"Mango" battling iPhone 5 in September

According to a report over at the DigiTimes, OEMs are set to reveal a range of Mango-powered devices in September, just two months away. We recently covered the shambles with the Imagine Cup where it was revealed that winners would receive handsets running "Mango" in September. While we may have read too much into it, Microsoft does seem to be taking competition extremely seriously - just look at "Gmail Man" (opens in new tab).

With Apple's iPhone 5 looking set to be hitting stores in that same month with iOS 5 just around the corner, this would be the perfect part of the year to launch "Mango" with unique devices and a tonne of advertising. Fujitsu and Toshiba are unveiling their IS12T waterproof handset (opens in new tab) (in line with KDDI), which is also set to be coming up in September.

Nokia is mentioned in the DigiTimes report where they will be looking to launch their device in October when WP7 OEMs have heated up the market for "Mango" handsets. Fujitsu-Toshiba joining the ranks with HTC, Samsung, LG, Acer, ZTE and Nokia, perhaps 2012 will be the year of the Windows Phone?

Source: DigitTimes

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • LOL, that's going to be like Mike Tyson fighting Bill Gates. iPhone has way to many loyal fans right now.
  • Well maybe Windows Phone can be Buster Douglas this time
  • Sure, In about a year or two. Not September 5th.
  • Well you gotta start somewhere
  • LOL your wrong apple troll. Iphone has been going down past few months. Since they heard about the location bug file built into every iphone in which steve jobs says does not track your every move hahahaha yeah right it does track your every move you are located. so yes wp7 will be the winner due to the fact it more secure and easier to navigate the phone. iphone just another bloated icons.
  • I actually think in my area, people are tired of broken screens. I see a lot of iPhones, and I see a lot of them with broken screens. iPod Touches too. And if you don't have the expensive **** AppleCare, you screwed. Some people appear to get lucky with replacements, but most don't. AT&T insurance for Windows Phones are $5/mo with only a $50 deductible.
  • Judging by what they think is good, I doubt we'll see any ads (or better, ads that show strong points of the own platform as opposed to just making fun of the competition) at all for Mango.
  • Well, iPhone has waaay to many fanboys who are going to buy the whole warehouse of iDevices, because they're already brainwashed with the idea that the new iPhone is out, and they will rush into stores and buy them off fast as **** And i suppose, that this rush will put a nice ''smokescreen'' on every platform out there and any phone, so Mango will be the boss in a few months, when the applemania lies down a bit.
  • they should make a ADD that shows off an Iphone and a WP Mango , and they should show off everything the Iphone doesnt do and how its slower,. lol think that might angry some Fan boys and make the SMART peopel switch to a better OSPut Pepper on bill gates gloves to blind out Mike tyson ....GO GATES GO!!
  • tyson is an idiot anyone can kick his skinny black a**
  • I bet you wouldn't say that to his face.
  • I'm going to be lining up to buy a WP device as soon as one comes to sprint, I wonder when, Cant wait to ditch my Arrive, and give it to my son so he could use as a PMP, and stuff. Please Sprint, no physical Keyboard please.
  • There is no doubt in my mind that sales of WP7 will rise as a result of Mango with better hardware. It's true that Apple has a loyal following of iSheep, but I personally know a few that will make the switch to Mango after seeing what my Mango Focus can do. As far as marketing Microsoft should do like Allstate's "mayhem" commercials. There are so many features in WP7 Mango that they should make like 10 commercials, each focusing on a specific feature and kill the airwaves with them.
  • Microsoft needs to take the focus off competing with other platforms and relay what makes Windows Phone 7 different. I recall their debut TV ad showed people glued to their phones, with one person dropping his in a urinal. I don't recall an actual Windows Phone in the ad. How does that show why someone should buy one?They should market the following points:- Elegant interface- Live tiles (including quick access to your family members)- Impressive app store- Good selection of games including 3D titles like Need for Speed- Powerful 1 Ghz processors as the rule- Stability... resulting in satisfaction
  • Yes. Halo. Which MS is missing as well.
  • Unless one of these OEM's has a truly KILLER device and the launch is accompanied by a simply MASSIVE and effective ad campaign they will be absolutely crushed. Funny how MS seems capable of advertising Windows and the Xbox/Kinect but fall completely flat with WP7. The enthusiasm, focus and talent that is shown when these products are advertised is clearly lacking when it comes to showcasing WP7. For example, that Brandon Foy ad, why not just make it a real ad rather than say the video needs a certain number of views? That alone would make the ad spread by word of mouth and people will be interested to watch it just to see what its about. Another missed opportunity.
  • I agree that WP7 *does* need a killer device, but Android's doing pretty nicely without one. Still, fingers crossed for Nokia Sea Ray and fingers crossed they get it out early - I've started saving already...
  • I've had designers glance at my phone and say "wow this is beautiful", "love the font", "great design." Pretty much everyone I hand the phone to says "beautiful screen!" (Venue Pro).The phone is beautiful to look at, to touch (really!) and to use. I find myself craving more reasons to use (the OPPOSITE of their first ad campaign.)With Android I see people trying to find ways to use Widgets and themes and customization so it starts to fit and feel right to them.With iPhone, people just seem happy to use it as is, and they are impressed with the "retina" display. But the grid of icons isn't all that nice to look at.I'm not in marketing, but I wonder if some creatives can find a way to focus on the joy of using the phone, the beauty of the design and the screens."I'm inviting our lunch bunch out to happy hour, using the Groups features, because I LOVE using the features on this phone.""I'm walking around the store pointing my phone at books because I love comparing the prices you can get online, instantly.""I'm actually getting work done on the weekend, as an excuse to stare at my phone (and sneak in a few rounds of geoDefense without my wife knowing it!)"
  • The original 2010 November launch of WP7 was probably as close to a "soft" launch as you get. Microsoft is likely betting on Mango to really promote their renewed seriousness in this space. Microsoft doesn't need to compete directly with Apple. I don't think that it should, either. As for Apple fans, people lets be fair, the iPhone is a pretty good piece of engineering as is their software. For WP7 users, iOS is just not the right fit. The same can be said of Android. That said, there are a bunch of people out there always looking to upgrade to something better and easier and more fun. I do believe WP7 can meet those demands. Fanboys aren't what made the iPhone the number one handset. It was all of the rest of people that see how remarkably stable and consistent the platform is and bought into it after the Fanboy mania. I had strongly recommended the iPhone to all of my friends before I even bought one myself. At the time, it was pretty good tech with a very different approach to how we use our smart phones. It really is up to Microsoft to generate the buzz without getting ugly; its up to carriers to do their part and of course our own Fanboys need to educate the masses. :) Eitherway, all of this competition is simply good news for the consumer. We shouldn't hope that WP7 goes big just to validate our choices - it really is great tech and good innovation. Cheers!
  • 1. Start off with teaser advertising featuring and highlighting the OS (Mango) Make sure that they state that it's the new Windows Phone 72. Teaser advertising showing the new OEM phones featuring the Mango features3. Hit them hard and heavy with Mango commercials featuring high profile celebs sporting and using the phone4. Market the new features of the OS...what it can do for you!!In a way Microsoft doesn't have to try and compete with Apple or Android...they just need a heavy push to get the word out about their product. If they advertise WP7 like they did when they were pushing Windows95 back in the day....they will gain market share very quickly!! They need to show people why the would want to purchase this phone
  • it seems as if apple is a little weary of the Mango. They didn't release info of when the 5 was coming out until MS said when Mango was coming out. hmmmm conveniently in September.
  • the truth is that mango can't compete even with iphone version 1... I'm just waiting for iphone 5... apple is kinda silent with what's coming (microsoft should do the same, stay silent till release date, but they don't, that's wahy they fail... ms marketing dept fault) if apple convinces me with their iphone5, I'll buy it, I have a samsung focus and I'm very disapointed with it, the nodo OS is a flop (99% of wp7 users have nodo, sorry for them) now I have mango 7712 and still has some issues, if mango final version isn't as good as iphone 1, yes '1'.... I'll buy iphone5
  • The truth is that iOS5 can't compete with Pocket PC 2000...Wow, I see your point. It *IS* easy to make idiotic claims and provide no reasoning. It makes the decision to stick with WP7 that much easier thanks.