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Microsoft Edge for iOS picks up ebook support and more languages

Microsoft really wants you to use its browser, Edge, for everything whether you're at home or on the go. It's part of a cross-platform strategy the company has embraced in recent years and drove home with last year's release of Edge for iOS and Android. One potentially big feature, depending on how you look at it, has been missing from the mobile apps since launch, however: support for ebooks.

For those using Edge on iOS, Microsoft has remedied that problem with its latest release, adding ebook support, along with sign-ins for work and school accounts and more languages.

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But while you can now read books in Edge for iOS, Microsoft points out (opens in new tab) that the feature isn't quite the final product. Bookmarks, annotations, and highlights are not currently supported. Presumably, they'll be added in future updates.

In any case, here's a full look at everything that's new in Edge for iOS:

  • Sign in with a school or work account
    • Favorites and password syncing coming soon
  • On iPad, press the Command key of your attached keyboard to see available shortcuts
  • Improved Hub design
  • Read books on the go
    • Books from the Microsoft Store
    • Bookmarks, annotation and highlights not supported
  • Performance improvements

It's not clear when these features will be hitting Edge for Android, but they're currently being tested in the beta version (opens in new tab) of the app.

Ebook support is really only useful if you happen to pick up your books from the Microsoft Store, but it's a nice addition to have nonetheless. If you want to give it a shot, you can grab the latest version of Microsoft Edge at the App Store now.

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  • There is hardly any iOS user that gives 2 sh*ts about Edge on his iPhone/iPad. Nobody knows it even exists or cares. What are Microsoft even thinking? I know they have to try every way possible but this is just hilarious and pathetic in the same time attempt. I suspect if there are any downloads people just see it and close it forever, then continue using their native browser
  • It's good to know you speak for any and all iOS users.
  • Wrong. Just completely wrong. I use Edge on my iPhone 7 daily and even though you can't set it as the default browser, setting Outlook to use Edge as the default browser makes it very useful. Syncing passwords, continue on PC feature, etc.
  • Yes. Yes it can. Assuming of course that you live in the USA. Because, as far as MS are concerned, it's perfectly acceptable for them to announce an E-book store and baked-in Edge support, and then never bother to launch it outside of the one country where half the population are illiterate and the other half voted for Trump. Or maybe they're both the same half. Who knows. Who cares. Such is their view of the outside world that MS should rebrand as a local computer repair shop. Seattle Computer Spares & Repairs Ltd sounds about right
  • MS should just cancel the Edge browser on iOS and Android. Why bother? You are an enterprise-focused, IBM clone, now folks. Just accept that. I feel sorry for the folks who will spend their hard earned cash on books from a MS Store that is only half supported, and will eventually be abandoned. Rather than encourage us to purchase a bunch of books at a store that you know full well you will eventually abandon, just be done with it Microsoft! Stop fooling folks into believing in your "ecosystem".