Lumia 1525 won't be T-Mobile US exclusive, rumored to sport Snapdragon 801 processor

The Lumia 1525 from Microsoft was leaked only yesterday by @evleaks, but the notorious leakster isn't finished with this rumored handset. Today, it's reported that not only will the Windows Phone be available through T-Mobile US, but it won't be carrier exclusive meaning consumers on both AT&T and Verizon may be able to get their hands on the device – as well as those who reside outside the US.

Since it'll be available alongside the Lumia 1520 in places, the Lumia 1525 is said to have some notable upgrades over its sibling, including the new Snapdragon 801 SoC (system on a chip).

The current Lumia 1520 utilizes the snapdragon 800, making this unannounced handset a worthy upgrade should reports showing differences between the SoC versions be anything to go by. The 801 includes support for DSDA (Dual SIM Dual Active) and eMMC 5.0 (for faster access to internal storage), while in some models improving CPU, GPU, ISP (image signal processor) and memory interface speeds.

Unfortunately, there's little else to go on, but we could be seeing early signs of some upgraded hardware. While we're filing this under rumor, anything is possible.

Source: @evleaks

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Sounds like this is gonna be a amazing phone!
  • lost cuz made my mind to get the 1520 by the end of this month.
  • Not a huge difference between Snapdragon 800 and 801.
  • Yes, there isn't a huge difference, but I am very pleased that Microsoft is upping their hardware as the rivals do. This is very important for people who compare specifications only. Also, this is a good chance to redo the 1520 since it has so many production defects, especially screen sensitivity and some problems with white bright spots on LCD displays. I am also hoping for a 925 design as well. It's very sexy!
  • New non-Apple flagship handsets that come out in September or later should have AT LEAST the S805. S808 and S810 is fine too. :)
  • wait for it then, hope it is more than 6"
  • Im good as long as its not less than 6".
    My only hope is that it wouldnt be another long wait. If August/September is possible, I might just make a vow to Nokia. PS
    If this is the same device that was rumoured but @NetLeaks months ago (was rumoured to be released september), then we expect this possibilities:
    6" phablet
    25/30 MP camera upgrade
    3GB RAM 
    2K display And last but not the least, 
    SOLAR CHARGE I know "Solar Charge" is a far hope, but I want to keep my fingers crossed.
    There is hardly any other upgrade that will make a significant performance difference form the L1520.
    Even a 25/30 MP isnt easily differentiated from a 20MP. Well maybe a different camera module, who knows? WELL I CANT WAIT!!!!  I <3 NOKIA
  • Dual SIM would be a substantial upgrade, if they choose to implement it!
  • Honestly, I wouldn't get your hopes up. This device was leaked, not announced, so it will probably be a good wait. Also, I wouldn't look into those rumors too much, you'll probably be disappointed. Look at the previous xx0 vs xx5 variants, there is never much of a spec difference.
  • Will Microsoft actually market this phone though? Remains to be seen.
  • an*
  • Bring back QI wireless charging for AT&T.
  • Wouldn't that be funny if they were the only ones to remove it. Another talking point for Legere.
  • Agree completely - won't buy a phone without it (or a Qi compatible cover.)
  • +920!
  • Well it will be even more amazing. This rumor was just updated with the info that this 6" device will also include 3D touch ability and dual boot with a release that of October.
  • The 1520 could have been an amazing phone, yet an ultra(over)-sensitive touch screen hinders the basic use of the device, and the while Snapdragon 800 chip supports USB 3.0, we are still shackled with slow USB 2.0 speeds on the 1520. Beautiful display, but the UI does not scale well and unless you are visually impaired, everything is TOO BIG.    
  • Kinda curious what you would be plugging into your phone via USB that USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 would be much of a difference.
  • Can't wait. Getting one for wife. Too big for me though. Wishing for a 935
  • Hmm..
  • Ugh.. I got 1520 and am kinda mad about buying now
  • You have a real phone in your hand and you are mad for not buying rumoured phone??
  • Not really mad I guess.. More like irritated that I could possibly have to buy another phone so soon, if I want to have the best of the best. It was only February that I upgraded to the 1520 from a 1020.. And only 5 or 6 months that I had the 1020. These phones aren't cheap to keep buying so often.
  • I chose the 1020 over 1520
  • I have used both.. And I don't think there is any reason I would go back to my 1020. It is a good phone, but the 1520 is top notch... At least until this new phone comes out, if it ever does.
  • Yeah the 1020 is awesome but the problem with the 1020 is its dated specs not including the awesome camera. 
  • If you keep waiting, you might end up never buying. The Lumia 1520 is quite the amazing phone even when compared with the other phones. Don't worry about buying a slightly earlier version. :)
  • True.
  • Seems to take 6 months to a year before Evleaks announces something and we see it on the shelf. By the time this is released you'll know more about four other WP's.
  • "have to" buy That phrase...i do not think it means what you think it means.
  • It means that I "have to" buy it if I want the best of the best.. Like I said. No I'm not contractually obligated and no, nothing bad is going to happen if I don't. I am pretty sure I did not use it wrongly though.
  • get used to it it will always be that on any os any phone, if you buy a 5 the six is on it way, its never ending just be content, me all theses leaks mean i may have to continue the waiting game even longer 
  • You're blaming them for producing phones, like you're forced to buy them when they come out... Makes no sense..
  • Why are you mad? That you got the phone you wanted to buy? Its the same damn phone minus a .001 increase in SOC #. Keep Calm!
  • Keep calm. The Snapdragon 800 and 801 have very minor differences, the 801 just processes images a little bit faster. You won't notice the difference. The Lumia 1520 is still a stellar device.
  • I just bought my 1520 off of ebay 2 weeks ago after my wife told me not to. Now how do you think I feel. If she only gets wind of this developement I'll never hear the end of it. "I told you so, I told you so..."
  • Seems faster!  Besides, which snapdragon 801 processor would it be is important. I hope that would be 8974AC.
  • Very true, we'll have to wait and see which model it contains, that's if it's real at all :-)
  • wouldnt mind seeing the 805 in my next phone
  • 'Wouldn't mind seeing the 810 in my next phone ;)
  • Now the waiting game again, since we don't know when Tmobile will be getting NL 1525.
  • Exactly. And why does ATT need the 1525 when they already have the 1520?
  • This is the first step in non-exclusivity in the world
  • Actually, the first "step" was more like when ATT stole the 925 from t mobile. Kind of violated the whole exclusive thing going on. I'm probably the only one who's still bitter about that. Good to hear they're finally moving on though.
  • The 925 sucks its like the very cheap version of the 920/928. And its also t-mobiles fault they didn't want to promote the phone anyways.
  • 925 would have been great had it not been limited to 16 GB.
  • They put an extra lens but took wireless charging and 16 GB. And pic. Still look identical to the 920.
  • I wouldn't go that far. It's metal, a lot thinner, and sits better in the hand. Some similar hardware but definitely a different design.
  • Have you seen the 925? I think it has the most distinctive look with the curved aluminum frame with the black antenna stripes on the side. The icon is just a block with a metal frame, the 928 is a block without a metal frame, and the 920 has the curved edges without the metal, identical to the 1020 from the front. I mean, they all have the same size screen with the 3 Windows capacitive buttons, and they're all Lumias. Not sure what else you expect.
  • I believe no one said it was ugly, i believe that the 925 has one of the best designs ,Nokia ruined the 925 cause it has half the storage and no wireless charging. The icon/930 is a bigger iPhone at least i don't like the design. My opinion the Lumia 920 has the design.
  • I have the 925 on t-mobile and I love it. The metal is solid, it is fast, has more than enough storage for me, I got a wireless charging plate for the back and a Nokia dt-900 charging pad for it. Camera is amazing. Battery lasts all day. I think it is a great device. I hope t-mobile gets the 930 so I can upgrade. Had this a year.
  • No the 925 is awesome! The 920 & 928 sucks then if that's true.
  • Read comments to view reasons why it sucked.
  • Thank you, someone who echoes my sentiments. ATT always gets all the latest/greatest, even when they already have at least half a dozen great Windows Phones already. Ridiculously unfair. It still irks me that they got the 925 when that was supposed to be a US exclusive to T-Mobile. -_- And then even after having all these great choices, some ATT customers whine and complain about not having this or that.
  • At least if ATT gets the phone there is a possibilty of getting good coverage to go with it. :)
  • Of course, we can mostly blame T Mobile for that because they couldn't really care less about Windows phones. Updates are ridiculously slow as well, but thanks to the developer preview we don't have to wait for turtle mobile anymore.
  • True, however to get the official 8.1 update from t-mobile you will have to uninstall the developers version or the new one won't download into your phone.
  • Comes with wp8.1 and upgraded soc, why not 1530 then?
  • Point
  • because It will look like the 925 i guess !?
  • Because with 1530 we can get UHD screen better camera and maybe 805/810 why would they make a small update called next Gen ?
  • The next rumoured phablet will be released in mid-late 2015 (as rumoured) and by that time threshold will be out. So I assume that generation will be the x4x generation. So when will they release 1530?
  • Hopefully the photo lag of WP will be gone. IDK how IOS has so little lag
  • What is the "photo lag of WP," curious, I've never heard this?
  • Yeah...what's the photo lag on WP, curious I've never heard if this too?
  • I think he means the lag between taking successive photos. I'm not sure if 1520 has the lag though..
  • The 1520 does just a little.. Nowhere near as badly as 1020 does.. Seems like a problem with Lumias. No other WP I have had has done it.
  • I don't have any photo lag on my Lumia 925.
  • Yeah.. iPhone takes those 20mpx images with no lag at all... Oh wait...
  • I know what you did there...LoL
  • That's exactly what I was thinking as well when asking what is the "photo lag on WP." I could understand there might be some lag on the 1020 when dealing with both 38mp full resolution + 5mp oversampled images and the same could be said for the 1520 with its 16mp + 5mp oversampled images in raw(.dng) format. Can the iPhone do either of those in true raw(.dng) file formats?
  • There's even lag when you just take a 5mp photo. Hate to say it, but quality comes at a price, the Lumia are slow at photos, even the "burst" mode is slower than other phone shot to shot time. It's a minor gripe but it can be annoying. Both the 920 and 1520 have been like this.
  • I wanted to take action shots one time but the burst was way too slow. My brother's Sony Xperia Z1s for example can take like 30 photos in the same amount of time.
  • This sounds a good upgrade but I'd still hold out for the Maclaren and get some more life out of my 1520...
  • +1520
  • Cool. Just when I'm looking at a 1520.3 version. But knowing AT&T and others, it will either have PMA and lack Qi and only be 16gb. I'm keeping my expectations tempered.
  • Hey, what is 1520.3 ???
  • Its a version of the 1520 which works with nearly all US carriers. And its latest build of the device.
  • well he might as well just say he has the 1520 but hey..
  • It is the Mexican (or south American?) version of the 1520 which has all of the same specs of the international version (ie 32GB of storage and Qi charging), but uses the LTE bands that are more common in American (not just US) countries.  If you buy the US ATT version then you get 16GB of storage by default (not a deal killer, but annoying), and you loose out on wireless charging (deal killer for many of us); but if you go buy the international version then you loose out on LTE speed for cellular data.  The 1520.3 can be found for the same price as the ATT version, but without the compromises.  The international version however can often be found for less if you have WiFi everywhere you go and do not need LTE.
  • I told at&t I wanted to pay as you go for data and I didn't want to be on a plan, they bought it. I haven't used a kb of cellular data in 5 years because I'm always around Wi-Fi. They tried to tack on 30$plan, just called em explained it again, no problem. Rarely, though, I could use cellular data, but not worth cost for so little when I run through 80gb a month on my phone alone.
  • If what you said is true, that's amazing. 80 gigs a month all on WiFi! And cool with no cellular data. Wow! Rock on dude.
  • Shoot. I was ready to order 930. ??? Arrgggghhh. Think one will wait
  • I have 1020. Waiting for McLaren. By the codename - this phone seems faster than others.
  • 1020 here to. Do you think the camera will,be as good as but with modern chips
  • Maybe, maybe not but in all honesty i wouldn't mind if the camera is the same just aslong as they use more modern hardware such as an S805 or the S810 (tha would speed up the camera signifficanty) and maybe a 5 inch 1080p or QHD screen and deffinently a bigger battery and micro sd.
  • Yup would be good. And a deffo sale here lol
  • Any idea when mclaren be available?
  • It's a 1520 variant, still 6", same chassis.
  • Hope your not talking about the F1 team ;)
  • My next phone....
  • Hahahaha... Tmob Fans gone mad :D
  • So WPC, are you guys ignoring the "other" big news Evleakes leaked right before this one?? :)
  • Hahahah :) back to Android :D
  • bye
  • I was talking in the name of a lot of people. And If I went for Android it wouldn't be Nokia anyways, and it's probably going to be the same forked android which is not the point
  • I hope they do. This is a windows phone site last I checked.
  • remember. The verge and Wpcentral don't report rumours that are not true. Ask Tom Warren if he thinks it's real
  • What a strange thing to say. If they only would report rumors that are true, they wouldn't post rumors. They would report facts.
  • Many WP users are already calling this "the death of Windowsphone", WPC is dodging a bullet if you ask me. :)
  • Well it is big news if even ms would step even further away from wp:)
  • Waiting for the shitstorm on that as well... I can't believe it...
  • And it should be Android "L" on it :P
  • What do you mean? The "Android-powered Lumia incoming, from Nokia by Microsoft" ?
  • I would prefer that news go unreported. It's sad news, and more the people know about it, the more shit they talk about WP.
  • If that rumor is true, that will be the end of Windows Phone.  I've been on board since the earliest Windows Mobile. Heck, I had Compaq and HP 'PocketPC' devices and I'll have to strongly consider bailing if they pull this.  They way they've been catering to iOS and Android, this would signal the "Kin Bin" for WinPhone.   So much for the brilliance of the new CEO.
  • They're waiting for Daniel to spin this leak into something favoring Microsoft. ;) he is still busy writing it. If this rumor is true,it just means Microsoft already admitted defeat. And the royalties ain't enough anymore. They need to have a slice of that pie now!
  • WPCentral will have an article that will blow our minds, and we'll stop believing this rumor after we read that upcoming article about this Android Lumia.
  • Well, from a business perspective it makes perfect sense. If you can't beat them, join them and all that. As long as they keep making "genuine" Lumias, I'm happy. I'll never ever buy that google Lumia bastard phone. Anything that supports google, I'll stay clear of.
  • It does not make sense from a business prospective at all. Why would you want to get a windows phone when in the eyes of the average joe you can have an android Lumia and not worry about the "app gap"? This a death knell for windows phone..... How are we supposed to advocate and push for windows phone now? As the consequences will be huge, it shows to the OEMs that even MS has lost faith on its own O/S. I bet you the android versions will become 1st priority and windows phone 10th since developers would no longer need to code for windows phone at all. Thus eating into windows phone sales.
  • What if the main reason behind it is:
    That they want to make money? WP is behind Android in sales you know... O.o
  • Microsoft can disrupt the market by seemingly playing both sides. The goal here is clear: Services (Outlook, Bing, OneDrive, and Office). Once a user converts to MS services on WP or Android they are likely to remain in the Microsoft ecosystem, making their next purchase a WP or Windows tablet. Google Android phones are dedicated to selling Google's ecosystem and services. Microsoft Android devices sell Microsoft's ecosystem and services. Microsoft Android devices use Google's strength against it. It's a common strategy used by the military.
  • You are absolutely correct. Google is also using its own chrome browser to sell its services on Microsoft Windows PC. Hint: Webapps!
  • If WP is to succeed, WP fans need to start pushing the advantages of the whole Microsoft ecosystem. Bing Apps,, Xbox, OneDrive, etc. The app gap is a weakness of WP, but Microsoft services, including Cortana, Azure and Office 365 are strengths. Push the strong points and the app gap will fade.
  • I'm okay by just working services
  • Dual Sim, 5.2", USB tethering and OTG; then we can talk MS!
  • ^Cortana without internet
  • Cortana without internet does not make sense as the intelligence comes from cloud based sources.
  • I was talking about the phone named guy, he talks only to demand, just like cortana without internet. "internet and I aren't talking right now"
  • Cool another phone to choose from come update time in Dec.   Lumia 930 Rumoured Lumia 830 Now this Lumia 1525   Its going to be so hard to choose come XMas time. Alright!!!!!!!
  • Android lumia in coming - rumours! Basic functionality maybe there. Nokia 5070/2630 can automatically update time and date yet my l625 can't. MS has failed, no need to elaborate.
  • The processor gets faster but the reaction time is still slow due to the OS. I'll have to wait for a 3.0GHz or faster, Dual or Quad to experiece speed. (When these come around as stock, the OS might be better optimized) Still using Windows Phone 8 OS and when I want to change to landscape, it takes forever. I can wait for Cyan, and I don't care enough to get the developer version. (Here+ Drive feels like it takes days load-up, when I need it ASAP, not willing to wait for that.)
  • Yeee, you should go to the major OS because this one is laggyyyy... you know it's very frustating if your phone keeps rotating as you move it aroud, don't you? to me, it's better to have some kind of delay...
  • Actually, it is better if it rotates faster, so it can rotate to the position you want right away, if not, we do have the option to deactivate oritentation.(My situation is different. I use the portrait for the web browser and switch to landscape on the camera app for the images, too much work going back and worth on the lock portrait or landscape every time, I visit these programs constantly) Sometimes the program doesn't even rotate, I have to restart the OS or start the program in the prefered rotation-mode for it to be in that position, gets annoying.
  • Sounds like you got no patience at all lol, here drive takes only few seconds to load up on my 920. I wonder how you would have dealt with waiting for a 100mhz pc booting up or using dial up internet, most likely would have tore your hair out haha.
  • Okay, so it's not okay to be impatient? Who are you to decide my lifestyle and judge it only because it is not like yours? We are different, but to call me out is messed-up, let alone to laugh about it. If these programs are too slow to load, then they are too bulky and need to be trimmed.(I'm running a 1520 for that reason that my 810 seems too slow as well, but try to stop somewhere to use the GPS and it takes a while to load while you are on the go and in a hurry).   By the way, I have 4G LTE at full speed, it has nothing to do with the net, it's the loading time of the application itself.
  • 120 fps :) ?
  • Hopefully it'll 32gb and Q1 compatible coz it seem like all my chargers(3) would obsolete in a year
  • By the time MS release this, 805 featured phones will be out..
  • Exactly. So as a Lumia 920 user, I will stick to 920 unless they release Lumia 1530. Since, at the end of the year Snapdragon 810 will be around, and they are gonna release it like April, we can see Snapdragon 810 Lumia 1530 by that time.
  • They might as well launch a green 1525. I'm not interested in 1520 anymore after this leak.
  • What the? I just bought my 1520 a month ago! LOL! Oh well, I need a dual sim dual active phone. Need!
  • Give mir Brai...i mean Cyaaaaan!
  • Whats the use. By the time MS announces this phone and ships to various countries around the globe, iPhone 7 & Galaxy S7 would have been announced.... and Qualcomm would have announced that 801 is a last Gen SOC... Here is the latest 810....
  • You are right. MS comes not only step but two steps behind others.
    But there is also a point. Over 90% of WP devices are runing 1,2 MHz prosessor and 512 MB ram. There is no point to make apps that requires more than that. No one makes apps for those 500 devices out there. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • It doesn't matter what the Percentages are of Hign-End vs. Low-end. I am sure similar case could be made for Android. But WP needs to be seen as a provider of High-end premium devices with the latest & greatest. Its a marketing thing & those people who want that experience can go for it. Also, higher spec allows all the great camera & other Tech to be incorporated...
  • Waiting to snicker at the first person who asks why sprint wasn't mentioned...
  • What the hell...... Why wasn't Sprint mentioned?
  • They should really stick to x2x being the WP8 series, while all new WP8.1 devices get the x3x number.
  • Agreed! If they don't someone needs to fire the marketing team..
  • Why when all the x2x devices are getting the 8.1 update. Sure, some are getting more features (sensorcore for example) but they're all getting the core OS.
  • if it comes soon and if it looks like the 925 I am definately buying it!
  • No mention about Lumia based android? Ah well, hope Lumia 1525 will be cheaper than 1520 :D
  • Hope fully every phone is 32gb, wireless charging, works across all carriers,including Verizon,has a USB 3.0 connector, possibly dual sum for people like me with two phones. Would be outstanding to see such a device, think I may start selling my 1520s now to save up
  • Yes, please oh please come to Verizon on launch day. I'm dying for a 6" diplay WP8.1. DW will love to see it on TM too. She was already geeking over the first leak.
  • If this phone is real, we already know that Verizon won't get it as it's something we would want.
  • Worldwide. I just hope for it to be worldwide.
  • I hope the 1525 will be available in Canada. I need to replace my 920 soon !! :)
  • In all fairness the iPhone takes great pictures quickly. Everyone doesn't need 41 mp images. Some people just want a phone that takes great pictures in real world time.
  • sometimes it's really nice when rumours gets to be true!!!!
  • M$ has thrown in the towel. Lumia Androids coming soon.
  • Nokia should have released 9xx and 8xx products every November along side the phablet category or the 15xx. The 10xx or super niche camera phone every summer and low end phones or the 5xx, 6xx and 7xx between January and may.
  • Now I would consider this the true Monarch. Wow, I hope this is true but until something is confirmed, I will contain my excitement. Come on T-Mobile.:)
  • Sprint :(
  • No meu caso  comprei semana passada o L1520 e nao me arrependo pois o desmepenho e interface sao magnificas somente em alguns apps acho  precarios mas enfim , vale a pena comprar apesar de ser carooooooo Mas o l1525 na minha opiniao,  nao ha necessidade  de adquir esse top  caso quem ja comprou como eu !!! vale a pena lumia na nossa mente e claro na smaos  :) 
  • Personally, I'm just glad to hear that Mircosoft is beginning to realize the potential of non-exclusivity to carriers.  If  you create a really nice phone, why would you limit yourself on sales by making it exclusive to only one carrier?  Prime example is the Lumia Icon.  I am fortunate enough to be on Verizon and am ROCKING this phone, but others in the United States can't have this phone and because of the exclusivity of the device to Verizion, they can't even get the sister phone (the 930) on other carriers in the United States.  The Icon (and 930) are EXECELLENT phones, so why limit the sales to only Verizion customers?  Microsoft needs to discontinue the exclusivity sales (as iPhone has) and start selling phones that can be used on ALL networks.  This would also allow you to leave one carrier for another without having to buy a new phone.  Win-Win!!!
  • "...won't be carrier exclusive"...most important words in the article.
  • First line of my comment emphasizes that point. I am glad to see them finally start to move away from it.
  • Yea.... the idea of a device being exclusive to a carrier is as stupid as saying that your computer is exclusive to a specific ISP and doesn't work with any other.
  • I hope they fix the battery life on this phone (1520) started reading this article at 100%, after reading article and some comments (5minutes time) battery dropped to 95%. That's 1% per minute NOT GOOD!! anyone else still having issues with battery life on 1520?
  • What's with Windows Phone not showing Sprint any love (or vice versa)? All these nice phones coming out on every major carrier except Sprint. Would love to give Windows Phone a spin but i'm not switching carriers.
  • You must really like sprint lol
  • You might want to take another look. Sprint has Windows Phones by HTC and Samsung. You don't have to switch.
  • I've tried those phones... they are antiquated and not well supported by the carrier. My GF has the Ativ S Neo and so did I at first. I had three defective phones before Sprint switched me to the 8xt... which was great at first until I did the dev preview and it killed my battery life (now 3 hours) and my wifi no longer works correctly. Looks like I'm being forced over to Android. M8 most likely.
  • Why don't you roll your phone back to 8.0?
  • 1520 was a great phone, It is thinner than the 930 and has mircrosd card support. The only thing that stopped me from getting one was the size. If they can somehow reduce it to Note3's size , it will be an instant buy for me. 
  • Any news on Rogers getting this phone? 
  • Having seen this phone it is so beautiful, just wish it was in
  • Now I'm just waiting on which to get now: The rumored 1525 or the yet to be announced McLaren....ahhhh #1stWorldProblems
  • Where's the rumor scale?
  • 0, not happening.
  • The rumors seem to be pointing that this could be the "McLaren". Remember, McLaren is rumored to be a new flagship windows phone, sent across all three major carriers. Little is known about McLaren. And little little is known about this. I'd say its a good chance this is McLaren.
  • This might be the McLaren... McLaren was rumoured to release on all 3 carriers....
  • Not the 801 it is nearly the same that the 800, wait for the 805 or more, need something more powerful than the Xperia Z2 it will a copie hardware 6 month later !!!
  • I just hope that Att has Qi enabled. Or is that just not happening?
  • How nice. So AT&T gets its greedy, grubby paws on yet another great new phone. Such B.S.
  • At least it must have 801 , 805 recommended
  • A November release or sooner? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • It would be nice if Nokia actually released a new phone on a GSM carrier in the US instead of yet another phablet. I understand there is a market for phablets.... But there is also a market for phones. 1020 is still the best nokia phone available on ATT.
  • Can't wait to upgrade from my L925
  • So... Its coming to other countries? Because right now the lasted Lumia is the 1020... In Canada... Like wtf... Its Canada, RIGHT on top of the US, don't see why we still don't have new phones.
  • Question is: will it have microSD and more than 16GB memory on T-Mobile?  T-Mobile has a knack for topping out at 16GB in Windows Phones.
  • Keeping up with the Jones's seems to be Catching Fire here!
    I love my Lumia 1520.3 and I'm also thrilled that the 1525 will finally not be exclusive to AT&T.
    I welcome this New Microsoft Era.
  • Defintiely getting the 1525 if it has 32gb, MicroSD, and wireless charging for AT&T.
  • 1520 is also disapearing from the market in UK - most retailers have stopped selling  and only Black ones available on Contract.