Microsoft is consolidating its global Lumia Facebook and Twitter accounts

Microsoft is making some changes to its official Lumia accounts on the Facebook and Twitter social networks. The changes are likely another part of the company's continued retrenching of its smartphone operations.

The Lumia US Twitter account looks like it will be consolidated into the main Lumia Twitter page, according to this post:

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The same situation applies to the Microsoft Lumia Facebook page. A recent post states:

This Facebook page will shortly be renamed. Don't worry, you don't need to do anything and you'll still be able to get all the latest news, updates and insights right here. This is all to make it easier for you to be part of our international, larger, Microsoft family.

Taking a closer look at Microsoft's other Twitter accounts and Lumia Spain, Russia, UK, India and more all fell silent on June 30 (or earlier, for India). June 30 coincides with the end of the fiscal quarter and the time when business usually change employment status or reduce the workforce. It seems clear that Microsoft is bringing together all its Lumia help channels on social networks under one @Lumia banner.

The decision to merge all the accounts makes sense as there are no more Lumia models expected in 2016 as Microsoft retires the brand. With no new phones, shrinking market share, and a general pullback the Lumia era appears to be winding down.

Thanks to Curtis for the tip!

  • hhhmmm
  • Mildly interesting: I've been following @Lumia all along and not @LumiaUS :-/
  • Seems like a logical decision. I'm very curious what they'll start naming their phones if not Lumia.
  • Well, I'd even caution the plural 'phones' part. I have only plans for one flagship Windows 10 Mobile device (there could be variants of it, but not whole categories).
  • Well, hopefully the new brand won't just be for one phone but for all its iterations so "phones" should be correct :)
  • There is already the Elite X3 if you don't want to wait for the mobile device from Microsoft
  • It will be one line of mobile devices (surface) like google do with nexus. An example of device to be followed by other brands
  • Surface?
  • WindowsPane (TM)
  • WindowsPain :)
  • I think it should be surface brand
  • Windows mobile news is getting boring lately.
  • SoonFace Phone
  • I finally figured out what Microsoft equates "retrenching" to in the engish vocabulary.  Cancelling!  finally got it!
  • It's more nuanced than that. There is the phone hardware part, which is basically being canceled. Nothing new, frankly. I told you all that when we leaked the Lumia 650 way back in December. There is the mobile OS part, which is continuing on and not being canceled. The problem with many of you here is that you conflate the two all the time, which contradicts the facts of the situation. So no, your understanding of retrenching still needs finer tuning ;)
  • When the Redmond soldiers come out of their trenches to battle the Mountain View and Cupertino on us to watch the battle unfold.
  • Conflate... Such titillating words...mmmmm
  • When Lumia devices make up like 98% of all Windows Phones / phones, it's pretty easy to conflate the two.
  • It's hard to see why the effects are being dismissed so easily, if Microsoft takes 98% of the market out of the equation with no sign of anything to take their place what do people think will happen?
  • Why would anything take its place right now? You do not actually believe Windows 10 Mobile is ready for OEMs to adopt and push to consumers at a commercial level, do you?
  • Isn't it?
  • It's riddiculous that it's not ready..still. It reached anniversary update and is still not ready. I call this lack of interest from MS and total lack of expertise...Ever since Nadella, the quality is almost missing from both windows and winmo...that guy is more into laying off people than actually doing something with MS's products
  • Using the latest RS1 build, I think it's ready ;)
  • Why is there so much hype regarding the x3 then?  if windows 10 mobile is not ready why would ANYONE spend money to buy this device?  Dead in the water! thank god most on the titanic were wearing life jackets so they could be found.
  • What is the market share of Windows 10 Mobile right now? Less than 1% or so? Why are we discussing whether or Windows phone is "dead" in regards to the market? Of course it is, it has been, it's not ongoing, it's not going to get worse, we're already at the bottom. The OS will continue to improve until it is actually competitive (spring 2017 with RS2) and then you push it with a real device that is worth talking about. From there, you hope partners will now pick up the slack you gave them by killing off your product line. There really is no other way to do this, but let's not kid ourselves in pretending we're already not at the bottom.
  • We're at the bottom but there's only one way to go from here, and that's up.  I have hope that this strategy will work, and based on the operating system alone I think it will.  My only concern is that the app situation will get worse before the market share has a chance to rebound.
  •   Well, the app situation is dismal as of today and if you try to think a couple years into the future using today's logic, I can totally see how and why you would be concerned. I woudl be too. I don't know what MSFT is thinking, so I'm just guessing and putting the puzzle pieces together as anyone else. From what I can tell, they share your concern about the apps and hitting rock bottom, and that is probably why they killed off the phone (for now). They did not see a way up. At least not a way, which would be financially feasible. There are some possible scenarios we could consider: 1/ they keep biding their time while W10 keeps growing and hope that their install base reaches critical mass to woo mainstream developers with their apps, which are absent from W10 today. This is what they had been doing for past couple years and it did not really work out. W8 did not do the trick and W10 is still too young. 2/ Same as above, MSFT could keep biding their time, wait for W10 to keep growing and maturing, but would not worry about contemporary apps as much. Instead they'd invest heavily in what comes after apps. Bots, conversations, web apps. All the stuff we read about in the "post-iPhone era". The more and more I read on this blog about what they are doing, the more I'm convinced this is the route they took. I employ you to read all Jason Ward's articles again. There are some very important hints he highlights. This is just my personal opinion, much simplified, and I am the first to admin I could be wrong, but I personally think, MSFT is investing into bridges and apps as we know them today only to keep up their relevance in the market to a degree, but their focus clearly has shifted into inconspicuous areas. They are prepping the groundwork. There is a reason why they moved Skype from P2P to server hosted, why they bought LinkedIn, why they develop their products as x-platform, why they have native bash, why Cortana is getting updates faster than ever before. So, using today's logic when thinking about what may come in 2 years need not apply.  To paraphrase Tim Cook to make my point when he talked about Google with Charlie Rose. "If you want to know what companies are up to, just follow the money". See where MSFT is having most revenue and where they are seeing most significant rise in revenue and you will see that still to this day, they are first and foremost a services  company who also happens to make some damn fine hardware. So, they are playing to their strengths and are really building out the groundwork for their future growth. Their massive Azure push (web apps), server based Skype (bots), Cortana (machine learning and AI), Office, OneDrive (enterprise and schools), Minecraft (social gaming).... they seem to be right at the sweet spot, poised for success.
    As the saying goes, $1 in planning is as good as $1k in execution, so there are numerous ways how MSFT could botch their own party. As for me. Let's hope they don't. I'll stick around and wait for the margaritas to arrive... :-)  
  • You could be onto something there.  I also think they're looking at the future and trying to get ahead of the curve instead of trying to catch up.  I'm not sure what the future looks like, but hopefully they do.
  • actually there is another place to go,  is the grave....and that's exactly want NUTELLA wants with windows mobile. 
  • If that were true he would've cancelled all development for Windows 10 mobile long ago.  Get a grip.
  • They could go the way of the dodo blackberry...... And keep trying to be relevant.
  • This is exactly what MS is.  the new Blackberry.  I said it before.  Nutella is exactly like Jim.  Focused on other things...not the products.  Jim wanted to get a NHL franchise and let Blackberry fall behind instead of pushing.  Nutella is even worse.  He is focused on Enterprise, and enterprise only...So much so to buy 26 billion in useless websites that are "enterprise facebook" oriented.  Running around with an iphone instead of the 950xl etc.  He is a JOKE of a CEO for a company making products.  He looked so glib on stage with his apple products at the apple ipad pro release day.  So happy,  and excited.  meanwhile,  they released the 950xl  and he was a dead weight.  As were the rest of the team.  the entire leadership team at Microsoft should go IMO... I called the blackberry failure before it happend when Jim started to focus on the NHL,  and i was called troll, dumbass, asshat etc back then by the blackberry faithful (I was one),  called the playbook a failure before it happend etc.  But what do I know.  I am just someone who knows nothing on the internet.  But guess what,  I am NOT just someone who knows nothing on the internet, I am someone who KNOWS BUSINESS,  no matter how small or large,  I know trends, I know what to do ,  what not to do,  and more over....I know leadership since I have built and sold 2 very successful business.  I made enough money on these two businesses to now pursue my passion and make money from it,  and travel with my wife and kids when I want.  I am now sitting in my off road pop up on my macbook writing this post while my family is relaxing too.  However i dont know anything.  Let's just say,  I have been right before,  I even called apples downward slide in products as well.  No vision.  T.C. is not right for a CEO of Apple just as NUTELLA is NOT RIGHT as CEO of Microsoft.  Neither of them Have vision.  and It shows.  
  • "......I am NOT just someone who knows nothing on the internet, I am someone who KNOWS BUSINESS,  no matter how small or large,  I know trends, I know what to do ,  what not to do,  and more over..." I'm sorry, but you do realize that when someone feels compelled to stress their importance is a defensive move, likely to cover other areas of one's weakness, right? You honestly lost me at that sentence.... We all have access to the same info, some of us better than others, but same info in general. So, you may be right, MSFT may fail spectacularly. Or you may be completely off base on this and they could succeed. My bet is on the latter. The thing is, your arguments have very little to do with what you are trying to communicate to teh rest of us. A/ having run and sold successful businesses has nothing to do with your ability to "call things before they happen" to MSFT
    B/ BB and NHL has nothing to do with MSFT and LinkedIn. Not even close and it shows how little youv'e researched this particular topic. Please, read up on this, read other people's findings regarding this acquisition and you will see that LinkedIn is very much in line with MSFT's long term strategy. They scored a major goldmine with it.  Lastly, as an armchair CEO, you should admit that calling people's names in a derogatory manner does not really help plead your case. The name is Nadella.There is one possibility you should really explore: what if Tim Cook and Satya Nadella are great CEO's and do have a vision, but it is you who is failing to see it?
  • IM sorry,  but I did call alot of things outside of the tech world too.   I have a great sense of what is going on in business,  I care less what you think to be honest.  and NUTELLA deserves everythin thing he is called because he is clueless when it comes to running a company.  As I said many times before...its the same as BMW's CEO driving a benz every day.  He would be tanked in short order.  Agian,  I know more than you think....and running businesses,  successfully has ALOT to do with things.  Since I know what works,  and obviously NUTELLA does not since he' has alot of pissed of lemmings here.
  • "The OS will continue to improve until it is actually competitive (spring 2017 with RS2) and then you push it with a real device that is worth talking about" i am afraid by that time everyone would forget the 'Phone' part in Windows 10. Microsoft should have pushed all the cancelled phones->Lumia 750,Lumia 850... to get the momentum going till they release the so called "Surface Phone".
  • The push will be smithing like the first surface, surface phone ☎ maybe Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Quite optimistic to believe that RS2 would be enough to get OEMs interest. I doubt that even Acer would consider another Windows Mobile device after their Jade Primo with Zero market share. Why waste anything for a plattform without any market share?
  • Acer already released another Windows phone, a low end one ;)
  • windows 7 was the platform to increase market share,  windows 8 was the platform to increase market share,  withe 8.1 we beleive that we have added enough new features to increase market share,  windows 10m will increase market share,  RS2 will increase our market share.  damn,  I need to get that record fixed!   Well,  I ,  for one,  will be enjoying the mature IOS/OSX system instead of waiting for windows to play catch I have been for the past years.....
  • How can it possibly take an organization this long to make a competitive mobile phone ecosystem? Who will be left in the spring of 2017 to even read these articles? MS destruction of its phone business will be used as case studies in school on how not to run a business
  • Nadella should be awarded the nobel prize for the worst CEO. A nice title: One man to ruin them all
  • Dude,  that is the best tag line for NUTELLA I have read!  that is awesome.  Do you mind if I sorta take off with that one too!?
  • Funny how Dan gets upvotes when he says Windows Phone is dead but anyone else dares mentions something similar and they get like 50 downvotes -_-
  • He gets up vote and I get called an asshat.  funny how that works.  once I get centrally windows up and running I will get all the upvotes muah ha ha ha!
  • Wow, what a strategy, kill your product line and expect partners to pick up? W10M will not be able to bounce back into consumer market, MS basically killed its immesely deep distribution in Non US markets which it inherited from Nokia. Now it expects partners to pick up, but who is there to bring a competitive and attractive device to market?
  • W10M market share (as share of units sold) was likely 0.1-0.2% on Q2 as total market share of Windows phones was ~ 0.3%. Meaning for every 1000 smartphones sold 1-2 was Windows 10 Mobile device.
  • The issue is that it's always a "wait until next year" scenario with Windows Mobile. I think a lot of people are just getting tired of waiting. The OS and First party apps need some serious work in W10M, in fact the only decent thing about my 950XL is the hardware itself, which is awesome, it's just the OS that is sluggish as hell and apps that constantly crash.
  • The issue is,  that nothing from the OEMs is a great phone to bring new users to the platform.  the 950/xl was.  I know people **** on it left and right...but to be honest,  and not me fooling around here....the 950xl was THE phone.  I loved it.  However,  Microsoft could care less with windows on the mobile side of the coin,  or really the consumer space at all.  I said it before and I will continue to,  If your CEO is NOT USING the goods why should anyone else?  Retrenching is going along just as I predeicted and will continue to do so.  Why?  Because Microsoft don't care about mobile space.
  • Well it said to be that MS in general aren't confident with the x50 series or something like that. Not surprising. Thing is, even their own managers on sometimes publicly (unintentional or not) showing to the world that they don't even use their own smartphone device. Not just the CEO, but some other influential one that is even a part of Windows team. Even one of their designer on Xbox seems using more Apple products more. Personal choice isn't a problem, but it shows that the people seems not fond to their own mobile platform. That can affect their own perspective towards it. Hopefully that will change whatever new device will introduce next year. It said to be the start "focusing" on mobile front. We'll see how it goes.
  • What I will say about the 950s is that for a flagship phone, it checked off a lot of boxes. It fails on the screen...the screens on the 920, 1520, etc. were better. But the thing I appreciate the most is the ability to change the look of the phone. You can't do that with many flagship phones. That's one feature I hope they keep going forward, but my fear is that they will stop to please the group who want metal. I see myself hanging on to this phone for a while...until a next Windows Phone that checks off the same boxes comes along.
  • 950 series really ticks alot of things right indeed, the screen is rather flat though I don't even want over saturated ones, though they could've done bit better on that. About the looks, its not that ugly in any way rather its bit generic and uninspired how they execute its aesthetics, nothing to do with the materials or the modularity of it. The rest is generally on the software side of things that we can blame and mostly what makes the device initially isn't favorable outside Microsoft sphere (which is even debatable unfortunately). Though for those who are fond of having removable backs and battery (I'm actually slightly liking having removable battery a bit), there is a huge possibility that next device likely going to be a metal (magnesium) unibody without removable backs/battery, especially if we gonna have a Surface brand smartphone. So there is a low chance that we will have removable backs similar to 950 series, unless they follow the 650 and 830 (which personally I still find one of the best Lumia designs out there) where it has metal sides with removable polycarbonate backs. I have a good faith with the Surface brand, at least their track record is really good so far if not the best. As long as they will keep the Surface philosophy of being "more than just a thing" and hopefully learning from original Lumia being "keeping it unique and iconic", it should be on the good track. Unfortunately the biggest hurdle it has to face is the intentional retrenchment and premature killing of Lumia brand which is now has to convince people again why choose not just this device but the whole MS mobile platform again.
  • It's a catch 22. On one hand, it isn't and shouldn't be a problem, but then other people will interpret that badly towards the product they are making and not using. A product can be good AND not be someone's preference. I think there are some good things in Android and Apple, but they are simply not my preferred platforms. I just wish more people could view it that way. I do think that forcing the higher executives to use W10M in "public" is NOT the answer though and would only reinforce that way of thinking. Although tt the same time,  I don't know what the answer is.
  • It is really indeed a diffucult issue right now. Personal perference is really something almost impossible to deal with, but there is still some small chance to convince someone at very least, maybe not personally but for others with more positive and honest perspective about it. Microsoft cannot force someone to like their stuff, its actually making it worse if they will try to force it. So the only best they can do is simply present something the best they can do that people will find fewer flaws to nitpick on, thus less reason why not to reconsider it. Then they just have to have a better message to market the platform, why it is good for us users or to be users. The current situation though is just rather more difficult right now unfortuantely. So there is a tall order waiting for MS to keep this W10M moving forward. For now it seems the messaging is mainly for "enterprise" since this is an industry that where MS have chance on, but I don't think they can stay that for so long especially if they want their platform to be actually used outside the workplace and use it daily with apps and ecosystem that people use. Unless is MS just fine with that and don't care about the consumer viability of W10M.
  • At least they are saving marketing money they can use in spring 2017 when RS2 is complete. Hopefully OEMs (besides HP and Acer) will be confidenent enough to adpot the OS full on and Microsoft will have an agressive marketing campaign. But don't you feel that Windows will then be know as an enterprise brand akin to Blackberry instead of a consumer brand?
  • what OEMs? users need trustfull,well known OEMs, not crap brands like Blu or other new chinese brands. I am talking about LG,HTC,Samsung, even Huawei now that it has gained a lot of trust from people. And I really doubt any of those would invest in making a phone running windows 10, when MS itself does not give a damn about this OS.
  • Microsoft said in its SEC filing that retrenchment will continue for fiscal year 2017 (end of H1 2017). Perhaps savior phone will come end of 2017.
  • I think that's more a reflection on the hardware, not the software.  I have the 950XL and the best thing about it is the OS.  The worst thing about it is the poor build quality.
  • What's so bad about 950? Can you elaborate more? I'm just curious.
    I got 640XL, would expect it to be in no way better than 950, but I really like my L640XL! Yeah, it has some crazy things going on, such as malfunctioning HDR, but other than that, I absolutely love that phone. All two hundred bucks of it.
  • The 640XL is one of the best phones they ever made.  Nothing wrong with that phone, unless you think it's too bulky maybe. The 950XL is better in terms of specs and it's thinner and lighter, but what I meant about the poor build quality is simply that the cover doesn't fit properly.  The bottom two corners can be squeezed together and they squeak. Doesn't affect my use of the phone at all, and I'm still very hapy with it, but it's a little disappointing as it makes the phone feel cheap.
  • I see it the other way around.
  • Sorry, but I have to disagree there. The constant loading, first party apps crashing, and originally (it's been patched now), constant random reboots, are all software issues as far as I can tell.
  • The software is not perfect by any means, but I love the design of it.  So much nicer than either iOS or Android.
  • My 950xl is amazing tech, and while I didn't love the original white shell it had (although external appearance is the last dot point I look at when buying a technology device), my Mozo leather back is a thing of beauty, and it isn't an annoying case, it's a part of my phone.
  • Does the Mozo leather back fit better than the original back?  I have the original back and it squeaks on the corners.
  • Your mileage will vary. My Mozo leather back fits better on one corner and worse on another. In some ways the original back fit better, it didn't squeak like one corner of the Mozo cover though it did move. I have a 950XL single SIM which has a slightly different fitment than my wife's 950XL dual SIM.
  • If there are no devices on the market, then the continuing development of the OS is rather irrelevant. No devices, no market share, no platform.
  • There are new devices coming out as we speak.  Mostly in Asia, but HP and Acer will be available in North America.
  • Rest in peace.
  • What is gonna be happened with the previous Nokia renamed facebook and twitter accounts? I wonder...
  • They will be promoting the upcoming lagdroid flagships soon!
  • My 950xl will serve me well for another few years until the next W10 Phone comes along.
  • What is gonna be happened with the previous Nokia renamed facebook and twitter accounts? I wonder...
  • Looks like they are bored @MSFT!
  • Alright, I'll follow the Lumia account then. Thanks for the heads up!
  • Well hopefully my W10M L830 last until the next W10M phone comes out
  • This has been happening for a while, though. In Portugal, on Facebook the old Microsoft Lumia page was long shut down and everything was transfered to the official Windows page (yeah, not Lumia, not Microsoft. Windows). So I actually expect the other Lumia pages to sooner or later also be shut down and merged into either the Microsoft accounts or, more likely, the Windows accounts (seeing as the Windows division has devices under it).
  • Greetings from Portugal
  • Ok I'll just follow then..
  • I like this. Positive news to me I hope
  • Well, I dont use Facebook or Twitter, so no tears for that. Just Tears for my much needed lumia 950 firmware on AT&T....was hopefull would beat the Anniversary update.....
  • Just bring me a new flag ship lol
  • Closer and closer to them just shutting down the Windows 10 Mobile brand completely. If Microsoft isn't making phones and neither are OEMs, why bother continuing development? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Time for another reboot of Windows Phone! Windows Mobile: End Stone 1
  • I think next year's update could be a "reboot". They can leave the kernel and platform but reboot the UI and branding. If they want to court OEMs to make phones, they need to allow them to customize the software and experience. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • well insiders will start to see whats happening over the next few months with RS2 builds.
  • Its windows mobile/phone HEAD STONE!  RIP WP/WM!
  • I am still wondering if MS will being us a surface phone. I think MS will never get the mobile space from Android or Apple in terms of personal use but for business Imo noting on the market touches it with Continuum. Now if and it's a big if MS can come up with a phone that is like no other but also add a laptop/tablet dock to it in the format of the surface and the phone has the big apps businesses need they could be on for a winner just like they are with the surface 4/book. But that said it's still a bit IF
  • Windows phones have been available for businesses for years and they haven't adopted them at all. Continuum isn't going to change that. You can get a better experience out of a thumb stick PC and they are cheaper and run actual Windows. Continuum is going to be a hard sell. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • there are actually a few oem windows 10 phones already on the market or coming to the market still in 2016, just because you cant buy them in the USA doesnt mean they dont make them.
  • There are a couple but they certainly don't sell in any mentionable numbers. Certainly not enough to justify continuing support.
  • There are actually some other W10 mobile devices out now or in the very near future, just made by other companies, which was Microsoft's plan. I say give it time, look how well W10 mobile has come, it works great on my 950xl, 830, and even my lowly but capable 630. With the anniversary update, and summer update for xbox1, lots of positive things are starting to happen.
  • The few that were released flopped immediately and haven't been heard from. Just look at the NuAns Kickstarter for an idea of OEM sales. A week left and they have sold less than 500 phones and a fraction of what they required. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • NuAns Kickstarter?  Never heard of it.
  • They are attempting to sell the NuAns NEO in the US. Even a hefty discount, they have only sold 470. They needed 5x that and there is only a week left.
  • It looks really bulky.  That could have something to do with it.  Plus probably the lack of visibility.  Who even knows this thing exists?
  • I would never trust my money on such a no name brand.
  • I would never trust a kickstarter project.  Easy peasy way to scam people of their hard earned dollars.  Check out Earl.  a backcountry GPS tablet.  got over a million dollars in kickstarter funds and was jet settting with ferrari's and not developig earl.!
  • The NuAns is a finished product and is currently selling in Japan. There isn't much risk at all to support the Kickstarter. There isn't even any midrange devices available in the US and they still haven't even hit 500 devices. It won't be too long before Microsoft kills development of W10M. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Someone did a fantastic article on how Windows Mobile could take over in enterprise entirely, and I feel this is where they should aim. Business has always been it's bread and butter, and continues to be. As I recently switched from Windows to Android, I realised how on point Microsoft are when it comes to doing things efficiently, and while Windows Mobile does need to optimised (it's very slow now, compared to what it used to be, and compared to the competition), it's definitely the best platform to do work with.
  • I think it is where they're aiming.
  • Nekowhizz,  I am sorry but you win the Captian Obvious award for today!  ha ha.
  • Well, they needed something for the last 2 mobile division employees to do.
  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, glorious David Bowie's song. Here in Mexico, the twitter account refuses to die. The last tweet is from 5 days ago. Let's see...
  • I guest I have to wait a few months. My Lumia are still working fine, well at least I'm not the only zombie using Lumia phone. #Nokia Lumia dead
    #Microsoft Lumia dead
  • ;(
  • 950 XL fire sale when????
  • already done!  buy a 950xl,  get a 950 free,  950 xl 1/2 price.  they have been trying to sweep them out the door!
  • Bummer that their chief of imaging is going back to Nokia...
  • im sure he is not the only person in the world that knows how to do imaging on mobile, i would imagine there is people that know more than he does.
  • MS is concentrating on enterprise, their surface phone is targetted for enterprise, it may have good camera but dont expect another 1020. Meanwhile heard Nokia is bringing in big guns with android soon, Best camera and 3d touch as well.
  • Yes,  they are.  Its going to be my backup/second phone for sure.   Its going to be kickass....sort of like how the almighty 1020 turned the mobile world on its head with features not found in any other phone.  
  • great for him,  he gets to work with a platform thats forging ahead instead of being shittanked like windows mobile.
  • But I love Windows phone. The products are better compare to Android powered phones but surprisingly Microsoft is not doing much just because consumers are yet to appreciate it. I expected Microsoft to revamp it marketing of this durable smartphone. The Lumia range would have catch up in the ever competitive market if they do the needful and be patient.
  • Sorry,  but the LUMIA range is DEAD....meaning no more...they are done, gone finished.  the products with android are much more solid than windows phones since 1020 was finished.  
  • Nice.. I'm also consolidating to android in a few days.
  • Daniel, we have not hit rock bottom yet. For that a lot of current lumia users will have to replace their phone by an apple or android phone. This will happen in the next 9 months as MS has no decent replacement phones available and because MS keeps repeating that their OS is business focused chasing away developers for consumer focused apps. Ms is really doing everything in its power to reduce market share to such a low level that management will not have any choice but to pull the plug on mobile. This is not what I want, but even though I use my phone for business 95% of the time I still enjoy being able to do my banking with a decent app and use apps to follow what I am interested in. Those apps will disappear with ms its current strategy making it more enticing for every windows mobile user to abandon windows mobile. Most of MS actions and statements over the last three years have scared developers and users away, and at the rate MS is doing this I would say their strategy is aimed at putting mobile out of its misery once it is done. I hope I'm wrong, but it looks like the management of MS is preparing mobile for euthanasia. They are making sure the patient is sick enough so that euthanasia is the only humane thing to do.
  • Yes I agree. As an avid Windows phone fan I was forced to move to Android last week, the build quality of the 950 does not cut it. Amazingly the Windows Apps are better on Android and yes I too have a banking app now, I have notifications to replace the live tiles and the camera is ok. If MS wish to get into the mobile market they will need to start from scratch, it is likely any Windows Apps using the Nokia SDKs will be obsolete on the next range of phones, meaning hardly any apps at all; again! The development framework is not yet fully evolved, so it gives us developers a hard time forever updating code. Euthanasia is most likely I'm afraid.
  • Sorry to hear that... I'd suggest you read the Microsoft privacy agreement, then read Google's privacy agreement, both of which you undoubtedly agreed to while creating either a MSFT or GOOG user accnt, same as I did. I know it's not really sexy reading, but for the sake of your own privacy, it wouldn't hurt, if you went ahead and read what you are willingly giving consent to and empowering both companies to do with your own personal information. Especially the the 3rd party data sharing provisions should catch your eye.  Then try to read some high level excerpts from the 4th amendment of our Constitution (if you are in the U.S.), Privacy Act of 1974 (federal agencies), GLBA (financials), COPPA (children) and HIPAA (health). Long story short. I'm sorrry you've decided to make the really was not an upgrade in terms of your own right to privacy, quite the contrary. Just saying, the choice was obviously yours, the right was yours too....
  • Nadella is so passionate in killing Mobile one needs to wonder what's the end game. Mobile being key component of Balmer's one Windows strategy and therefore future of Windows..
  • Christ, they might well just shut them all down. What's the point?
  • So what's after Lumia?
  • NOTHING!  
  • #FreeMilo
  • Tbh, I think the brand name "Lumia" is not in line with Microsoft's other products: there's Windows, Surface, Tiles, etc. "Lumia" is still a Nokia brand.
  • MS continues to amaze with with it's stupidity...
  • I'd call it cool judgment and a vision.
    Stupidity was there with prior management who got them into the sate of current affairs to begin with.
    Current management is doing much needed house cleaning
  • Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!
  • Android users making opinions and thinking of the strategies that microsoft may have, giving advice on how the phone should be. I have an opinion about android phones; I don't care about how many apps you have, not all of them work. Even if they do work, they crash. The apps even if they do work, and don't crash you can sit and wait until is responsive. The android 6.0 in a Moto E (2gen) with 1gb ram, is lag, pure lag. And mine, Lumia 640 LTE with windows 10, WORKS. I may not have all the apps that may or may not work, most of the apps are the same copy, iframe of site, copy and stupid stuff. Not real apps. Thank god if you are Windows 10. If you are going to use Android 6 you must have a flagship, or nothing at all.
  • iOS is just now catching Android in app stability with version iOS 9.3 compared to Marshmallow. Your claims do not match reality. Android apps are just as stable as iOS apps. There is a reason they have captured 85% of the market. Android is a great experience. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • the nexus 5 is butter!  smooth, fast, inexpensive and has a great feature set.  Running 6.  Soon running N.  NO LAG.  So,  that arguement that mid range devices are slow on android is MOOT at this point.  and the build quality of the N5 is much better than the 640 as well.
  • The Nexus 5 is running an SD800, it better be smooth! I have a Galaxy Grand Prime and a L640. They are both $30 phones and they both run just fine. Neither has perfect performance, but the L640 is so limiting with the rigid, simplistic UI and lack of apps. It actually lags a bit more than the Galaxy too. I would prefer the Grand Prime anyday, it isn't even close. There is a reason Android sells so many phones. They aren't delusional. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Its like watching a slow motion implosion where everything is heading to zero in the Windowsphone ecosystem driven by Microsoft retreating faster than most people can keep up. it's not exactly building sales momentum. However I guess the Microsoft vision is to reduce sales to zero.
  • Everyone should buy a new phone but make sure its ABW....anything but windows.  Hell at this point a motorola v60 flip phone has more features and apps.