A little hands-on time with the Samsung Omnia W

The Samsung Omnia W is a second generation Windows Phone that we should see on over seas markets soon. The new Windows Sports a 3.7" Super AMOLED screen, 8gb of storage, a 5mp rear facing camera and a front facing VGA camera.

Phone Arena was able to spend a little hands on time with the new Samsung Windows Phone and liked what they saw. The Omnia W measures 4.57 x 2.31 x .43 inches and appears tiny in the previewers hands. Regardless of the compact size, the Omnia W looks good.

The Omnia W runs Windows Phone 7.5 and the lion's share of the video walks you through the Mango aspects of the Omnia W. The 1.4ghz processor clearly moves the software along rather nicely.  The Omnia W is expected to hit Italian markets sometime in October and we've already seen it available for pre-order over at Clove for 285 Lira (about $447 US).  

So, what do you think? Will the Omnia W be a hit or will the Radar attract more consumers?

source: PhoneArena

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  • Needs a bigger screen for me. It is to hard going to a 4.3 inch phone to a 3.7 inch phone i just can't do it. The front looks nice but not really feeling the back of the phone but who will see it anyways with a screen case. Not bad just wish Samsung will give us some GS II love real soon, Android should not be the only one with a great phone like that. Oh well Nokia will give us love.
  • I'm waiting for the Samsung S to compare with Titan.Usually I would go Sammy all the way and wait but Titan looks very appealling (but would be my first HTC handset).However should I upgrade my existing Samsung Focus instead to one of Nokia's lineup (but these are going to take longer to get released). I know I definitely want a handset with a great camera (and front facing camera for the future options).What to do, what to do... :)
  • I assume this would be ~$100 w/ contract? Would the Focus S be ~$200 w/ contract or less? Or am I asking dumb questions?EDIT: And I'd take this over the Radar. I just don't like the look of the radar.
  • The radar is looking a bit nicer but both phones seem capable.
  • We need Windows Phones with more local storage, In 2011, 16 GB should be the minimum
  • You should be able to add an SD card. Those problems are resolved now.
  • Looks ok, sammy shud just release the fliping focus s already, or will they call it omnia s here? Im sick of waiting. I dont want htc's crappy SLCD either, i want samoled. Nokia better not bring out the same pentile submatrix amoled as the n9, i want a full fledged amoled OK!
  • Until this video I didn't know you could long press in text to get a cursor, that just made my night.
  • I want this phone in the USA. NOW!!I don't want a gigantic screen. I have an HD7 now and don't like the bulk of it. This has everything I want in a windows phone but they are dragging their **** on getting it released. Please bring it to a US carrier. I WILL buy one NO QUESTION.
  • Amen to that. I really don't get the point of uber-large screen phones. If they made a phone the size of the Zune HD I would buy it; I would bet Nokia is looking to do just that.
  • I'm waiting for Nokia to announce their Mango phones before I decide which device I want to replace my HD2. But as for this or the Radar, I'd go with the Radar. I much prefer HTC's build quality and the Radar (in white) also looks better than this phone. The Titan is just barely too big for my tastes (my screen size caps at 4.3", but I can use a device with a 3.5" screen too). So unless Nokia serves up something I really like, I'll be getting the Radar on T-Mobile come November.
  • How did you calculate that price? Italian Lira is not being used for nearly ten years and by last exchange rate to US Dollars it would cost 0.20$. A guess it could be typo and you meant Libra, but thats British currency, not Italian. How is it then?
  • Indeed, lira doesn't exist anymore since more than 10 years, it's the EURO ("what's that, european dollars?"; the question that a US cop asked me when I was in Chicago) in more than 12 european countries.I believe it's a typo, so no biggy
  • British currency is Pounds Sterling. Libra is Latin for pound, hence the pound sign (£) being a stylised L and pound as a measure of weight being shortened to lb. However, it's not a word that is commonly used with relation to currency and highly unlikely to be a typo. Looking at the article linked to in this one, it would seem that they meant to say £285 and the Lira just sort of slipped in somehow.
  • This is some kind of wikipedia autoposting bot?