Mangatronic goes for that Japanese comic look for your photos

Mangatronic is a Windows Phone photography app that gives your pictures a comic styled effect, similar to what you would find in Japanese Manga (opens in new tab) drawings.

Mangatronic converts your photo into a sketch drawing and offers twenty-five effects to apply to the drawing. Mangatronic has potential but the interface needs to be a little more user friendly and more detail needs to be preserved in the final image.  It's worth a try but also needs a little fine tuning.

The main pages for Mangatronic presents you with a Select Photo page where you can select a photo from your Pictures Hub or launch your Windows Phone camera to capture a new image.

Swiping to the right you'll find the app's Settings Page that language support options, Facebook options, and a few options on how the effects and filters are applied. One more page is to the right which is the About Page.

Once you find a photo to edit, an Effects List will appear that has twenty-five various style effects to choose from. Pick a filter and your photo is Mangatrized. The edited photo view has options to save the image, share it on Facebook or scrap the edit and return to the home pages.

Magnatronics Sample

The resulting effects are nice but there's a lot of "back and forth" to be done to get the settings down just right. It would have been nice to be able to access the editing setting from the image view. You can hit the back button to return to the Effect List and choose another filter but to adjust the rendering levels and other effects settings, you'll have to return to the main pages.  Image quality also needs a little fine tuning.  A lot of detail is lost, even with the detail setting maxed out. 

Mangatronic is a unique photo editing app that's worth a try. You just need a little patience in getting the effects just right. Mangatronic is a free, ad-supported app for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You can find it all here (opens in new tab) at the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Mangatronic

George Ponder

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  • Intriguing...
  • Not actually
  • I've actually been looking for something like that to begin with, friend. And am currently in the process of playing with it.
  • I too have been looking to do this for a t-shirt idea. This is great. Hopefully, he will make more filter variations later on.
  • Good for manga and anime fans like me :P
  • The app works as advertised. Great app
  • Very interesting.
  • Yeah its really good app especially for group photos..
  • When I downloaded Manga Effect I thought it would do a little more but this takes it to the next level... Very cool!
  • I've had this app for a few weeks now. My main complaint is that it doesn't work with landscape pictures. It flips them into portrait. Cool concept though
  • it's a decent app, plus the dev has announced that an update (due imminent) has fixed the resolution issue with Lumia 920, along with other extras (see their facebook page for info)
  • Great little app! Thanks for posting about it!
  • This app is way too fun. I wish I could share the pics here in the comment section!
  • Hi ;)
    eveybody is welcomed to share their creation on the official Facebook page !
    Enjoy ! :)
  • Is there any link to download it directly or should I go to the store? I am Using WPCentral app on the Lumia 920