Microsoft (again): No plans to upgrade HD2 to Windows Phone 7

In what has to be one of the most cruel geek teases in recent Windows phone history, the back and forth about whether the HTC HD2 will receive a Windows Phone 7 ROM update seems to be coming to end.

Over at ZDNet, Mary-Jo Foley received a response from Microsoft on the question and Redmond restated their position that WP7S will have very strict hardware requirements that they plan to enforce.

No surprises there, but the Microsoft spokesperson ends with 

We currently do not have plans to update the HTC HD2 to Windows Phone 7 Series.

Of course that wording does leave open the possibility. After all, plans do change and there was no "it definitely won't". Still, we think if MS wanted to be cagey, they would have given their usual "we do not comment" response in regards to the HD2 question.

None of this would have been such a big deal had not HTC themselves tweeted that the HD2 would get the update. In the future, we hope these companies can all be on the same page.

Anyone still holding out thinking it will get the coveted update?

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  • Who cares, more impressed with 6.5. With Microsoft's history, Windows Phone 7 will need 5 or 6 updates after release, just to get it right. Which will make it winter of 2011 before we have working phone with no bugs. Going to love my HD2 with my T-Mobi!!!
  • i'm sure many of us knew this would be something to rely on XDA for, but it's fun to dream. ROM upgrades are tricky as there's no on-device notification that one is available, and even seasoned users of the platform are wary of performing them. Combined with a totally different UX which looks to make the current WM software catalog useless, a larger download for the likely larger ROM size of WP7 and incongruent hardware button usage, and you have to realize that an upgrade wouldn't benefit most average users, and the advanced/enthusiast user base is too small for a device like the HD2. After thinking about it, i really couldn't see any benefit to HTC to releasing one. But i have to wonder -- with MS tightening the reigns on their mobile platform, will they do the same with distribution of beta builds? Could we see a reduction in the number of leaks? Might they clamp down harder on sites like XDA which link to ROMs?
  • was going to be the PERFECT phone for me. now not even considering purchasing a product with a dead OS...tragic
  • It's not a dead OS, you idiot. Microsoft has said they will continue to develop 6.5 for a while. So you have a few more years before it becomes "dead". Quit being a drama queen.
  • Yes, keep repeating that to yourself ;)
  • i guess you never heard of the word marketing
  • I have got one of these phones and personally I think its the best phone hardware out there. Much better than the iPhone hardware. HTC have done wonders making one of the oldest feeling OS look stylish, but with MS pushing Phone 7 so hard, the support for 6.5, which is already poor, will drop to nothing. I still have 2 weeks to decide if I want to keep the phone. This is a serious kick in the teeth for HTC who have stuck by MS with their phones for so long.
  • Not a kick in the teeth at all. HTC wants to sell phones not upgrade older ones everytime a new OS is out for free. What's so hard for people to understand? They upgraded older WM6.1 to 6.5 for free, many should be happy with that. Many of those same ones will probably get yet another upgrade to 6.5.3 or 6.6, w/e it is, later in the year again. WP7s is a whole new OS, brand new UI, apps need to be redone to match. You can't take someone, who's probably finally found his way around Sense, and then upgrade to Metro and expect them to jump for joy at the drastic change. MS, and HTC for that matter, are in the business of selling phones, and a whole new version of a mobile OS will get pushed with new phones. It's fine for .x updates to get pushed out to older phones, in the end that's part of the same OS though, just minor tweaks, like a free service pack for windows on the desktop.
  • The biggest thing people are forgetting here is that its NOT Microsoft that does the WP7 upgrade... it'll be HTC that decides. Yes WP7 does have 'strict' hardware rules but the HD2 *does* meet those rules. For those that have concentrated on the "3 buttons" rule... please re-read what Microsoft actually said & has documented - "a MINIMUM of 3 buttons". NO WHERE does Microsoft's specs state ONLY 3 buttons.
  • I hate to make this sad story even more dismal, but it actually will be the service providers (Verizon, Sprint, etc.) that decide. HTC can do all it wants, to provide updates to the OS running on their phones, but if Verizon drags their feet and takes eight months to "test" an update before deciding to offer it to consumers, then that update may as well not exist. Even more pernicious, if Verizon decides to push another vendor's phones because of heavy investments or promotional agreements they made, consumers may never see an OS update for their favorite phone. I don't see any of this ridiculousness changing with the arrival of Windows Phone 7.
  • 3 minimum, 5 maximum, but one of them has to be a dedicated Search button for Bing. Remapping a generic button doesn't count.
  • Bing blows and sucks. i'll just remap the key anyway.
  • I saw a t-mobile branded hd2 today from a tmobile rep that said it will get the windows 7 update
  • and the minimum wage rep at tmobile saying it it will get an upgrade proves something?
  • i also had a tmo rep tell me 6.5 wasn't out yet for the tp2 when in fact it was and had been. the source of the info is as important as the info.
  • The T-Mobile HD2 has not been released yet, thus any comments about the ability to upgrade the HD2 pertain to the HD2 that was released last year in Europe and Asia. The T-Mobile version is not the same, different 3G, double the ROM and more RAM. Unless the Transformer movies are going to be released in ROM, what is the extra 512 KB for? This HD2 was built to be upgraded. I suspect MS North America or T-Mobile or HTC will announce the fate of this machine once it officially releases. Till then I will take the words of the European and Asian marketing reps with a grain of salt. The future of the T-Mobile version is unknown at this time.
  • excellent point. let's toss some other stuff in here just to f*#k it up some more. apple is now trying to block importation of many HTC models, the HD2 being one of them. so we may not even be able to get them to upgrade them. to bad the lemmings are the ones that drive the markets and not those of us capable of using the full capacity of our brains or we could be light years ahead of the rest of the world with mobile technology. this is what happens when unregulated capitalists spend the bulk of their time and money focusing on and selling to the lowest common denominator.
  • I think tt doesn't matter really. I will get T-Mobile HTC HD2 and will enjoy Windows Mobile 6.5 on it. Then later when HTC HD3 comes with Windows Phone 7 Series I will upgrade to that one and will enjoy it.
  • Exactly! That's the majority of the cell phone user market right there. They buy a phone under contract and then when it's up and they can upgrade/change to a new one for free or a small fee they do. Everyone I know around here goes through cellphones basically once a year. Depending on the contract you have the carrier offers up good deals on newer models for even lower than what you'd pay if you were getting it with a new contract. Smartphones aren't PCs, the market model isn't the same either. You won't be able to keep getting upgrades on a phone that's 3 or 5 years old like you can on a PC even if the hardware can run it. Carriers don't want that, phone makers don't want that either. MS? Well, MS gets it's money regardless of which OS is on the phone since it sells the license.
  • "You won't be able to keep getting upgrades on a phone that's 3 or 5 years old like you can on a PC even if the hardware can run it. Carriers don't want that, phone makers don't want that either" what do you know what we wont or will be able to do. the free market is still in charge in the phone industry. most people dont like to re-up every two years with anything they buy. a phone is a personal computer wether microsoft wants to admit it or not. if the market demands for longer lasting phones(which is what i am demanding) providers will have no choice but to comply. dont be so naive
  • see above comments. most people may not like to re-up, but they will, cause they are limp brained consumers incapable of really truly knowing just how powerful the voice of their dollar is. big companies know this. they bank on the FACT that most people are idiots when it comes to how they spend their money (reference the current global financial meltdown). so while i agree in theory that the market drives the product, i have to say that YOU are the naive one if you believe that there are enough educated consumers to really make these companies give a damn. they don't, there is not, and there will never be. why? because less intelligence usually means more sex, which means way more children, which means way more idiots, which means way less us, which means the idiots drive the markets. capiche? luv ya!
  • "because less intelligence usually means more sex." I don't know about that. However, I do agree that there are a lot of *d*ots out there. Don't worry about WP7. First of all, WP7 is not out yet. Even when it will be out by the end of this year, WP7 really will not be matured until the end of 2011. Furthermore, don't be fooled by the 7 name. It may just be another Vista or an actual MiPhone. By then, just come back for an HD2 replacement in 2012. WM6.5.x and HD2 have still life in them.
  • I don't think it will matter all that much, I mean by the time WP7S is actually at retail how many people will really be talking about the HD2? Everyone will be focused on the latest and greatest hardware at that time like always. I think the bigger concern is how each particular end user plans to use the device. If you love the freedom of 6.5.x then the HD2 is a good bet, but if you are hungry for WP7S, then you gotta wait. Buy a new HD2 now, then hope for an upgrade to 7 maybe a year down the line (if ever), or wait until the OS drops but you are waiting either way.
  • I am getting this phone because it is the most powerful phone on the market. It will have WInMO 6+ which will be around for a least a couple of years and it is and has always been intended as a portable OS for advanced portable communication device users-not beginners or newbies. Even if it drops to .5% market share, it still is
    a powerful OS for those that can appreciate where it still
    outshines everything else out there. Those who regurgitate the same verbal diarrhea "WinMo is a dead OS"
    probably never understood its history, functions and implementations. Name a function or a feature that WP7S will be able to perform that you as an advanced user will not be able to do with WInMo 6+. Better, name a function or feature that you as an advanced user will be able to perform substantially better in WP7S. Now if you trend with the novelty crowd and you prefer the visual gunk and visual distractions in todays cell phones that pass for functions then you should wait for WP7S because it will be catching up to the trends. It looks to me that in order for Microsoft to catch up with the herd it will have to get in line and start locking down what it offers as portable communication OS. It seems to me that WinMo will remain a more powerful OS than the upcoming flashy, but neutered WP7S. So why the hysteria?
  • Agreed 110%. Why the whole "OMG" when for most of us WP7 is looking like less and less of anything we want to deal with? If I wanted to have to find all new applications, and recreate a few of mine to use on a new phone OS, I would have done it with Android already... Seriously MS? No backwards compatibility? They can keep the flashy WP7 for all I care.
  • what will WP7s have that WM6.5 doesnt? support... it can be around for centuries but without anyone giving a damn about it, no one will even attempt at making it compatable with anything else out there which=fail
  • If you really feel strongly about this, sign this petition - amazing it's only got 2500 so far:
  • The guys at XDA will most definitely hack WP7S onto the HD2 no matter what so I'm not too worried. OEM support would be nice though, how can they make the highest end WM phone somewhat obsolete 6 months after it's released?!
  • i done the petition but to be honest im not that worried im getting this phone in the morning an i know for a FACT! That if microsoft release it or not it will be done as it will be hacked an i will have it much luv peeps...
  • Even if it doesn't get updated to WP7, once XDA gets a hold of the rom, anyone and everyone can flash their old phone to it. Even my old Tilt could run it, just like 6.5 thats running on it right now and my current Touch HD. I don't even think I'll flash the HD2 when I get it though. From what I heard, WP7 will not allow multi-tasking. Just like the iPhone. If I wanted an iPhone, I'd of bought one already. I want multi-tasking.
  • Now if only HTC bitch slap Adobe for the knife to the back "no flash for 6.5" stunt...oh yeah!!! As for the update, it will be possible either way so screw M$ reps that have problems with keys...geesh...M$ is a nose dive waiting to happen, way to go!
  • Here we go again. Back to this vicious cycle game. If you read carefully, Microsoft really has no plan to upgrade the HD2 to WP7. That is Microsoft. But then again, Microsoft has no plan at all to upgrade any existing phone that is currently available in the market anyway. In other words, you've been splashed with cold water news.
    There is really nothing to be alarmed about. WP7 is not out yet. Plus, it may not be the way you like it, or may not be better than WM. If you really want it, way for a 2011 model. I recommend 2012.
  • I really doubt the HD2 is what us geeks will be drooling over by the time WM7 debuts. The phone will be about a year old for those outside the US. I'm sure HTC has something in the works. As for XDA and a hacked rom, I don't doubt this. But I think most devices older than the HD2 may struggle with WM7 considering how they perform right now.
  • anybody think Microsoft is not the biggest bunch of Bozos on the planet?
  • We'be been seeing this phone for a YEAR now and by the time it's finally released here it will be OBSOLETE.. great planning and teamwork by HTC and Microsoft
  • I will buy this phone because it is the strongest and most advanced piece of communication hardware as of now. I am not too excited about the WPS7 where Microsoft has been forced to play along by the so called tech blogosphere to go retro ala Apple Iphone. These textually impaired so-called tech writers have rejected the still strong WinMo 6 OS platform with silly chants such as "nobody wants it," "it is anemic," "it is outdated," "it is too hard to lift the stylus out of my pocket," etc. Of course, what they really mean is: "it is not flashy," "it is not visually gunky," "it is not eye candish." Now, I ask you what does any of this has to do with productivity. Most surprising of all, when you get your WPS7 phone I want you to tell me what it is that it can do that older WinMo 6 (now Classic) cannot do. Or better yet, what will it be able to do substantially better than WinMo Classic.
    Some years ago, audio gear manufacturers came out with claims and boasts about the new technical advances in audio reproduction simply by shuffling the buttons, knobs, and switches on their audio gear around. It turns out that except for digital audio storage technology and the CD minor reproduction improvements there still does not exists a consensus as to what is a good audio reproduction. It will be the same thing with the Windows phone evolution. Microsoft is rearranging things around so that it can be accepted in a general market instead of just a business market. The bloggo-techfiles fallen for it and have released their pent up expectations about the new Microsoft flashy phone interface.
    Enjoy WM6 and its power on the HTC HD2 while it is still a viable OS because WPS7 will try to mimic the Iphone with no multitasking, no customization, no freedom to buy software outside of a closed apps store system, and excessive eye candy for teenagers and the tech blogosphere denizens, etc. WMS7 phones will go backwards so that the average Joe and the average teenager can be tied into a Windows phone market. Have you got it?
  • It's better for devs to have a base set of hardware and also software/UI that they can then work their app into.till then I will take the words of the European and Asian marketing reps with a grain of salt. The future of the T-Mobile version is unknown at this time.
  • Here we go again. Back to this vicious cycle game. If you read carefully, Microsoft really has no plan to upgrade the HD2 to WP7. That is Microsoft. But then again, Microsoft has no plan at all to upgrade any existing phone that is currently available in the market anyway. In other words, you've been splashed with cold water news.
    There is really nothing to be alarmed about. WP7 is not out yet. Plus, it may not be the way you like it, or may not be better than WM. If you really want it, way for a 2011 model. I recommend 2012.