Microsoft and Kraft Heinz announce team-up for cloud transformation

Microsoft logo at Ignite
Microsoft logo at Ignite (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has a history of being the go-to for major companies looking to digitize their operations by utilizing the power of the cloud and AI.
  • Kraft Heinz is the latest of such companies to do so, partnering up with Microsoft to ensure Azure helps keep the Velveeta gravy train rolling.
  • The announcement includes talk of a Supply Chain Control Tower and air traffic control, in case you thought the logistics operations behind the production of Capri Sun couldn't be exciting.

Microsoft and Kraft Heinz are teaming up to bring the bulk of the latter's datacenter assets to Azure, wherein Redmond's AI and cloud infrastructure will help modernize the mac 'n cheese maker's supply chain operations.

Not only will the structural changes to Kraft Heinz take place at a macro level throughout the organization, but they'll scale to modify the company's day-to-day operations. By crafting Azure Digital Twins of its North American manufacturing facilities, Kraft Heinz will be able to test plans and strategies in a virtual environment before implementing them within real facilities. The twins "will help predict outcomes that identify optimal product capacity and reduce mechanical interruptions by proactively addressing issues before they occur, with the goal of ensuring the products that reach retail shelves and consumer hands are the highest possible quality," according to Microsoft's announcement post.

There will also be the production of a Supply Chain Control Tower, which will act as air traffic control for Kraft Heinz, giving the company live oversight of its plants and their operations. You can read the Microsoft presser for a more granular breakdown of what the two giants hope to accomplish together, but those are the key points.

Don't forget Microsoft has already injected Azure into Twix. Now that it controls mac 'n cheese, there's only so much Sunday night comfort food left for it to claim.

Robert Carnevale

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