The logo for the Microsoft Edge web browser looks very familiar

Microsoft Edge, the new name for the web browser that will be included in Windows 10, comes with a new overall logo. However, it definitely has a familiar look for fans of Microsoft's current browser, Internet Explorer.

IE and Edge

On the left is the logo for the current version of IE, with its stylized lower case "e" that's shaped a bit like a globe and with a ring orbiting it. On the right is the logo for Microsoft Edge, as posted via Twitter earlier today by Kyle Alden, a member of the company's browser team. As you can see, it retains some of the the circular look of the IE logo, but the overall style is thinner and sharper, and it ditches the ring in favor of a broken curved edge on the top left side.

What do you think of the logo for Microsoft Edge?

Source: Kyle Alden (Twitter)

John Callaham