em and agree people are obsessed yo close even 1app running or paused in back ground but that's actually a big flock so why shouldn't we complete their desire.
  • When you hit the start button apps are suspended. Zero CPU cycles. That's the same as if you close the app. Zero net gain by closing instead of suspending. The app stays in memory, but doing nothing. Should the phone need more memory, THEN it will tombstone. Let the phone do the management, and relax from the habits you gained by using inferior phones. There is never a need to force an app closed on Windows Phone. Read the article:
  • Thanks.  Not sure why people just don't get this process!  It makes sense and I appreciate what Microsoft has done here.
    I think people are just mentally trained by their computer applications, and some mobile devices, to hit the 'x' in order to close something, and they just can't grasp that there are other ways to effectively manage their applications.
  • "Zero CPU cycles" wrong.
  • Nope.
  • He's right, when apps are tombstoned they use no resources at all. Same thing happens with Modern UI apps on Windows 8/RT.
  • Stop with this argument. For godssake stop. It's an inferior OS that does not let you control it. You are ok with having an app remaining in the chain. We are not all ok with that. Hitting "back" and ending up in an old app is infuriating. When I stop using an app I want that app dead. Even if I home out there's still a solid chance I'll back into it again at some point. That is not efficient and not helpful.
  • Exactly lol, wp is heading in right direction and these people don't want to see such things and they call themselves well wishers of wp, what an irony....
  • If you didn't mean to go back, why did you hit the back button?
  • Accidents happen ;)
  • As I said, it pauses itself but howmuch apps you can pause ?? 8 only I guess. And whenever we want to close app we don't need that in background, we have to resume it and then close it by touching back button and if we can close it directly, it's a good thing. Don't say we don't need to close it. Make OS which people want to use not how OS want to use itself. And what if MS as it promised improve the multitasking and make it very near to true multitasking, this feature will be necessary.
  • Yeah, but that is a real pain in explorer after visiting some pages.
  • Actually, it's not.  From IE, tap Start.  Now tap IE (not back).  Now tap back.  No more IE in the back stack.
  • Much easier: close all tabs then press back
  • You are correct, however I put my method out there because while it removes IE from the back stack, it keeps the tabs open that are open, for those who like to have certain tabs available.  You could do the same thing by pinning a web page, as well - having the tab available, that is.
  • Still, some apps I don't want on the stack. I want to be able to get rid of them even if they are tombstoned
  • That's a desire.  Not a need.  Trust me - I'm OCD, and almost never have anything in the back stack, but I'm smart enough to realize that this is a problem with me and not the phone, and is therefore a waste of developer time to fix - ask my wife - I can't be fixed.
  • Its not like the live tile will work properly anyway.
  • You never drink out the bottle do you? :)
  • Great.  Personal attacks because someone points out the facts.  But yes, in fact, I do enjoy a good bottle of Virgil's Root Beer.  Mmmmm...
  • Not a personal attack at all bro. I'm a fellow craft beer fanatic. Or maybe "hopmedic" does stand for what I think it does in your case. Whatever the case, I'll get back on topic. I read the article you referenced on managing running apps. Very insightful. I just wish more people took the time to read these things.
  • Ah, gotcha...  No, actually I haven't had alcohol in probably 6-7 years.  The "Hop" is the first part of my last name.  Medic is because I was a paramedic for 10 years of my life.  Ten stressful years......  ;)
  • Another beer for hopmedic - okay, Root Beer, but I'll buy this round.
  • Make it a Virgil's. Best there is! ;-)
  • Oh, I almost forgot . . . Dogfish 90 minute IPA -- my go to beer.
  • I think notification tile is a good compromise. But, I have an idea, that user can swipe from the top twice, first to reveal the system tray (the battery, wireless signal indicator, etc), and the second to reveal the notification center. I also thinking a shortcut way, by swipe down by using two fingers.. How about that?? We need to elaborate this and send the result to the WP development team..
  • This isn't Android, which already does that by the way.
  • F*CK YES! Getting my Lumia 920 in a week and this was something i REALLY wanted confirmed before i bought it! :D
  • But it HASN'T been confirmed.  Did you not see the 'rum-o-meter'?  Did Microsoft announce that this was coming?
  • ^
  • The rum-o-meter wasn't there when i read the article :)
  • it could easily be fake... so until june 26th or later, you wouldnt confirm anything oficially.
    dont take rumors as facts! better wait, because it would be silly to complain later if all this is fake, when you say 920 sucks because it doesnt blabla and blabla. when everything was just a rumor. of course it can be real and all but well, my advice its if you really want what is shown here... just wait.
  • I like the low battery notification :D with 8 hours remaining xD those galaxy and iPhone folks will never know how it feels to have such a battery.
  • And some of us 920 owners will never know what its like to have such a battery....
  • ^THIS!
  • My battery runs just fine.
  • Nice.... If true.
  • Seems legit!!! W00t!!
  • If it is true. its awesome. want it as soon as possible. I hope all these features will come to Lumia 620. Lumia 520 & Lumia 720 which has 512 MB RAM.
  • It probably will since it's a new WindowsPhone build and not some sort of app :)
  • YES. Bought a L620 instead of a typical android because of the future updates they said it would be getting. (Fingers crossed) *_*
  • Is this confirmed?
  • This isn't confirmed and should absolutely be treated as a rumour for now
  • Awesome if true!
  • If Data Sense will become available independent from the carrier, that would be great news...
  • Great news indeed. I don't need the extra stuff Data Sense can do. Like having a data used counter, similar to what is available in Win 8. (Mark the network as throttled; requires admin privilege's to set.)
  • Yeah, I really want that feature. Why has it been locked by carrier before at all?
  • YES so many people will be happy with this....but I really hope they add more stuff to the notification center like settings and weather
  • Why so Apple can sue us lol. Sorry dude that's a dumb idea. Notifications about weather changes is a better idea.
  • Apple can't sue Microsoft
  • I doubt they'll sue...if it weren't for Microsoft apple wouldn't exist
  • No. Weather updates is what live tiles are for. The notification center should only show notifications. If you need weather notifications, you need an app that hooks into the notificaion center.
  • Also, is this included in the GDR2 update? Any information about that?
  • Nahh,I guess GDR3 or WP 8.1..
  • No... But we might hear more about this in July at BUILD maybe gdr3
  • Oh my god! I hope this is not FAKE.
  • Lots of good stuff, I have a feeling that there will be more cool stuff.
  • Seriously hope can get this in my 920.
  • If this is true: Finally!!!!!!!
  • Hope the designers have gotten to work on the interface since May, this is rough.
  • I agree. Functionality sometimes comes before design if you are making a working concept
  • Think so, too. The notification center, at least. And what is it with the calendar tile? The other pics just looks like test apps, so I don't take them seriously.
  • Oh Yeah ! Great additions, but please Microsoft you need to add more than these features in the coming build to be able to catchup with Android / iOS , expected features such as :
    1- VPN Support
    2- Ability to do things from lock screen (reply to SMS, Answer missed call .. etc)
    3- Battery Status in the top bar
    4- Unlock through the touch home button (HTC 8X)
  • 3 - permanent? Oh please lords no!
  • They should give an option at-least. Not everyone likes the same thing. :)
  • True. The only problem with giving more and more options is that at some point it becomes a settings jungle... you know, like Symbian or Android or something... :P
  • 1, It should be coming eventually  I'd thinkg
    2. Kind of defeats the purpose of a lock screen ?
    3, I agree with Vii, god no don't make it permanent. 
    4. Again, defeats the purpose of a lock screen if it can be that easily unlocked, why do you even have lock screen enabled?
  • Yup, android developers just go crazy with widgets on lockscreen. I feel like, whats the use of a lockscreen?
    Also, adding those functionality to lockscreen will make the lockscreen cluttered.
  • and then at some point it will be needed a lock screen to the lock screen..
  • I agree! All things android allows you to do frm da lock screen is dumb! Whts the purpose of having it?!
  • For lock screen I'd like to swipe up from the twitter notification and have the phone open twitter, or whatever icon notification you have on your screen.
  • +720
  • iOS doesnt even have VPN. its not important on a phone.
  • No Sir, iOS does have VPN since it was launched!
  • When you use your phone for business you will realize how important it is
  • I think you're wrong. I remember seeing VPN in the settings page.
  • I still don't understand the purpose of a notification center if we have live tiles.
  • You don't understand much apparently.
  • Well aren't you a bundle of sunshine this morning.
  • Lol. Yeah he must be his 1st smartphone.
  • It will fit and help some people and might not fit others, like yourself. Personally, I somewhat agree with you.
  • Yeah, the tiles are all I need, but I'm happy for all these people that really want this notification center. For me, I just hope it doesn't get in my way. Then again, I'm still on WP7.8 so I don't have to worry!
  • I think that's the most important point. MS needs to do something that won't bother people who just want to keep using it as they currently do. Personally I found this concept really nice, as it provides a lot of other features that all users can benefit from and is completely out of the way until you want it: http://forums.wpcentral.com/general-microsoft-news-discussion/211460-charms-bar-concept-wp8.html
  • I'm with you. As long as I know that there is something waiting for me in an app (ex. a tile count on my twitter app) I just enter the app and have a full experience. This seems more logical than fragmenting that experience by opening the notification center just to have to open the app anyway.
  • Well u apparently don't use other 3rd party apps like kik, whatsapp, or talk box to name a few. If u dnt have em pinned to ur start screen or if its pinned way at the bottom of start screen u wnt remember u got a message after the toast is gone.
  • Notification center would be for toast notifications, the ones that appear across the top of the screen, live tile information is different. Currently, if you dont catch a toast notification before it disappears it is gone forever and you'll never know you received one.
  • +1
  • The purpose of notification center is to appease coming from lesser phones who can't grasp the live tile concept.
  • What about alerts from ESPN, or any other app that doesn't utilize live tiles for notifications, that are just gone after the toast disappears? What about games, like words with friends? I don't want to pin everything to my start screen.
  • That's an app developer problem, not an OS problem. If you don't want something pinned to start, is it important enough to you to put in a notification center? What you're asking for is an OS that fits all people for all situations, and corrects for developers not taking advantage of the OS capabilities, and one doesn't exist.
  • Not everybody pin everything on their start  screen.
    Even if one pin everything on their start screen, if he/she misses a toast, he/she will need to scroll the entire start screen to know that they actually missed it. 
  • Live tiles don't tell u which app went off and when. that's like saying u don't see the point of having caller id
  • Apparently, you are not using your apps well. Only pinned tiles can have be live tiles. When not pinned, you can still get toasts which is a hit or miss. K.
  • OK man, some people want it. If you don't want, then don't use it, simple :-)
  • Ignore
  • i will give you an example, the are some apps that i have not pin a tile in the home screen, but still receive notifications... and 99% of the time i miss that notifications.. that's a practical example why we need a freaking notifications center..
  • I'm getting so tired of people saying that we don't need a notification center! SHUT UP! If you don't like it then simply don't use it!!!! Plain & simple! We need a notification center asap!
  • Exactly. These people completely ignore every logical response after posting their ignorant comment, and then next time it comes up they post the same damn comment. We need a sticky thread that explains the issue that we can post a link to every time someone says we don't need it. Then the 1% who actually want to know why it's needed can read about it and the rest can pound sand.
  • Yes I totally agree.
  • Preach on brother!
  • Story sounds fake.
  • I pray its Fake... Don't want nor like notification on a tile... Isn't sexy nor is it revolutionary...
  • So you want a notification center, but only if not implemented using a tile? Oy.
  • Well, am happy with the unified notification. Live tiles are working our great for me. But in case WP OS is greating one, atleast it should not be in a tile. Well, its my view, which may not be urs.   I don't like iOS design language but millions do.. Isn't it..!!!   Same way..
  • ***sigh of relief***
    I was hoping I wasn't the only person who thought this setup was terrible. It's really the ugliest concept I've ever seen. Please be fake :(
  • The tile makes a lot of sense, since you can adjust the level of notifications you care about. Do you want just the count, last or see a partial list without even going to the notifications (e.g. glance and go). Or, you don't care at all (don't pin it). It fits more with the WP motive than a notifications screen that's always available.
  • But it ignores all the other reasons users are asking for a notification centre, like quick settings that can be accessed without leaving your current app. For example you are using gps, but realise your gps is off - you can quickly turn it on. Or if you are reading a web page in bed and want to activate the (currently non-existent) screen orientation lock without leaving your app. Why not have a system like this http://forums.wpcentral.com/general-microsoft-news-discussion/211460-cha... that is always accessible, but never has to be accessed if the user doesn't want.
  • Jeez. It's still at testing phase. This feature will be baked into the OS in the final release for sure.
  • How about functional? I don't care about flash.
  • That calendar tile is Chronos Calendar..not the stock Windows Phone tile
  • Oh, thank god. I was just wondering about the calendar tile redesign, and didn't think it looked good.
  • This is awesome. Now I am just hoping T-mobile's 925 is around $400.
  • Wasn't it $450?
  • No details yet, but even if so, who couldn't go for $50 less?
  • Fake
  • Somebody's getting fired.. Or was, maybe?
  • Lol!  I was just thinking about how irresponsible of an employee to sell their device with this propriety, yet to be release software on it.
    Very irresponsible.
  • Maybe it was left behind on a drunken binge, eBay seller who found it thought of a quick sell.....idk, many possibilities of how this could had happened.
  • App list has 'zstorage toolbox'
    Microsoft finally giving us a fix to 'other'?? I can't wait for this to be confirmed!!!!! Love to have a Windows Phone
  • From all those, Data Sense and the closing of Apps in multitasking are the ones I really care about.
    I honestly have no need for a notifications centre. I have Unification and I don't even use it. But people seem to want that so good to see it coming.
  • But Storage Toolbox? Don't you care?
  • I don't know what it does. If it allows to finally fix the damn Others problem, definitely. But if its something limited like Storage Check then there's no need for it (except for those who don't own a Nokia).
  • Well, I'm using Samsung Ativ S and my 'other' is 5gb and Shrink Storage isn't working anymore.. And I have 800mb left (almost 7gb on apps & games).. So yeah, I need it. And any tools to storage is just improvement..
  • Yeah, the other storage problem is truly awful. You should consider upgrading to WP7.8 and ditch WP8 until it's fixed. You can get them cheap, too!
  • You mean downgrading to 7.8.
    If anything, he should consider ditching Samsung for Nokia but never for a 7.8 device.
  • Yeah, I guess irony is lost on you.
  • I think if someone doesn't understand irony, that someone is you. 'cause you utterly fail at it.
    The other storage problem IS trully awful. It forces many people to completely reset their phones at a certain point (specially those with lower memory devices) because the "others" has eaten up all the space. So yeah...next time you try to use irony...try to learn how to do it properly first ;)
  • Doesn't reseting your phone also remove all game progress, etc.? What else would I lose for forever if i'd do so?
  • Yes, you lose all that. You can backup the installed Apps, photos, videos and sms, but you'll lose all the game progresses (but you won't lose the achievements) and you'll lose any webpages you had pinned to the start. Also, if you have Apps that have meanwhile been removed from the store (say Microsoft's YouTube App) you won't be able to reinstall those.
  • Geez guy. He was making a joke and it worked until you threw a cold bucket of water on it. I'm glad I haven't downgraded from 7.8 to 8 yet. No other storage problems for me!
  • Haha :D But yeah, I so hope that I'd have bought Nokia L920 instead of an Ativ S... But, It's too late for me. I'm not allowed to buy a nw phone for a year or two, so I'm stuck with my Samsung. Though I've tried so many competitions, and even to change with someone who has a L920. No luck yet.. So, I'll just wait for MS to fix that Other -problem.
  • I think it's probably fake. Maybe I'm wrong, there are some definite rough edges...Like when you sort apps by frequency, does it really need to say "Moderately Used", "Least Used", etc? Seems like they would just put them in order of frequency.
    EDIT: On further inspection, it seems legit. Hopefully Microsoft polishes the edges before release. I'm sure they will.
  • My girlfriend will be happy to see that the new OS comes with lots of pictures of moustache cats.
  • Not every girl squeals at pictures of cats with moustaches.
    I prefer dogs. With moustaches.
  • Would’ve preferred the notifications show up in a “split view” (like Windows 8 split view, but vertical,) when the back button is held, so they show up either above or below the current running tasks, and can be small, or made large and the tasks running made small. Probably the most elegant and best way to do it.
  • LOL Chinese Lumia 920 Ships With New Firmware! Brings Notification Center, Daily Calendar View, Close Background Tasks and Much More http://mynokiablog.com/2013/06/08/chinese-lumia-920-ships-with-new-firmware-brings-notifications-daily-calendar-view-close-background-tasks-and-much-more/?fb_source=pubv1
  • I'm not sure about all the "z" stuff and what it means.
  • Probably a way just to make the dev apps all appear at the bottom in one place.
  • Or by naming all the app's with a z it's easy to prove that frequency sorting is working? Remember this was an engineer's device we suspect
  • And Custom theme's color with custom background  +Radio,  +XBox music videos, new WP store design, IE 11 !!!!!
  • Ie11 is awesome news
  • Don't like the notification centre on a tile.. Not sexy enough..
  • Take a deep breath. Now, repeat after me: "Phones are not sexy. They are just phones."
  • Exactly. I hate when people call everything sexy. It sounds so stupid.
  • FYI, these shots, especially of the Notifications, are from early bits that were later abandonded. They are not part of the current build cycle.
  • You would know this how? Not saying you don't. Just curious. :) So did any of these live on e.g, in a different design?
  • Dw, codesmith just wants you to buy his notification centre app
  • I hope that means they've abandoned the idea of the Notification center as an app/tile. It has to be one swipe away.
  • a tile doesn't mean it couldn't be accessible any other way.
  • Well if the NC is going to be accessible through swipe from the top a tile or an app would be redundant.
  • Correct. However, it, for example, is very unlikely that the notification center would be a swipe from the top as that gesture is already used for battery, signal etc. bar, unless they combine the two of course.
    My point was more generic. :)
  • The screenshots looks fake as hell
  • What's up with all the apps that start with a z ??
  • Pretty sure the all the z is for is to force the apps to the bottom of the list, nothing more.
  • i was thinking the same..zstore,zpower,zbattery..   .___.
  • My top two types of leaks are.
    1) news/pics/leaks of future windows phone builds
    2) news/pics/leaks of future windows phone hardware Needless today, been a very exciting past few days!
  • I reckon fake. These images don't look good at all. The features are most welcome, but the cross, the home screen calendar tile and a few other things look far too rough even for a dev app.
    I reckon someone's just made some screenies of all the things we want to see, and have done a fairly bad job of it.
    Also, buying a dev phone on ebay? A likely story...
  • I'm thinking this may be some unlocked dev phone or something with a custom rom. I had a custom Lumia 800 rom on my Omnia 7 that had a bunch of zApps.
  • Sweet
  • Better news than yesterdays Xbox one debacle!!!!!
  • Yesterday? what new information did they release yesterday?
  • I call fake. Selling a dev phone on ebay? Really? We all fall from the tree yesterday?
  • More likely then an iphone being 'left' in a bar.
  • No, less likely. Less. Much less. Unless you live on another planet
  • I think something was lost in translation. I said "left" because it of course wasn't left in the bar by mistake. Just like this phone wasn't sold by mistake, it is probably a planned leak if true.
  • I got a dev phone off of eBay once (LG Panther). It happens more than you think.
  • I really don't have a need for a notification center though I know many have been asking for it. What I find troubling is that this "early build" is nowhere as elegant as any concept that I've seen. I hope the final looks better than this. Plus the Me tile already has a Notifications area, why not just amend that, instead of a whole new tile?
  • I think that's chronos calendar
  • It is...
  • Needs better design looks like crap
  • This is obviously a fake. After all we have had the douchy guy from LD telling us in all the news posts about that company how we don't know anything and how it is 100% guaranteed that a Notification Center is not coming. Therefore this cannot be true.
  • Well that douchy guy must be a complete nutter then as Joe Belfiore has even said that they wanted a notification center in WP8, just ran out of time to implement it before launch.
  • I don't think it was Joe Belfiore, but it was by some MS WP guy giving a Q&A to a roomful of devs after his presentation.
  • Yah, I think you are right. It was Thomas Fennel who said it at BUILD, and that it was very important to him. Was pretty sure though that Joe Belfiore tweeted something about it too, and that they were listening to everyone's feedback
  • I would love to believe it all bit I would think a screen shot of the firmware version and info from settings menu would have been included
  • Firmware version
  • Did you noticed the Screen resolution on that NOKIA device? its 1280 x 720 .. same as my 8x ..
    a new device is coming ?
  • A calendar week view and a notification center? I cannot believe it! Now add shortcuts for system settings and I'll be more than happy...
  • Re: notification center being in a tile -- probably set up that way purely for testing purposes. If the screenshots are authentic, this 920 was just a testing bed for functionality, not final UI testing.
  • Something worth considering is that for fundamental features like this, step one isn't to knock up a beta app to approximate intended functionality to see if it works. These features are so basic the focus must surely start with design. The designers will spend time presenting the information in a useful/attractive way, and once signed off a dev will start bringing it to life.
    So at no point during the process will crap like this appear on anybody's dev phone. My opinion, of course. Giving the benefit of the doubt to Microsoft where I can.
  • Your view of the dev process is off. There is a reason that branching exist. It's entirely possible that while designers toil away, the devs have already created the functionality and put it into a build. With a giant team like this it's not recommended that devs sit on their hands until designers are done. If you want to hit a landmark and do it in a speedy fashion, everyone is working at once. So it's entirely possible that, until the designers are done, the dev team builds the notification center as a tile for testing as the quickest way to test live on the phone.
  • Good point, well made. I concede that you may well be correct. I suppose what I'm really thinking is that the designers would likely have been well done with these fundamental bits quite some time ago, so in this specific case I expect the design is already there and still wouldn't appear in this form.
  • Is this available for the 8X?
  • not sure if its a troll post or not but yes this is an OS update which means all WP8 phones including 8x will get it.
  • Will this be in GDR2 or 3??
  • You know GDR2 is soon right? I highly doubt it's then. Either 3 or WP8.1
  • Having a notification like ios and android where you only swipe down to go to the notification center would be great. And having to close apps on multitasking too!
  • They should have it sliding to the left make it different!
  • Exactly... iOS stole from Android, more or less, and now it's time for windows to be different
  • It's either fake or somekind of work in progress thingie.
  • Cool but, What is the FREAKING chance you could buy a used phone and get the newest Version of the OS, newer than anyone else ?  Almost 0 !
    All I say, send the phone to one of these experts over the XDA to see if they can extract a rom from it so we can all have a copy of it on our phones : )
  • May I remind you that "our" WP8 phone are all VERY TIGHTLY locked and no one so far was able to upload a custom ROM to one of it?
  • Im getting tired of the glacial speed ms is updating windows phone at, these are all overdue and should be better implemented, they'd better hurry up or I'll jump ship.
  • Lol!  Microsoft is shaking in their boots because of your threat...
  • However empty my threats seem, if you took off your rose tinted glasses you would see that the platform hasn't changed all that much from mango besides increased hardware specs
  • we will try to miss you
  • at least your not a samsung gs3 customer who hasn't gotten a single update since december!
  • What? Once a year seems normal for a major update... Let's see, we are getting 3 minor updates this year that includes new features as well. Plus we get bug fixes. And then at least once a year, we get a major update. I'd say for the most part, that's not glacial speed. Consider my android, which got 2 updates in its entire life. 
  • Or he could consider my Android, which received a whopping ZERO updates in it's 1 year life cycle before it died.
  • Omg! Thbskvsjjsvjabalangsnbksh! Ive been waiting for this since the start. *cries
  • VERY VERY EARLY Stages the design team did not even had their hands on this. So very likely BLUE....
  • Better late than never.
  • Seems pretty cool
  • That calander is awful, but the rest is fantastic.
  • "Sadie Hawkins" in full effect. Rumor and still no definitive word on a notification center. And so we wait and our devices age on.
  • If they have it were you slide left to see notifications that would be so fucking kick ass!!!!!
  • Just add the separate volume control for ringtone and media. I appreciate the multitasking enhancement tho.
  • Sad to not see a search button in that calendar. My BlackBerry had this years ago. Give us real outlook functionality MS.
  • That is a 3rd party calendar, not Microsoft's
  • closing apps from multitasking menu? hell yeah!
  • Who needs a notification center when we have a start screen and live tiles, kind of redundant really. Just need to be like ever one else I guess just to say I can too.....
  • You can't have live tile for every app. But you can have toast for all apps (I think I wouldn't know since there is no central way to get notified) if only we had a notification center so that we can get notified of toast notifications. Notification center.
  • You get a lot of toast notifications?
  • I've played Age of Sorcery, a prime example of a game/app that produces periodic notifications, all of which are giving different information and all of which are necessary to see at some stag, if not the time at which they happen. Live Tiles are great, I agree, but people are being consistently short-sighted about not needing a notification centre. Toast notifications are not the same as the information you get on live tiles. Quite a different concept, and not being able to rewind and see past notifications is an undeniable flaw in the current system. But it is fair to suggest that not everybody will need it.
  • Sorry dude, but I don't want to pin every app I have to the homes tern, and then have to scroll endlessly every time just to see if anything new has happened.
  • if you dont like to pin apps to start screen and you dont like the "live tile" concept, why did you even get WP in first palce? you could just get android and be happy with a notification center....
    people like you are amusing though.
  • You're flatly wrong, and unfairly offensive. Try to be more mature.
  • Apps need to be pinned for live tiles. If you dont pin, you get nothing. Some apps have toast notification, but a hit or miss. Once gone, you cant retrieve again. How come notification center will be useless if it addresses these two issues? Please I dont want to pin all my apps and scroll and stare endlessly in my phone for toasts. K.
  • If you don't see your toast notifications now, how do you know you've missed any? Or are you trying to find a solution to a problem you don't have?
  • They may have heard the notification sound but not got to the phone in time? Or it glitches out removing the notification as I switch the screen on? Both have happened to me. I want a notification centre but it isn't make or break for me.
  • Agreed. A clear flaw, but not critical.
  • Almost reminds me of a notification center jaxbot released for unlocked wp7 phones.
  • Rum-o-meter is back, good times!
  • A pinned tile notification centre makes sense, it's always accessible from the task manager (as long as you don't close it) and from every app. Swiping left from the home screen would mean leaving the current app you are in, then heading to the home screen & then swiping left.
  • That's not a hassle, the tile would be. Swiping right would have no load time
  • Load time? What load time? Most of my ApS open pretty fast
  • No it wouldn't. Swipe left from the bezel would bring it up no matter where you're at, like gestures in webOS or charms bar in w8.
  • ehmm and how Swiping right would work in apps... please, it wouldnt!
    there is a difference between win8 and WP, screen size, resolution, landscape vs portrait mode. Im the ones that wouldnt want to use a notication center because there is no point for me. why would i want to see it if I accidentaly swipe to right while navigating on an app?? yeah great idea /s
  • If you actually spent more time using WP than spoutting nonsense, maybe you would start to understand the benifits of something similar to 'notification center'.
  • True story. Until today I don't think i've thought about needing a notification center in the past 3 months at least. In fact the only time I do its because someone else brings it up.
  • Swipe right to the notification centre does sounds really great! :)
  • I hope its true
  • What version is this?
  • Apparently a very early version of the next version of the OS.
  • Its dated may, so its not that old
  • Swipe notification is the best. And maybe they could make where you can turn it off if u want to
  • This is fake for so many obvious reasons it's not even funny.
  • So what about the "other" storage bug? When will that ever be fixed.
  • This guy needs to take a screenshot of the OS build.
  • I think if there were a notification center, it should be placed on the lock screen. Where the glyphs are. Allowing the user to press these glyphs and see the missed notifications.
  • A notification center where you have to return to the home screen and tap an app is borderline useless.
  • I swear these morons at Microsoft really think they have it all figured out. Who the f..... Want a S.....ting live tile notification. 90 % percent of push notifications on WP don't work. WP feels like a beta piece of shit I'm totally jumping ship if they don't get there S... Right seriously a F... Tile??
  • Apply Logic? Or.. Apple Logic? Hmm.
  • So if you criticize Microsoft you're an apple fan? Its people like you that's causing the company to release unfinished shit product like WP7 & WP8 because you're a fanboy. You serve absolutely no purpose to the enhancement of the platform you dumb F....
  • HAHA!!  You dummy.  You think I have enough power to "cause the company to release an unfinished product"?  You're a clever one...who clearly uses apple logic.
  • What? Push notifications work fine for me. It's up to the developers to implement the push notification, like it has always been for any OS.
  • No. They do not. Whatsapp, Skype, Kik Messenger, Viber and Facebook (beta or not) apps never had reliably push notifications. Sometimes it takes hours for the toast arrive and I can confirm this because if you enter the app the event that triggers the notification is visible, sometimes you have already see it and only minutes late you receive the toast. I don't know whose fault is this but don't act like it works contently.
  • Instead of swiping from the top, which could be a hassle with bigger phones, we should be able to access the notification center with a swipe from left to right. Then, there could be settings to take up just half the screen for quick looks or the full screen for a closer look. But regardless of whether it is half screen or full screen one swipe back from right to left should take you back to where you were. And of course I mean swiping the ends of the phone not just random swipes in the middle. This is just a suggestion of course
  • "Keen if true. If not true..then not Keen" - Confucius
  • Actually the person bought the device from the tooth fairy who had won it in a bet with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Even the crackberry cult members aren't this gullible. Fake, fraud, joke - call it whatever you like as long as you don't say real. I can't believe anyone would take this seriously.
  • Who getting fired?
  • totally agree, this looks horrible 
  • No no no, its all wrong! Notifications need to be accessible from anywhere in the OS, any app, any media. Why don't the incorporate it into the app switcher screen? Hold back anywhere and have access to notifications, maybe swipe left? There is so much wasted space in there. I also think you should view 4 apps at a time. Would make app switching so much more efficient. I really believe the app switcher could be a good feature catch all.
  • Completely agree. It seems like the most obvious place to put it. And I hope nobody chimes in again with "but that's not intuitive", because there's nothing intuitive with holding down the Windows button to switch apps either.
  • And honestly, you could make it very simple, by holding down back, and immediately swiping form the bottom to enter notifications once the app switcher is up. It is very smooth and intuitive I feel like. 
  • oops
  • The app list screen now has feature parity with Win 8.1. I wish the calendar was improved though.
  • Why is it so hard to implement a sms exporting to a txt/csv/xml/anything-parsable file ???
    This is something it has been asked since wp 7.0 !
  • I am all in for metro but not digging the design. Hoping they change it to a much more beautiful list. 
  • A tile for notifications sounds like a bad idea. I dont want to have to go to my start screen to get notfications. Maybe have a tile as an optional thing but I want to be able to get to my notification center from whatever im doing. But closing apps sounds awesome. I just hope you dont have to go back to get to the app again. I hope it comes straight up everytime I touch the tile. Good for stuff like Facebook, Twitter, maybe a game you play alot or something like that.
  • If you have the espn apps or cnn app you know why we need notification center
  • Hear hear!!
  • +1
  • Thank you. I don't know why people don't understand this.
  • I don't know. I think the notification center as a tile is perfectly fine. When you're using it, push notifications work just fine. When you first unlock the phone, you are at the start screen anyways so you can just press the notification tiles to see what you've missed.
  • I still say the dam toasts should fu****Ing scroll when they pop up. CNN toasts are impossible to understand sometimes unless you open the app to see the complete sentence.
  • Nice. Although I would prefer to swipe down to close an app just like in windows 8. Notifications should be a swipe down from the top. Sometime it's better to use ideas that's been tried and tested. It works on iOS and Android.
  • Relax people, if nothing else this an early build/design and things will likely be somewhat different on release. (Blue is my guess)
  • I am angry at Microsoft and all the WP fanboy. I just wanna B-SLAP some common sense into them
  • Why? Because a VERY EARLY developer build was leaked that in no way reflects the final release? You do realize that functionality comes before form in the beginning, right?
  • No just No for notification access method and design
  • Also notice the Nokia Drive+ Beta BLUE in the apps list?
  • zCortanaapp? Siri for WP, Halo voice style? haha
  • Cortana :( :)
  • Mehhhh, not impressed...
  • Please! No notifications on a tile!
  • That would be cool if you could close with an 'X' and like Windows 8 swipe down
  • How about the notification center always display whenever u hold the back button alongside with active apps? or notification center when you double tap windows home button logo wherever you are...
  • Notifications should be on the left side of the startscreen (and above the startscreen in Windows 8.1, since it alters the UI with 90 degrees).
  • I love how development phase products turn out and how the production versions progress from what concept ideas and prototypes once were. As a developer, it's nice to get a glimpse of what other companies are creating, testing, re-drafting and developing over again. We kind of get caught up in our own work that seeing other developers going through the same motions make you feel like you're not the only one going thru the endless cycle of development. Can't wait to see what Microsoft has in store for us!
  • I hear ya. That's a good point. I do get so wrapped up in my project that it always seems like others release code with no problems at all.
  • Features are more than welcome.
    And while I'm sure this is far from final, I really believe Metro (yes, I still call it that) is in a dire need of graphical enhancement if it is to become a serious competitor on the market.
    Nothing amateurish a-la web 2.0, but definitely SUBTLE shadows and gradients would be welcome as well as sleek smooth animations and transitions...
    This is what WP has always been for me: simple, useful and beautiful.
  • Super ugly design
  • It's most likely an early work in progress (if not fake). But yeah... it is somewhat hideous :)
  • I like turtles!
  • I like Ninjas!
  • I like your mom
  • My dad likes you!
  • Yeah I thought swipe to the left is the defacto design for the notification center by now :/
  • At least my left side is empty... At right are my apps....so it could stay at left And have a live titles
  • The homebrew notification centers are laid out better than this. Hoping this is fake or a very very early screen shot.
  • Well considering we don't even have a release date for the next OS version (other than either late this year, or early next year), it kind of has to be a very early version.
  • Imagine a notification center that contains app notifications for any app that you DO NOT have pinned as a live tile. Possible? I don't do social media so I don't have a need for a notification tile/center, but I can see where that would be useful.
  • Week view calendar and closing apps with the X. That's what I'm excited about.
  • The date of the OS is 12/10/12 so I would imagine this is an early build.
  • Halo, a notification center, fm radio, other storage fix and a carrier independent data sense would be 5 very compelling reasons for me to move up from 7.8 to 8. Actually, a notification center would make it a must buy for me. Pair that with a 4.7 or 5.0 HTC or Samsung device and I'm throwing my money at them. But I also understand that MS has a history of putting killer features in dev roms and removing them from gold roms (rotation lock was in 7003 on my old LG Panther and removed from 7004 when it was released) so I'm not holding my breath.
  • In relates news, a former Microsoft employee is looking for a new position somewhere else.
  • I hope they go with the 3 screen concept. Left notifications, middle is start screen, and then right is the app list.
  • If it does turn out to be true its gonna be hectic n I guess there will be alot more goodness
  • Damnit!!!! I don't want an X button in the multitasking screen! Use a flick down gesture from the multitasking screen!!! Also I don't want a notification center that swipes down from the system tray like iOS and Android :/
  • Glad to see notifications are a tile and not some stupid baked in "swipe left on start screen". Stay with the live tile vision, don't cave in to the demands of every android / IOS user who switched and wants EXACTLY THE SAME EXPERIENCE BACK. You bought into this OS, you bought into this concept. Sell your phone if you don't like it. A notification center essentially undermines and replaces live tiles, and will likely make the phone a clustered redundant mess. THE BEST notification center solution FOR WP would be an optional tile that only display notifications from apps that aren't already pinned to start. That's all it needs to do- keep track of missed notifications from apps that you don't have pinned. Fill in one hole in the WP system. Because apps you do have pinned are almost always going to have a life tile notification, and having it show up in two places would be dumb. Why even bother with the tile then? Without tiles... Why bother with WP? And if they did it like android/ios, it would be a static shitty checklist you have to manually manage yourself. The app tile would update, but you'll have to go clear the notification center thing manually... What a nightmare.
  • I would love a notification center. I think it would be great if we could swipe from the left and have a notification center there as well as shortcuts to toggle WiFi, bt, airplane mode and other features on and off. Oh and custom notification tones please.
  • Swiping from the left is stupid. What about apps that already contain actions for that? (like wpcentral!). Are you saying you think clicking "home", then swiping from left, then clicking back to carry on what you were doing is a better idea than just swiping down??? All you guys are dreaming. WP8 Already had a swipe down feature that works great to bring up WiFi, battery and cellular info...just extend that to also bring up notifications. Easy.
  • Swiping from top is not that convenient anymore I think, especially with the current and the upcoming phones which will feature larger screens and you will need to stretch your thumb to the top to bring notifications ( having this problem when I use any android flagship)
    So wiping from right or left .. Or even from bottom will be much better. And I don't like the notification tile at all
  • You can't use your other fingers while holding the phone in one hand?
  • And BTW ...
    is it just me? Or the notifications center in there images looks too cheep and not well built..??
    Even a 3rd party app ( UNIFICATION ) looks better than this one from Ms.
  • Um, this is a very early build. I highly doubt they are focusing on beauty right now. I'm betting they just want to get it working first.
  • That calendar overview is fantastic. Brilliant use of the space - monthly, weekly and daily in one single, modern UI screen.
  • We obviously need a notification center with a simple down swipe from the top. If you're oblivious to this because you like to keep every single app on the main page, then simply don't use it. Saying "well maybe swiping from the left would be cooler because it's being different from ios and android" is silly. 1. That would conflict with apps that are currently launched. 2. Why scrap something that works so efficiently just because ios and android already have it? They both have it because it works! I'm not saying copy the complete concept of ios' or android's ofcourse (for obvious legal reasons), Microsoft can add their own metro feel to it and what-not. And still no mention about orientation lock....*sigh* maybe it's already on wp8.1 and just hasn't been confirmed yet.
  • Neither using the top edge or left edge would conflict with the current app. It's been tried and tested to death in Windows 8...
  • Agreed 100%
  • Nope. The notification system on iOS and Android is incredibly inefficient, being opened by accident constantly and is no where near the efficiency of BlackBerry's or WebOS's notification systems.
  • I'll take the BB and Web OS notification center but it don't need to be an app, plus Android and IOS works well; u must not be doing something right.
  • You mean how swiping from the top on windows phone 8 always brings up the battery and WiFi notifications "accidentally"? Oh wait. That doesn't happen. It could easily be used to bring up notifications instead.
  • I mean in mobile games, where the system tray is usually hidden, but the notification shade is still pulled down. In iOS and Android, the notification shade is frequently pulled down accidentally, even when the system tray up top is not there (the shade is still active, even when the system tray is hidden.) Besides, we are moving into an era of phones where the screen size is so large that we can't hit the top of it in one handed use, making it difficult to use the notification shade. I think Blackberry 10 really did it right.
  • Notification live tile make sense. Imagine the large tile with all the notifications and you can read them without enter into the app...
  • Live tile is too small for this purpose imho.
  • How about long press the windows button & then say open notification?
  • Some people (like myself) are not very keen about speech for everyday use. Don't mind having this as a secondary way though...
  • This cept just hold it.. And move the search to holding the search button
  • Looks nice, but whatever the do, I hope it gets applied to the 7.x versions too.
  • You're kidding, right?
  • Nope. Updates are still planned for 7.x
  • लैम्ब औफ गौड। ;)
  • किस के मामा का गान?
  • That doesn't make sense, dude. Lamb of god is an American band if that's what you're asking...
  • I'm happy to see NFC potential for CC instead of trusting the carrier will eventually do ANYTHING with this
  • C'mon Xbox video support...
  • My prayers were heard
  • How lucky is the dude who bought the phone. Surprised the engineer was allowed to sell it.
  • If i were to guess I'd say it wasn't the engineer that sold it...
  • I Like the idea of Notification Centre as a double wide tile because it is just one touch away from anything you are doing.  You press the start button, it takes you to the homescreen where you see the tile, you press back and you're back to what you were doing :).
    No need for all this swiping in that's being suggested.
  • I thought the live tiles were a firm of notifying you that something had changed.
  • I have the Lumia 928 and I already have Data Sense. The ability to arrange apps based on use is nice but I prefer alphabetical. I really don't like the notification screen. The colors make everything blend together and that is what is unique about windows phone. The tiles give you live updates. I don't need or want a notifications center, all I need to do is look at my tiles. The feature that I really like is the week view! I don't understand why I would need to manually close the apps. The phone handles multitasking great now. As I open up multiple apps, the phone does not slow down like Android. That's about it. But A for effort.
  • What windows phone really needs is a option in the store like android that says "my apps" having to search for your app again to see if an update is available is a joke. Update notifications are pathetic on this platform.
  • Update notifications are automatic. I don't see what the problem is.
  • There automatic alright. When they choose to notify you if ever.
  • Updates are listed in the Windows Store tile when it's pinned to the home screen. Honestly, you people are complaining about trivial features.
  • No they aren't always. Multiple times I have had to search for an app manually and hit "update". The notifications are pretty poor actually.
  • Still don't know why they didn't just add more options to the Me tile. For example, logging all toast notifications.
  • Meant the other day sorry
  • I like what I see...
  • While I get these are just early dev screenshots, I really hope the Notification Center is much more intuitive and nicer looking than that.
    Also, the Calendar needs a DRASTIC makeover.  I mean even the new Android calendar is more 'metro' and beautiful than our calendar and that makes me sad lol.
  • I'm going to enjoy watching 8.1 from the sidelines.  Afterall... What's stopping TMO from ignoring this one for 810 users...
  • launching the notification center from tile is not smart
  • why all assuming that this notification center launched by clicking on a tile at the start screen? which tile in photos are you refering to? if the one with the three lines and 2 notifications you will be wrong because this is an app called (Baconit-Donate)
  • sorry guys its my mistake, i know it now :)
  • check this link to see all photos, there is settings to disable and enable which app to recieve notifications.
  • they should make the notification available from swiping to the left side of the main menu.
  • I'd want to see a notification center/quick settings area (ala Android) accessible through the multitasking view. Hold down the back button, apps open are cards to the left, but to the right of your current app is a card with notifications, wifi/gps controls, etc. I think this would make the most sense as it is always accessible and can give more use to the multitask view.
  • Why would a developer sell a phone with an unreleased build of an OS? Don't they know Microsoft could press charges for that?
  • Why not just have the notification center on the left side of the screen, opposite the apps list? Simple and effective. And closing apps on the multitasking screen is something that's badly needed. I hate pressing "back" constantly while in Internet Explorer just to close out other apps.
  • I can not wait to get the update.
  • Ok here we go again... My next phone is a 5 inch WINDOWSPHONE.. If nokia won't make one, im sticking with my 900 with 7.8
  • The icon for the notifications app makes me think of bacon
  • .........updates are nice if true, but can we get the damn storage bug squashed first. Like seriously? I've got alot of kind suggestions for the past few months by WP fans on this site. I've searched everything and did all I can. Still no success with the other storage. My 920 is fine but the 820 in the house is just rendered useless after a month. I'm pretty sure alot of 820 users know what I mean.
  • I've always thought that if the toast notifications worked like real-life toast and stayed up once the toast came out of the machine, that would make the most sense.  As soon as I get one toast, it stays there with the message displayed, and on the right a counter of the total number of notifications I have.  If I click on the count of notifications, it takes me to the full list in the notification center.  Click on the notfication in the list, it takes me to the app (like Facebook, or messaging, etc).
    I really don't think it makes much difference.  Live tiles and the incredible lock screen tells me everthing I need to know.  
  • This news made it so exciting...
  • Looks like the reddit thread is closed and the pictures have been deleted from the Flickr account. Hummmm cease and desist?
  • Made my own little notification centre. I would want it to be designed somewhat similar to what I've made. It's not perfect for everyone but I think it would be suitable for myself. 
  • ladies and gentlemen, i give you: The Micrisoft Windows Phone Update Enthusiast Program, sponsored by: ebay.
  • MSFT has contacted the guy and want the phone back and also offering reimbursement.
    "Not awol, just got calls from Microsoft telling me to take down photos. And send back phone, I will be reimbursed for the phone and being sent a replacement."
  • I really want these to be fake they could do so much better like a swip from the left for notifications and a swipe up on the background tasks to close it.
  • If there's no notification center I am going to be so pissed.
  • could you guys update it?... the verge has more info/pictures than u do...
  • Well... Certainly seems legit. A swipe left brings up the apps list. So a swipe right should bring up the notifs. Hope Microsoft doesn't make a tile for it.
  • I really hope finally we have something like "Call and SMS Filter" available with GDR2.
  • I wish you could slide down from the top in ANY app and have the time ALWAYS visible, it's beyond a joke that you have to close apps to check the time...
  • Why non just integrate the notifications center I to the ME tile???? Seems the most logical to me...put more notifications in a place where we already get notifications???
    Data sense would be nice across all devices.
    Some people will never be completely satisfied with this OS...MS can't please every single person out there....
    But as for me...I'm completely satisfied :-)
  • What if the notification centre was accessible everytime you get a notification. Like when a notification pops up and you slide it away a little bit of it stays on the top right of the screen and you could just slide it left which would open the notification centre hub or whatever
  • There is a new Windows Phone Update!  http://goo.gl/VcHPx
  • If things dosent change before the actual release then i must say that MS have failed, even the fan made concepts looks better then this notification center!
  • I just want the option to turn off/on SMS toast notifications.
  • I think a good comprise would be having the option make the length of time the toast stays on screen customizable,,,for example if your expecting an important email having the email toast stay on screen until its swept away and let all others go away on there own.
  • Look. The best solution I can think of at the moment is:
    Press and hold the back button to go into multitask mode, swipe right. Boom. There is the notification centre. Accessible from anywhere without issue. In addition, Microsoft should give the ME tile the proper love it deserves and also push all notifications to the tile. Problem solved.
  • i think now windows phone 8 will start making sense!!!!
  • I'd rather have the option to customize the volumes/sounds for SMS, Email, phone calls, etc.... : /
  • Awwwww Shit..... WP8 features evolving.... SLOWWWWWLY but surely.
  • Notification center should be available by swiping to the left anywhere, since swiping to the left isnt used anywhere. also it should have some quick settings at the bottom. Multitasking app closing is good. And I love the week view... Month view just had to small fonts!