Microsoft confirms layoffs of 2,300 employees in Finland alongside Salo facility closure

Microsoft announced several weeks ago its plans to lay off a total of 7,800 workers in the next year and now the company has confirmed previous rumors that its operations in Finland will be reduced by 2,300 team members. It will also close the phone manufacturing plant in Salo.

According to Reuters, two more offices in Finland, in the cities of Espoo and Tampere, will remain open. All of the company's operations in that country were acquired in 2014 when Microsoft completed the purchase of Nokia's Devices and Services division. Microsoft has since announced a one-time impairment charge of $7.6 billion due to that purchase.

Source: Reuters

  • Wow! 2,3000 members? That's lots!
  • Lol
  • Is it a typo? Weird.
  • Not really. It was a manufacturing plant. They usually have a lot of employees.
  • I'm more inclined that it's a typo. The title says 2,300 and the article itself says 2,3000. I bet the coma placement already at the right place. Too may '0' after coma. Besides, the total layoffs was estimated around 7,800. How come part of it is 23,000? :3
  • Lmao, I read 2,3000 as 2,300 all 3 times
  • Same
  • It wasn't a manufacturing plant
  • Literally the last sentence in the first paragraph.
  • Not, 23,000 but 2,300 members
  • Sucks for the people. Hoping they get a new job quickly.
  • In here Finland... Nope! No jobs :/
  • then screw microsoft
  • Since Microsoft bought Nokia, they have been doing a terrible job whit Lumia apps like Lumia Camera... It's a really bad camera app now:/ it's all blurry and white and have BIG focus problems. My old L920 takes better pictures now in some environments whit the old Nokia Camera app
  • Nokia is rebuilding their phone division.  There will be jobs.
  • Not for that many and even many of those will be outside Finland. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nokia is licensing their name to manufacturers in China. No real Nokia phones, no quality phones and no jobs in Finland.
  • If Microsoft Mobile Oy. keeps best software designers, best hardware and camera designers, but skilled workers and trimmed device portfolio they still can succeed in Windows 10 in Mobile with best and streamlined Lumia portfolio. High Quality Lumias with Product Differentiation in each price segments( Low, Mid range And High End), no more very similarly specced mobiles from Lumia 540 to Lumia 830 including Lumia 535, 630, 635, 730, 735, 636, 638, 540, 640, 640XL.
  • They must overide the nokia style and start afresh: First flagship with w10m should be Lumia 1, then Lumia 2,3,4   Just kidding....
  • Do you really think they've kept the best people? With all the layoffs its highly unlikely.
  • I don't know about this much but it was only workforce members that have been in the job cuts, I guess.
  • More importantly, do you think the best people have stayed? Most of my most talented Nokia friends who went to Microsoft left on their own volition--if they weren't laid off.
  • Seriously do you think the best engineers and designers have stayed at Microsoft the way they have treated all their staff. The best engineers in Finland have gone back to Nokia to help them design great new phones in 2016.
    Microsoft really blew the Nokia relationship, and killed off Windows Phone in the Process.
  • Windows Phone was dead when they bought Skype
  • Has anyone ever purchased a lumia made in finland?
  • My friend had Nokia Lumia 900 and other friend Nokia Lumia 910 that were made in Finland
  • My Nokia Lumia 920 says "made in Finland". It is a CV-NL
  • I'd keep ahold of that if I were you and I'm guessing it says that in the about screen?
  • Ofc my Nokia Lumia 800 was made in Finland Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • No Lumia 800 came from Finland, it was produced by Compal ;)
  • Some of the Wp7 Lumia's were made in Finland.
  • Nokia N73 was my last time I had a device made in Finland. Now I get all the made in china devices.
  • Made in Vietnam for me
  • All of mine have been made in China.
  • My N-Gage was the only Nokia I had that was made in Finland
  • I was made in Finland :)
  • Haha! :D
  • My N9 was made in Finland. The last very good Nokia phone
  • Everything will now be made in China looks like?
  • No, actually Microsoft Mobile Oy. has shifted most of it's Lumia Production Units from China in Vietnam, and also planning to produce low end Lumias in India.
  • Very unfortunate for those employees, I hope they find new jobs soon.
  • Unfortunate? This was planned. MS put their business needs before thousands of jobs to prevent Nokia dumping WP and going Android. Sure it saved their platform, but also cost billions of dollars to the company and millions more to the people they made unemployed.
  • While people losing jobs is always unfortunate, its foolish to suggest Microsoft should keep around employees that they don't need just to marginally help an economy.
  • I never suggested that they should, I merely stated a fact. Unfortunate suggests that it was unavoidable, that's just not the case.
  • I think you're a little off base there. Unfortunate does not suggest that it is unavoidable. If I lost my life saving gambling, that would be unfortuneate for me, and could very well be avoided by not gambling. Unfortunate, is just that, not fortuneate, and for the employees that lost their job, it was not fortuneate for them.
  • @Br1t Uh... that's not what unfortunate means at all. Getting struck by lightning is unfortunate, falling and breaking your kneecaps is unfortunate, having someone steal your prized collection of monkey figurines is unfortunate etc. Losing a job is almost always unfortunate (unless you hated your job and found a much better one right away), whether you know it's going to happen or not. Fortune hasn't smiled on the employees...
  • This whole thing was gonna result in job losses however it played out. Even if they went android it would have taken a full year just to see a profit if they ever do. (see HTC)
  • nokia would have been bankrupt now, even if they went to android. do you homestly thînk they could compete with samsung and the chinese oems? their cost structure is too high to compete i the smartphone market. they would have been killed by the chinese oems at the low end and by Samsung and Apple on the high end. considering how much cash they were bleeding before MS came in, they would have been bankrupt about the same time the first android phone would hit the market.
  • Can anyone tell me when my Lumia 730 will get windows 8.1 update 2...?
  • Yeah when you visit the FORUMS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I can't get u... Visit the Forums--means...??
  • Windowscentral fotums :D
  • .... This is really does not help as especially since the supposed launch of the 950 and 950 XL are round the corner.
    Also 2,3000 team members.... Surely that is a typo?
    Anyway how does Satya Nadella think all people will start to love Windows when you take an giant axe to an iconic division.
  • This layoff was announced earlier and is part of 7800 layoffs, the same news is being reported ten times now for different countries.
  • The 950 and 950 XL will most likely be manufactured in China or Vietnam, and hopefully will be fairly cheap in order to compete with the next Android and iPhone flagships. If manufacturing in Finland would have made them more costly, then it is not surprising or inconvenient for the 950 launch that they've taken that decision, even though it is unfortunate for Finnish employees.
  • Cheap and buggy... My 640 dual sim LTE reboots a few times a day.. and yes it has the "reboot" patch and update 2... Junk.. My 1020 never rebooted even before such patch was released.. Nokia will probably pick some of those 2300 employees and have them make androids in 2016..
  • Where was your Lumia 640XL dual sim LTE manufactured?
  • Let them .
  • Nokia isn't manufacturering phones. They are licensing designs. If any R&D or design people were laid off, they might pick them up. They have no need for manufacturing employees.
  • Its always sad to hear about layoffs ... Especially in large numbers, but that's the cost of doing business I guess,
    Hope they find new jobs soon
  • Isn't the old Nokia kind of still around and planning on making phones again soon?
  • Yes.  They're recruiting now. 
  • These are manufacturing employees and Nokia isn't planning on manufacturing their own phones. They plan on licensing phone designs and letting the chinese OEMs make them.
  • Let me know what Western company manufactures their own phones and I'll give you a cookie.
  • Motorola
  • Best wishes to all those affected. I hope you find new employment quickly
  • That's 70+% of MM workforce in Finland where smartphones R&D is based.
  • Start fresh and call it aPhone. I want the aPhone 6S. Has a nice ring to... ah screw it
  • .... Connecting people.....
  • I hope EU regulators learn from this and don't allow any scumbag companies like Microsoft buy up EU companies or parts of them just to fire everyone and destroy thousands of EU jobs and whole towns that rely on them.  
  • I hope EU regulators aren't so xenophobic that they start denying things based on the country of origin. This could happen to any company.
  • So how many of the jobs Microsoft are axing are a part of their original company before the purchase?