List of U.S. Windows phones to be (officially) updated to Windows Mobile 6.5

Another question burning in everyone's minds is "Which Windows Mobile 6.1 phones will be updated to 6.5?"

Here's the official U.S. list, per Microsoft (opens in new tab):

  • HTC Dash 3G.
  • HTC Ozone.
  • HTC Snap.
  • HTC Touch Pro 2.
  • Samsung Jack.
  • Samsung Mirage Epix.
  • Samsung Omnia Pro.
  • Pharos Traveler 137.

Now that doesn't mean there are custom builds of Windows Mobile 6.5 floating around out there. These are just the U.S. phones that will get official updates. The Toshiba TG01 also will be updated, and undoubtedly there are other phones floating around out there.

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  • What no Epix?? Damn!
  • I thought I heard there would be an official one too. I've been pretty happy with the coocked up roms though.
  • I'm using HTC Dash 3G - very cool device ;)
  • Ok, I'm on the list (VZW TP2). When and how are my questions.
  • I'm on the list (VZW TP2). When and how are my questions.
  • I am very interested in some aspects of this version. And where you can get this updatings
  • email me too that, please.
  • The official list now shows the Samsung Epix instead of the Mirage.
  • That makes sense. I remember them trading names ...
  • Is HTC Touch Pro 2 = HTC Fuze? or Fuze did not make the list?
  • ATT Fuze = Touch Pro
    ATT Tilt2 = Touch Pro 2 Fuze is not on the list.
  • Samsung Omnia Pro? Does this mean it's been picked up by one of the carriers?
  • same question as Anton; Omnia Pro is coming to the US? i saw a Samsung Mobile commercial play today that featured (i thought) the Omnia Pro, so the question is who's getting it? hopefully it's Verizon. if not, i mayyyyyy have to change to someone else.
  • will someone please post a photo of 6.5 showing how on the Today screen it shows you pending items like missed calls/unread texts/emails and pending calendar items?? I have yet to see how 6.5 shows you what's going on at a glance without having to make some screen press. 6.1 shows you all of this info at a glance and I just want to see what this looks like in 6.5. thank you.
  • Thx for the response. Not happy with exclusion of Fuze from this list. Some articles suggest it aint the best thing to happen, but would have liked to be upgraded to 6.5. I would say softwares/apps like SPB do a better job for letting registered users get upgrades - even if this is not the best of the comparison.
  • How could the samsung Propel Pro not be on this list? It is a newly released phone.
  • WTF....what about the freak'n FUZE!!!! Damn it!!!!!! Does anybody have any idea if the FUZE will get the update??
  • when is the touch pro going to do the upgrade to windows 6.5??????
  • Can the Black Jack II be upgraded as well I just bought this phone refurbished and it still has windows mobile 6 would love to upgrade to 6.1. I keep getting a error message that says forbidden ip address. would love some feedback Thanks
  • Im like a few others, i have a Fuze and i want in on the new features. I want 6.5!!!! whats the deal!!!!