The best way to discover Facebook events with Windows Phone

Depending on your circle of friends, Facebook might be the primary way for getting events organized and planned. Leave your feelings about Facebook at the door, it’s a great platform for getting an event up and running with a group of friends. The official Facebook app for Windows Phone is certainly serviceable in handling events, but what if there was something better? An app that just focused on a killer experience for events on Facebook? There most definitely is. LocalEvents for Facebook is a brand new app that deserves your download.

LocalEvents Facebook

LocalEvents for Facebook brings Facebook events to your Windows Phone in a gorgeous, beautiful and fast app. The app is beyond useful for discovering events, exploring where your friends are going and can be used to manage what events you’re going to.

Here are the main features of LocalEvents for Facebook:

  • Discover Facebook events: concerts, parties, conferences, sports events and tons of other good reasons to be with friends. Thousands of new cool events added each week.
  • Explore, where your friends are going: specify where, when and with whom you want to go out or just look through the most popular venues.
  • Share and invite, invite and share: find the right company in a few clicks. All of your friends are already here, so just go on.
  • Keep your plans under control and don’t miss out: receive invitations and reminders of upcoming events on time.

LocalEvents Facebook

Beautiful Live tile? Check. Beautiful app design? Check. Good functionality? Check. LocalEvents for Facebook has it all and really is the best way to interact with Facebook events on Windows Phone.

LocalEvents for Facebook comes to us from the AppCampus program. We’re big fans of the app and highly recommend it to anyone who uses events and Facebook. Clicking on an event gives you all the info you could possible want. You can get directions to an event, view what friends are going, how many people were invited, check out the message board and more.

This is a great app for version 1.0 and we can’t wait to see it evolve. Anyone using Facebook events needs to download this.

Download LocalEvents for Facebook from the Windows Phone Store

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Sam Sabri