Metro inspired UberMusic Android app released

We previously covered the Metro UI inspired media player for Android (opens in new tab) when it was still in development. Federico Carnales has now released the app to the Android Marketplace and is readily available for download and installment. So, how accurate is the design to the real deal on WP7/Zune? Check the above video.

As one can see it's a very well crafted look-alike. The animations, positioning and pivot menus are pretty much identical and if the chrome wasn't present at the top of both devices, you'd have a fairly hard time deciding which was the fake. The app is fully customizable so this is merely a single theme, third parties have the ability to 'skin' the media player as they so see it - even the widgets.

UberMusic sitting on the Marketplace shelves at a pricey $3.49 (wait, you didn't think everything on Android was free did you?) and a free version is apparently on its way with in-app advertising support. With how Google is advancing with Metro UI implementation, I wouldn't be surprised with adopting this media player as the default for Android. What are your thoughts? Should we feel flattered or concerned that other platforms are slowly turning in WP7 wannabes instead of fully migrating to the platform?

Source: UberMusic (opens in new tab), via: Engadget (opens in new tab), thanks John (opens in new tab) for the heads up! 

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • It's the sincerest form of flattery. Besides, it's not as if WP7 doesn't copy anything from anyone else *cough*WebOS*cough*.
  • I'm curious, what did WP7 "copy" from WebOS?
  • Other than webOS styled card-view in Mango, nothing.
  • MS already had card-ish view from Windows desktop called Flip 3D since Vista.
  • Nothing alike. Let us not pretend WP7 Multitasking GUI implementation isn't inspired by WebOS.Also, that App is 3rd party effort, and not related to Google.
  • The card view.That's pretty much it. Not sure why I got downranked so much. It's the god damn truth. They completely ripped off the WebOS card multitasking.I don't mind. It's the best multitasking implementation out there. And Microsoft is hardly the first. RIM did that first with the Playbook.But it's still a complete copy of WebOS. For better or worse.
  • not really. The way both card views are implemented are completely different. Sure the card view is almost the same but webOS handles tasks differently. It can stack cards, close apps by swiping up and rearrange tasks by moving cards around. WP does none of this. It's just a simple card view with the last 5 things you did that you can select to get back to. Nothing more, Nothing less
  • So what you're saying is, they only copied ONE aspect, instead of implementing everything WebOS did?That doesn't at all negate the fact they completely ripped the idea off from WebOS. Why is that so hard to admit? I love my HTC Arrive, but that doesn't mean I can't point out facts. And the fact is, they copied the multitasking card view from WebOS. Period.
  • Anyway, in case you missed it, what I'm saying is: WP7's fast app switcher view is to webOS card view as webOS card view is to Flip 3D that MS had since Windows Vista, which is an evolution of alt-tab, which all came before webOS. If you want to call it "copying," fine, but don't act like Palm came up with their system without "copying" things from others, too. Comma, semicolon; exclamation mark!
  • They stole the card view task switcher and the threaded messaging. WebOS did it with Text, AIM, Yahoo!, and MSN. I saw that when I used the palm pre plus
  • Threaded messaging is a very old concept. Look at the past few versions of Outlook. Even the card view as implemented by WP7 is not that much different from the alt-tab I can do on my WIndows desktop.
  • wow, what an idiot!
  • Says the idiot who doesn't even know just how many companies have the copied the innovations from WebOS =/
  • This is a troll free zone buddy, the only reason you are here is because Wp7 has only a little more market share that webos. Let's see how your comments fair on the android page or ios, those fan boys would have your account deavtivated, so if you want to list the features that have been "copied" from webOS below please be my guest, otherwise, stick with your HP Veer (they named it this because they want you to "veer" away from this phone) and your HP Clunkpad.
  • Trolling?I already stated. Microsoft absolutely copied the card-stack multitasking from WebOS. There's nothing original about what Microsoft is implementing.I actually own an HTC Arrive you tool so your accusations are quite baseless. You're simply a pathetic fanboy that can't admit any flaws regarding your favorite OS. Why is that so hard for people like you? I'm happy Microsoft copied WebOS to implement multitasking, as opposed to the clunky interface that Android and iOS use. Also, you seem to miss the part where I said "companies" with an 's' on the end. RIM, Google, and Apple have all copied from WebOS. Whether it's the card-stack multitasking that RIM and Microsoft have adopted, or the notification center that Android and most recently iOS 5 are implementing. Those have all been innovations from Palm.There's nothing wrong with admitting that. Why you and the other fanboys are so adverse to that is beyond me.
  • I hope this argument was worth everyones time, lol
  • As much as it is an obvious copy, you can't help but feel a little envious. My brother just showed me this app on his Android phone and surprisingly it very convincingly feels like the original Zune app. It is of course not as polished but comes with extra support such as landscape and scrobbling for play counts.Does anyone have any idea about whether the Zune music player in the final version of Mango will be capable of scrobbling?
  • What's scrobbling?
  • Definite flattery. App launchers and skins does not a GUI make. If anything, this just eases people into Metro.Edit: Less inspired, more blatantly copied.
  • Well, this is a well made app I have to say, but nothing matches the original WP7 system. Whatever, if they have Android, let them have it, we still have the original WP7. And that may get lag whilebrowsding through it, because you know, Android has the potential to get laggy after a while. Another score for us, the WP7 users. Plus whatever if they have a fake Zune player, we have the Zune subscription (:.
  • More like Metro copied.
  • It's still just lipstick on a pig
  • Exactly. It can beg, borrow, and steal all it wants. Android is still the poor man's OS.
  • If the android ui became the wp7 ui entirely, id like it. I dont right now, but i dont see it as a class issue :/
  • I think it's time for Microsoft to start sending out the cease-and-desist letters, both to this developer and the one who made the Metro-like launcher.
  • My Arrive can play music through Zune for 20 hours straight, then still surf the Web for a two hour commute home on the bus.Find me an Android that can go three hours away from a Wall Charger.Skins are nice.Functionality is better.
  • Um guys, love the work you're doing but the video above is the beta version of The Uber music Player, it was covered by Engadget in mid to late May. The new Uber Music app is different from what you see above, and you can see that here - actual Ubermusic app looks different now (although it still resembles Metro UI). There is a skin in the market which will allow you to take it back to the previous look (aka same look as ZuneHD/Wp7)
  • The maker probably got afraid he would be sued by MS so he changed it and put the responsibility on the skin maker.
  • Indeed, I just got the app. Different enough to not be a copy, but similar enough to resemble wp7. I guess I'll put a comparison video up on the Techin5 youtube channel tomorrow.
  • Since none answered the question about "scrobbling" and I was wondering too, here is the answer, from the lastfm FAQ:[quote]"Scrobbling a song means that when you listen to it, the name of the song is sent to and added to your music profile. "see:
  • They may be able to copy the interface, but they will never match the Zune ecosystem of Smart DJ, Zune Pass, Marketplace Picks, Auto-Playlists, Related Artists, etc.
  • The new Zune player on mango has the buttons on top now
  • In people minds is always a copy, besides that we should feel flattered. It's nice someone loves windows phone 7 style and want's to give a taste to android device owners. Most of the people don't change devices every month, many of them are obliged by contract to wait a year or so for another device, with efforts from people like frederico (hope we makes lot's of good windows phone apps :))those folks can get to know a bit (like a teaser) and them eventualy finding on the web WPCentral page :) lot's of windows phone goodies!
  • I'm ok with this jpeg