Lumia 1020 is the brains behind a new 3D printed telescope

The Lumia 1020 is well known for its 41 megapixel camera and now the Windows Phone device is being promoted as the brains behind a new project called the Ultrascope, a new kind of telescope that can be created with 3D printers for a fraction of the cost of a normal telescope.

The 3 foot telescope is the brainchild of James Parr, the founder of the Open Space Agency. He states:

"Keen amateur astronomers can now download this design and software, 3D print and assemble their own hardware, which is an amazing development. It opens up opportunities for people who have been gazing at the stars their whole lives, but haven't, until now, been able to get involved. Powered by Lumia smartphones, our hope is that hundreds of Ultrascopes will be assembled, enabling a large number of people to contribute to new discoveries as they explore the night sky."

The Ultrascope project is currently taking sign ups for beta testing, with plans to offer more advanced models over the next 18 months. Microsoft is helping the group develop an application that will allow the Lumia 1020 to connect to the telescope. What do you think of this rather cool extension of the Lumia 1020's capabilities?

Thanks to David for the tip!

Source: Nokia Conversations, Open Space Agency

John Callaham