Magic Realms for Windows Phone suffers a game-breaking update [Updated]

Last month, we reviewed a collectible card game called Magic Realms. The game impressed me with its lengthy single-player campaign, a massive arsenal of cards featuring beautiful fantasy artwork, asynchronous player-versus-player battles, and clan support. The actual in-game clan chat is awful (especially compared to Cloud Raiders), but our site's official clan (WPCentral) continues to thrive anyway.

Magic Realms just received a new update, which is normally good news for a game. But whereas the previous update made the game slightly worse by adding annoying loading times and graphical glitches, this new update literally kills the game. Current players will want to avoid it, and new players simply can't play the game. Find out more after the break.

Map gone awry

Magic Realms for Windows Phone suffers a game-breaking update

To be fair, the latest update (version didn't break the entire game. Just most of it. Players can still participate in their daily PvP battles (and you'd better be knocking them out, clan members!) , engage in real-time chat, enchant cards, and the like – all the side stuff, basically. Magic Realms for Windows Phone suffers a game-breaking updateponents. The game offers a total of twelve maps (though hardly anyone will get past the tenth or so due to the late game's overwhelming difficulty), each with several battles and mazes for players to choose from.

Post-update, players just get a black screen when trying to access the map. You can't start any battles or change locations. The map is where you'd normally spend your accumulated energy, so everyone's energy is going to waste right now. The problem affects most or all Windows Phone users, as evidenced by our own forum thread and numerous reports on the Magic Realms Facebook page.

This game-breaking update is part of a worrying trend. After all, the last update mostly made the game worse instead of better. We've reached out to the Magic Realms team about those previous update issues as well as the current killer update. Hopefully they'll be able to restore the campaign to working order soon. We'll keep you updated!

Update 06/15/2014:

The Magic Realms Facebook page has now posted the following bulletin:

Dear Players: We will fix the map bug as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we will compensate the Gem and energy for you. Thanks your support.

Update 06/17/2014:

The game works again! Looks like the problem was server side, as there's no need to download an update.

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