Nokia announces Lumia 710 and 800 for Vietnam and releases Vietnamese keyboard app

Nokia has announced the release dates for the Lumia 710 and 800 in Vietnam. Both handsets will go on sale and will be available on April 9th, for 6,299,000 VND and 10,599,000 VND respectively. Nokia Vietnam has listed 21 retailers to stock and ship the two Windows Phones, and all stores will be decorated in Lumia promotion material.

Unfortunately, the Vietnamese keyboard and language aren't supported by the platform, but are on the horizon (as well as Local Scout, Maps, etc.). Nokia has attempted to soften this blow by releasing Viet Keyboard, an app which provides a convenient text input solution for the Vietnamese language. 

Users are able to type as they would normally in the app and then copy the text to the clipboard, which can then be subsequently pasted elsewhere on the smartphone. Viet Keyboard will be especially useful for common tasks such as SMS, email social network posting, and web browsing.

You can download Viet Keyboard from the Marketplace (Lumia restricted). Source: Mainguyen; thanks Hoang for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Awesome! I sure hope that US users will be allowed to use the Viet keyboard coming in future releases of WP. Too bad this keyboard app isn't available on non-Lumia phones.
  • A separate keyboard app?? Am I the only one thinning this idea is already doomed?
  • yeah, it sucks...but it was the same way on Android when no Vietnamese keyboard was available, back in the day. And, with Tango the issue will go away as a native keyboard for VNese is supposed to be included.
  • I quickly glanced at the title saw a V and thought it was verizon, i nearly fainted :D
  • Good to hear that my neighbor country like Vietnam will get Lumia and it actually ahead of us in Thailand. We was told that Nokia Thailand will bring 4 Lumia devices here around May even their official website's already listed them and has the product page ready. So let see in the next fews weeks from now.
  • You forgot to mention about good deals that Nokia offers. Take Lumia 800 for instance, while 10.6M VND (~510USD) is a little high, you get one Mobifone (the largest provider in VN) contract for free. That account gives you $10 for calls and 2GB Data plan a month in 2 years (*for free*). Does $10 sound too little for some of people here? Well, it totally cover my monthly usage! Simply put, we rarely have such a good deal in Vietnam. In my opinion, it is a killer deal for WP users.