Microsoft finally has a compelling Windows Phone ad, makes fun of Samsung and Apple rivalry

Microsoft has often been criticized for not making effective commercials—something we think that has changed recently with the Surface campaign (and back stepped with ‘Scroogled’). But what about Windows Phone? We’ve seen some interesting ones in the past but nothing that could potentially go viral (or not be cringe worthy).

That may have all just changed as a new YouTube ad has gone live on the Windows Phone channel and if this doesn’t raise consumer curiosity, we’re not sure what will.

The theme is a wedding with two sides: one audience is Apple’s iPhone and the other Samsung’s Galaxy series fans. The opposing camps begin teasing each other, poking fun at Samsung’s “giant phone” and the iPhone trend of being for our most senior adults. They soon start an all-out fight, throwing common barbs at each other in the process such as “is there an app for that!” and the NFC “boing” thing.

In the midst of the fighting are two wedding workers standing casually in all the chaos, taking photos and video of the ensuing melee with their highly visible red and yellow Lumia 920s.

Oh no she didn't!

The slogan? Don’t fight. Switch.

Dare we say we think Microsoft may have finally carved out a solid middle ground between the two sides. The ad is entertaining, sidesplitting and has a clear message. They even toss in the Engadget Reader’s Choice award at the end for extra validation. Even the color balance is perfect with the boring greys and blacks for the opposing phones while the Lumia shines in bright red and yellow.

Kudos, Microsoft. Now let us pray they actually put this on TV.

Update: It will begin airing on TV tonight!

Source: Windows Phone BlogYouTube

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • So... while Samsung and Apple battle for supremacy, Nokia is left out spectating from the sidelines? That's what this ad says to me.
    Ignoring that, what does this ad do to convince people to switch to Lumia?
  • It tells u that the battle between the two companies is childish
  • Yeah, I like that point of it,but to be honest it should of showed off some of the features the other OS's use. It was a perfect time to show NFC Capabilities, built in bing search, and other apps just like the oter companies were using. They kinda just sat there like "ehh whatever." wouldn't have mattered if the lumias were replaced by a jitterbug. Nothing would have changed the ad.
  • Most people don't care about capabilities. The vast majority of buyers are replacing feature phones and just like that they can search the web, write emails, and take photos/video. Outside of that it is just apps and popularity.
  • Everyone who ask me about WP asked either one of two questions, and I believe they are sencere.
    1. Does WP has app like the iPhone?
    2. How many apps does it has?
    Microsoft needs to educate the general public about WP basic.
    Well, from experience I can say that most of the times the answer to question (1) is "Yes, there is." or "It's integrated in the OS so you don't need one."
    Question (2) is just plain stupid regardless of the word you put in the place of "app" and it is based solely on the greediness of people. An OS might have a million apps and still lack the one app you need.
    In my case, the only app I haven't been able to find on both Android and WP is an alternative to iMovie.
    There are several levels of usage (basic user, power user, geek, etc.) and 90% are basic users who use only 4-5 features and don't install anything out of fear they might break something.
    They don't care about OS features but how does the device look when you put it on the table, its color, size and weight. Like most of the times you ask someone what car they have, they will answer "Blue."
    The readers of this (and any other) forum represent a negligible percent of the market and no company will base its marketing strategy based on what they see here.
  • App selection is important to many people. I do not have a scientific survey to back it up, but of all my coworkers who have a smart-phone (all but one in an office of more than 100) I have yet to hear of one person say “I sure overpaid for this phone since I never use apps.” In my family I have yet to hear someone say, “I bought a GIII so I could surf the web, but check my g-mail and update Facebook at home on my desktop.” Web surfing (show rooming - before it had that name) is THE reason my wife upgraded from a feature phone to an HD7 in Nov '10. We dutifully maximized usage from our HD7s for over two years. Exchange, Office, the People Hub, some cool games - all great implementations for our first smartphones. But the app gap remained. In January she went to an iPhone 5 and I went to a L920. I loved my L920 (yes it is huge - compared to the svelte iPhone 5). When I saw that MLB and my bank were not making apps for WP8, after having WP7 versions, I took it back and got an iPhone. The app gap is real, while not a wide as it was – but the perception is still there. The app gap perception, and perception is reality, does sway which phone people purchase – whether you think so or not.
    (WinPhone refugee with an iPhone due to the app gap)
  • Thanks for the good reply.
    I agree that in one of the 10 major countries apps do make a difference. As you say, your bank, MLB, NBA, etc. all make apps. In Eastern Europe though we are far from such appization and therefore we tend not to see this big gap.
    I currently have an HTC Trophy (WP 7.8) and a company iPhone 4S. I use the Trophy for almost everything I need. The only apps I am using on the iPhone are Waze (and I hope they will be getting it to WP soon as some news said) and iMovie, for which I haven't found a replacement. I will also be getting an L920 unless I see something interesting at Nokia's event in May.
    Regarding the size, I have big hands and the L920 fits perfectly, the weight is also good. The first time I picked up an iPhone 5 I was going to throw it. This phone was meant for either women or skinny men. If the company ever changes to iPhone 5's I will ask to keep the 4S.
    And the way I see it is that the more people use WP, more reason the companies will have to make apps. And the fact that WP's market share is growing is a good sign, speacially because it is getting the feature phone market, which I believe is still larger than the smartphone market. So there is great opportunity.
  • I agree too because I know way too many people with smart phones who dont know half the capabilites of the device, for me its annoying because youre sheep. 
  • So true
  • (Longest first thread EVER)
    *signing out*
  • Is that not the reality? I mean, what should it say..."we're number 1, you just don't know it yet 'cause you're stupid"?
  • Yea, it is the reality right now. I'm just wondering why the went with this ad instead of something that shows off unique WP8 features. It's an entertaining ad though.
  • Because this is way more entertaining? I mean, just because they do this ad it doesn't preclude them from doing one that "focuses on features". But here's the thing...most consumers don't actually care about features. They care about apps, price, the look and if it's cool. Feature lists are for tech blogs aka the minority. In 2013 the truth of the matter is iOS, Android and Windows Phone are all excellent OSs with nearly the same features. They need a different angle to sell, get attention.
  • Having an entertaining ad is always good... It keeps the viewer's attention. 
    I think most consumers do care about features though. It's what makes or breaks a device. Apps are important too, but I'd think that the average consumer sees apps and features as pretty much the same thing.
    "In 2013 the truth of the matter is iOS, Android and Windows Phone are all excellent OSs with nearly the same features. They need a different angle to sell, get attention."
    Yes, I definitely agree with this. All this ad does is remind people that WP exists. I hope future commercials focus on the "Why should I switch?" aspect.
  • Consumers might think that certain features sound good, but if you go up to the average user a month after they got the phone and asked if they used a feature or even know how to use the features, I think you would find many people never used many of the features and don't even know they exist. From my small sample, I know many people who don't know half the features on the iphone and that is the easiest to use os of the 3. Many people just don't take the time to browse though the settings to see what is available.
  • I agree wholeheartedly.  Even those who use Apple products don't even know the type of features are on their phones.  It's pretty amazing.  The reason those said people have an iPhone is because they have been told it's the best product and everyone else has one seemingly.
  • I agree with this 100%. I read android central, imore, wpc, and crackberry. I'm an iOS kind of guy. It's what I like. One of my coworkers was blabbing about his iPhone on how he wishes it had an EQ for his music. So I gladly showed him how to access the EQ through the settings.    Simple things like that people in the norm just don't take the time to look through settings. They just want something that works out of the box.
  • Yup. People want entertainment, not a history lesson.
  • It's a well done, entertaining ad. But consider this: The first thing you see is a bunch of iPhone 5's being raised then a cooler looking crowd saying how awesome the S3 is while demonstrating the tap-to-share NFC technology. Windows Phone gets a sliver of screen time, just like most all their other ads. Memorable, yes. Compelling enough to get someone to buy a Windows Phone? Not really.
  • Agree.. the hardware/software is getting very similar so that's the "Cool" factor that sell.
  • Exactly. We ramble on about features this and features that but people want to know what they are using is the cool thing to use. I actually thought the "this is for the music lover, the ...." commercials should have been pushed more as it speaks to who you are and the fact that Windows Phone has apps that you'll love.
    I'm glad this will be airing as I love it as a broadcast advert.
    I also like that Microsoft is acknowledging their current place in the market relative to Android and the iPhone but still make sure people know you are there and present themselves as a viable option. Bonus point is the exclusion of BlackBerry (their chief rival for 3rd place).
  • Wazap Daniel :D
  • Very true! Only the minority care about the details
  • +1 spot on Daniel. I have to tell this to specTards all the time. Soccer mom does not care about PPI or Front Facing Camera. She cares what colour it is, what the size is etc. My GF broke her 820, and loves this Android 2.3 Alcatel (50 bucks) phone she got as a temporary replacement. Why? Cos its small, and makes nice sounds <face palm>
    We forget sometimes that us nerds (including myself) are not Mr and Mrs Average consumer.
    This ad makes people think about their deep seated bias and stupid/childish brand loyalty to the point of argumet. After all, they are just phones. Great post WPCentral.
  • Lol "Mr. & Mrs. Average Consumer". +1 sir ;)
  • I agree
  • +1 Enough ads trying to get a laugh at the competition. We need more commercials of the phones up close showing off all the features. And not just rapid blurry shots of them with a dub step track in the background. If people have never used the OS before, they can't make out what the hell is being done with the phone. That is one thing that apple does right. Hopefully they get it soon.
  • Some people won't be happy until there's an hour long infomercial. You can't do everything in 30 seconds and these feature ads you guys describe would be BORING.
  • You want features? Here you go. Adverts of this sort REALLY don't work! 30 seconds is too little
  • I would suggest they have already done that and I fully expect them to continue. The most obvious example being the smoked adverts that eventually went mainstream.
  • lol, well put; regardless its a great ad, one of the better ones I've seen from MS, thank god its not another annoying surface dancing ad, just can't stand those.
  • Agree 100%, the Surface adds are horrible and make me want to change channels.
  • It showed off two features one from Android and one on the IPhone but it didn't show off any of the WP8 features...
    None the less its a funny add.
  • You mean Voice Search and NFC?  Both features on Windows Phone?
  • Just one question... isn't this a Nokia add and not a Microsoft one? I thought the "#timetoswitch capaign was Nokia's, not Microsoft's.
  • far from it, while DUMBASSES are fighting it out, you can look like a NORMAL person with your 920...not a fanboy.
    I actually dread the day Windows Phones are too common enough to not be alternative.  Being different has its priviledges.
  • Is this ad not for normal people anyway? The whole "fanboy" thing doesn't exist outside of our little circle of tech enthusiasts.
    Also, to be fair, all sides have their fanboys and normal people.
  • Did Samsung not make headlines by making fun of Apple fans waiting in line? That was their whole angle...attack the iPhone and their fan's irrational devotion. It worked, too. So I disagree with the "fanboy thing doesn't exist outside of our little circle" line. It definitely resonates.
  • I couldn't agree more. This ad doesn't show off the features of WP8, but it does show consumers that there is an alternative. I think Microsoft did a great job showing that there's more than 2 premium OS's in the mobile market and their OS is just as good   or even better than than the other 2. 
  • Don't be so uppity. You don't have to be self-declared "tech enthusiast" to be interested in tech or to be a fanboy.
  • "The whole "fanboy" thing doesn't exist outside of our little circle of tech enthusiasts." Really?  Ask your average iPhone user if they would be objective enough to consider a Samsung or a Nokia purchase.  That was the whole point we struggled to make for the last few years:  There are alternatives that have more features and capabilities.  I own a Samsung presently, but am in no way a fanboy.  Android is my preference, but I don't get upset that people use Apple products or think that I am better than them because of our respective choices; it does a fine job.  What gets me and others is the smug and dumb perception from clueless fanboys on that side that refuse to even try or consider anything else and concurrently have no clue about how to use their precious devices to do anything but text, facebook, and make phone calls. But I understand the loyalty.   They are just scared to venture away from what they know just works and what their friends use.  To an extent, the smugness of certain Apple users comes from having found a legit product that just works and isn't a maintenance nightmare like the MS core product line that people have to endure at work.  They love the simpleton interface and trust them. Microsoft products are historically masochistic and unreiable to use, requiring lots of third party software and IT nerds like me just to perform daily operations.  No one wants that kind of hassle in a personal communications device.  If the new WP is breaking that mold in some way, that is what they must demonstrate. I thoroughly enjoyed the ad BTW.  :)  Best MS product commercial to date.
  • I didn't see the compelling argument for Windows Phone either and I'm a huge fan.
  • That's because there is no perfect ad. I have never seen a commercial that everyone agrees sells the phone perfectly. You can't point out your competition's flaws and your strengths and be entertaining in a 30 or 60 spot. Regardless, I guarantee the overwhelming majority will approve of this ad, which is really all that counts.
  • Dan I wouldn't bother trying to explain it. They just don't get that it was a fun ad.
  • Daniel, I guess what people would rather see is the same tired monotone, hipster voice touting ios "features" (that have been on many mobile devies for years now) over an annoying little piano tune playing in the background.
    Microsoft has actually covered the angles that some of these people are crying about. But they seem to have short term memory when MS gives them what they say they want.
    Here's a few of 'em.
  • Agree, The ad  is great and accompished  what it set out to do, I have noticed approval of this ad even from bloggers that have been  very critical of anything MS,,
    Just read this from Joe Wilcox over at betanews
    "Lumia 920 Windows Phone commercial is the best tech ad in YEARS"
  • Or you can be like Apple, ignore your competitors completely in your ads, talk about what their hardware does for  you the customer, and then make more money than every other smartphone maker on earth combined. That's a pretty winning strategy.
  • The way I see it is this way. Apple ignored the competition with the Iphone but not with the Mac. Why? Because they were the underdogs. If you are the leader of the pack there's no need to attack the pack you just have to watch your back but if you want to be the leader you have to take him down right?
  • From the way I see it an ad about a large share (Samsung vs Apple) ad is one thing - an ad where you're trying to be the third offering only highlights the fact that you have very poor market share.  HTC is now having that problem with both WP8 and Android - it has come up with two superbly designed phones - the 8X and the One - and can't make up any ground in WP8 against Nokia and in Android against Samsung.  People who buy iPhones ( I don't see what people see in them BUT I have a lot of friends that have them and love them) buy them because their friends have them and want to have the same apps - whether it's iMessage, Words with Friends, Instagram or something other new app I see them using the same apps as their friends to instant message, play online games, or share something.  Apple also has VERY high customer loyalty (I've seen some studies with upwards of 91%) and even Android has upwards of 76% loyalty it's hard to see where WP8 gets market share.  As for the apps thing the longer people are with a particular platform the bigger the investment in time learning the OS (think back to DOS vs the Mac Graphical interface) and money in apps (who wants to repurchase apps you've already paid for) the harder it is to find switchers.  Finally, this add spends more time on Apple/Samsung where people that already have these will say to themselves "Oh, it's not like this on my phone" becasue people will rarely admit they bought the wrong expensive product (especially if it has a 2 year contract with a $350 ETF). JMHO.
  • The only thing this ad says is "Hey, we (Nokia) have phones too!". I guess it's a nice reminder for the people who may not realize that WP8 exists. Looking forward to more commercials that show off the uniqueness of WP.
  • But isn't that the purpose of advertisements?  Nokia is TRYING to gain relevance in the market.  This ad shows exactly that! What unique features would they show off besides the live tiles?  WP does pretty much the same like every OS in a minimalistic way.  They could show off the OIS and low light and rich recording feats in the 920, but then again...the HTC One is "nearly" on par with it already and contains these feats already. 
  • Ads don't produce "compelling arguments" unless they're PSAs. Learn how advertising works. It's about building brand identity and brand relationships. That's what this ad is doing.
  • +1 well said
  • Really?  Because Apple seems to have had quite a bit of success showing simple demonstrations of how their products work.  Even when they are demonstrating features that competitors have had for years or with limited pratical value.  It's been the cornerstone of their marketing efforts.  You can't build identity when people have no clue what you're offering.  Like the Surface dances, these ads are fine as supplementary ads and may generate some casual interest, but they fail miserably as a primary campaign because they don't give people any practical reason to buy the product. 
  • Apple doesn't do stupid childish crap like showing people fighting in a room. They show you how the phone works, and how it affects the person using it. That's why they make more profit than any other company on Earth that sells smartphones. They speak to the customer directly, and show them what it does for them without getting into boring details. This? This is just stupidity trying to pose as superiority. It does nothing for the brand, and is completely forgettable because customers don't care what the other side does, they care what they product being shown does.
  • But you're assuming that those ads were what gave Apple a presence in consumer mindshare. What about those Mac vs. PC advertisements, that was Apple's true cornerstone in building its brand image - which had carried through to the iPhone and iPad. People understood that Apple products were GOOD, and the informative ads just fed into that initial Mac > PC premise.
  • That's true, but they showed the disadvantages of the PC compared to the Mac while being humorous. This doesn't. It just shows people fighting, yet doesn't show how WP8 is better, or even different. Just that it exists amongst all the fighting between two companies that make phones, and only one that makes an OS. Maybe they'll follow up with more informative ads while being funny, but starting off highlighting the two strongest competitors while doing nothing to promote your brand as their first shot doesn't do anything for them. People are going to focus on the Apple/Samsung fight and what it means rather than seeing Microsoft showing them something that neither companies offer. Time will tell, but highlighting Smasung and Apple while showing nothing about your brand is just free advertising for those two and not Nokia/Microsoft.
  • +1
    This ad was designed to make people laugh and remember the colorful lumia's the two on lookers were using. The more the commercial shows off features and stays monotone the less the average consumer will remember what it was about. Consumers will walk into att or verizon and say "oh! That's the phone that was in that one commercial about the old guy asking his phone about karate."
  • That wasn't really the focus of this ad. It was designed to get a laugh with the subtext that Windows Phone users are the only adults in the room. I'm not sure how many WP converts it will produce but hopefully the commercial will go viral and get noticed.
  • I see a compelling argument to check it out. The device and start screen are show to be attractive and cool and they are being used by two people who are attractive and cool.
  • To me that's not supremacy... That's investing in companys that limit you to what they want to give you...i haven't really experienced that so far with my windows phone...ive gotten everything on my new phone that I had on my iPhone but its easier on my windows phone
  • "That's investing in companys that limit you to what they want to give you..." This is exactly what every company does... Some (like WP) being more strict than others. Not that that's really a bad thing. That's why multiple OS options exist.
  • Why does the very first comment have to be one that doesn't get the point of the ad?  It's just an ad that pokes fun at the others.  Very well done IMO.
  • I get the point of the ad. It's simply to remind the average consumer that WP exists.
  • Just ignore it. Some people want to be argumentative & ignorant.
  • How about genuinely curious? Just because I had questions about the ad, it doesn't make me "argumentative & ignorant".
  • I understood it and laughed my ass off.
  • Same
  • Advertising is about gathering peoples attention and this one definitely does that. Should have been a super ball add
  • It doesn't convince people to switch to Lumia @Choorp.  Few ads about anything do.  It raises awareness in the best way, it makes you laugh.   A certain percentage of people will seize on that and go look at the product.  THEN the product must sell itself.   I agree its all a waste if the actual product isn't worthy of consideration.  But we know this product is worthy and getting people to take a look will be successful to some degree.
  • Is the sky ever blue in your world?
  • The ad says to me: "Don't be a douchebag fanboy, and consider other options like Windows Phone."
  • You know what they should have done. They should have posted video footage and pictures of this exact commercial taken from those 2 Lumia 920s.
  • It says that to you because that's what you want it to say. Most folks see it for what it is. Aren't you tired of all the hype surrounding a platform and all the silly competition? Come on over here to an phone and OS and ecosystem that does all that in a colorful and dynamic but low key way. The "punch line" was at the end, just like a "punch line" should be. Commercial was pretty good and I think it'll plant a seed.
  • It's a rare add that can convince anyone of anything. What it does is create awareness and intrigue, which hopefully leads to demand....
  • Look at Geico commercials. People remember their name because of their entertaining, WTF inducing commercials. I'm talking about the random ones that just flash up the name at the end. ATT has some great commercials with the little kids. A commercial showing off features will get lost, especially if it isn't entertaining. The reason Samsung had success with mocking the iPhone is just that- it was mocking something in an entertaining way. +1 for this ad. I hope they make a bunch more like this.
  • It is stereotyping iPhone and Galaxy users as ridiculous, uncool fanboys locked in their little feud, while WP8 users, while in minority, are cool and couldn't care less who has bigger... of those two because they know they're the best of the crop.
    This is basically about creating and projecting image to potential buyers and switchers and definitely is something both MS and Nokia need - they are not considered cool nowadays by big chunk of buyers. They need to address this negative image, and I'd say ads like this one can help there.
    Of course they should do more serious, feature based ads as well, but I hope they will keep variety - as long as they keep making good ads for both approaches.
  • I've had several people ask me about my Windows Phone, not a single person asked me about the apps. Universally, everyone asked me if I liked it. That was the cue to show off the Live Tiles and several other features along with the Office and Skydrive integration which then turned into a demo of Office 365 and document syncing between my phone, the web and my laptop.
  • Dec., 2011, bought two HTC titans. Wife switched iphone 5 and I switched to lumia 920, then to GS3, then to iphone 5. The biggest problem for windows phone is app quality.
  • I suspect the focus of the Ad was to make people aware how it can compete with the Samsung and Apple phones and oh by the way its highly recomened by Tech websites like this one just in case you missed our point.
    It really comes down to putting the phone in peoples heads so when they get to the store they ask about it. Some people need features others humour.
  • Nothing. How is that effective?
  • Hahahahah lmao!!!!! That was funny!
  • Yeah it was.  Very uncommong for MS.  The best part is the guy in the beginning taking a picture with what almost looks like a freaking tablet.
  • Hahahah right lol.
  • Agreed, when I see someone taking a picture with an iPad (tablet, whatever) I wanna punch them in the neck ;-)
  • Hahahah yes I hear you, me too!
  • Um… you do realize it's an open flip cover which looks like it would double the perceived size, right?
  • Great ad!! Love it, lol!
  • About time they make a normal ad. This was pretty cool.
  • Agreed! I love this ad. Probably my favorite Windows Phone ad since the "Really?" commercials, when WP7 first was released.
  • ^This. This one is along the lines of "Really?" It's funny, and that helps to at least educate the consumers that there is a such a thing as Windows Phone.
  • It don't make a bit of sense to make commercials and not expose them to the masses. Lets hope they put any WP ad on TV.
  • According to the WP blog it should start airing tonight
  • Its already airing. I seen it on CNN, ABC and NBC this morning.
  • I laughed so hard as I saw that as I was at work. Everybody was looking at me. :D I really like that commercial, although it does not really shows off the capabilities of the OS, it is just hilarious.
  • lol
  • LOVEEEEEEE IT!!!!! <3
  • But... I own a Lumia 920 and I fight with my iPhone & Samsung-owning counterparts about our phones. :/
  • Also, I like that they're using the Lumia 920 to promote WP now and not the HTC products anymore. lololololololol
  • So have you missed every other ad MS has put out showing the 8X?
  • I said "anymore." Or are they still promoting the 8X?!?!?!?! :/
  • ilabene
    At least the Lumia 920 makes a better weapon than any iphone or Galaxy S3, tough, heavy and not likely to shatter or scratch in combat. Perhaps they should do a follow up that makes this point as the Lumia owning staff have to fight there way out to safety.
    Great ad, especially when you read the crap that goes on in some forums, it's funny because there is an element of truth to it.
  • "Don't fight.  Switch."   Out of context, that goes really great with their "resistance is futile" past!
  • the day i enjoy a windows phone ad is when they show off the OS in conjuction to the phone.... saying lumia voted best but why? i did think the ad was funny just there is nothing informing me about the actual phone know what i mean?
  • The thing is, the people this ad targets is the sheep. I'm talking about those that get an iphone because it's an iphone and those that get a Samsung Galaxy because they hate iphone. The only way to pander to these people is with a funny, compelling ad, not specs. 
  • +1 all of the people that truly care about specs know that WP has the great devices cause they're reading about them all. That's why I switched. Time to pull all the other people that just care about the image. And the L920's got it.
  • in no way shape or form did i mention anything about specs. i said OS in conjuction with the beautiful phone. lol
  • +920
  • I see what you did there
  • The idea is to generate interest, so that customers walking into their cell phone store and inquire about the phone. The real challenge is getting the sales people to demo and recommend the phones.
  • Holy snap that's funny
  • It was funny but they need to show more of the OS.
  • Its just a phone at the end of the day but I tell my co-workers all the time that their samsungs and iPhones are inferior to my WP. They might not actually be but who cares I love making them feel like crap. Lol
  • My coworker just informed me that he saw it on TV yesterday during a baseball game. This ad is on TV already.
  • Lol....awesome sending this to all my friends with iPhones and galaxies....
  • Great ad!!!!
  • That was absolutely hilarious.
  • AutoCorrect This!!! great video
  • Karate! Lol!
  • +1
  • iSheep!
  • Apple and Samsung rivalry is GREAT. It makes for great products that people love and buy. Having just one OEM (Nokia) on the Windows Phone side is terrible in the long run. Of course I can't possibly expect a monolithic company like Microsoft to ever understand this.
  • As opposed to Android being dominated by Samsung?
  • Direct your concerns towards HTC and Samsung, they are the ones not putting any effort behind WP. Why is this so hard to understand that its not up to Nokia or Microsoft to determine how much support HTC and Samsung give but on those companies themselves?
  • I give: What's the difference between Samsung dominating Android as much as they do (and they do and even claim it's their OS now), and Nokia's strengths on Windows Phone?
  • Samsung's dominance is letting HTC make awesome phones like HTC One. The consumer wins. Samsung's lack of interest for WP is letting Nokia make whatever they want because it's the only real choice people have here.
  • So your analogy should work perfectly for the Windows phone ecosystem, too. Just as Samsung's dominance has lead HTC to produce the One, Nokia's dominance should lead HTC or Samsung to step up their game and produce a comparable or better windows phone. Except they haven't. I can't see how that is in any way Nokia's fault.
  • We HOPE that that happens, trust me, we do. Right now it's looking more and more as if Samsung's abondoning Windows Phone.
  • And, who cares? If/when samsung does "abandon windows phone" they will also be abanding android o an extent too because they want to push tizen.
    Or did you not know about this??
  • Yeah, sure, that'd be good I guess. But I don't know how this is Nokia's or Microsoft's fault. And it's not the consumers' fault, either. The only company to make compelling WP devices so far is Nokia. And Nokia is building beautiful devices to compete with Samsung's android devices and Apple's iPhone, and doing a pretty good job with what they have to work with (a still-limited os and slow updates from MS). So really I'm not sure what you're all bent out of shape about.
  • Honestly, there is no difference.
  • I've got to ask because I sincerely want to know. Why do you keep coming back here. Unless I'm mistaken, haven't you moved over to iPhone?
  • Because I still like Windows Phone. Just because I own an iPhone doesn't automatically mean I hate all other OS. I can only carry 1 phone and right now iPhone fits that bill.
  • So what your saying is and and correct me if im off point but what your saying is that because Samsung dominate android it creates the competition needed for HTC to make good phones? As opposed to what? HTC just making good phones? I don't understand.
  • Okay, I'll go with that. It's just you sometimes come off pretty negatively and I was wondering why you were commenting if you didn't like WP.
  • use an iPhone that has only one manufacturer, but you claim that Nokia will ruin Windows Phone because one of the competing OEMs has significant market share? By your logic, that iPhone must SUCK.
  • Totally different situation. Apple makes iOS and iPhone. Nokia doesn't make Windows Phone, only hardware.
  • There's still competition, except we've got Nokia leading the fight not against other WP OEMs (who have really not put forth the effort anyway), but against Samsung and apple themselves.
  • +1
  • Fuck yeah finally!!!!!!
  • Some people here need to take a chill pill and just enjoy the ad. If it made you laugh and you noticed the windows phone, the ad served its purpose.
  • This add made my day :))
  • That was HILARIOUS! Autocorrect this!
  • Search karate.. KA RA TEEEHHHHH
  • Lol. I agree... Not sure if this commercial is going to make anyone switch unless the Lumia did something the other two phones can't. (Like smart shoot!!! Delete everyone fighting...)
  • A single ad never sways a person (unless you're 8 years old). It's about image, branding, getting your message out there, raising awareness so that next time someone is in Best Buy or AT&T they go "oh, that's the yellow phone I saw on TV...let's find out more about it.".
  • Your point is lost on some of these people... :-/
  • I love the commercial BC it was entertaining and I have no doubt that Nokia will benefit from this commercial. I don't know if it will make a "copy bot" or an "iSheep" switch... BC like the commercial says "they love to fight"
  • I know first hand that the Galaxy S3 commercial caused iOS users to give Android a chance, now one of those users is open to WP8, and he was as isheepish as they come.
  • This Ad is one of the best so far I've seen for wp8!... They need to make more of these types of ads! Entertainment will always win over feature ads! For me it's what the phone can do for me!
  • I agree.  These are 30 second ads meant for the masses.  No way you can "explain" the features and benefits of the phone in 30 seconds LOL.  Just get their attention! And what better way to do that then make them laugh.  The commecial was ridiculous, and silly.  Just like 80% of the buying public :) 
  • LOL that funny. I'm getting married in June and can kinda see this happening as we have an overwhelming amount of iSheep & Androids in the family that always argue at family events about who's phone is best.
  • Personally, I don't care for the commercial. I think it's stupid and it made me roll my eyes. However, I did love seeing those gorgeous Lumia 920s at the end. <3
  • @metalchick719: It was stupid I'll say that. But it was stupid in a very funny way! And +1 to the gorgeous Lumias! I'm sporting a black 920. Wanted the yellow one at my AT&T store but not available. I had two choices: wait for who knows how long they would return in stock, or take the last black one. It was a no-brainer for me...
  • Awesome ad! Loved the "phone of the year" award mention at the end. That should be enough to interest people to check out the phone.
  • Ad somewhat lies. It shows the music live tile being alive when it would seem the dude isn't listening to music. That shit still pisses me off. When you do listen to music the tile looks so cool. Make the music tile always alive like it was in wp7!
  • I agree, its a shame it doesn't stay live and show the last played artist, or just random artist. But then again xbox music isn't as good as zune was anyway. These are little niggles though.
  • Niggles?
  • A friend of mine actually said it was confusing because he couldn't find the "music" tile on WP7. Main reason: Always live. I personally prefer the break.
  • This is a sad day. Bad enough that some of you like to question MS to the point where you come off as if you know how to run a multi-billion dollar company better than they do. But now you're even allowing yourself to scrutinize their commercials to death.
    Why buy the products from a company who can do no right in your eyes??
    I mean really... commercial critics??  Some of you are annoying.
    Ninja edit: This commercial is GREAT!
    Why? The average PERSON who sees the samsung and apple commercials (not the people who log on somewhere and cry about instagram) will instantly be able to relate to this because it reminds them about the competitions ads. Also, I'm glad to see MS using a light hearted, comedic approach to ads.
  • I woke up this morning watching CNN with my girl and she picked up on the ad quick. I gave her my old lumia 900 and just didnt like it because she could not play CandyCrush. Garbage! So she is back on a 3g. Tried. They really need to pick up on some these game that people want to play in order for people to stay with the line of phones. I still love my DarthMaul 920.
  • ikr, games/app are really making the top 2 platforms remain relevant, mobile technology has changed so much
  • Awesome! This is the first WP ad I had to watch over and over again. Can't wait to see it on TV.
  • True. I keep going back just to watch the facial expressions of different characters. The best Windows Phone commercial... (still wish WP had a bigger part)
  • Great ad ! It must be on every channel in the world, it would be a success for Microsoft and their Windows Phone platform !!!! :D
  • That was entertaining. I'll definitely share that.
  • I could swear I saw this air on The Today Show this morning...
  • Awesome. Microsoft FTW!
  • F'ing brilliant!   Finally a good entertaining add by MS.  Love it...
  • This is a very good ad BECAUSE it does 3 things:
    1) Shows that people can be quite fanboyish
    2) It is hilarious
    3) Shows the contrast between those cold, bland, silver, white & black phones and the STUNNING *red* and *yellow* Nokia handsets.
  • Agreed. The contrast between the boring grey and black phones really make the phone stand out, as do the views of the homescreen. I think I'd be interested to check out a Lumia after watching that add. 
  • wow nice add. thumbs up MS. keep up the good work :)
  • Has anyone played with Seen it on Xbox live and it looked cool.
  • Excellent add, but would have effect only if they actually play this on tv..
  • Pretty cool ad,  Nice to see the Lumia 920.
    This reminded me of that Nokia ad, for those who hasn't seen this ad check it out.
  • That commercial had the same message but this one is just funny...
  • Very cool, funny, and intriguing as in makes people want to know more about the alternative, and that, imo, is the main goal of an ad, not trying to bore people with someone reading specs really fast.
  • +1
  • Phil didn't like it lol.
  • why would he? he seems kinda bland if anything. no offense phil!! :D
  • Yeah buddy let them fight
  • Brilliant! Pure genius...
  • I seen this Saturday at the movie theater. Very nice! I also see this same scenario every day in the WPC Forum. Its amazing to me how civil and level headed our community is even to the haters that just want to fight.
  • Hallelujah!
  • Really :|
  • Ha awesome
  • I honestly think this ad would cause people to look at WP more than the celebrity ads. Even though the celebrity ads showed more features. An entertaining ad can go a lot further than an informative ad. At least to a certain demographic. Imo, anyway.
  • I love the part where the lady nails the goob with the Apple tattoo. I can watch that over and over.
  • Apple this!
  • i almost die at "Do not attempt" xD
  • Cracked me up loved the ad!!
  • It ran this morning during the Today Show.
  • That was soooo funny.....
  • Way to go MS!!.. Get ready for some more court fights!!.. Wait where is Blackberry?? :D
  • Lolzzzz!!! I love it! "search karate!"
  • Android attacked Apple with its "head phone jack is on the...bottom!!" commercial, used the monotone colors, and "old" comparison. Microsoft attacked them both, using the same monotone color scheme and "old" comparison and by also showing both OS users that "hey, you guys are fighting, but your phones are equally as boring". Kudos to the brains behind this commercial!!
  • oh, and doesn't it seem as though the "enormously awesome galaxy" was Microsoft's "head phone jack" jab followed immediately by hinting that Siri is a one trick pony/totally useless? and the iphones "auto correct" feature that absolutely drove me up a frickin wall...ok, ok, maybe i'm reading too much in to this, but I love the ad
  • It would have be SO much more entertaining if that guy with Lumia 920 used Cinemagraph and made a funny gif of cake on the face or kick on the ass sort of thing!
    Nonetheless - I have been really happy with this reimaging of Microsoft that has kicked off since 2011!
  • Ok, good point. I agree with the cinemapraph part.  ;-)
  • So Samsung slogan was "next big thing" Microsoft is saying they are all the same their slogan "stop fighting and switch" if you actually want a better and unique phone. Probably already # on twitter #stopfightingandswitch
  • Me and my G+ friends were posting this all morning and most of them are on android they seem to like it but I got in a disagreement with an ex WP supporter which I found ironic lol
  • I love it :D
  • Loving it. The ad is so funny and way more clever to promote Windows/Nokia Phone while showing iPhone & Android. Simply awesome.
    Many people are still hesitant or are not aware of Nokia/Windows Phone. This ad will let them atleast talk about it and is something that will last in the memory because it is so funny. Tech blogs will be all over it. I think it has potential to be one of the most watched tech commercial for 2013.
    Showing to all my iPhone/Android buddies :) I always wished MSFT to come up with such ads and looks like they are getting it now.  
  • I love the tiny super that says "Do not attempt."
  • Love it ! Finally!
  • Also, Rudy Huyn's Wiki. This IS the App Star vid.
  • Excellent ad all around. Let your two competitors ridicule each other. iPhone comes off worse (it has a tiny screen and is for old folks, i.e. not cool anymore). Android has trivial features (tapping phones). The ad also trivializes the app mentality, implying that iPhone users can't function in real life without them.
    This is exactly how MSFT should portray the smartphone battle. Attack your competitors' perceived strengths in an entertaining way.
  • Now if only Nokia and Sprint could meet some type of can dream can't he? They should stop fighting and agree!!
  • Bravo. Best WP ad yet.
  • +1 for that! :D
  • +2 :P
  • +928
  • +822
  • +620
  • I wonder if this ad would begin airing in Indonesia...
  • "isheep!" and "is there an app for THAT?!" were hilarious, plus the old man yelling "search karate!". Best windows phone ad ever.
  • Hilarious!
  • wow, entertaining enough... ya why always brag about features. Don't fight and switch. love the theme and by the way all OS have their unique features. What wp8 wants is more attention that it exists, and this ad really show that
    hats off... 
  • That was hilarious!
  • Had to skim the comments. So much jibberish about a commercial specifically designed poke fun in a fun manner. I loved the S Beam part.
  • I hope they spam that commercial everywhere
  • Hands down the best Windows Phone ad I've seen so far.
    If Microsoft make more like this I may actually begin to believe that they care about the success of Windows Phone. Based on MS past performance, I predict that this will be a one hit wonder, barely seen on national TV, and not followed up with more good marketing.
  • Holy Crap! That commercial was brilliant.
  • Next time lets use 2 hot cocktail waitresses!
  • Awesome ad
  • Great ad. Re tweeted this... Most attention to getting ad I've seen yet..
  • Best ad yet. Put it on my tv
  • @daniel r. - A voice of reason..thank you for routinely making coherent statements in a rather incoherent world.
  • ^ this
  • Finally, Microsoft has some decent marketing.  Play ball WP, play ball.
  • I just don't care anymore, I have 920 people choose what they want cause that's MURICA
  • America! Fuck yeah, coming again to save the motherfucking day yeah!
  • Love it! 
  • Unless these ads are directed at space aliens or newly released mental patients, every human has many "clues" about what a bloody smartphone is for. That's a dead end. If Nokia pushes this idea that THIS smartphone is an ALTERNATIVE then that's part of the brand's equity.
  • I'm glad to see this, I literally just read something yesterday saying that Nokia hasn't made its brand "cool" yet. They have the devices, but where's the edge? Most people first got turned on to the Galaxy devices from those commercials mocking iPhone enthusiasts. I think this opens the door for curiosity
  • So Ridiculous it made me chuckle me knickers, the two Droid dudes yeeping and bleeping lol... marketing kool-aid 101...
  • The internet ... Where everyone argues about everything they know nothing about. Come on...its a commercial!
    And its a great ad...too bad they didn't have this for the Super Bowl.
  • Lol this ad go Microsoft :P
  • Good commercial. It will get some attention. They just need to keep campaigning. People will begin yo get the message.
  • Really enjoyed that, although American advertising does make me uncomfortable. In the UK companies never mention competitors products.
    To those saying that they should show more of the OS, but there is literally no way to do that without putting the average consumer to sleep. Adverts like this works by getting people's attention and making them curious to find out about the product.
    Myself, I think they should have rounded it off with someone saying "Siri, find me a lumia 920" to their iPhone.
  • Got to be my favourite Windows Phone advert
  • Nice, love it....
  • Great ad! Does a great job of taking a page out of the Samsung handbook and using against Samsung and Apple. They can tout features in the follow up ads, but this grabs your attention.
  • I posted this on Twitter and forwarded it to pretty much everyone in my contact list lol. I'm a free enterprise ambassador for Windows Phone lol.
  • As a android fan I gotta say this is one of the funnist commercials I ever seen! I love it and can't wait to see people talking about it.
  • Mac Vs PC Ads - Apple
    Galaxy Vs iPhone Ads - Samsung
    Targeting both Apple and Samsung - MS lol
  • I love it great ad go msft we need more like that.
  • I saw this the other day at the movies (to see scary movie was pretty horrible).
  • Almost as good as ship my pants.
  • Did Microsoft spend more on iPhones for this ad than on their own product? There are several iPhones visible, but only two Lumias.
    I can't believe they really put the Apple Logo in there. That's just free advertising for them. 
  • You do know that during casting that a requirement of the fill ins could have been to have iPhones and Galaxy phones. It's a great idea cause instead of second guessing the competitor product they put it out in plain sight. The fact that only two Lumias were in the video is completely irrelevant, or could have played an important part that because so many people buy into the big hype only a few know about some great. Ads always have a significant role and how it's played. I'm sure the last thing that was on there mind was "spending" more money other products.
  • I was at the movies in Seattle last night and watched the ad. It looks like it's already live in theaters here in the US. And the audience reaction was positive from what I observed.
  • I think it's very entertaining, and is actually showing something else:
    How all the other phones look the same, while the Lumias have their own colors, giving them more personality. :)
  • Loveit simple as!!
  • Some of you guys are reading to much into the ad, just take it for what it is, " choice and an alternative"
  • Isn't the over analyzing amazing? 
  • You mean a choice of Nokia or Nokia for Windows Phones when quite clearly there are other manufacturers as well?
  • This commerical is funny to nerds (like us) but we already know the difference and is unlikely to convince anyone in either camp - as for your average person on the street, I would guess that bemusement will be the response. 
    Also, odd to comment on how big phones are when they showcase the Nokia 920 which is a bit of a brick itself? 
  • Yeah but that perspective is coming from iPhans in the commercial and the way they always bash the size of the GS phone. Not so much from Nokia / MS.
  • This isn't a Windows Phone advert it's a Nokia advert, plan and simple!!!
  • Under current research, the ad should be entertaining. Companies or presenters have less than 8 seconds to catch and maintain an adults attention.
  • I think that was awesome!
  • You know Apple and Android are going to have to retaliate. Apple will probably sue!
  • I doubt it, Apple uses some Microsoft patents and vice versa so I don't think that will happen.
  • One of the best commercials in a long time. I loved it!
  • Very funny and entertaining - mirroring the comment section of any smartphone article :-)
  • oh go to youtube and see how the fanboys battle in the comments just like the ad itself. It's really entertaining.
  • The comments respect the ads no matter what OS they use for the most part and love the video, which is what this commercial was set forth to do.  To bad that's going over it's own OS fan's head in here.
  • I posted this video on my Facebook page. Watching the galaxy and iPhone people comment. Too funny.
  • Hugely entertaining ad. There's a fuss over features but most smartphones can do the same things nowadays. This is an attention getter.
  • + 1........
  • Towards the end should should have shown the remove objects app and remove people fighting
  • Yes! That would have been a great finish. Maybe in a 'sequel'?
  • Nice ad, but still a very weak OS and Nokia needs to make quality hardware before enjoying this arrogance.
    I use lumia 920 since the first day it arrived many months ago and I am far away from being happy with it.
  • ^Proof that you cannot please everyone.
  • So return it if you don't like it!!!
  • What good will it make? it won't turn weak thing into a better one.
  • Perhaps not, but it makes you look a little less silly for making a blanket statement about the OS being weak without giving specific and valid reasons.  It also doesn't help that you came on WPCentral where you can't help but know that people are mostly pleased with both the OS and Nokia's offerings.
  • I'm sorry "Smartphone of the year" wasn't good enough for you.
  • Haha love it
  • Must be an internet only add i can't tell you the last time i saw an add for any Nokia with Windows on the TV and i live in L.A 'but i sure see a lot of iPhone and  Samsung’s adds.
  • read again brother. it's already airing in TVs
  • I like how they showed the beautiful design of the Lumia 920!
  • Black and White phone would also be nice in a second advertising.
  • I wonder how this video got 4700+ thumbs up but only has 301 views.
  • You know Youtube-Videos can't get past the 301 views during the first hours/days, right?
  • Wow! That is a funny ad.! I love it! Yeah hopefully the next one will show more of the features but still it was so very true and funny.
  • Excellent!
    MS can build on the concept.
    Promote the flagship WP8 device and the many WP8 options.
  • So instead of talking about Windows phone, they spend 55 seconds talking about/showing their competition. Which is kicking THEIR ass instead of each others. Real smart.
  • Ever heard of developing interest in a product? Don't you think people will be talking about how funny this ad is then maybe just maybe want to look more closely at WP?
  • Maybe. But they didn't show anything about Windows Phone for the first 55 seconds of a 60 second ad. People have short attention spans and showing their competitors (and their logos) takes focus off Microsoft/Nokia and places it firmly on the other two. Maybe they'll follow it up, maybe they won't. But I'd say it's not good strategy to give your competitors free advertising. Apple knows this because they did the Mac vs. PC ads without actually naming any company, just gave them a face to work off of and show that the Mac did a lot of things better. This just shows that Apple and Samsung are fighting with each other. Something that isn't a secret. They've highlighted the competition, gave them completely free advertising, and didn't say/show anything Windows Phone related.
  • Blah blah blah... Not every ads must include their features in em. There're brand building ads and in case you didn't know, this's one. Your sarcasm skill must be very high to say that fighting and mocking each other's phones are highlighted. P.S: just watch it and enjoy it.
  • This is a really cool ad. And boosting the cool factor is just what WinPhone needs.
  • They should've showed off the elegant features of WP8. Soooo many people comment positively on my Lumia 930... Camera, features etc. And once people know see the features, they would easily switch!
  • Lumia 930, where to gets ftw!!!
  • Thats Superbowl ad quality
  • Agree...This is both memorable and funny. I wanted BlackBerry to do something like this for their Superbowl ad, but it didn't happen. I think it's a creative commercial. If I could add one thing, I would have had the lady with the lumia that was taking the video of the fight to tap phones with the man with the Lumia (who was scrolling through his start screen) at the end to show ppl that Windows Phone has NFC too or that the lady shares the video with someone in People...
  • "I think they like it that way." Classic.
  • AWESOME AD!! not nasty not dirty just entertaining and interesting. Well Done MS Ad team. 
  • Great ad, gets people thinking about Windows Phone and is good for a laugh. Then people can do some research and find out the features.
  • There's the sweet spot.
  • Finally a really AWESOME add for Windows Phone. Start airing it internationally ad nauseam asap.
  • This is an awesome ad, who knew the old dogs at Redmond could come up with something this damn funny lol. I particularly enjoyed "you're too young for an iPhone" lulz
  • Soooo when does the conspiracy theory begin about google not showing true number of views on the commercial trying to stop it going viral.
  • For real.
  • By now I see it's 301 views...
    Seems a bit unlikely ;)
  • I already saw it on TV, saw it this morning at 8:00, actually.
  • I was having a brief discussion or at Android Central and if I didn't know better my conversations got deleted. .  No like WP?
  • Hilarious :) :D
  • Love it!
  • Hilarious!
  • YES, YES, YES!!!!! 4 words - Hill air ree us. So glad I'm a Win phone.
  • Wonderful! This is what the original"Really" ads were supposed to have been.
  • Also, two bright colored islands in a sea if "blah." And, what's with the recent trend of people popping shots with iPads and other tablets??? Pretense much?
  • Good shit
  • I think it's a clever ad and shows how people act when they have a certain phone. With windows phone, really, we cant be like that even if we tried. People with gs3 and some iPhone users act as if there is no alternative.
  • I like the ad, but windows still disappoints with the tile designs they use. They need to take a look at the really pretty and unique ways users are setting up their start screens and use those in their commercials instead of the overly colorful ones....
  • I like it.
  • Excellent!!!!
  • The best part of the video is the Lumia's are most colorful things in the video.
  • awesome ad.  
  • Anyone that thinks that this ad is amazing and funny and not completely uttershit is just a fanboy. I'm actually now embarrassed that I'm using a Lumia 920 thanks to this advertisements. Congratulations Macroshit, you just made your grave even deeper.
  • Sell it then get an android or iphone and you are free (to fight may be?)
  • Be quiet isheep lol.. Jealous and we all know you don't have a lumia 920
  • I just saw it while watching The Voice on NBC.  EPIC!   WP looks fantastic on HD.   I'm glad they are showing it on one the highest rated show on TV.
  • I absolutely LOVE this ad... it's hilarious and so true.  :) BUT, i don't like how your article says "Microsoft finally has a compelling Windows Phone ad...".  WIndows Phone has had quite a few great ads.  Have you not seen this amazing ad?
  • This add is absolutely amazing!! Microsoft and Nokia have a hit on they're hands. This should air everywhere! Movie theaters and prime time television. This add made my day. Im a proud Lumia 920 owner!!
  • this was played at movie theaters last Friday when I watched Oblivion movie. So many people laughed and loved it.
  • this is MUCH BETTER than " Meet Cam..etc " ad thats for sure :D lol
  • The sad truth is the Apple vs Samsung fight is all for public attention, and they've succeeded. Globally, that is. I know in the US of A they're overly exposed already. I'm talking globally. 
  • I saw this while watching The Voice. So funny! :D
  • Hey, I like that waitress, who's looks like one of those Hollywood star. With that, this ad is good enough for me. :)
    Why there's nobody mentioning that here?
  • Sigh... good ad, lol. I wish I could go around trumping people like they did with the Windows Phone challenge, but I would ultimately be put to shame to the the lack of medical apps for my profession... such a great device hampered by lack of key apps for certain fields. That said, it really is a great consumer device, but for professionals it is pretty lacking at this point.
  • The ad works very well at accomplishing its main goal...get windows phone into the a positive, memorable way. It uses humor and viral capability to do that well. MS and Nokia are already benefiting from this (as Samsung did with their hit ad) because so many people are giving the creativity and entertainment of the ad and the idea/suggestion that WP stands out as this cooler phone you've probably never heard of. Why? They don't go into the whys in a big way, just a suggestive way (point being you can and should check it out to see why its cooler) and THAT makes it a successful ad. In almost every mainstream media outlet only apple and Samsung gets any mention. MS marketing wisely chose this as a flagship ad to start the conversations. Other ads/blogs/articles can get into why it should stay in the conversation and hopefully in the consumer's hand. Don't judge the ad by what it was NOT trying to do, bit rather by what its main goal was. Generate positive buzz and curiosity with humor and a hint of cool. I give it an A+.
  • Nobody of my friends ever asked me how many apps windows phone got. Not one. I think some don't even know what an app really is. But they recognize 'Galaxy' and 'iPhone' since they are told about it over and over again - even if they don't have any in dept knowledge. This add is perfect for this audience. It puts windows phone into the equation as something that's worth considering. Colorful, shiny and for cool people... ;)
  • brilliant ad, hopefully it helps refocus people that it's not just two players in the mobile market but lots of options that can suit everyone's needs
  • The ad has worked, regardless if some of you like if or not. It may not garner sales, but the awareness is off the charts now. The commercial is trending on every social site.
  • Anyone saw the reaction of Android fan and IOS comments on "Youtube" ?
  • Worthy of some popcorn and soda ;)
    Hilariously funny to read those comments
    They don't handle the truth very well... :P
  • The fine print onscreen at the start of the fight is funny... "Do not attempt."
  • Can't stop watching it LMAO
  • Well..this ad just shows Lumia 920's uniqueness with a lot of humour. I loved it. And its not like the features of Lumia 920 haven't been shown to public. The publicity has been pretty good i reckon. And people who hate lumias will hate them nevertheless. So, this does the job well, imho.
  • Oh this is a riot XD
  • Yeah saw this way ahead last Friday when I was watching the movie oblivion Tom cruise movie. They showed this clip for movie previews and so many people laughed so hard. They all laughed the Isheep and big phone part hahahha. Also just saw the commercial o.n tv today and they cut off the part of guy calling isheep and other parts so that sucks not playing it all.
  • This is also shows Microsoft has a new marketing team. Finally...
  • Really? Did they get a new marketing team?
  • The video has gone viral!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Shame, hoping for progress but no, a lemon, and a middle-aged stale one at that. Try again MSoft, but with sharper, more challenging talent. Go to the good film colleges and give someone who seems a bit dangerous and off message a chance. The result might surprise you.
    a little meme i made...
  • That made my day....
  • lo:Dl :-D
  • "Weeeee." Haha, super ad!
  • Absolutely hilarious! This ad does w great job showing that there is a third player out there. It's Nokia with Windows Phone
  • The ad is entertaining and will stick in the minds of some folks. Ads like this have their place.  But Microsoft needs to show what WP8 can do that the competition can't, or how it does it better.  That is the #1 question I get from non-WP users.
    While I don't like iPhone and their boring six year old interface, I admire how Apple demonstrates its features. See iPhone commercials: Siri, Do Not Disturb, Discover, Noise Cancellation
  • Although I do notice the fun parts of the commercial, this was just a GLORIFIED commercial where Microsoft is pushing Nokia and AT&T.  Unless they have plans to do the same for the 8X, and the Ativ line (including the Ativ S), the agenda is obvious.  Microsoft seems to only care for Nokia and AT&T for being their "strongest" supporters.
  • best. commercial. ever.
    tops the S3 launch ad, making fun of Apple people waiting in line.
  • Ads are about getting the average consumer to remember your product when they show up in the store.  This ad does exactly that because its funny and its entertaining.
  • I actually enjoyed it, because not all commercials are meant to be very descriptive of a product, some are just to display relevance of the brand. Take Axe and Volkswagen for example.
  • It's a funny commercial but that's about it. It does nothing for Windows Phone, it just highlights the fact that nobody cares about Windows Phone.
  • My friend IM'd me to say that a commercial came on during previews for Oblivion, and he thought of me. And this is the ad he was talking about. My goal of becoming a reknowned Nokia tech evangelist is complete!
  • In a world where calling something by a catchy name like "retina display" is more memorable and important to most users than understanding why or even IF the technology it's representing is actually any better than the rest, this sort of ad will stand out and be remembered.  No, it does not show off the capabilities of WP but YES it will garner interest and be memorable which means a happy thought is stored in consumers' heads that is related to WP.  So maybe they'll start to look into it more the next time they are phone shopping.  Or, maybe they'll pay a little more attention the next time an ad comes up for WP that does speak to it's unique features.
  • I'm guessing Blackberry wasn't invited to the party... 
  • Apple and Samsung catfighting one another is certainly one of the things that tipped me over to Windows Phone 8 when it was time for me to upgrade.
  • haha...Great commecial! Who won the fight? lol
  • Hahahjahaahah soo fun
  • Lol... Great ad. It doesn't matter how it gets over analyzed as long as they make fun of the two parties and seem to take the high road.