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Microsoft dropping support for Rooms feature on Windows Phones in March

Microsoft has announced today that it will be dropping support for the Rooms feature on Windows Phones in March. In an email sent out to users, the company notes that you'll still be able to interact with your room photo albums, calendars, and notes, but you won't be able to create new rooms, make membership or permission changes, or send new messages after the March deadline.

While the shared items and files will still remain accessible on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 devices, things are a little different if you've jumped onto the Windows 10 for phones preview. From Microsoft:

"We're making way for new features in Windows 10 that will help you stay in touch with the people that matter most. Once you update to Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones, rooms will no longer show up on your phone. You'll still be able to get to your photo albums, calendars and notes, either on the web or by using other apps on your phone. You won't be able to see your chat history or send or receive any new chats."

Microsoft doesn't say exactly when in March it will drop support, so it would probably be a good idea to start backing up any files and chats that you care about now.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  • Hopefully they showcase something better.
  • Did you not get an email?
  • got the email
  • MS probably wants us to use SKYPE❗❗❗
    An added feature to Skype for W10 might address this... They might even call it "Rooms"
    That would make "Rooms" truly cross platform.... Now, doesn't that make sense... We just have to accept the fact that MS is a cross platform software company...
  • Put this in Skype and it will rock! Very few people I care about use windows phone so rooms ended up not getting used in my circle
  • Yep.
  • And hope they redo the Skype app completely. Terribly slow.. Can't believe that app came out of MS
  • That would be the only way I'd accept this as I currently can't add my Skype phones to rooms even though they are L520.
  • for those in favour......
  • I'm really not in favour of this "room" removal. I use it a lot. I can always take my wife's phone and look up certain things that I've shared in rooms. And I share a lot with her, you know.
  • That's not a UserVoice thread to support removing Rooms; it's one to support keeping Rooms.
  • I haven't got it. Can you post a screenshot here?
  • I only have it in Italian, but you can more or less read it here
  • Live tiles you are next.... Well done Microsoft start a user voice page on what to ruin next and before everyone fall on me I do use this and if they are honestly trying to integrate Skype better make the app that isn't garbage.
  • Yup. Microsoft is slowly removing what makes Windows Phone unique and it sucks!!
  • Unavailability on other platforms killed this. I really would have used Rooms, but I never had more than some Rooms for testing. Could have been some killer feature.
  • It was a killer feature back on WP8.0. My family loved it: I got all of them to switch to Windows Phone solely for 'Family Room', where we had shared OneNote notebooks, a shared Outlook calendar, group chat, and a shared photo/video album where users could comment on individual pictures. It was amazing, and we all loved it. Then in WP8.1 they nerfed the photo/video album feature, making it so you could upload stuff but not comment on them individually.  We complained but stuck with it, opting to chat about each photo in the general chat area instead. It was not ideal, but we begrudingly tolerated it. Now, they send out this email and my entire family is in an uprord. This, coupled with the fact that Verizon doesn't even sell Lumias anymore, as resulted in 1/2 of them vowing to go ditch Windows Phone next month when Room support ends. Frankly, I don't know what the f**k Microsoft is doing anymore. They promised so many awesome things--Room support, Xbox Live gaming, Metro Design language, etc.--with Windows Phone and prematurely killed them all off, pissing off their diehard supporters and damaging their reputation. I'm going to try to placate everyone by suggesting we switch to GroupMe instead, which has some of the same features (but not all of them), but that won't keep people from bailing on Windows Phone. If Windows 10 is going to have a better version of the Rooms service, they sure as hell didn't do a good job selling it in that email they sent out. I'm so frustrated. I don't even know why I support Microsoft anymore. Joe Belfiiore should've been fired 2 years ago.
  • I feel you even though I only used rooms for chat and private photo share. They are ruining the experience and this is so so bad. The bad part is that the people from windowscentral (staff) don't criticize them too much. We only relay on editors from other websites that were pissed off and made articles with them leaving the platform because of the retarded changes. I am so frustrated like seeing my beloved windows phone becoming an android OS like. All this because they don't have users or sales. For their information apple started small and it was something extravagant, they set the rules it was like a private club to which people wanted to join. MS instead doing this they followed the crowd. Another OS ruined, each year windows phone is in beta, forever beta
  • What do you mean? We still have that beautiful, unique experience promised by Microsoft. Like hubs, pivots, panorama's and don't have boring, hard to reach, hamburger menus like android, right :-/s
  • For how long?
  • :/sarcasm
  • You surely can't be upset that "WINDOWS CENTRAL" is shedding a positive light on news articles about Windows...I mean, if every article was laced with "We should all change to iPhones or Androids" they would be writing themselves out of a job.
  • That's not necessarily true.  You can be critical of Microsoft's decisions without saying "We should all change it iPhone or Android".  Believe it or not, there is a middle ground between blind devotion and complete dislike.
  • You don't want WC to turn into one of those overly subjective sites with an extreme amount of bias.....
    They aren't here to pass judgment on every decision MS makes, they leave that to us.. They are just here to relay the information...
    Now, you will see an editorial from time to time, but that's about it...
  • Yeah, seems like Windows Central people just nods at every change MS does for WP, may it be good or bad. I remember when we were shown a preview of Windows 10 for phone with hamburger menus, almost all commenters expressed their dismay over the desmissal of the three dots menu on the bottom. Shortly, Windows Central resealed an article saying we should just embrace the change whether we like it or not. I mean, that's just it? I'd like to hear Mr. Rubino's and the others' thoughts on these.
  • They have always been pro Microsoft, may as well be run by Microsoft. They are not an un biased site, if you want that you need to look elsewhere. I just ignore the fanboyism and enjoy the more factual reporting, and the user comments.
  • Calendar sharing was big in my family--the chat to a lesser extent, but it was definitely nice to have. I'll have to look into GroupMe.
  • Ude calendar sharing every day... Nummer! :-(
  • You can still create a second calendar and share it out from your outlook account. It just won't be tied to rooms. But will have all the same features. I'm going to have to do the same with my wife.
  • You can do calendar sharing from
  • Same here in the Verizon comment. So much so I've been looking at the 6+ although I'd hate to leave window...
  • This is sad as I used it with family members often for Calendar and chat. Who's up for tweeting Belfore?
  • Why not just use a group chat within in of the major IM apps? Then simply use a shared calendar among all the phones. You could use OneDrive to share photos among everyone. Now everything is cross platform.
  • Because then you need a separate app for chatting, a separate app for Calendar sharing, a separate app for OneNote sharing, a separate app for photo sharing. Do you see how Rooms was useful? It unified all of that into one place.
  • Some one has created a  User Voice thread here:
  • Yea and they are the same whiners who complain about everything
  • Over a thousand votes in less than a day. People indeed want to keep that awesome and unique "Rooms" features. I know I love it.
  • Up past 1500 now! That's impressive for something that happened merely 12 hours ago. I think this UserVoice movement could take off. I'm going to continue spreading the word and then call out Joe Belfiore on Twitter.
  • I got fed up of them too and finally made the jump to android in December, but I still seem to get emails from them. The calendar feature works on android, its not quite as good, but it does the job. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If you left for Android, why not leave fully?!
  • I too jumped to my First Android phone and can never truly let go of WP. I'm hoping that Microsoft finally gets things together so I can come back. Android might have the Apps, but it misses the mark on a few built-in things that WP does right out of the box.
  • Agree... I moved to android well... Waiting on something good to bring me back... Love the keyboard on Windows phone better... Love the layout within the apps better too... How u can swipe left /right for the different page within almost all windows phone apps... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Left/right swipe was the unique part of the panorama/pivot UI elements... Unfortunately it appears that is also killed in W10 :(
  • Windows 10 for Phones is less than two weeks old, calm down. Plenty more features and OS polishing to come. Two weeks old..
  • Don't worry, MS will get rid of those eventually too...
  • What coip said. All the differentiators that came with WP are all being eroded. My story is the same, my son will go Android with next phone and to be honest its getting hard to find a good reason for him not too
  • This is kind of Microsoft's thing. If a feature isn't beloved by over 50% of their users, it's clearly a failure and subject to getting cut at any time. It's strictly a numbers game with them. I can kind of appreciate that if they didn't do this, the OS would eventually be full of so much bloat and cruft that it would be a directionless mess. But the insanely frustrating thing is that they say how they've learned a lot from what people liked about that feature, and promise to integrate all those great pieces into some future product, but they always kill the perfectly good existing product long before its replacement is ready. At least in this case rooms are staying mostly functional, for now...
  • This is one of the biggest reasons I stuck with Windows Phone. This is what convinced my brother and his family of 6 to switch to Windows Phone. Like you, I hope Microsoft is planning on implementing something "better". Otherwise, my family will push back against the upgrade to Windows 10.
  • This really is the problem with this decision. Although a minor amount of people used it, the people who did use it were people who really did invest in Windows Phone. I think most of the active users would be families who bought one for each member. I always really wished they brought this to other platforms because it looked awesome, but the Windows Phone exclusiveness made it useless for me. It could be worth seeing what comes in Windows 10 to replace this feature, but killing it with little notice, with Windows 10 still ages away is a terrible idea.
  • That would be logical thing to do, bringing it to other platforms. But this is MS, not Apple...
  • This is balls.  My family spread across three cities use it.  I also have a separate room for my business.  It actually really helps me track mileage and expenses from multiple people.   Now I'm screwed.  Good thing my fiscal year end is Feb 28, I'll have to find a new solution before FY2015 starts.
  • Totally agree with this guy. I've been using this room too and made my family switch windows because of thus feature too. Sad that they're going to remove it. I feel you bro
  • It's like trying to live in a house that's always under construction. No feature is finished long enough to really create a following. Have a vision, execute, and refine. This "evolution" has been far too jarring in my opinion.
  • Exactly my point. WP is behind not because app gap or UI but because MS don't trust their own vision and don't stick to good things, constantly changing everything. How can customer trust the platform then? How can developers trust it?
  • What do you mean "unavailability on other platforms?" The great thing about Rooms was that you just needed one WinPhone as a "host." The other members could be on any platform.  For things like (family) calendar, it integrated with the native calendar app. The reliance on specialty-app-this and specialty-app-that is that buy-in and compliance becomes much more difficult.
  • That's not true. I couldn't participate in the rooms of my Lumia owning friends at all from my android phone.
  • Yeah exactly. Makes sense that MS is killing this
  • Yes, but with rooms you don't have to worry about creepy people trying to send messages to you 12 year old daughter.
  • I guess you can share a OneNote file. Not the same thing though...
  • Same here. Only good news is that the shared OneNote files stay shared with all group members on OneDrive. You only have to use a WhatsApp group for chatting in the future.
  • Same here. This was literally the number one reason I put my whole family on Windows Phones. It was amazing. If windows 10 doesn't offer a unified feature with equal or more capabilities (and I don't mean multiple separate features), I'm not sure that we'll be sticking with windows when we get our next phones.
  • Problem with that is that iOS nor Android have a similar Rooms feature so you would be leaving Windows for a platform that doesn't have what you were leaving for...
  • iOS and Android both have a crossplatform service for this functionalilty> Google+. Create a circle just for family and you can easily share almost anything with them privately.
  • That's not the same thing as Rooms. Surely there are many ways to do the same thing but none are as integrated as Rooms was. Google+ is not even in the same catagory as Rooms as it's a social network.
  • How is Rooms not a social network? It is based on sharing and commenting with other people! Also, integrated isn't as important as cross platform, especially for this type of service. This alone would make Google+ better for sharing information with specific people and being able to share to Google+ is integrated into every app automatically.
  • Does that mean the family room folder will finally disappear off my OneDrive and phone? They just showed up one day and I've never been able to get rid of it.
  • Fat chance, Microsoft seem to be systematically removing or degrading features... If you care about Rooms, vote here:
  • Man I hope so, this is the Feature that my Family uses the most. 
  • Cue the crying.
  • Its queue*
  • No... It's not... That's a different word entirely.
  • It's it's*
  • Think I'll join the queue of people that want to cue up a repost to that little faux pas.
  • Lol Zack...  do you even have a mouth big enough for that foot of yours? :)
  • ZackTheNever wins the spelling bee
  • Nobody is crying.... Nobody used the feature..
  • I used it, as it happens. But hey ho. There'll be something new no doubt.
  • My family and gym mates do..
  • I use it all the time. It's a fantastic way to share info with my wife. This was one of the features I always showed off to people. I'm hoping they come up with something better as this is a huge feature loss for me.
  • I hope it is something cross platform
  • I use Rooms all the time with my wife...we will miss it. She is away right now and I am seeing the places she is visiting...  
  • Me too.  This was one of the marquee features I showed to Android friends.  They would always go quiet.  Now I have been betrayed, stabbed in the back.  How has my loyalty been rewarded? We used it for grocery lists, shared images and shared calendars.
  • My family uses it. We post family pictures and use the family calendar to post when we'll visit or will be out on vacation.
  • Same for me, I live in England and my family back in Northern Ireland. They send me pics of our dog; and I add my flight details to the calendar so I don't get 100 calls the week before to see when my flight is as its on everyone's calendar.
  • My family and I use it all the time for adding to grocery lists and calendars.
  • My entire family used it every day.
  • Wrong - My family and I used the room feature every day.
  • Ok... Ok... Y'all are Sombody...
  • Very mature rodney.. very mature.
  • U_U
  • I used them every day.
  • I have a room for family one with the wife had one for all involved in my wedding and I have one for my business.
  • My family uses this.
  • You guys better hit up MS directly with some serious feedback if you don't want to loose it..
    With W10 MS needs to trim the fat so that the OS doesn't eat up all the internal memory on lower end devices..... So, something has to go...
    They should probably keep it as a separate app for those who want to continue using it.
  • I don't think that's why its gone. Its leaving because it was the LAST HUB left. MS is moving away from HUBS. I've been using this Rooms feature since 2010 and now we are left in the dust when W10 comes.
  • Same reason... They are moving towards apps.. I agree.
  • My wife and I did and everyone on her side of the family (Mother, Brothers and Sisters) and we used it extensively.
  • I used it with my bandmates. We shared out show date schedule, our promo pictures, song ideas, and chatted with each other. Surprisingly, my family started using it out of nowhere (I set them up with it at the beginning and they suddenly started using it out of the blue). I mean Rooms isn't totally going away, so I'm not hugely pissed about this like others are but them, once again, screwing with the unified, integrated parts of WP is aggravating. If they were discontinuing and EXPLAINING how they plan to replace or upgrade this in W10 and waiting until W10 was AVAILABLE before discontinuing it, I think it would be taken much easier. Now were left from March ___th until whenever the hell Win10 launches (maybe Fall, maybe Holiday, who knows?) with no transitional method, just a stripped feature.
  • Who knows... Maybe I would've used it one day.... But, I think MS wants to integrate something like this with Skype.....
    Remember SKYPE❗❗❗❗❗❗❗ LOL.
    Skype is MS's messaging, and total communication platform, and MS might see this as redundant.... I bet they have something planned with Skype for W10 that will address the deletion of Rooms...
  • I have to agree with you. The concept of rooms -- or things like integrated experiences -- in Windows Phone, is great in theory but in reality only a small percentage of people ever made use of this feature. Had Microsoft more mindshare amongst consumers or a bigger piece of the smartphone market we ideally wouldn't be having this conversation. Regardless, Microsoft knows this; they most certainly have all the data that governed this decision. I think it's a crappy decision nonetheless but I understand why Microsoft are doing it. Rooms relies on messenger functionality, which is a service that has been depreciated for some time now. It seems nonsensical to have two communications platforms and then have only one of them use a feature. I'm hoping they replace rooms with something of equal value and is better in every way. /2c
    EDIT: Grammar, spelling.
  • Makes a lot of sense.... We have to realize that MS doesn't do these things just to irritate us, rather it's a well thought out decision that required some though about what's more important, or not.... Everything can't stay in the OS because it would grow to large for devices with minimal memory.... With that said, it could remain as a separate app, but integrating it into Skype would be best..... MS's goal is still to have a platform where the least amount of apps used is necessary..... Seems like some going back to roots with W10,,, while also loosing some.
  • You have far more faith in them then I do and I am all in with MS. I hope its true. I've never had a real reason to use Skype.
  • Skype is good for seeing if girls online look like their profile pics.... Lol.
  • Oh they haven't even gotten messaging right in Skype and now they're going to add some Rooms functionality into it? That would surely be another failure.
  • I'll take you up on the bet... Nothing on Skype will be as good as this as it is now. Cry me a river if you want but then build me bridge to get over it... Posted from my HTC M8
  • What bet❓ Why would I bet on something that I'm purely, and purposely, speculating on... Lol.
    That's MS's problem, not mine... Lol.
  • My wife and I use it to share everything from calendars to grocery shopping lists and fast food orders. We've used it for a while now, and use it to this day.
  • My family uses it constantly and it will be missed. Another great unique feature that wasnt marketed properly and people generally misunderstood. it was mostly cross platform, iOS and Android users could access shared notes, calendar, and photos with just a Microsoft account. Yet another WP exclusive that attracted me to the platform gone. I hope there is a quality replacemnt in place by March for WP8/8.1 and W10. Otherwise WP is becoming Android without apps.
  • Android without apps.... Oh geeeeeeze.. That's worse than WP without apps...
  • Love the comment of nobody used it.. Just because you didn't..
    My whole family used it also, for lists for any events we do like buying stuff for Christmas etc, and not everyone uses skype, so that's totally not ideal at all. Me personally I would like something a bit more cross platform, so I can load my tablet and access the whole thing. I can half do that now, but just the onenote side of things
  • If you ever hear someone say something like "nobody", or "everyone",, just be serious, and act like you know they mean least, or most... Really❓❓❓❓
    I think we can all agree that a small percentage used this feature..
  • How do you know it's a small percentage?  It seems like 90% of those commenting used the feature.  I do.  But this is MS.  They giveth and taketh away.  That's what they do.  If it's a great feature you can bet they'll remove it.  And you mention Skype.  Really?  This program where you can have any creep send you a request?  Get the F*** out of here!  I'm surprised you aren't ranting only if it were MARKETED then this wouldn't happen.  But because YOU didn't use it, you don't see the value therefore you'll make any excuse to get rid of it or pretend it's no loss.  
  • "it seems like 90% of those commenting used the feature"""...
    LMFAO.... Sometimes you guys really crack me up... And, I mean you literally make me laugh out loud... Lol.
  • What?  You so stuck on yourself to give a post you haven't noticed most of the other comments and responses?  No need to laugh.  Just READ!  Try it.  You might learn something.  :)
  • Lol.. No, that's not it... I know most of the people on this post are users of the feature... That's what's so funny....
    Like, of course most people who comment on here are users... What do we expect...
    Besides, why are you getting so offended.. You act like I'm making fun of the feature going away... All I'm saying is that MS has it's reasons, and they are probably going to try to push Skype one way, or another.... Quit your crying.
    And, there's not a fool on here that believes 90% of us WP fans on WC use this app... That's kinda what you're suggesting by saying that over 90% on this post are disappointed...... The majority are just like whatever because they don't even use it.... So, you don't have any reason getting mad because I said nobody uses it... The percentage is so small that even MS is acting like nobody uses it.... Please.
  • You cant just change what you're saying because people are ripping in to you. ..... apparently laying out a reply like this is the in thing ..... I get so sick of the attitude around here that if its a feature you don't use, it doesn't mean no one uses it. Hell I think I've even seen you say that to people about other things that get scrapped. I totally agree that the majority of people that reply here are going to be users of it, and not so many replies from the ones that don't, but that alone shows there are people using it. ...... like all of us here, I've gotten like a dozen people on to windows phone, and I can safely say over half use the room feature. I'm all for change tho if they can make it better. If they can integrate the same function in to skype then I'm all for it. But I struggle to see how going cross platform and having skype needing to hook in to calendars etc on Android and iOS would work. I would just feel more confident with them scrapping it if I knew we would have an alternative not far off. I know the existing functions besides chat aren't going anywhere, but then It sounds like I lose the ability to remove or add people..
  • How am I changing what I'm saying? Explain that... Have even read my comments?... Go do that and then come back.
    I don't have to change what I say for you, or anyone else here... Check yourself.. I stand by all my comments... Please.
  • What, like Microsoft gives a shit what anyone thinks. Microsoft has no friggin interest what loyal users think. They announce they are getting rid of something then some people bitch on users voice then they (MS) throws them a bone by crippling a particular feature in a new wrapping and then we read sites like this that pretends its all good. It's sites like this that are the biggest problem with WP. Afraid to provide any critical criticism. Like they are neutered. The Verge puts MS in their place all the time and they still seem to get scoops. So, I have no idea what this site is so afraid of. Oh well, I digress.
  • Well, I understand your frustration...
  • Going by your logic, why is MS even in the smartphone business at all since almost 98% of smartphone users use android or iOS? After all, hardly anybody uses Windows Phone. They should quit and go home altogether.
  • Not sure who you were replying to, because the comment section here needs work.  But that said, the way Microsoft is capitulating Windows Phone may end up looking like Android anyway.  So you may have a very good point... they may just quit and go home altogether.  It wouldn't surprise me at all.  Just like getting rid of the "Rooms" feature.  They are systematically degrading the product at every turn. :/
  • IDK... We'll just have to wait and see...
  • While I can see your point, it's not a relative comparison... That's to much of a stretch, and although percentages might be the same, the way they apply here aren't....
    Not a good argument... And, it doesn't help.
    You'd be better off comparing Rooms to the Chase app, and why it got pulled,, which is for the same reason.... Number of users...
    Come on, guys.. This stuff isn't rocket science.
  • I used it too. Every single feature of rooms. But if they are bringing something better, then ok.
  • I did. I only found out what it was by accident though. so there goes MS' marketing effort
  • MS's marketing effort...... Oxymoron.
  • That's true. Market hubbs so hard with videos comparing WP to iOs, then kill it six months later after they've garnered a small but rabid fan base with the feature.
  • Yup MS must have thought that this feature will bring more users to WP. Looks like they forgot about other cross platform alternatives like WhatsApp, LINE, and!
  • Wrong you are.
  • My family used Family Room every day.
  • Wife and I used it daily.
  • "I'm not crying... I didn't use the feature."   FTFY, rodney.
  • Say what❓ Repeat that.. I didn't understand.
  • When a app and features gets missing from WP, everyone says that it is their favorite most important feature ever. It is very funny. The reason why these things die is because nobody uses them, but you read the comments here and all of the sudden everyone claims to use it every day. When Bank of America app died, all of a sudden everyone here said they were a customer of them and used that app every day. Sure you were. 
  • Tell that to Whooddddaaboosss⬆ up there....
    He might get mad though.
  • Yeah, I rarely used rooms. Microsoft should be killing this.
  • Conduct a survey for the average WP user, and I guess 90% do not know of this feature (as it is one of the few unique and useful features the platform has, naturally MS has failed to market it). Even among sales reps I'd wager less than 20% know about it. edit: And of the 10% who know the feature exists, 50% would probably be like me; people who have forgotten that the feature exists since initially they haven't had enough friends / family with WP phones. Damn, I really could have used a reminder, as this would have been great for our badminton group, as well as for my mother and her friends (who have now largely moved to WP).
  • The comment section is going to be flooded with the 6 people that actually use this feature.
  • Hey, rooms are cool!
  • Ditto
  • I use this feature and it's very important to many people. I share a room with my wife where I can send her photos in original quality and also enter an appointment in the room calendar which would show up on both of our phones such as my Son's basketball practice on Saturday so she is aware of the appointment in case I can't take him. I also have a separate room with my brother which we share to collaborate on receipts and calendar appointments for our business as well. It is a very important feature which will be missed and I'm quite disappointed about it. You just haven't found a creative way to use it or you're a loner.
  • I also have my wife upload videos in here of my 1yr old so I don't get carrier washed out quality.
  • Calling someone a loner because they don't use a hardly used feature is very shortsighted. If it was important they would've kept it. There's already similar functionality available through OneDrive.
  • I didn't call anyone a loner I said he could be a loner to not use the feature or that he might not have found a creative way to use it. Read the comment again.
  • They are getting rid of Hubs. This was the last hub left. Even if it was the most popular part of WP they would have to remove it to make it fit the new design they are shooting for.
  • Just share your calendar
  • I don't want to share my calendar I have a lot of business appointments she doesn't need to be bothered with and even if I shared my calendar she would have to go search compared to a reminder notification triggering on her phone.
  • While sharing is pretty simple, it is still extra work to invite.  Some don't want to see ALL events on someone else's calendar.  Rooms is a very good start.  I'm sure they will keep the same idcea, just be more useful and possibly reach a broader audience.  AKA reach other OSs.
  • Same here. My wife and I use it on a daily basis. It is going to be missed. Hopefully, I can at least keep our shared calendar somehow.
  • We use it this exactly way as well.  Disappointed to hear they're killing it. Single spot for shared docs (like grocery lists, kids school/medical info, etc), shared calendar, photos.  Only feature we didn't use was the chat through there since there are only 2 of us.
  • ^This. I'm pissed about killing rooms. This was the killer feature on WP for me. Without it, I WP doesn't seem worth all the other issues.
  • I also used rooms in much of the same way.  Lately they have killing the features that made Windows Phones different.  Now I have to go to three seperate apps instead of one room.  Kind of like how they dismembered People hub. Now that they are not much different than any other phone and all the MS apps are available for IOS and Android it's hard for me to find a compelling reason to stay with a Windows Phone when I need a new one.
  • What? We still have that uniqueness on Windows Phone like hubs, panorama's, pivots and no hard to reach hamburger menus like on android, right!
  • WP aggregating data from multiple sources for you like in the family room or the people hub is really useful. But part of the problem is that none of the sources supplying that data wants you to actually do that. Facebook doesn't want your FB feed being displayed by a built in windows app. They want you to use their app so they can control the experience, the advertising etc. Another challenge is that MS has to keep the hubs/rooms application development synched up with the development and changes of all the data sources (FB, Twitter, etc). I think there are a lot of drivers for discontinuing these and low usage is only one of them.
  • "WP aggregating data from multiple sources for you like in the family room or the people hub is really useful. But part of the problem is that none of the sources supplying that data wants you to actually do that. " THIS. I think Microsoft was onto a great idea with the idea of unified hubs for various types of data. I loved (still do) that I can go to the "people" hub and see FB and Twitter at a glance. But these companies will not work with Microsoft to make this a meaningful interactive experience. There's just nothing Microsoft can do about it (however we think about corporations, FB and Twitter are hugely influential, moreso than Microsoft in the space of social interaction software). They have the choice to keep fighting a losing battle, or try to adapt. They are trying to adapt. Can't blame them.
  • I understand what you mean but in this situation Microsoft is killing their own service. Facebook and Twitter have nothing to do with it. Microsoft is in control.
  • Which, in reality, is not a real problem for any skilled developer. Did you hear abut plugin architecture? Did you know that you can make those things upgradeable without need of OS update? Did you hear about APIs? None of which you described is valid reason to get rid of hubs with unified feeds. Imagine third party apps being able to contribute to the hub feed. It's not rocket science, really, it can be done. But that's not what they did, unfortunately.
  • Well the shared calendar is still going to be there.
  • I'd have used rooms if my Mrs and family had windows phones, the concept is brilliant. Just had no one to share properly with lol.
  • Same for me
  • Me neither. I would've loved to use it but I'm the only one I know with a windows phone. Maybe if market share goes up, they'll bring it back. I wonder how bad it is to keep it tho? Does it cost more money? Also, maybe they can incorporate it into Skype somehow.
  • I use it for me and my son's phone. But it was not used for much other than sharing pictures (for that it's however very useful). Won't miss it, but it could've been a very good feature.
  • Lol❗❗❗❗❗❗
  • Great potential but never lived up to it.
  • I use it with my family.  It's a great place to share photos at high quality and share Onenote notes, too.  We are in the habit of creating our family shopping list on it, daily.  Sooooo much change every 18 months in the Windows Phone world.  Getting pretty frustrated.  Maybe not $400 per iPhone frustrated, but maybe Galaxy 6 frustrated.   Not idle bitching, first Windows phones were Samsung Focus's.  But the "just wait, we're going to be great!" is frustrating.
  • Yup, use it everyday with my family.  Messages, photos, grocery list and calendar.  If they bring something better, then great, but I'll miss it until then. And the way updates have been going I'd be surprised to have my whole family on Windows 10 for phone within the next couple of years.
  • I'm one of them! Set up Family Room to share a OneNote notebook when we first got our 920s. It works fine... I'm sure whatever they replace it with will work as well.
  • lol i used it and i'm sad it's gone but your comment still had me laughing
  • Who knows, maybe they'll even bring it back, but as an app so it's easier to add more features
  • I never really understood Rooms.
  • I just looked at it. Shoot, it could have been useful. I guess what wasn't clear is whether other members of the room also need to be WP users.
  • That was my issue too. It would have been cool to set one up for my extended family so we could swap pictures and everything, but the description kinda made it sound like it would only be useful for other WP users (of which I am the only one) so I never bothered
  • You only need WP to use the chat feature but you could still collaborate with rooms via OneDrive and calendar appointments as long as you have an account. My wife has an iPhone and we still use the room minus the chat feature.
  • You didn't, it was cross platform, but not all features were cross-platform. I remember being excited for it pre-8.0 and then underwhelmed in actually using it afterwards since there was no support and then you'd have to convince anyone not using a windows phone to buy into its use. 
  • I'm one of the six, It work great with sharing Calender appointments for our family, hopefully the replacement is as good
  • Just create a family Outlook acccount and add that to all your devices...  now everybody has the family calender.  
  • Ha, interesting idea!
  • Not really, that requires making a bogus account to manage
  • Add 5 more... Me, my wife and our the kids use it all the time. Appointments, hockey practice, messaging, pictures and notes all shared easily and readily accessible. Sad to see it go
  • it really could have been a super useful feature, but its usability was crippled due to all members in the room requiring windows phones to take full advantage. in todays Microsoft, they would have given full functionality cross platform, which would fall in line with the multiplatform and service oriented Microsoft we're used to seeing these days. I'm really hoping they rebrand rooms as an app and service that everyone can use, and integrate it on web as well so PC users can jump in.
  • A cross-platform solution would not be something that adds value to another product (such as an OS or phone), and as such would need to be monetized, and that will likely mean either subscription or ads. Assuming such a replacement service is even coming.
  • Thats the problem. it was a great feature with very little marketing explaining it.
  • I expect an improved experience on w10, because I actually use rooms with my Lumia fellows
  • And, you still might get them,,,, but with Skype..
    Think about that... It's also cross platform, so more of your people can join in... We'll see.
  • But then you don't get those tied in OS features, like Skype wont be able to access your phones Calendar
  • Wellllll... Do you remember a little thing called AppConnect from back in the WP7.5 days❓ I know if I do then MS does, and anything is possible, especially MS making their own apps share data... That's super easy.
  • Maybe they will address that in W10.
  • Never used it but it sounded good
  • I really only use this to share OneNote files with my girlfriend. Creating a collaborative OneNote file is something you can do without Rooms anyway, right?
  • Use the OneNote feature for church notes since my wife is a nurse and no services are available for her schedule.
  • It was the fact that Rooms brought it all together: shared OneNote, shared Calendar, shared Chat, shared photo/video album, all in one spot. That's gone now, and it sucks.
  • To bad the amount of people we could use it with is rather low. Rooms and hubs were/are great but cross platform apps came first.
  • They will probably move it into the calendar. There seems to be some functionality overlap with Sunrise...
  • But that doesn't include the shared photos or OneNotes or messaging.  It was having all of this in a single place that made this a killer feature.
  • Gud,, can't use those anyone
  • I hope they bring something even better to the table! I will miss rooms :(
  • Rarely useful, but a feature that will be missed.
  • I use this fair and I liked it. Lets hope they bring on board something better.
  • Too bad. This is one feature that I use everyday. I guess they're finally shutting down the old Messenger network. I wonder if they will introduce a new similar feature on Skype, although honestly, Skype sucks for messaging.
  • Don't know about others, but on my Lumia Icon Skype sucks battery like crazy if I use it for chat. Maybe if it's built into the OS better it would be useful.
  • Problem is that skype doesn't integrate into messaging hub. Now even this centralised service gets killed. Just killing all centralised features and hubs
  • W10 puts Skype back into the messaging hub (or will be).
  • Would backup if Backup actually worked - maybe by WP10 MSFT will get it working properly
  • I can't automatically backup my phone neither... So annoying!! I've tried again and again!!
  • Does this include the family room? I really hope not as we use it a lot and it's a really good feature/selling point of WP
  • Yup. Pretty sure it does
  • Family room is a room, its under the rooms tab. It's just titled family room by default, as you can name a room whatever you want
  • Less is more.
  • Actually, more is more. Less is less.
  • Rooms was a really nice feature but I hardly ever used it...
  • My wife and I used Family Room and used it daily... So if I understand this right, we can still use and access and update the existing Family Room calendars and OneNotes indefinately, just not via the "hub" right?
  • You can still use the hub (in win 8 at least) but you can't chat anymore
  • Same here...  Only used it for the Calendar and OneNote.  Not really clear what happens after the Windows 10 update.  I would hope that we can still use them.
  • Same here. We use the shared family room notebook daily. And the calendar very often as well. Having to re-create these manually would not be fun. I really don't understand the way MS handles the concept of upgrading/replacing features. They will theoretically have something that could be better at some point, though we have no idea yet what or when it will be. So they cut off (new) access to this very useful feature in the very near future. I did see that we're supposed to be able to continue using rooms for now, just not make new rooms or add permissions. But it still seems like a very short hop from there to no rooms at all, which has me concerned.
  • Never used.
  • Really wasn't useful anyway.
    Only helped if I had someone using a windows phone..
    And lets say its just me in my family using a WP. So was useless to me..
    If they make some app which can be used to connect people on any OS....using the same would be really cool..
  • It was extremely useful. It brought together shared OneNote notebooks, shared Calendars, shared chat room, shared photo and video albums, all in one place. My family used it every day to stay in touch.
  • Like I said no use to me as I'm the only WP user in my family. Wasn't supposed to include other people chill..
  • But I'm irate right now. I don't want to chill until Microsoft fixes this.
  • Not entirely true. Your friends on other platforms just need a MS account. They will see shared calandars, notes, photos in One Drive, etc.
  • It was a great idea. Windows phone just doesn't have enough users for it to prosper. Would've been ideal to release this feature down the road, instead of the, right from the get go approach.
  • My thoughts exactly... But hey!! if you really don't have people to share features like this...then,what good would it do...right??
  • I set up a (Family) Room that had people using iPhones. You just need one Windows Phone as the "host." The calendar, for example, simply and easily integrated with the iPhone's native calendar app. No need to buy or use some third party, specialty app (which leads to problems with training and compliance).  iPhone people, in particular, want stuff that "just works."  Shared calendar with Rooms "just works" on the iPhone.
  • Thank you.
  • Great. In a good way.
  • Crappy. In a terrible way.
  • Does this include the family room?
  • Yes. Family Room is the Rooms feature.
  • Now I'm getting upset....
  • Rooms were a cool idea but they were tedious to set up with people other than those on wp.
  • Yeah. I think that's one of the main reasons, why they weren't used that much. Someone else in the comments said that it would have been great of there would have been an app or something for the other OSes. He's damn right.
  • GroupMe has similar functionality and it is owned by Microsoft. They just recently added a shared calendar to it . Does not have OneDrive or OneNote integration. But you can chat and share pictures and video. It works for WP, Android and iOS. Hopefully Windows Central will do an article on it.
  • No it wasn't at all difficult for non wp users. I had other family on iPhones and as long as they have a hotmail/outlook account that's all they needed....really simple to setup and really useful. Microsoft seem intent on destroying on all their unique features. Even their advertising pushes the wrong features. No only really cares about Cortana.....but reading you texts in the car ( even under wp7 ) was and is awesome. Microsoft need to hire some people who live in the real world
  • We used this feature to store appointments and notes etc that the whole family could see, shame support will be dropped I thought this was a very good feature of Windows Phone...
  • I never used it anyways so I don't care 
  • We also don't care about you. Carry on.
  • Well as long as you're happy.
  • You should care if this isnt replaced. it another WP exclusive feature lost. Our platform is becomeing Android without the apps.
  • I use it too, I've got a chat with my Lumia fellows (the room is called "the illumiAnati" -lol-).
  • The third eye is the third mobile platform I guess.
  • Will miss rooms, was one of the best things about moving me and the wife to wp from iOS
  • We actually use, mostly just the family calendar and OneNote for shopping lists shared on the go. I hope all the functionality moves into other means & apps. Was just very convenient
  • Other platforms could participate, just not as fluidly
  • Oh well I never used it much anyway
  • The live tile with calendar updates was especially nice. Had my family finally using it the correct way. Great way to know when the kids or wife would update something.
  • One of the best features of WP, and could have been a real selling point - problem is it is only useful if marketshare is above "cripplingly awful", so other people have the function too on their phones, set up and ready to go. I hope they manage to transform it into something more useful, maybe app-based for easier use on Android/iOS use as well.
  • I totally agree!
  • No you dont get (was) useful to gain market its cross platform
  • I had no idea it was cross platform.
  • I'm not fine with that! Used rooms every day!
  • Why are they dropping this? This was one of the features (together with the various hubs) that made Windows Phone different and a better way to do things with the people you love or work with. One reason to have multiple people go for a Windows Phone. To keep everything together instead of separating and making things annoying. Why are they starting to drop everything that made WP WP. Its not that those things were bad, the platform was just lacking features, not having useless features. Why not turn it into an app and update it that way (and/or make one for iOS and Android for all i care). I can't grasp why they would do this. Its not like it was something major but now i guess 3rd party apps will come and make this again. Its not like nobody wanted it?
  • Maybe that's exactly what they're doing... Turning it into a new app... Rooms still use the Messenger network, so not being able to chat anymore is an indication that they're finally doing away with said network. I guess they will come up with some new feature or app which will use the Skype network... Hopefully.
  • So... if I go to 10, I don't see my wife's work schedule?
    Well, this was just a big FU from MS...
  • You can also just make an agenda for that and share it.. Don't panic..
  • I don't think that is what is happening.  I would hope that the Family Calendar will still be there, but you just won't access it through the Hub.  I don't really use the hub.  Instead I view the Family Calendar and create entries in the Calendar app.
  • Just wait... Be patient....
    They'll probably use Skype to get you guys back on track... Remember, everything isn't revealed, or complete, yet.
  • Yeah, so maybe not take the feature away from your stable platform users (next month) before the beta has something to replace it with.
  • Seriously...?
    BS.. They shouldn't kill off this till whatever they have is in place. I don't believe they really have anything comparable Cry me a river if you want but then build me bridge to get over it... Posted from my HTC M8
  • If they could've integrated it into the desktop windows 10 so that messages are synchronized across all formats... That would've been good. However I wonder if that would've caused too much fragmentation since MS is wanting everyone to use Skype as their primary messaging/ video app
  • Idk. They could simply use Skype instead of messenger for the room-chat
  • Actually, the things in the calendar in our Room show up on my computer, too via the calendar app, which I have also sync'd into my MS Outlook calendar.
  • If Skype allowed me to have a shared OneNote, shared Calendar, shared chat, shared photo album, and shared video album, with the ability to comment on those photos and videos, then I'd gladly use Skype instead. But it doesn't.
  • Actually Lync (formly Skype for business) can do that. Skype (not for business) can share the screen fo example and can make groups... what if they are adding the rooms features to Skype groups?
  • "what if they are adding the rooms features to skype groups?" My thoughts exactly. It makes the most sense to do it this way since it will be universal. The reason rooms was so poorly adopted was because everyone had to be on WP to make the most out of it. Which is a shame because it had some cool features
  • They absolutely should add all of those features to Skype (or into GroupMe, which they also own but haven't done anything with in 4 years)--group support, shared OneNote, shared OneDrive, shared chat, etc.. The problem is that, not only have they not done such a thing, despite kiling off Room support in a few weeks, they haven't even announced that they're doing such a thing. They literally just said, "We're killing off these features you like, and [vague comment about Windows 10]." That's not good.
  • I think that if they had a similar thing coming to the future they would mention this
  • I'm really glad Microsoft is killing off the things that make WP cool.
  • I like the fact that you're "glad"
  • A bummer for some. Personally I liked it, but hopefully new and better functionality will arise
  • Now that's not cool at all.
  • It's a cool feature if more folks had a windows phone. Played out pretty fast.
  • It's a nonsense move from Microsoft. They could have improved it and made it cross-platform but... They make and destroy thing. No comment.
  • I never used it. Not even once but it seems to be another small piece of character being sacrificed for the sake of becoming more like android.
  • We use this everyday! Too bad, very useful to share calendar, photos, chat etc. with my family... Unfortunate...
  • Terrible. One of my favorite features that never got advertised. Only because you had to have a WP to use it, oh well.
  • Me and Wife use this feature a lot.  Sad to see it go.  We used the calendar and notes app.  Other ways around that, but still liked that it was all in one place. 
  • No way I use Rooms all time.... Hope Microsoft has something better planned
  • Shame, my family really use this. Will be a shame to use all different apps to get the same info.
  • WTF MS? Me and my family use rooms every day, I hope that you come up with something even better!
  • My family actually uses the Family Room calendar for tracking family related activities (like the kid's 500 activities related to music lessons, school, extra-curricular, etc) and for updating notes, etc. It is very convenient and nice that it was separate from my own calendar (or integrated in a different color).
  • same here one of us updates our calendar and we are set, we both get reminders of games, practices, events, etc...  Also the video and photo sharing when the other isn't present is awesome as well.  Very sad if this doesn't come back...
  • Why the H are you dropping what made WP a WP !!!???
  • I guess because only less than 4% of the World liked WP as WP was. Though, honestly, I don't know what does Microsoft gain in trying to emulate Android on WP. Windows Phone, at least, had its unique design approach in its favour. If Microsoft turns WP into a rip-off of Android, why would anyone want to buy the rip-off when they could get the original? It's like "'s this REALLY cool OS that LOOKS like Android but has NONE of Android's advantages, like apps, customization flexibility etc. Don't you want to buy this?"
  • And if they wanted to make it more like Android, they didnt really need to drop all the cool features WP had... Just add some of the feastures people like in Android.
  • If they screw with too much, I may end up considering an iphone... which is sickening. I love WP8.1 and really woundn't have a reason to consider a different platform if I needed a new phone. But the more they screw with it to try and get non-WP fans to consider it, the more WP fans they seem to be pissing off. I really am hoping that W10 for phones turns out well; I'm really looking forward to W10 on PCs over W8, but on phones the W8 style worked well. I think this one Windows on multiple devices is just not going to really work out as well as they'd like. But hopefully i'm proven wrong.
  • I used rooms but not too much. Can't wait to see what's next.
  • Goddammit! They keep destroying WP. Rooms are great, hopefully the will deliver somethiong even better but I'm starting to understand that everythin that was good with WP is being taken away so the phone can behave more lika an android or iPhone.
  • I'm wondering which feature will take it place... Probably massaging will get something special anyway it doesn't matter they took out a lot from WP it doesn't matter anymore do what ever you want Microsoft ‎:P
  • I would take a massaging app!
  • Lol! Indeed
  • People and Microsoft should stop using the "nobody uses it" card. It's enough that they f***ed up the photos app.
  • The new photos app is good, you want it to stay the same but we need different. WP growth will not happen if Microsoft listen to you guys and keep everything the same. 
  • I hope they have something better to share this info from one hub. Don't want to open up different app for photo, calendar, messaging. Would have been smart to tak this feature onto other platforms. Would have been successful
  • Nooooooooo
  • I always meant to get around to trying this feature but never did. Ah, well.
  • Many people here didn't either they just say they did so they have a excuse to cry about it being gone
  • Now WP will suck..... - Room is gone (my girlfriend and I use it more than anyother chat app) - FB messenger gone from people's hub - Cant print directly from phone (very few options) - Skype is awaful List could be long....only hope is WP 10 or just move to other platform...
  • And a lot of the new features they add, are spesific to only a few languages... WP 8.1 had allmost nothing new, compared to 8.0, where I am from. I was really looking forward to the swype keyboard, as I loved that on my old Android, but they couldnt make it work for more than a few languages.
  • I never paid it any attention.
  • And again, this announcement from Microsoft makes Windows 10 for phones farther!!
  • Being no more than a mesh of some different technologies and not integrated in the larger Microsoft ecosystem, I expected this at the introduction of Rooms. Shared OneDrive folders will become even better to facilitate shared photos, OneNote notebooks and any other file. Shared calendars remain. And nowadays we have plenty of functionality for group chats. I am sure Microsoft will enhance all of it. Nadella's strategy is clear in providing productivity tools that blend work and personal.   So, nothing to whine about. More the to the contrary, awaiting a more integrated future :-) .
  • I agree. They have the ingredients to create something similar that more people will actually use. I hope they pull it off.
  • So...the right thing to do would have been to improve Rooms using those technologies.  Or migrate people to something with equivalent but better tech. Right now, there is no replacement and no reason to think there will ever be a replacement.  All they're doing is taking yet one more nice feature of WP (of which there are precious, precious few...) and ruining it. It's like wireless syncing, hubs, Office binary support, the forward browser button, and a whole host of other things MS have taken away without replacing. F*ck them, I say.
  • You're missing the point of Rooms: all those features--shared One Note notebooks, shared calendar, shared chat, shared photo/video albums (with the ability to comment on individual pictures)--were all brought together in one convenient place. I don't want to manage a four different apps to do that. Rooms were perfect on WP8.0.
  • Boom.  You nailed it perfectly.  Messging around in multiple apps' setting is not easy to set up or use, especially for those who are not computer savy.
  • What are you talking about, setting up a shared OneDrive folder is simple. Putting a shared OneNote notebook in there is simple too, creating an email/chat group is easy also, all basic computer and internet usage nowadays. Of course nothing goes without learning. I do agree that sharing one's calendar could be more easy. Being able to pin a OneNote notebook to Start would help too. I agree that there is little reason from the past decade from Microsoft to believe that they will pull it off. However, these are Satya Nadella times and changes of Microsoft behaviour are noticeable, otherwise you haven't been keeping up with Windows Central.
  • What are you talking about? If it's so easy to replicate what Rooms did on Windows Phone, then teach me how to do it: I need 1. group chat with toast notifications 2. a shared photo and video album with the ability to individually comment on them 3. a shared OneNote notebook 4. a shared Outlook calendar And I need all of those things integrated in one app that I can pin to my Start screen and receive Live Tile upates. Thanks in advance.
  • Right you keep waiting.......
  • They better actually replace it with something better. I hate losing features in updates.
    Hopefully, it's a cross platform solution. That would be in line with what they're doing with most of their services.
  • I got this email today, too. This is awful news. They didn't indicate what, if anything, will replace it.  This was one of the most important features of Windows Phone from my perspective most especially due to the shared notes and the calendar. I don't use the chat bit as we just text each other instead.  But we have a room that includes the kids, one that is just my wife and me, etc.  Very disappointed.
  • You will be able to keep that as it is, according to the email.
  • Yes, so long as we don't have to make any membership changes, we should be okay for now with the shared calendras and notes.  But it was unclear what will happen with Windows 10 -- is there a similar ability to have multiple calendars shared with different sets of people?  Can notes continue to be shared with different groups of people?  Heck, it may be possible to do this in different ways today but I've only ever done it via Rooms and this was one of the features that sold me on WP despite the market share and Verizon's apparent hatred of it.
  • That's my biggest problem with the email. Who announces that a feature that has been around for 4.5 years is being killed off in but a few weeks and then doesn't specify any adequate replacement? It's mind-boggling how the people running Microsoft are still running Microsoft.
  • Google does that all the time. :)
  • One of many reasons why my life is completely Google free. I'd hate to have to do the same to Microsoft too.
  • The Email I received said March 15th.
  • The problem is that they announced it without announcing the better alternative.  MS should have thought through the timing of this release.
  • Dropping rooms sucks..... It's just one more thing Microsoft is doing to move away from what made WP different from those other guys!! Everything is starting to look like my old iphone years ago.... We windows phone fans loved being different, but now we're gonna be just like everyone else! Smh!! JUST ADD FEATURES THAT WERE MISSING MICROSOFT!!!.. STOP CHANGING THE OS SO MUCH!!
  • Agree 100%
  • First "now here's a feature you can use with your best friends, your family and coworkers to share your agenda, to chat, to share images and to share notes. So you can combine it and have a quick look at these important things" And now "yeah you didn't really like it anyways, here's a solution, use 4 different apps as switching between apps is just way easier. We were too lazy to add many more features anyways". I serously don't get it.
  • Nobody used it. Spending money on it was a waste. Simple.
  • Define nobody.  I use it all the time.
  • "Define nobody" In this case, only a tiny percentage of people. And they didn't even use it very much. I can guarantee that Microsoft has solid data to back this up.   I agree it was a great feature. But if it never really took off, it has to go eventually. Just see in comments here how many people say they never used it even though they knew about it.
  • No, it doesn't!  Why should it have to go? There are lots and lots of things that are only used by a few people that never "go." I used it.  All the time.  So why break it?!?
  • Because they aren't going to spend millions of dollars on keeping you and a handful of people happy.
  • Family and I used it everyday.  I could never have gotten the entire family to use OneNote, Shared Calander, and skype....this brought it all into one location and it all worked well.  They keep making it harder and harder for me to stick with the platform.
  • YOU didn't used it! I use it everyday. It is (was) one of special WP flavours. Soon it will smell like others.
  • I used it every single day.
  • The reason it wasnt used by as many people as it could have, is that most peopledo not know a lot of WP users... If all my friend had WPhones, the feature would have bin usefull.
    MS should have released an app for this, for oth Android and iOS. It would havebin used then.
  • I am always on Room. It made so easy to chat and share photos, calendars and many more integrated in just one app. It's shame that MS is ending support.
  • Loved this feature, but sadly I'm the only WP user in the family, so it went unused.
  • Shitty. Win 10 better blow me away, because the stripping of hubs, pathetic music app, and now this are making it harder to swallow the changes.
  • This, a long with the fact that the new features hey add, arent supported where I live... Other than getting the poull down hub, that really doesnt do a lot, WP 8.1 did nothing but remove features on my phone :/
  • Room files and OneNote are under a root folder named the room name in OneDrive. You will find your calander in Will lose what message there are but for me there are not many since we never used it. We are just really losing the "Room HUB". Most of the services will not be going away. Permissions can still be modified using the respective service.
  • For some of us, that may be an acceptable work-around, but there is no way my wife would be able to figure that out, even with directions.  But, she was able to easily use the features in rooms.
  • I miss everything about Windows phone 7.5..
    I miss the really cool " Photos hub" and the fact that I could view only the photos from my facebook page in the "what's new" section.
    * I miss commenting and liking posts from within the People hub, instead of just directing you to the stupid app.
    * I miss the Awesome Music Hub !!
    That's why I'm FOREVER keeping my Beloved Cyan LUMIA 800 !!
  • Facebook forced Microsoft to decouple Facebook from the Hubs.
  • I agree with this. I fired up my Lumia 900 a little whole agho, and wow does it have a nice, clean, smooth UI. It's a joy to use. At the same time, the little features that I've gotten used to, like the action center, notifications, etc, were sorely missed after a few minutes of using it. Style and beauty only take you so far...
  • I have created a feature request for them to retain the functionality. I know its a long shot but I'd be gutted if I didn't at least try something. I'd be grateful if you contribute your vote or create your own feature request!
  • You got it..
  • I will add some votes.  But if they could explain how they are replacing the functionality in Windows 10, maybe this wouldn't be such a big deal.
  • Totally agreed. If they were going to use skype instead, or some other format I'd be happy. They make it sound as if they've just pulled resource to focus on other things totally different!
  • I'm adding my votes, this is one of the top features for me and my family on Windows Phone.  I want them to expand Rooms an make it better in Windows 10, not trash it!   EDIT: I really hope this gets some attention, I'm going to post this link where ever I can!
  • +920
  • I already found this and voted on it before I saw your link, haha.  You got 3 votes from me!
  • Voted
  • Add me to the list of those who didn't see much use for it. We can already create shared calendars, OneDrive folders, OneNote(s), etc. outside of Rooms. So maybe the chat was the only unique feature?
  • But it was all in a single place that was easy to set up and use.  There is no way my wife would have been able to set her phone up to replicate those features using the onenote, calendar or onedrive apps.
  • Curious to know how you did EASY shared calendar and OneNote. All on Windows platform(s)? Need to do an easy shared calendar between WP8.1 & iPhones WITHOUT the iPhone needing some special app.  The best part of Rooms was that it integrated with the iPhone's calendar.
  • I share calendars, photos (OneDrive), and notes with my family on WP, Android, iPhone, and Windows.  If I'm not mistaken an MS account is needed regardless of platform.  I never claimed EASY, just that the functionality is there and since I didn't use Rooms I hadn't thought about the ease of having those in one place.
  • What a damn shame! Great to collaborate with colleagues, family and friends. Microsoft needs to reinvent Rooms that transcend across W10 and other OSs both at the mobile and desktop space.
  • My wife and I enjoyed rooms. A shame it will no longer be supported.
  • Interesting to see what the next step is.  My family and I use Family Rooms regularly.  Especially helpful now that the kids are older and they can see the calendar shared by all of us.
  • Exactly!  I have a kid in her first year in college out of state and it is nice to see her class schedule, school activities, etc. on a shared family calendar.  She can keep her private stuff private, but seeing the public stuff is a way to keep in touch without needing to talk all the time (which I'd be glad to do, but her schedule is packed).
  • I use it with my wife and daughter, they live in another country. But this year they are comming to the States so we had a good run with rooms.
  • What a shame. I didn't use it much, but I really liked the idea of this feature and will be sorry to see it go.
  • F u then, they are burying good features step by step
  • Probably adding new features in its place.
  • That's fine. Now please bring password protected apps.
  • Well done. Skype will not integrate into message More Group chats in messages anymore. Microsoft scrapping another selling feature for wp. Well done Microsoft..well done
  • Honestly, WP is getting worse and worse.  This is not how you make friends, MS. I'm about two months into a next 18 contract.  After this, I'm done.  WP sucks now.
  • Nah, WP is way better now than it was in 2013. I hated my phone back then, but updates helped it grow on me. Edit: However, I do miss the photo app from WP8 :-\
  • Skype will be integrated into the messaging app/hub.
  • I always use rooms..
  • Never used it anyway.
  • Did anyone even use this feature? I mean...first you'd need a few friends with Windows Phones which is, in itself, a challenge. And even if you had those, who'd use it? I mean, I gave my mother and my sister both Windows Phones (back when Nokia made them) and even though we all had Windows Phones then, NEVER EVER used Rooms. Ever.
  • I use every day.  This was the number one reason I bought myself and my family Windows Phones.
  • The real magic was that Rooms were CROSS-PLATFORM as long as the "host" was a Windows Phone.  My kids have (ugh) iPhones and could use Rooms without having to run some third-party app.  The calendar, for example, is integrated into the iPhone's normal calendar.
  • That's nice to know.  We only ever had Windows Phones in our family so never had to check out the cross platform abilities of Rooms.
  • You (and I) are the typical users in this respect. I bet even the ones here who claim to use it a lot are exaggerating slightly for effect. It was a great feature, but there's no way it was widely used.
  • The "Family" aspect is certinaly more targeted to those in the same household. My wife and I used it to manage our schedules, daughers activities, grocery list, and a bunch of other things.
  • Honestly I didn't even use this feature or know what it was. I say make room for the new stuff that people will use.
  • Maybe they'll replace rooms with homegroup?
  • If they would have made this cross platform this feature would be helpful but they didn't and that's what killed rooms
  • Well obviously this feature wasn't used very often.  But hasn't this all been basically done in GroupMe, which is owned by Microsoft and is on WP, iOS, Android, and the web?  Hopefully they push that instead
  • But is GroupMe INTEGRATED into the standard calendar on WP and iOS?  Or do you have to run that as an app?  If family members -- especially kids -- have to change the way they do things, compliance will be low.  Because Rooms integrates with the WP and iOS native calendar apps, compliance was high.
  • Very lame step iff something new and better is not coming out in next phone INSIDER PREVIEW.
  • Why drop support when the feature disappears when a user upgrades to the preview? This is one of the most under rated features ever...  
  • This sucks. I use it every day! Some weeks ago I show it to an Android user, he was so jealous...
  • I received the mail, date is 15 March.
  • Family room is the reason my wife has a windows phone. Guess her next phone wont be a WP.
  • Yep.  Same here.  Now iPhone just got bumped up her target list.  Time to abandon ship, Captain!
  • Microsoft is destroying the HUBS little by little even the Games app is pure garbage i rember that i use to have everything so orginized that i could access to any music related app from the Music & Video Hub. Anything related with pictures from the Pictures Hub. Now i have a sea full of apps. Next step is to take out the FB and Tweeter etc. From the people hub. WP 10 better be good im listed on the JUMP program just wating to pull the triger if its neccesary. 
  • Any folks from Microsoft on this forum who can provide insight or guidance? We use rooms all the time in our family, and I am doing everything I can to keep the wife and kids loyal to WP.... What's the plan?
  • Hubs - gone, Zune - gone, Rooms - gone, metro - going away. Those were some of my most favorite things.. WP has gone a long way since my beloved Mango.
  • they are preparing you for the inevitable: hey guys, we're cyanogen, MS edition :) just watch it.
  • I'd say metro is evolving. Funny thing is, once I finally started getting into hubs and understanding it, Microsoft pulls the plug.
  • I actually used this often and the best part was that it was a way to send a chat message to my wife without a 3rd party app over wi-fi.  I'm often out of cell range with my job and it was easy to just use the rooms functionality instead of skype, whatsap, etc...  I'm going to definitely miss this...  Hope they do in fact come up with something like this for Win10.
  • Very disappointing. We use our family room alot, especially on vacations, like we are doing now.
  • Family room is one of my favorite features of windows phone. Me and my partner share photos, notes including to do lists, shopping lists etc. Someone who said only 6 people use this feature I'm sorry you don't have family or friends but we do use it effectively in our daily lives.
  • I'm with you, perhaps we are 2more of the six.
  • For those of you who are disappointed about the rooms feature going why not put a post on user voice? You never know if MS see that many people are actively using it and don't want it to go they may decide to keep it. For me, as long as MS creates something equivalent or even better in W10 I'm not too bothered, but it is a shame & it is a great feature that helped make Win Phone unique.
  • Unique, like hubs.....mmmmm
  • Yes. Everyone should be posting and voting on Uservoice! I do, but I have used up all my votes on other topics. There are so many. I will have to prioritize them and some topic will have to be left behind. Vote! It won't do any harm and it might do some good. Do you part and pay your way.
  • I mean Microsoft used to advertise on this feature in the beginning.
  • They advertised hubs too....and unique Metro...and pivot/panorama!!
  • I use this unique feature a lot
  • I use it to keep up with my kids and their schedules and activities.
  • They have slowly, but surely, removed every single feature that made me buy  windows phone... This was the last of the features on that list, and the OS now has nothing that my older android phone did not do equally or better. Good job, MS!  
  • Well said.
  • What do you mean? We have hamburger menus now, idk, some people are never satisfied!
  • Lets create a petition
  • Just dont mess with groups and I can live.
  • Since Skype is going to merge with the messaging app, Rooms is no longer of use. Looking forward to Windows 10.
  • lol YES, kids corner next please. Windows phone, one step forward two steps backwards every 2 years we reset the damn thing....go MS!!! fail fail fail!
  • Had thought about using this feature but to much work to get to integrate with other platforms may try bbm's group feature
  • Tell us more.
  • Damn me and my wife use rooms alllll the time. We even theme it out depending on which show is on tv. Right now its the walking dead.
  • "My wife and I" use Family Room everyday.
  • Sad, couldn't make any use of it, as my wife just got her Lumia a few days ago ...
  • Why do we keep losing features in every upate
  • Hey, you got hamburger menus now. Some people are never pleased!
  • This. Is. Sad. MS, this shoul be replaced by a similar more improved service. I mean some things you just have to do for your legacy users....i.e. Your Windows 8 to 8.1 changes. Just give us this to shut us up. It shouldn't require an irrational amount of work. Please and thank you.
  • Why why why? I just replaced my Android phone with a Lumia, to be able to share a room with my wife. It was the reason I moved all my files and photos to OneDrive as well. Now I will probably go back to Evernote and DropBox, but still the rooms were so much more convenient. F... you Microsoft.
  • I use this DAILY with work. Everyone that works with me uses windows phone, and we all use the rooms.
  • Meh, I just use groups anyway.  I wish I could fit more people into those groups though.
  • That's a shame, I like the rooms.
  • Rooms screams app. all it was a mashup of different tech. onenote, onedrive, chat, calendar. as long as 10 has the apis needed to make custom calendars or something why wouldn't an app be doable and cross platform ?
  • I understand, from how the things are moving, that soon we will be able to install android apps on our Lumias...
  • Me too. I can't get my wife to consistently use it. It was a good idea though.
  • This is a great feature that is not discoverable. I want it to stay, so do the others in my room
  • This was a great feature for my family, love Windows Phone but this is disappointing! Re-Think this Microsoft!
  • Rooms? /s
  • They just fuck up everything lately IMO
  • Rooms was the only hub left that reminded us of beautifulness of 8.0 ideals.
  • So so so sad to even make the slightest degrading of this feature. Everyone in our family has WP, and this is the feature we love the most. Shared calendar (one only with wife, and another which include grown up kids). OneNote: grocery list, Xmas wish lists, summer vacation plans, small kid school schedule, and so on. Chat we never used, and photos not much. I sincerely hope we can still keep a shared calendar and have a live tile notification when someone else has updates to the shared calendars. If that's the case, then it can work for us. Otherwise...argh!!!!
  • Based on the email all existing rooms will continue to function with Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, however, chat will stop working in March and you won't be able to create new rooms because it was apparently part of the service they are shutting down. If you move to Windows 10 Technical Preview then you will lose the room functionality and have to manage your shared OneNotes and Calendars in their appropriate apps or on the web.
  • Let me guess they'll launch a BETA solution for this
  • May be the nail on the coffin for my wife's WP, that's the feature she's used the most. She's been asking about Android for a while now (lack of apps on WP issue)
  • They should stop support after there is finished version of w10. So they starting to drop support of current system 5 or more months before releasing the new one?WTF? During that time should I switch to competitors?I dint wanna use windows preview. Me and my family are using rooms often.
  • Maybe they want to avoid people creating new rooms so that it is easier to move all the existing rooms people have created over to the new service. Usually when you are trying to transition services you have to have a cut off point so that you can make sure you migrate everything properly. I will admit it would have been nice to have a bit more detail in the email though.
  • Seems like there isn't going to be a replacement. They're just switching it off.
  • The email didn't give enough detail in my opinion but Microsoft's goal has been to make your experience personal with your device so I am sure they have something in store. I would like to stay optimistic about it.
  • "My family and I" also use Family Room. Now what? Microsoft why do you handle public relations and marketing so poorly. You seem to want passionate customers but you make it so hard on us.
    My wife received the email and asked me what's going on, why would they shut down such a great feature. I didn't know what to say.
  • Damn it, I forgot that it exists...
  • While I am pretty disappointed they are removing this feature at this point I really hope that when they say, "We're making way for new features in Windows 10 that will help you stay in touch with the people that matter most.", that means they are going to introduce something even better. My wife and I use this feature on a daily basis to manage things in our lives such as events, grocery lists, and share full resolution pictures while I am travelling. Hopefully they just needed to change the way things worked so that they can bring the feature into Windows 10 across all form factors.
  • Fuck you MSFT, day in and day out you keep updating the office and one drive apps on ios and android with new features, and whatever little good was there in lumia till the wp 8 days you keep screwing with those to give your consumers as much of a crap experience as you can..fed up of your bloody nonsense, sick and tired of being supportive of you nincompoops.
  • you are like a child, an embarrassing little baby that needs his poopy diaper changed. 
  • I really like and use this feature today... Hope they come out with something better. It was a great idea
  • What is the point?   Really bad move... Hello from Chase and BoA...  
  • It is sad to see another great feature getting axed. I guess all the cool features/differentiators that made WP7 standout are all gone. With Windows 10 they may kill the panorama/pivot for the stupid Hamburger menu. At this point I am not even sure what makes Windows phone special.
  • Once I got it now its gone ? I thought finally we have sth not only iPhone has like facetime n chat groups. Hate it when we remain down compared to those sucker companies especially scroogle gaydroid.
  • Don't use the word gay in a negative manner, it makes all of us look bad. Please try and grow up also
  • We are watching the end of Windows Phones, ladies and gents.  Windows 10 looks all the world like it's morphing into a crappy Android wannabe, and once that transition is complete, we'll see Windows phones go away completely.
  • I'm off to iPhone next summer.
  • Fantastic. I got into Windows Phone in the first place because everything was all nicely integrated. If everything is going to require a separate (and probably third party) apps, there's much less reason to stick with Microsoft, especially since their services are available on other platforms. And sometimes they're even BETTER on those platforms!
  • Don't use the words unique ors integrated as it makes things just disappear!
  • Apparently the optimistic attitudes that people had back in the days of Windows Phone 7 are gone? I really don't feel Microsoft has screwed us like many of you are saying. They have added a number of features to Windows Phone 8 that have made it much more enjoyable to use. This is disappointing news to hear but if you read the article you will see in the email they stated they are making way for improvements. I see optimism in that statement.
  • I see a truck load of bull crap in your statement, I am sick and tired of these asses who are running MS, I did not find anything great or unique even with the wp10 preview..
  • Why haven't you switched yet then? If I was as fed up with a product that I was investing my money in that you seem to be I would have moved on to another product. If your phone is in good condition I am sure you could sell your phone for enough money to make the switch easier. I hope you find a phone OS that will meet your expectations. Good luck to you! P.S. I mean that sincerely, no sarcasm involved.
  • The improvements = hamburger menus!
  • So at then end of it and the wonderful, mighty Windows 10 lands what exactly is going to be left of Windows Phone that's going to appeal to consumers? RIP WP, death by incompetence.
  • How about a blank page with just rows of photos and hamburger menus, that should keep everyone lol
  • HAHAHA. Made me laugh. Everyone loves those hamburger menus!
  • No cheese, no thanks.
  • Running out of reasons to stay on this platform
  • Good job Microsoft! Get rid of one of the unique features of Windows Phone. My family uses this feature a lot.
  • Don't use the word unique around seems to make things disappear lol
  • Me and my wife use it everyday, it is a shame. I use to show this feature to androis/ios users...
  • due to this feature, I bought wp the whole family. I want back my money. Hubs are dead. The design is dead. The rooms are dead. WP is dead.
  • R.I.P
  • It's getting difficult to disagree.
  • Design isn't dead because of some hamburgers early on, keep assuming..
  • What is the best way, once Rooms are really gone, to create and share a group calendar stored on somebody's OneDrive? I know how to share OneNote notebooks, but not the calendar thing.
  • Just go to your calendar using the web browser. In desktop mode click on the gear "settings" button and you can create a new calendar, and/ or share an existing calendar with anyone.
  • I want to meet the idiot who decided to kill the feature off on 8.1 and announce it in a shitty email. Even if you had no plans for it to be in 10 why on earth would you go and F- with your current users and supporters. This is phenomenally stupid from a PR standpoint.
  • Exactly my thoughts!
  • So, what would be the best way to contact MS to complain about this?  I was hoping for an obvious place at, but it appears that their "Contact Us" page is apparently useless, since it doesn't include a way to actually contact them.
  • I want to seriously haul up the these people at MS by their asses and lynch them, hey bill gates dude stop drinking poop water and take control of your company before they drain it down the sink.
  • If guys at MIcrosoft had brains they would have integrated the rooms feature into Skype. That way you could have had private rooms with people on all platforms. That would have been a killer feature on Skype...
  • Skype is just full of missed opportunities. Maybe they will get there in the end, but not sure there will be any users left by then.
  • This seriously punishes customers who have committed their whole families to the Windows Phone platform. Why should they remain loyal after the rug is pulled out from under them? They won't! More market share gone, nice work. The e-mail from Microsoft is astonishing in the way the alternative methods are obviously such a mish-mash and a pain in the rear. Basically no replacement. Can't wait to tell the wife... Incidentally, this article is pretty inadequate, I hope there is a follow up.
  • So, now Windows Phone doesn't have anything unique apart from live tiles. I didn't use rooms, but I loved the hubs (killed), Facebook integration (killed), me tile (killed), metro ui (dying a slow death). Might as well go Android for my next phone now, iPhone is better but too expensive. I still am a big Windows fan, but MS has disappointed too much lately, I even switched to a Macbook Air as Windows 8 on desktop is crap. Sad.
  • Never use this feature because no one in my family use Windows Phone, neither my friends but just two or three of them (and not even talk with them in weeks or so), so, never use it.
    But it's always sad to see nice options get ripped off. I hope Windows 10 use something alike or better. Meaby they are quitting this option for now because of the SMS/Skype integration and all of that. Meaby another kind of integration, a better integration with Outlook Mail, Calendar, OneDrive and everything else.
  • I used limited sections of it. The chat is the same as a group chat on facebook or whatsapp but I did like the Calender integration. Being as wp has such low market penetration I'd have thought that these useful little bits of wp would have stayed to showcase why wp is a better system and actually useful as a communication system rather than a toy for playing games. Hoping they add a replacement system really. If not I'll find an app that does allow it. Perhaps google will come up with something similar eh like facebook does. Ho hum. Usual disappointment.
  • How about Groups?
  • This is really a bad move from Microsoft. I've been a MS supporter since the beginning...with the WP7. Slowly MS is killing all the cool features that were different from IOS and Android, like this feature. I loved also the integrated Messaging app they had in the beginning, which they killed it also. I hate the idea of "there's an App for that". I like an integrated OS with these features built in the OS...not just Apps...Very disappointed with all this. Getting tired of these bad decisions, the long wait for the updates, no new hardware, etc. Just very annoying. I'm really serious about leaving WP. Enough MS!
  • It makes more sense to update s small app than to force the user to update and restart phone (soundings an hour long process) just for a tweak, don't very me wrong, I hate the new style too, but it makes sense
  • This is easily resolvable by providing a hub API so that any app could connect into the hub and provide data to it. You just need to update the app then and not whole OS. Not a rocket science, really. This somehow works for Images hub (but I guess it will be killed in W-Ten as well).
  • I'm kinda using it now for my friends stag do, it's quite good once there is a purpose
  • How do you save a copy of your Room Chat?
  • Vote fot this:
  • I never used Rooms, but now, after reading through these comments, I think I missed something unique on WP and that MS has made a big mistake in dropping support for it. Might want to reconsider this, MS.
  • Bring back People Hub.
  • Seeing as how MS has other similar features in other apps and programs (hi Skype, GroupMe, and Lync), I imagine W10 will happily fill the gap in a cross platform friendly way.
  • This is starting to piss me off... My family uses a family room to keep our calendars synchronized. One of the features we love. And now Microsoft even goes lengths to send us an email to laugh in our face. That we trusted them to maintain a feature for longer than a few years. Why do you keep killing off for features? If you want Windows Phone to be Android, why not just use Android directly?
  • Has to seem faster: Uservoice it!
  • Dammit. Love Family Room, but I saw this one coming a few days ago when I started seeing some weirdness in the rooms lately. Duplicate contacts I couldn't remove, dead links to support. I was hoping they were going to extend this into Windows 10, which clearly isn't going to happen. Perhaps it will become an app? Was super handy getting that live tile that notes or calendar were updated.
  • That´s a bad idea!!!!. Rooms made WP different!, they are useful and like they said, it help you to comunicate with people out of a crowded social network. What else? No more live tiles?    
  • I really don't understand what the h... MS are thinking with! I use Rooms a lot to share information, calendar, etc with my wife... but once again...MS removes nice functionality!
  • RIP Pivot Control!
  • I'm pretty sure Microsoft is planning a similar feature for Windows 10, but in any case, let them know we care about Rooms:
  • Blow up their facebook pages as well! Microsoft needs to know what an insult this is to existing users.
  • If they are making way for new features, bring it on.
  • It really sucks that they're dropping support for Rooms before they have the replacement going. I'm sure they'll have something similar in W10, and I can only hope it's more useful, but why drop support now when W10 for phones is barely out as a preview? It's not like they have been doing anything with Rooms anyway; why mess with it now? This was one of the first features we used once we became a multi-WP house, and we use it everyday for maintaining shared OneNotes easily. Used to use it for chat before we all got unlim msgs. So, if OneNote was a little easier to navigate on the phone, I would be more ok with this, but it's not and this period between the 8.1 and 10 is looking to suck more and more.  
  • This makes me very sad. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • i'll miss the chat part and the ability to answer messages in a group chat while driving using a bluetooth headset
  • Drop your Votes
  • Didn't use it that much but still used it occasionally. +930 peeved MS is killing this.
  • FU MS!
  • Wtf is this, how lame
  • They need something cross platform, that was the main limitation of rooms
  • Got the email. So not happy. Thurrott wrote a great article recently about how WP is no longer what it set out to be. I still love the OS, but not happy about that at all.
  • Rooms is one of the killer feature which I showcased to turn some of my family members to Windows Phone.  Good that we can still use shared calendar, files, onenote.  Any idea what is the alternative? Wonder why they are stopping rooms before the alternative is given.
  • Nobody uses them anyway
  • Hmm, this is a feature I completely missed. Now when I hear about it I want to use it. Damn Microsoft for removing hubs and making me miss this.
  • I wanted to use room....but no one around has a windows phone.........and I bought an iPhone for my girlfriend....
  • That sucks, rooms is one of my favorites features. The wife I use it all the time. Whatever the have for Windows 10 better be as functional.
  • I knew it existed, but I always thought it cost meny, but running in the background. Since using whatsapp I think I get rooms better. Unfortunately rooms has only now come to attention. I also ignored it for a long time. But I think if microsofts makes it more clear that it could work or even works quite similarly to telegram or whatsapp, I think that speaks more to the imagination. If ever reintroduced in windows 10, I might use it more, certainly if microsoft could link it as an account to whatsapp, just like email accounts work now on windows phone.   But what I would like to seeimproved more is the comeback of skype. The use of phone, video or messaging is powerful, but I cant hardly get any friends to use it, because the sociale medica contact is so saturated. Most of my firends/familiy use whatsapp or facebook. I think if microsoft could improve the skype chat more, as in also easy media sharing (files, photos, videos) and improve skype also for android and iOS, I might make the switch from facebook messaging and whatsapp. But microsoft would have to improve marketing of skype and improve app functionality.
  • Microsoft seems to drop the good stuff and does a poor job promoting Windows Phone, Band, Wallet, you name it. They have the financial resources to push the carriers to do this but they don't. They need to learn promoting from Apple.
  • Remember when Windows Phone was "the people phone?" There are so many things that I absolutely loved about WP that not only made it unique, but made it unique and efficient. Seemingly all of those things are already gone or going away, only to be replaced by flatter, more rudimentary methods of doing things. -messaging -rooms -photos All of these things were features that made the phone and the OS one unified experience and really set it apart from everything else on the market. It used to be that other OSs were app-centric and WP was phone-centric, which was the biggest reason I was so happy after making the switch from an iphone. I bought the 920 on release day because of its wireless charging and the beauty/functionality of the design and start screen. I bought it thinking that the hubs would be gimmicky and I wouldn't get much use out of them. That couldn't have been any farther from the reality that I came to use and love. Now, WP is a choppy, disjointing experience constantly jumping-around from app to app. I used to tell people that I had a jailbroken iphone and even despite having the most popular phone with the abilityto download any app I wanted for free, I would never even consider going back once I made the switch to WP. Now with them killing all of the useful features and design that made them unique, they're just moving closer and closer to being "all the other phones" which is sad. Also, wasn't Microsoft's big vision or intent for rooms (despite families) supposed to be for businesses? Companies or departments could get Windows phones and create a different room for each work group to share calendars and documents and communicate even if they're not always together in the office. I really hope they are improving this feature, but past history tells me they're just killing another part of the OS that made it so unique and great.
  • I'm sorry, but this is just straight-up fuckery of your customers.
  • Rooms is a great feature. I hope they replace it with something that does the same plus more. Great feature. Underrated. Not enough people knew about this feature. I only knew about it from reading Paul Thurotte.
  • Windows phone users should be use to the on again off again changes from Microsoft. Just finish out the year and see if Windows 10 will save or sink the boat. #L1520
  • Rooms is a great feature. It wasn't promoted well enough. I only knew about it from reading Paul Thurotte.
  • Rooms is a great feature. It was promoted well enough. I only knew about it from reading Paul Thurotte.
  • Rooms is a great feature. It was never promoted enough. I only knew about it from reading Paul Thurotte.
  • Rooms is a great feature. It was never promoted enough. I only knew about it from reading Paul Thurrott. 
  • Disappointed. It's so well integrated with the OS and I really enjoyed using it.
  • I didn't even know this feature existed in the first place. My coworker asked me about it earlier today as she got an email from Microsoft warning her about the discontinued support & never heard about it either. Can't say I'll miss it. :P
  • Vote and comment on the user voice website, here:
  • Very bad idea. I mean really they are stripping away features one by one that made windows unique. Soon only thing left original on WP is live tiles nothing more... They are adding features that are already on iOs and android trying to catch up and in the meantime getting rid of everything unique to WP. As I see WP10 is less pivot friendly and if they continue in that fashion with all that burger menu everywhere I long WP fan will think about Android again....
  • That's stupid, me and my kids use this all the time! Smh!
  • Thats it! Everyone in my family was using wp device AND room feature was the main reason. I've paid a good amount of money just for these humanly sides of WP that bring people together, and if Microsoft is dropping it, so do I!
  • Now with MS creating Onedrive, Office, OneNote, etc for Android, the S6 Edge will be our new family phones. The Nokia 1520 is great hardware, but the lack of apps and low penetration seals WP for this family.
  • Nice. Kill off all the unique features. Get us ready for the eventual move to android.
  • tried to use it but wasn't that into using it
  • MS is making things more similar to ios and Android in hopes to convert users but with the way it's moving with phone devices, death is inevitable. At least i still have the "Niki Lumia 1520".
  • Niki is a cool name, kind of like guy from Mötley Crüe 
  • I used it everyday. I bought my wife and kids and mom a WP just for this function. It was a great way to keep the family calendar and agenda together. One stop shop! If you ever used it, you would love it. They should not disable this until its one stop shop replacement is developed.
  • Extreme bullshit
  • Well, I guess it's off to iPhone. Bye bye, Microsoft!
  • We all loved the people hub and MS gutted it. Remember how great Messaging was? Text, facebook, and messaging in one app and one conversation... That's gone. Remember when the Me tile was useful? I could change my profile pic on three platforms with a single click. I could update three platforms with out a separate app. They took the games out of the games hub. Made the cursor a pain in the behind to manipulate. Ditch the room idea. Give office to everybody. We are slowly losing the things that made Windows Phone unique. This platform was about more than live tiles. The whole thing used to reak of something different and it's slowly evolving into more of the same. Don't get me wrong, I still believe in this product, but, I'm saddened to see the direction that it seems to be going.
  • it's good as the photo's are uploaded in background....
  • Thanks Microsoft. You just made our decision so much easier. Rooms is the most important factor holding us back from moving to Android. You are now upgrading it to Coming SoonTM (features included subject to your location, device, telco etc. etc. etc.). You want us to love you by taking away something which we love deeply and replacing it with a promise of something vague? Now I can understand the victims in abusive relationships. They keep giving chances, hoping that one day the other party will change. Not knowing that there are better options out there. You are my first love and I loved you with all my heart. Well, I am out. FU, you abusive jerk.
  • Whyyyy??? It's a thing a use alottt.
  • This is sad
  • When I put my work roster and any other appointments into the calendar it syncs through to my wife's Lumia so she can see what I'm working at any point, I can't believe I'm going to loose this invaluable feature, what the hell is going on ???
  • My family uses rooms daily and could not imagine it not being available. Dam. Another nail in the coffin for WP.
  • I wonder who is the idiot that got this stupid remove Rooms?
  • So just tried to replace my rooms with groupme and the app is s@@t can't connect one drive, or a calendar. please don't kill rooms.
  • "Rooms? They don't have that on iPhone. Well, let's nuke it then." Microsoft.
  • I fully agree with you. Unfortunately i guess I understand what is going on. They made a count: ditching all these features we are going to disappoint our supporters but we are )supposedly) gain new customers more conservatives and less innovators. And the former are more than the latters. So I would say that the dream has come to an end. We who believed could have a new beautiful device along with us the whole day, are going to find ourselves with a bad copy of something else. And this arguments is applicable to w8 as well. I witness so many mistakes by MSFT so that i understand they don't give a s...t about us. As a matter of facts, why they should? Sad....
  • It will be fine if they add something better to the messaging app..... To me it will be really good if they bring the feature of starred sms I mean imp sms threads could be starred..... That might really help us.
  • What could be better than Room? People would be unhappy whatever will replace Rooms.
  • I never used Rooms, didn't get what it was about and I assumed everyone had to be on WP. If I'd know it was compatible with ios I would have found it very useful. If MS change their mind then I'll give it a go, wish there had been more info on one it was all about.
  • So you disembowel a feature of an existing OS because you're working on something similar in an upcoming OS? I'm sorry, but that's just dumb, lazy, and horrible customer service.
  • It's sad to see MS scrapping all genuine ideas for WP. First it was Hubs, then we get the Androidesque hamburger menus, now the whole Modern UI might be dropped (apart from the start screen) plus this. MS has some severe case of split personality. On one hand they try to be enthusiastic about the system (yes, I'm looking at you Joe), but on the other hand they don't seem to care about their ecosystem much. Even they make better apps for iOS and Android than for WP. I understand they want to focus on "Windows as a service", but unless Windows 10 Mobile brings some groundbreaking features to the table and they release some stunning flagships this year I'm sorry to say but I'll be jumping ships. I would hate that beacuse I love WP and I've been with it since WP 7.5.
  • Disappointed, and in true Microsoft fashion, they failed to properly inform us of how this will be better in Windows 10. Microsoft needs to improve their Marketing and Communication department. The email that was sent out was terrible. The Family Calendar is something my wife and I use all the time. Family OneNote is awesome too. My wife is due up for renewal and loves WP for the family calendar. She will be upset if this goes away and is not replaced with something better.
    She told me that she did not want to change, she liked Windows Phone. Not sure if this would still be here answer if she knew of the changes coming. Was going to upgrade her from as 620 to a 830. Now I'm not sure. Maybe an iPhone 5 or a Moto G would suit her better.
    It just seems like there is less reason to stay with Windows.
    I have 920, and I don't know what I'm going to do. Wait for the next flagship it get the 6plus or Nexus 6.
    It just seems like there is less reason to stay with Windows.
    I just hope their is some clarity in the coming days from MS.
  • Wow.. That sucks... Oh well... Here's to moving on ;)
  • I used to use rooms, but only four people of those who I care most use Windows phone
  • Recently I started using rooms service and they are talking abt closing it .It must be they wil close service for creating new rooms but we can continue with existing rooms isn't it
  • It appears more 6 people use this feature. It is great.
  • So of the unique seeking features originally toted for WP, they've killed built in facebook and twitter posting/commenting, rooms, mixed chats (fb right in normal text message area..which is supposed to come back for Skype..) all that remains is live tiles...i don't know hoe much further down this road I can travel with MS. I've been on WP since the introduction of WP7 back in 2010, and have watched new small features get added, but all the big selling points get removed. Top that off with a drought of phones, and I'm nearly ready to jump off this seemingly sinking ship
  • For those of you about to leave Windows Platform in anger searching for a similar experience, BBM on Blackberry does pretty much the same thing in the "Group" function.  Share photos to comment with one another, group chats, lists and even shared calender events.  The only feature missing is using Onenote and saving them to OneDrive.  Anyways i use both a blackberry and Windows Phone (lumia 920). so i'm not being a troll.  The "rooms" experience in Windows is still really awesome though.   Hopefully windows 10 version steps it up a notch even more and that's why they're currently killing it.  To replace it with something better.
  • Rooms being removed, but why ?
    I have a room named LUMIA family share some stuff like news and other. Is there any reasonable reason behind it ? They removed the Message Hub then, now its Rooms, should we just stay calm and let them ruin the beauty of the OS ? I mean the integration is being decreased by time.
  • I use this with my wife.  Killer feature for us.  I'd love to hear the alternatives.  Obviously we can create a third email and use that as our shared calendar.  The shared one note was priceless though...
  • I can understand that there is (a hope of) something even better coming in Windows 10 but why kill it in WP8/8.1 now, when it works?  I don't get that.  It would also be helpful if Microsoft offered a way to save chat history etc.  It seems they've quickly returned to the traditional "off-the-end-of-a-cliff" approach to user engagement and active development - see who shouts loudest or not at all.
  • This is a feature I loved wp for.. It makes wp different from other OEMs but its really shocking to see MS removing this feture.. :(
  • Is it compulsory to install win 10 TP on Lumia phone? What if don't? I have just install Lumia Denim. Please, some one give me guidance's.... I will be tankful!
  • I create a room on my Lumia 920, and my wife and I both have iPhones and use the family room one note to sync files (excel files/budgets, and one note notes)  the one note and one drive is great. We also use the family room calendar.   
  • Ah yes, Rooms. Another great Windows Phone feature that was never marketed correctly. Proof that you can have the best idea in the world and if you don't market it, you may as well be winking in the dark.
  • Is this feature tied to groups in OneDrive? Or is that something separate? I created a group in OneDrive for my family once, but couldn't convince anybody it was worth using. I'd probably make use of things similar to this more when myself and my wife have kids - At the moment we just share the odd OneNote notebook using OneDrive and either call or text (Occassionally Skype and Email) if we need to get in touch during the day.
  • Unfortunate that they can't find a way to roll this implementation forward to Windows 10 as is. I just got my wife onto her first SmartPhone and this ability for us to easily view and contribute to a shared calendar and notebook has been by far the most valuable.